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Fourth Grade Newsletter

August 29, 2014

News and Info
- Every Friday- $1 jeans day
- September 1 Labor Day No
- September !niform "ict#re
- September $ %&'' $ Info
meetin( for Drama if interested
- September ) $ &' $ *-*ids
- September , $ )
.#rric#l#m Ni(ht %&'' in o#r
- September / $ "01 +t( $ %&'
- September 1' 2 3) $ Early
4elease Days
- September 3 $ Family 4eadin(
Ni(ht %&''
5eb sites&
My Class Website
+ath6 4eadin( and Social St#dies
te7tboo8 is on line9
hill9com:connected http://connected.mcgraw-
;o#r child will receive his:her
#sername and password in their
binder9 0his password pa(e m#st
remain in their binders at all times9
www$'!elli(g%ity$%o& a(d
Science te7tboo8 online&
**New usernames and passwords will come home next
<INDE4S& "LE=SE do not remove any
papers from yo#r child>s binders9
1nly papers on the front inside
poc8et +=; be removed9 =lso6 please
D1 N10 have yo#r child wor8 ahead
on blan8 pa(es #nless their planner
says to9 0han8 yo#?
*he stude(ts+ ,- A&.$/ boards were
beauti#ul a(d de%orated our hallway
this wee0$ - lo1e to see how
%reati1e they are22
=cademics Ne7t 5ee8&
+ath3 4la%e 5alue a(d
additio("subtra%tio(6 &id %ha!ter
7ui8 o( *uesday
4eadin(3 #airy tales6 &a0i(g
!redi%tio(s6 se7ue(%i(g *est Friday
Spellin( 9(it 1, Wee0 1 :ist6 7ui8
Aocab#lary 9(it 1, Wee0 1 :ist6
7ui8 *hursday
-rammar Co&!lete 'e(te(%es6
7ui8 Friday
Social St#dies- Florida+s :a(d a(d
;arly 4eo!le
Science3 '%ie(ti<% &ethod a(d
4hysi%al '%ie(%e6 !ro!erties o#
&atter6 Cha!ter 9 *est Wed(esday
'e!te&ber =
at >00 is the 4
grade %urri%ulu& (ight$ We will be
i( the %lassroo& ?@oo& 122A #or
this, a(d this is a !are(ts3o(ly
&eeti(g$ -# your %hild (eeds to
atte(d with you, they %a( sit i( the
hallway a(d read duri(g the
&eeti(g$ 4
grade is a huge
ste!!i(g sto(e #or your %hild a(d it
is i&!orta(t that you atte(d so you
%a( be aware o# the %ha(ges that
will o%%ur a(d aware o# &y
%lassroo& !ro%edures so we %a(
wor0 together #or your %hild+s
su%%ess$ 4lease try to &a0e sure
that at least 1 !are(t is i(
atte(da(%e #or this &eeti(g$
Ba1e a( e(Coyable D3day wee0e(d$
Ba!!y :abor Eay22