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Interview PREPARK / Germany

Christoph Scheuermann,
PREPARK / Germany

Prior to the Auto Apps Evolution 2014, we.CONECT spoke with Christoph Scheuermann, Founder of
PREPARK about the striking developments, tasks and challenges in the automotive apps evolution.
Mr. Scheuermann, what role does
your company play in the field of
auto-motive apps and content deve-

Christoph Scheuermann: We are a
start-up focussing on the development of
automotive apps. Our goal is to use the
power of crowdsourcing in professional
logistics. Hundreds of millions of euros
are wasted each year on finding suitable
parking for trucks. On top of that, around
44 lives are lost and 1430 injuries per
year can be subscribed to unsuitable
parking of trucks according to a specific
analysis conducted by the Europan
Center of Studies on Safety and Risk
Through our solution, drivers get a better
idea of the current parking situation in
front of them and can easily decide when
and where to stop.

What is your companys most signi-
ficant project with relation to auto-
motive apps, user experience and
content integration at the moment?

Christoph Scheuermann: Our most
significant project is PREPARK, an app
for European truck drivers to help them
find the best free parking lot at the right
time. With PREPARK drivers can easily
tell their colleagues, how the current
parking situation is.
Our app shows the name of the parking
lot, where the user is currently parking or
passing, and offers five different status
options. The driver can choose between
completely free, half full, official
places occupied, overcrowded and
blocked, for example because of

This status is directly transmitted to
following drivers, who can see this on a
map or can get the notification via
speech. The driver can focus on the road
and can easily decide where to stop
regarding the legal restrictions, such as
driving times.

Which critical trends and innovations
can you identify in the evolution of
auto apps and content development
to play a growing role in the auto

Christoph Scheuermann: There is a
rapid change going on fueled by big IT-
and automotive companies. We think
that the most important topics are the
standardization of data exchange, se-
curity and final ease-of-use.

In terms of standardization, we should
define reliable standards, to exchange
data across automotive platforms and
different apps. Ensuring security and
data protection will be crucial, especially
when apps interact with core functions of
the cars. The security level must be as a
high as in the banking industry.

When looking at ease-of-use, drivers will
need to keep their eyes on the road and
not on the screen. So head-up-displays
and text-to-speech-assistants will be of
significant importance.

Which issues do you consider poorly
developed or unresolved within the
area of auto apps?

Christoph Scheuermann: When com-
paring the average live time of
smartphone or tablets with that of cars, I
am wondering why car manufacturers
still build their own hardware for cockpits.

I would prefer an integrated docking
station for my iPhone or Galaxy Tab as a
second screen. On this screen I would
use my preferred navigation app, music
program, special real-time motor dia-
gnostics and parking apps.

From your point of view - Which are
the conflicts arising between current
and upcoming players in the auto app
industry? How should they be

Christoph Scheuermann: I guess that
the key question will be: Will the driving
experience be more influenced by the
car as we know it today in terms of
speed, acceleration, size, prestige etc. or
by the things we can do while we are
driving or being chauffeured?

Can you name the most significant
keys to a safe and fast integration of
apps and mobile devices in the
automotive cockpit?

Christoph Scheuermann: We would
like to see, the car manufacturers
opening their software platforms for third-
party-applications like PREPARK and
specify the technical requirements,
especially those for usability, because
nobody knows nearly as much about
focussing or distracting drivers attention
as they do.

What is more, it will be key to make it
easy and attractive to build apps for cars,
as it is for us to develop new apps for
iOS- or Android-Smartphones.

In your opinion, how will the
dynamics in the automotive apps
market change within the next 5
years? Which potentials do you see?

Christoph Scheuermann: We foresee a
very high dynamic in connecting cars,
especially in connecting the vehicles that
are already on our roads.
Please explain in brief the topics and
key issues of the presentation you will
be holding at the 3
Auto Apps
Evolution 2014 congress in Berlin?

Christoph Scheuermann: As
PREPARK helps millions of truck drivers
to find suitable parking at the right time,
the search for a free parking spot
becomes less stressful and legal
regulations can be obeyed. Truck drivers
report the current parking situation with
just one click and when another
colleague approaches a highway
parking, the parking situation will be
announced automatically. In this relation,
we will show our concept and the newest
release respectively..

What expectations do you have
regarding the Auto Apps Evolution
2014? Which outcomes and benefits
do you expect to gain from the
exchange with participating OEMs,
developers and research institutions?

Christoph Scheuermann: I very much
look forward to networking with
colleagues from different backgrounds
and to the discussion of ideas for the
future of auto apps integration and
Thanks a lot for this interview! We
look forward to a thriving community
and event with you!
Interview Partners: Serina Gummert
and Christoph Scheuermann:
Christoph Scheuermann will present the
PREPARK app and related functions,
highlights and goals during the Auto Apps
LOUNGE under the motto Smarter Parking
for Commercial Vehicles.
Auto Apps Evolution 2014 is the leading
global automotive congress for industry
executives and pioneers focused on the
pressing tasks and challenges around
automotive apps, sophisticated content and
user experience.
In 2014, invited speakers and delegates will
discuss the advances in the design &
development process, gamification and
content integration, as well as the
traditional HMI versus APP ecosystem.
The latest state-of-the-art in auto apps
interfaces will be assessed, together with
innovative approaches to workload mana-
gement, latest platform technologies and
modern processing and consumer
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