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this week
eintr 1883
Volume 132 Issue 25 Friday, August 29, 2014 90 cents plus tax
nancial support of the
Government of Canada
CanadaPeriodical Fund
of theDepartment of
Mavericks Win
Ninth League
See Page 3
Year for RFM
See Page 10
A group of local boys were busy soaking up their last week of holiday freedom before the start of school
next Wednesday, September 3rd. Te boys were practicing their BMX and skateboarding skills on
Tuesday, August 19th just outside the Minnedosa Regional Library on 1st Avenue S.E.
Photo by Jennifer Paige
The Final Days of Holidays
2 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
* Male Midget registration will be done at a later date; all other players are to register on or before these two dates *
5 & 6 Years 2009, 2008 HIP Program $150.00
*it is recommended that 4 year olds take CanSkate
this registration is now $115*
*5 and 6 year olds who have at least 1 year of Canskate
receive a $35 discount on HIP fees*
*5 and 6 year olds will receive 1 CanSkate session
a week with their HIP fees*
7 & 8 Years 2007, 2006 Novice $285.00
9 & 10 Years 2005, 2004 Atom $305.00
11 & 12 Years 2003, 2002 Pee Wee $310.00
13 & 14 Years 2001, 2000 Bantam $315.00
15to17years 1999, 1998, 1997Midget $345.00
Late Registration Fee of $50 will be charged for all registrations received after Sept. 12, 2014
Mail-in registrations MUST include forms and cheques for hockey and canteen fees.
Registration forms are available at
Complete a registration AND medical form and mail to:
Christine Bailey Box 31 Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
NEW registrants - a Copy of the Birth Certicate and medical numbers are required.
**Each family must pay a Canteen Fee of $192.60 (18 hours x $10.70 per hour)**
Please issue a second cheque dated Dec. 31, 2014 payable to MMAA (cash will also be accepted for this amount).
When you work your required canteen shifts, the amounts will be reimbursed to you.
Any registration questions?
Please call Christine at 204-868-5868 or email:
Interested in coaching or managing a minor hockey team this season?
Contact Andrew Gugin: 204-867-1953
NOTE: the Recreation Commission will have information available on the recreational hockey program.
at the Minnedosa Community Conference Centre
Wednesday, September 3 and Thursday, September 4, 2014
6:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m.
&6Y 20009 09 2008HIP IPPP $150 00 7 & 8 Y 2007 20066 NN i $28
9:00 p.m 9 6:00 p.m 9:00 6:00 :00 p.m. :00 p.m. 6:00 pp.m. 9:00 pp.m.
Hockey rates for Male and Female Players
These fees include Hockey Manitoba Insurance and a pre-season Conditioning Camp
**ALL players registering must have a parent signature or parents must
print the registration form on the web site and ll it out and sign it**
----skating progRams----
at the Minnedosa Commuunity Conferencce Centre aat the Minnedosa Communitty Conference Centre
Minnedosa Arena Registration Nights
gRams---- --skating prog --- sk
registration for on the same nights at mccc
Minnedosa Figure Skating Club registration for either CanSkate (learn to skate 4yrs and up)
or StarSkate (gure skating) - twice a week beginning end of October thru March.
CanSkate for 4 yr olds $115 CanSkate 5 and older $160 Star Skate $210

long with the rest
of the province,
Minnedosa is gearing up
for the municipal election
this October.
We currently have
four people registered so
far. Ray Orr for head of
council and for council-
lors weve had three indi-
viduals registerRobert
Marks and current coun-
cillors, Len Luker and Rick
Saler, commented Donna
Dillabough, Minnedosas
Senior Election Of cial.
I have also handed
out quite a few registra-
tion packets, so there will
likely be a few more that
throw their hats in the
Parties interested in
running for town coun-
cil have until September
10th to register before the
election process moves
into the nomination pe-
riod where the registered
candidates are required to
gather 25 signatures from
supporting registered vot-
From September
10th to September 16th
registered parties will
need to get their nomina-
tion paperwork in place.
Tis involves collecting 25
signatures from registered
voters. Registered vot-
ers must be over the age
of 18, Canadian citizens
and have either owned
property or resided in the
community for at least
six months prior to the
electionApril 22nd, ex-
plained Dillabough.
Following September
16th the voters list can-
not be altered. If you are a
new resident in Minnedo-
sa or are not a registered
voter, you are encouraged
to visit the Town Of ce to
register or verify that you
are on the list.
Tis year we will be
holding all of the elec-
tionsmunicipal, R.M.
and school boardat
the same location, the
Minnedosa Community
Conference Centre. Tis
will be the frst year that
they have all been held in
the same location and we
are hoping that it will in-
crease voter turnout.
Te municipal and
school board election will
be held on October 22nd.
Minnedosa will also be of-
fering voters an advance
poll as well as the option
to vote by sealed enve-
To vote by sealed en-
velope, you may apply in
person at the Town Of ce,
or contact Donna to apply
by mail. A ballot package
will be mailed to you with
instruction. Ballots must
be returned by 8 p.m. on
October 22nd.
For more information
on the upcoming election
contact Donna at 204-867-
2727 or 204-867-2105.
Watch Te Tribune
for more coverage on the
election in coming weeks
with a preview of the
nominated parties as well
as further information on
advance polling.
Entering Election Season
Photo by Jennifer Paige
On October 22nd, voters will select the next Minnedosa Town Council
members to fll the seats around the council table for the next four years.
To date, Mayor Orr and three councillor candidates have registered.
he 2014 Fun Fest Duck
Drop event took place
on the afternoon of Satur-
day July 12st in front of the
Library. Te event was put
on as a fundraiser by the
Rivers Edge Recreation
Park committee.
Tis year, the Duck
Drop raised just over $900.
Prairie Concrete (Terry
Fisher) assisted the group
again with the use of the
cement truck to spin the
ducks around and have
them slide down the ce-
ment shoot into the kiddie
pool. A number of local
businesses and individu-
als also assisted with tick-
et sales.
Te Grand Prize win-
ner of $500 was Don Farr
and the second place
prize winner of a $100
Heritage Co-op gift card
was Heather Currie.
Organizers plan to
hold the Duck Drop again
next summer during Fun
Fest 2015.
Carly Vanderhart of Rivers Edge Recreation
Park Committee presents the grand
prize of $500 to Don Farr.
Duck Drop Raises $900
Photo submitted
Back To
irens were alarmed on Tuesday, August 26th shortly
after 10 p.m. Minnedosa volunteer fre crews were
called to the bypass on Highway #10, just north of the
train underpass coming out of the valley, where a young
couple had struck a black bear. Te couple, who are from
the Saskatoon area, were shaken but not injured. Unfortu-
nately, neither the bear nor the car survived the collision.
Tis past weekend, a black bear was spotted by nu-
merous residents in the northeast corner of Minnedosa.
Te bear was spotted roaming throughout the neigh-
bourhood and was seen exiting one residents garage.
It is not known if this is the same bear or two difer-
ent animals.
Bear and Vehicle Collide
3 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
Minnedosa Innn nn I
do dd ee iinnnn Minnedooss n n MMM
Minnedos n
a Inn
8090f80 800M 8 000f 809 090 90 800M 8 0 000f
N008 $8l0f08 N0 8 $8l 8
10.00 8.M. lll Ml0l0l 10.00 8.M. ll lll Ml0l0l 0l
$008 1Z 00 lll .00 .M. $008 8 1Z 00 ll ll .00 lll .00 .M .M..
8090f80 800M 8 000f
N008 $8l0f08
.00 8.M. lll .J0 .M.
$008 10.00 8.M. lll J.J0 .M.
N008 $8l0f08
.00 8.M. lll .J0 .M.
$008 10.00 8.M. lll J.J0 .M.
fter a hard-fought,
f i ve-game seri es
against the Carberry Roy-
als, the Minnedosa Maver-
icks defended their Santa
Clara Senior Mens Base-
ball Championship title for
the ninth consecutive year.
We played a really
good game. All the guys re-
ally came out to play and it
showed, commented Jay
Klym, head coach of the
Te Mavs hosted the
Royals on Friday evening
for a game fve f nale,
winning 17-2. Andrew
Richards pitched a com-
plete game with seven hits,
two walks and striking out
Te Carberry Royals
scored a run in the top half
of the frame which was
answered quickly by the
Mavericks with a homerun
by Richards that lit the fuse
on a fve-run frst inning.
Richards pitched an
excellent game and really
got the momentum going
in the f rst half with his
homerun. We have had
a lot of the younger guys
on the team step up this
season and fll the role of
some of our veteran play-
ers who have moved on or
were injured, added Klym.
John Hutton also
earned a home run in a
two-for-four performance,
scoring three runs and
drove two in. Devin Foord
went four-for-fve with
a run and two RBIs. Jay
Klym earned three runs
and batted in two, going
For the Royals,
Daylon Creasy and Warren
Birch scored the runs with
Creasy earning the Royals
solo home run. Birch took
the loss on the mound,
lasting only one inning
and allowing fve runs on
six hits and a walk.
Te dominate game-
fve f nal polished of an
impressive season for the
senior mens baseball
team who ended up with
a record of 23-5 including
playofs and provincials.
Over the course of the
season the Mavericks nev-
er lost back-to-back games
and averaged over seven
runs per game ofensively.
After losing a number of
pitchers in the of-season,
the Mavericks brought on
four rookies this season
and still managed to only
give up an average of 2.4
per game.
I do think a lot of our
success comes from such
great fan support. We even
had people that dont have
any ties to the team come
out to Hamiota to cheer us
on during Provincials. It is
a great thing to have such
good community support,
continued Klym.
Along with defend-
ing their Santa Clara
Championship title for
the ninth year straight,
this season the Maver-
icks were also named the
2014 Santa Clara League
Senior AA Baseball Pen-
nant winners, 2014 Pro-
vincial Senior AA Baseball
Silver Medalists and had
two players named at the
league awardsColton
Spraggs for Rookie of the
Year and Andrew Richards
for Pitcher of the Year.
T e Mavericks will
start-up again in the
spring, likely around the
end of May dependant on
the spring melt.
Im pretty sure that
most of the guys will be
coming back again next
year but we are always
looking for new players. I
do know that Trent Madill
will be retiring this year af-
ter 19 years with the team,
added Klym.
For more information
on the Mavericks, contact
Jay Klym at 204-868-5180.
Back Row (L-R): Devin Foord, John Hutton, James McCarville, Grant Spraggs, Jay Klym,
John Lawrence, Mike Tarleton. Front Row (L-R): Bryce Stephenson, Colton Spraggs,
Kevin Sandstorm, Andrew Richards, Brent Madill, Kyle Mofat, Dayton Heino.
Missing: Wyatt Rapsky and Trent Madill.
Photo submitted
Mavericks Claim Ninth Straight Championship
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4 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
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By Darryl Holyk
Long weekend
Just as soon as it began, the summer holiday season
is quickly winding down. Tis weekend will mark the sea-
sons last of cial long weekend and following the Labour
Day long weekend, campgrounds around the province
will see less visitor traf c than over the past few months.
Get out of the house and do something fun this Labour
Day long weekend and remember to be safe with whatever
you decided to do. A quick reminder to our customers that
Te Tribune of ce will be closed on Monday, September
1st for Labour Day.
Funding Announced...
Te Province recently announced approximately
$260,000 in its expanded Partner 4 Growth grant program
for 32 regional economic development initiatives. One of
the funding recipients will be the Town of Erickson and
R.M.s of Clanwilliam and Park to examine the feasibility of
bringing broadband internet service to their area.
At the Village...
Another busy season is coming to a close for our lo-
cal museum and Heritage Village. Te museums summer
staf, Katie Woychyshyn and Jess McInnes are of on their
next adventure in life - furthering their education and we
wish them and all students heading back to school, col-
lege or university all the best in their studies this school
year. As the Heritage Village prepares to close for another
summer season, volunteers will pick up the fnal few shifts
to keep the mueum and village open for tourists this La-
bour Day long weekend.
Share your story
Pauline Greenhill, a researcher at the University of
Winnipeg, is studying events in which adults dress up
and perform for their family, friends, and community. If
any of Te Tribunes readers remember participating in or
watching minstrelsy or blackface productions as they were
called and would be interested in sharing these memories
to contact her for an interview. Pauline can be contacted
by email at
Canadian Taxpayers Federation
anitoba is one step closer to another tax in-
crease. Tats what the recent announcement by
Moodys Investors Service boils down to.
For those not familiar with Moodys, theyre a
credit rating service that carefully looks at an orga-
nizations fnances and assigns a grade to show the
amount of risk involved with loaning the organization
money. Low grades mean an organization is risky and
lenders should think twice about loaning them mon-
ey, or at least should charge them higher interest rates
to compensate for the risk.
Moodys recently looked at the Selinger govern-
ments fnances and expressed concern by placing a
negative outlook on the governments credit rating.
But even without the downgrade, Manitobas Finance
Minister has noted the negative outlook designation
will cost the province more in borrowing costs.
While the exact cost of borrowing has yet to be de-
termined, its clear the taxpayer will be the one to foot
the bill; likely through higher taxes.
Te news is hardly shocking to the Canadian Tax-
payers Federation. Long before the author of this col-
umn came on the scene, we had cautioned the pro-
vincial government that it was increasing spending
too fast during the Gary Doer era. We noted that the
government should spend more prudently, pay down
more debt and put aside savings in case a food or re-
cession came along.
But they didnt listen. From 2000-01 to 2011-12,
the provincial government spent more than budget-
ed 11 times. Tey grew the bureaucracy by leaps and
bounds and seemed to approve every nice to have
project that came along.
From 1999 to 2014, Statistics Canada data shows
no province saw a larger increase in government
employment as a percentage of its total workforce.
Nation-wide, the government currently employs 21
per cent of Canadas workforce, yet in Manitoba its a
whopping 27 per cent.
It was easier for the government to pay for all
those extra mouths at the table during the good times.
But now that growth has slowed the government has
had trouble paying the bill; hence the PST increase.
In terms of nice to have infrastructure projects,
consider the new stadium, new human rights muse-
um, massive convention centre expansion, new arena,
Assiniboine Park upgrades, new park at the foodway
and Birds Hill upgrades to name a few. Many of the
aforementioned projects were built with good inten-
tions, but can we aford them all?
Back in 2011 the Canadian Taxpayers Federa-
tion noted how spending had been increasing by
5 per cent annually yet the provincial government
suddenly promised to budget based on increases of
just 2 per cent annually. The plan for restraint was
positive, but just as a leopard cant change its spots,
the Selinger team didnt suddenly turn into prudent
fiscal managers.
Consider that the governments 2012 budget
projected a $23 million surplus by 2014. Meanwhile
were currently facing a $357 million deficit. They
just couldnt get spending under control.
If youre not in the mood for higher taxes, then
get your friends and family to tell the Selinger gov-
ernment to get its spending under control. If that
doesnt happen, then brace for impact. Were head-
ed for another tax increase.
Another Tax Increase on the Horizon
Classes start Wednesday September 3rd, 2014
For more inIormation or to set up a meeting contact:
Valerie Gawel at 204-867-2519
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14 /08 /31
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Call 204-867-3816
5 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
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Letters to the Editor
2004 August 27th saw the frst play on the new
Minnedosa 18-hole golf course. Te of cial opening cer-
emony for the new back nine was held the following day.
Club members voted in favour of the $ 1 million expan-
sion project six years ago.
1994 After sitting dormant in an old building since
the early 1970s, the artifacts of Te Rapid City Reporter
newspaper of ce, including a four-ton Bremner Press are
being relocated to a new building at the Rapid City Mu-
seum grounds. Te move was made possible by two years
of local fundraising, a $9,000 Heritage and Culture grant
and $1,000 from the Manitoba Community Newspapers
Association (MCNA).
1984 Minnedosa has again won the Manitoba Motor
League trophy of the Most Beautiful Town Awards.
1974 Rolling River School Divisions request for
building additions at Sandy Lake and Oak River schools
have been turned down by the Minister of Education.
Te request to add two classrooms at each of the new
schools was made so that the old school buildings could
be vacated. Costs to maintain the old buildings for class-
room use are very high.
1964 Te face of Main Street is constantly changing
and the most recent are two new buildings, one housing
the Robinson Store and Eatons Mail Order Of ce and the
other housing H and H Electric ofering modern appli-
ances and repairs.
1944 Heavy rains have put a stop to harvesting op-
erations in the district. About 65 percent of wheat and 75
percent of course grains have been cut. Only two percent
have been threshed or combined.
1934 Te grade 12 class at Minnedosa Collegiate
promises to be a large one this year. Eight local students
and fve out-of-town students have registered and seven
more have indicated they intend to register shortly.
1924 A patent has been granted to John Atkinson of
Minnedosa for a device that makes and carries cigarettes.
Dr. Greg Perkins
Dr. Derek Papegnies
129-2nd Avenue S.W., Minnedosa, MB
The Minnedosa
& District
assisted the Rivers Edge
Park complete phase
one of their project.
Your gift can help us do more.
Call Bjarni Walterson.
he following informa-
tion is reprinted this
week from articles which
appeared in the August
29th, 1974 edition of Te
Tribune. Tese names
should bring back some
memories of school days
gone by for staf and stu-
dents flling the halls and
classrooms of TCS or MCI
forty years ago. I certainly
recall a number of these
teachers from my school
days at TCS and MCI
which began thirty years
ago, in 1984, as a Kinder-
garten student in Mrs.
Michalchuks class.
Tanners Crossing School
Principal: Con Erick-
Vice Principal: Marc
Kindergarten: Hazel
Michalchuk with Ina Land
as Teachers Assistant.
Grade One: Ruth
Pederson, Hilda Comrie
and Kerry McLeish.
Grade Two: Aynsley
Franks and Shirley Cum-
Grade Tree: Joanne
Ellchuk, Bonnie Pettit and
Gwenyth Day.
Grade Four: Connie
Alexander, Heather Scar-
row and Dave Walker.
Grade Five: Donna
Shorrock, Sheila Price and
Wilma McLaughlin.
Grade Six: Helen Bai-
ley, June Routledge and
Brian Bruce.
Grades Seven and
Eight: Jean Taylor, Susan
Proven, Del Hancock,
Wayne Rowe, Don Sang-
ster, Ted Temple, Al Turner,
Gabe Bassett, Ila McNabb
and Marc Chisholm.
Physical Ed: Heather
Mitchell, Bill Hancock and
Andy Murray.
Resource and Special
Ed: Enid Lochhead, Ruth
Stewart, Mildred Vint and
Eunice Wallace.
New at TCS for 1974-
75: Kindergarten students
will attend school on an
all-day basis every second
day. As a result of an ab-
sence of a music teacher,
the schools music pro-
gram will be the respon-
sibility of the classroom
teachers. Yet to be hired
are an Art Teacher for
Grades Seven and Eight
and a half-time Librarian.
Ila McNabb will fll half of
the Librarian position.
Minnedosa Collegiate:
Principal: Harold
Vice Principal: Carl
Business Ed: Linda
Anderson and Velma
English: Margaret
Congdon, Jude Wesley and
Ray Power.
Social Studies: Wilf
Taylor, Bill Wesley, Bob
Pineo and Peter Friesen.
French: Gabe Basset.
Math: Barrie Brooking
and Mannie Hofman.
Phys Ed: Bill Hancock.
Language Arts and
Guidance: Pat Heuchert.
Science: Dale McFad-
den and Pat Stone.
Some local Back to
School Sales from 1974
Alexanders Pharma-
cy: One Inch Binder -79
cents, Two Inch Binder -
$1.49, Science Notebook
-69 cents, Hilroy Exercise
Book -15 cents, Zipper
Pencil Case -69 cents.
Valley Pharmacy:
Loose Leaf reflls (200
sheets) -79 cents, BIC Ball
Point Pen 3 for 31 cents,
BIC Banana Markers (8
pack) -99 cents, Coloured
Pencils (12 pack) -99 cents,
Eraser -3 cents.
Dear Editor,
lease find below the
letter I sent to Justice
Minister Peter McKay.
It was written in sup-
port of Amnesty Interna-
tionals, No More Sto-
len Sisters campaign.
I have also sent a
copy of the letter to our
MP Robert Sopuck and
our MLA Leanne Rowat.
Dear Minister,
I want to draw your
attention to the scale and
severity of violence that In-
uit, Metis and First Nations
women and girls have been
facing. So many are miss-
ing or have been murdered.
Tere must be mea-
sures taken to stop this
epidemic! It is not enough
to have a national miss-
ing persons database
created. I know that
you said that there is
more action required.
Let that action be a
national public inquiry so
that in the future we will
be well informed from
the shared experience of
the families and commu-
nities that are afected.
Previously, Canada
has supported UN Gen-
eral Assembly resolutions
that called on all states to
implement coordinated,
comprehensive national
action plans to end vio-
lence against women.
End the double stan-
dard! Work with our indige-
nous women to implement
the kind of national action
plan that our nation recom-
mends to other countries.
Im looking for-
ward to hearing from you
SOON regarding this issue.
Sally Pulford
Back to School Forty Years Ago
6 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
Enjoy the Labour Day Weekend!
n June 6th, 1944, the
long-awaited inva-
sion of Nazi-occupied Eu-
rope began when close to
14,000 soldiers landed on
the shores of Normandy,
Canadian, American
and British assault troops
stormed ashore in the face
of ferce opposition from
German strongholds and
mined beach obstacles.
Tey fought their way into
the towns of Bernieres,
Courseulles and St. Aubin
before advancing inland
and securing a critical
bridgehead for the allied

Tis bombardment
was the turning point of
the Second World War. An
occurrence that was essen-
tial in aiding the liberation
of Europe from German
For many the details of
D-Day have been learned
through text books or sto-
ries told to us from elders
but the reality of what took
place on Juno Beach on
June 6th is hard to compre-
During the D-Day
ceremony on Juno Beach I
was given the opportunity
to carry the Canadian fag.
When you are surrounded
by people who are trying to
sing the Canadian anthem
and they are so passion-
ate about Canada, it is life
changing. You dont know
how much our country re-
ally means to them until
you are there, said Hailey
Rapsky, Minnedosa resi-
dent and member of the
Royal Canadian Air Cadets
who are sponsored by the
Royal Canadian Legion
Branch #23 of Neepawa.
Rapsky was fortunate
to be one of ffteen cadets
who travelled to France
this past June in order to
take part in commemorat-
ing the 70th anniversary of
D-Day and visit sites where
battles were fought and the
fallen are honoured.
In commemoration of
the 70th anniversary, over
1,000 Canadian students,
educators, cadets, com-
manding of cers and vet-
erans travelled to France in
order to experience frst-
hand the cities, battlefelds
and landmarks that tell the
story of the Second World
Many in attendance
were given the opportunity
to participate in of cial
ceremonies alongside the
Prime Minister, the Min-
ister of Veterans Afairs,
Julian Fantion, and other
government of cials.
I knew that some-
thing signifcant had hap-
pened on these beaches
but I didnt know the whole
story. You dont know the
whole story. When you
are actually there and get
the opportunity to talk to
these veterans you learn
so much more. It was a
life changing experience,
continued Rapsky.
During their time in
France the Cadets partici-
pated in a number of cer-
emonies including a one-
kilometre silent march to
the Cassino War Cemetery
in Italy, a Mass at St. Pe-
ters Basilica to honour
the fallen soliders, and the
Government of Canada
ceremony at Bretteville-
Sur-Laize, the Canadian
War Cemetery.
We few to Paris the
next morning where we
had a bus tour of the sights
and then drove to Juno
beach. And that was the
frst time that it really hit
methe immense history
and importance of every-
thing we were seeing.
Prior to the excursion,
the Cadets were also given
the option to research a
veterans story as well as
being given opportunity
to interact with Canadian
veterans and hear frst-
hand accounts of their ex-
I am pretty passion-
ate and knowledgeable
about our history and con-
tribution to the war just
because of my family his-
tory and time with the Ca-
dets but getting to spend
time with these veterans
and seeing these historical
sites has given me much
more insight into our role
as Canadians.
Prior to this trip
Rapsky had not been of
North American soil but
will be planning to do
more travel in the future. In
the fall she will be entering
into grade ten at Minnedo-
sa Collegiate and will con-
tinue to be involved with
the Cadets.
I have loved my time
with the Cadets. I joined
the day I turned 12 and
have found it to be really
rewarding. I would cer-
tainly encourage others
to join, said Rapsky, who
plans to continue to be in-
volved with the Cadets un-
til she turns the cut-of age
of 19.
In the future Rapsky
will be looking to become
a pilot, a career choice that
was inspired by her time
with the Cadets as well as
many hours spent fying
with her Dad, Matt.
My Dad owns a plane
and I get to fy with him
a lot. I will also be able to
get my gliders license next
year and then my private
pilot license through the
Making Textbooks Come to Life
Local Cadets Attend D-Day Anniversary in France
Photo submitted
Photo submitted
Photo submitted
Hailey Rapsky looks out onto open waters
with her feet in the sand of Juno Beach.
Many Canadian soldiers lost their lives at
this historic site on June 6th, 1944 .
One of the sites visited by the Cadets was the
Cassino War Cemetery in the Commune of
Cassino, 139 kilometres south-east of Rome.
Hailey Rapsky, along with fourteen other cadets pose for
a group photo on Juno Beach following a commemorative
service for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.
7 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
*We accept Visa, Master Card & debit card purchases * Try one of our delicious BBQ chickens!
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8 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
R0LL|NC R|VER 86h00L 0|V|8|0N
Not|ce |s hereby g|ven that a copy of the R0LL|NC R|VER 86h00L 0|V|8|0N V0TER8
L|8T may be rev|sed at:
Ro|||ng R|ver 8choo| 0|v|s|on Adm|n|strat|on 0fce, 154 Ha|n 8treet 8outh, H|nnedosa,
H on 8eptember 10,11, and 12, 2014 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
At th|s t|me the 8en|or E|ect|on 0fc|a| w||| be ava||ab|e to update the voters ||st by:
(a} add|ng the names of voters who are ent|t|ed to have the|r names on the
(b} de|et|ng the names of persons who are not ent|t|ed to have the|r names
on the ||st; and
(c} mak|ng such other correct|on of errors to the ||st as requ|red.
A person |s e||g|b|e to have h|s or her name added to the R0LL|NC R|VER 86h00L
0|V|8|0N V0TER8 L|8T |f he or she |s:
1} a 6anad|an c|t|zen and at |east 18 years of age on e|ect|on day; and
2} a res|dent of the Ro|||ng R|ver 8choo| 0|v|s|on for at |east s|x months pr|or to
e|ect|on day
A voter may app|y |n wr|t|ng to the 8en|or E|ect|on 0fc|a| (at the address | fax number
be|ow} no |ater than 8eptember 12, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. to have h|s|her name and other
persona| |nformat|on om|tted or obscured from the voters ||st |n order to protect the
voter's persona| secur|ty. The app||cat|on may be subm|tted |n person, by ma|| or fax
and must |nc|ude your name, address and |nc|ude proof of |dent|ty.
A|| changes to the voters ||st must be comp|eted on or before 8eptember 1, 2014.
0ated at H|nnedosa |n the Prov|nce of Han|toba, on August 22, 2014.
Jean Carbo||nsky
8en|or E|ect|on 0fc|a|
Ro|||ng R|ver 8choo| 0|v|s|on
154 Ha|n 8treet 8outh
ox 1170
H|nnedosa, H R0J 1E0
(work} 204-87-2754
(Fax} 204-87-2037

R0LL|NC R|VER 86h00L 0|V|8|0N

N0T|6E 0F N0H|NAT|0N8
N0T|6E |8 hEREY C|VEN that on the fo||ow|ng days:
8eptember 10, 11,12,15,1, 2014
between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
at the Ro|||ng R|ver 8choo| 0|v|s|on Adm|n|strat|on 0fce
154 Ha|n 8treet 8outh H|nnedosa, H
| w||| rece|ve nom|nat|ons for the ofces of
86h00L 0AR0 TRU8TEE F0R wAR08 1,2,3,4,5
of the R0LL|NC R|VER 86h00L 0|V|8|0N
The nom|nat|on dead||ne |s 8eptember 1, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.
Nom|nat|ons cannot be accepted after th|s day.
A|| nom|nat|ons sha|| be made |n wr|t|ng and sha|| be s|gned by at |east twenty-
ve voters, or N0T |ess than 17 of the voters (wh|chever |s the |esser} of the
author|ty or ward (as the case may be}, but |n a|| cases by at |east two voters.
Each nom|nat|on sha|| a|so be accompan|ed by the cand|date's dec|arat|on of
Nom|nat|ons may be |ed |n person at the above |ocat|on, on the date and hours
spec|ed, by an agent, or by fax.
To obta|n a nom|nat|on paper, and | or cand|date's dec|arat|on of qua||cat|on,
contact the 8en|or E|ect|on 0fc|a| at the te|ephone number ||sted be|ow.
Nom|nat|on papers not accompan|ed by the requ|red documents and not proper|y
|ed sha|| be rejected.
Jean Carbo||nsky
8en|or E|ect|on 0fc|a|
Ro|||ng R|ver 8choo| 0|v|s|on
154 Ha|n 8treet 8outh
ox 1170
H|nnedosa, H R0J 1E0
(work} 204-87-2754
(home} 204-87-2372
(Fax} 204-87-2037
0ated at H|nnedosa |n the Prov|nce of Han|toba, on August 20, 2014

he Little Valley Jambo-
ree committee has dis-
tributed the funds raised
from this years festival to
two deserving local fami-
Last week, Kynley Kris-
tinnsons family was pre-
sented with a cheque for
$12,000 from the Little Val-
ley Jamboree committee.
Te Kristinnsons were
overwhelmed and very
grateful. Kynley requires
ongoing medical attention
and is slated for additional
heart operations in the fu-
ture, when she is older,
said Rod Lewandoski, ar-
chitect of the Little Valley
Jamboree event.
Kynley is a six-month-
old girl, living in Virden,
who has had an enormous
struggle in her frst few
months of life. After being
born in Brandon, Kynley
spent a few weeks in the
NICU before being diag-
nosed with a hypoplastic
left heart syndrome and AV
canal defect.
After many consulta-
tions, doctors proposed
that she undergo a three-
stage surgery plan with the
goal of rerouting her anat-
omy so that the right side
of her heart would circu-
late blood throughout her
Kynley underwent her
frst open-heart surgery
at one-month-old. From
that point on she contin-
ued with procedure-after-
procedure, including two
open heart surgeries, three
heart catheterizations,
the insertion of two stints,
three other heart proce-
dures, two cardiac arrests,
spent 100-hours on a heart
and lung bypass machine
and experienced a para-
lyzed left vocal cord and
Currently doctors con-
tinue to monitor her heart
and lungs as she grows and
still needs an additional
surgery to complete the
new circulation plan.
Te Little Valley Jam-
boree committee also pre-
sented six-year-old Gar-
rett Hesss family with a
$12,000 donation.
Te Hess family re-
sides in Ochre River, where
Garrett attends kindergar-
ten. At 18-months-old Gar-
rett was diagnosed with
Cerebral Palsy and later, at
the age of four, developed a
seizure disorder.
Te Hess family was
very grateful and men-
tioned that the money will
go towards specialized
equipment, medications
and travelling expenses,
explained Lewandoski.
Garretts frst seizure
lasted 13 minutes and nu-
merous seizures that fol-
lowed, landed him in the
emergency room. He must
be consistently medicated
in order to control the sei-
Living in rural Manito-
ba, the Hess family makes
several trips to Winnipeg
for specialist appoint-
ments. Garrett has low
muscle tone and delays in
his expressive speech. He
regularly sees a physio-
therapist as well as an oc-
cupational therapist.
He currently utilizes
sign language to commu-
nicate and struggles with
mobility. He is unable to
stand independently and
needs specialized equip-
ment and modifed furni-
ture in his everyday life.
Te Hess family has
been looking to acquire
a vehicle that is able to
transport Garrett as well as
plan on making changes to
their home in order to bet-
ter support a wheelchair
and assisted living.
Te Little Valley Jam-
boree Committee along
with the Hess and Kris-
tinnson family thank ev-
eryone once again for
their support in making
the 2014 Jamboree a suc-
cess. Garrett, Kynley and
their families will be back
in 2015 to help out and en-
joy the fun and music and
we hope you all will also,
added Lewandoski.
Little Valley Jamboree Donates Proceeds
N0T|6E 0F N0H|NAT|0N8
T0wN 0F H|NNE008A
N0TlCE l3 lERE8Y 0lvEN lral or lre lo||oW|rg days:
3epleroer 10, 2011 url|| 3epleroer 1, 2011
oelWeer lre rours ol 8:30 A.V. T0 1:30 P.V.
al lre lo||oW|rg |ocal|or: VlNNE003A T0wN 0FFlCE
l W||| rece|ve ror|ral|ors lor lre ollces ol lEA0 0F C0uNClL ard
C0uNClLL0R lor lre T0wN 0F VlNNE003A
The nom|nat|on dead||ne |s 8eptember 1, 2014 al 1:30 P.V.
Nor|ral|ors carrol oe accepled aller lr|s day.
A|| ror|ral|ors sra|| oe rade |r Wr|l|rg ard sra|| oe s|gred
oy al |easl lWerly-lve volers, or N0T |ess lrar 1 ol lre volers
(Wr|crever |s lre |esser) ol lre aulror|ly or Ward (as lre case ray
oe), oul |r a|| cases oy al |easl lWo volers. Eacr ror|ral|or sra||
a|so oe accorpar|ed oy lre card|dale's dec|aral|or ol qua||lcal|or.
Nor|ral|ors ray oe l|ed |r persor al lre aoove |ocal|or, or lre dale
ard rours spec|led, oy ar agerl, or oy lax. To oola|r a ror|ral|or
paper, ard / or card|dale's dec|aral|or ol qua||lcal|or, corlacl lre
3.E.0. al lre le|eprore ruroer ||sled oe|oW.
Nom|nat|on papers not accompan|ed by the requ|red documents
and not proper|y |ed sha|| be rejected.
00NNA V. 0lLLA80u0l
3.E.0. F0R TlE T0wN 0F VlNNE003A
l0VE: 201-8Z-2105
w0RK: 201-8Z-2Z2Z
3.E.0. corlacl le|eprore ruroer
Fax Nuroer
0aled al VlNNE003A or Augusl 11, 2011.
00NNA V. 0lLLA80u0l T0wN 0F VlNNE003A
3er|or E|ecl|or 0llc|a| (3.E.0.) Nare ol lre |oca| aulror|ly

(L-R): Rod Lewandoski, Jody, Kynley

and Blair Kristinnson of Virden.
Photo submitted Photo submitted
(L-R): Mia, Liza, Garrett andSteven Hess,
from Ochre River, MB,and Rod Lewandoski.
For more information call:
204-867-7264 or 204-212-0232
Email: (4-ALT-TFN)
9 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
Fall Community
Registration Nights
Wednesday, September 3rd and
Thursday, September 4th
6 p.m.-9 p.m.
Minnedosa Community
Conference Centre
To book a table for your group contact
the Rec Ofce at 204-867-2250
staple along Main
Street, Te Fashion
House has been ofering
Minnedosa residents a
wide variety of quality la-
dies clothing and accesso-
ries since 1978.
T e Fashion House
was f rst constructed in
1976 and originally housed
Hainstocks Mens Wear.
In September 1978 it was
changed to a ladies retail
clothing store, which it has
remained to present day.
In March of 1979,
Judy Boyd purchased the
business and ran it inde-
pendently for a number
of years before selling it to
Beth Bruce in 1985.
In July 2001, after 25
years away from Minnedo-
sa, Beth McNabb returned
to her hometown and pur-
chased Te Fashion House
with her husband Ray

We are a one-stop shop
for womens apparel, in-
cluding swimwear, outer-
wear, accessories and jew-
elry. We try to carry a wide
variety of clothing lines
that our customers want to
see. From Alia and Tan Jay
to Silver and Tribal Sports-
weardresses, jeans and
everything in-between,
commented McNabb.
McNabb and News-
tead will be travelling to
Saskatoon this week for a
buyers market where they
will be looking to purchase
fashions for the Spring/
Summer 2015 season.
When I am looking
at picking out new items I
am constantly thinking of
specifc customers. Tat is
one thing about shopping
locally, I make an efort to
know my customers and
ensure I have fashions in
the store to compliment
their taste and style, con-
tinued McNabb.
Te Fashion House of-
fers a number of additional
services including gift cer-
tifcates, gift wrapping, lay-
away, mail orders as well
as an on-approval service.
Retail is a dif cult busi-
ness to be in. Tere are a
lot of factors that can af-
fect your business. Living
where we do, we also have
the challenge of cold win-
ters and late springs that
seem to keep a lot of peo-
ple indoors. But I certainly
enjoy providing personal-
ized customer service, pro-
fessional advice and ofer-
ing the community quality
clothing options, added
Te Fashion House re-
cently won the Minnedosa
Chamber of Commerce
Fun Fest Frenzy window
display contest with two
diferent display themes
a summer beach theme
and a western denim
In our window dis-
plays we utilized some
items on loan from Home
Hardware and Dark Horse
Tack. It was fun to collabo-
rate with other local busi-
nesses to showcase our
Stop in at T e Fashion
House located at 65 Main
Street South and watch for
details on an upcoming
anniversary sale as Beth
and Ray celebrate 13 years
on Main Street.
Keep up-to-date with
sales and special happen-
ings through their Face-
book page and website,
Where Fashion and Lifestyle Meet
During the Fun Fest Frenzy sponsored
by the Retail Committee of the Minnedosa
Chamber of Commerce, a business window
display contest was held. Te business receiving
the most votes won a free business feature
in Te Tribune. Here is this years winning
business, Te Fashion House.
Beth McNabb and
her husband, Ray
Newstead have owned
Te Fashion House
since July 2001.
Part of the winning windows display
at Te Fashion House.
Te Fashion House ofers a wide
selection of ladies fashions.
Holmes Construction
Call: Darren Holmes




Box 74 Clear Lake, MB R0J 1N0

Tuesday at 12 Noon
10 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
his year, Minnedosas
favourite summer
music festival, Rockin the
Fields, saw a great turnout
and even better perfor-
mances from its musical
Te event went re-
ally well. All of the bands
were great. Tey put on
some amazing shows and
they were also really easy
to work with, commented
Darcy Bialas, President of
T e gate numbers
were not up as much as we
had thought they would
be but we still saw some
growth and it was still the
most successful show we
have had in 11 years.
As the music stops
and campers pack up, or-
ganizers begin the process
of settling the business be-
hind the entertainment.
It takes a few months
for us to wrap everything
up. Tere is a process of
gathering all of the mon-
ey, paying of our bills and
taking care of our spon-
sors and rentals, said Tom
Crook, festival promoter.
Ninety-fve percent
of the people who are
working this event are
volunteers; so much of
our business is looked af-
ter afterhours. We have a
core group of volunteers
that have looked after ev-
erything for a number of
Tis years RFM event
saw a few changes made
to the VIP camping area
as well as the addition of a
few new vendors.
We expanded the
VIP camping area which
resulted in our regular
campers moving further
into campground B. An-
other change was that we
had a few new vendors
which I think our camp-
ers really enjoyed. We had
some good feedback from
the vendors themselves
and I believe most of them
will be back again next
year, explained Bialas.
With another success-
ful year in the books the
organizers of the event
have already begun to look
at next year, in regards to
where they can improve
the site, changes that need
to be made and of course,
who will be performing.
We have begun pre-
paring for next year al-
ready. After every event
we take time to analyze
what went well and where
we can improve as well as
how many tickets we are
going to increase to, as
many of our fans are inter-
ested in buying pre-sale
tickets right away, contin-
ued Bialas.
In terms of musical
performances for next
years event, it is a little
too early to confrm any
names but Crook is conf-
dent that there will be an-
other exciting lineup.
I will be going back
to Nashville to an event
that will allow me to make
some connections and
hopefully begin to book
some bands. We try to get
bigger and better bands
every year but are always
subject to our budget as
well as the bands touring
schedule, added Crook.
Organizers were wait-
ing on fnal ticket sales be-
fore planning any changes
to the site but after seeing
a fairly minimal increase
in gate admissions they
have determined that they
will sustain the site as
is for a year, something
that hasnt happened in a
number of years.
We had been con-
sidering adding some ad-
ditional seating but after
keeping an eye on that this
year, I think we are still in
good shape. We have a
core group of volunteers
who work really hard to
bring this event around
and they have been work-
ing tirelessly at this for a
number of years. I think
that this year we may just
sustain what we have go-
ing and keep up the site,
explained Bialas.
After four days of
non-stop activity and mu-
sic, the event wrapped up
stage performances with
Three Days Grace on Sun-
day evening.
To the shock of every-
one involved in the fes-
tival as well as the com-
munity of Minnedosa,
later that evening a tragic
incident occurred just
outside the gates of the
event, which ultimately
claimed the life of Shawn
Cooper, a local 25-year-
old who had been in at-
Following the inci-
dent at the end of RFM,
we were certainly heart-
broken that anything like
this would occur. We have
taken some time to talk
with the Cooper fam-
ily and they have been
very supportive of RFM
and would like us to con-
tinue to grow the festival
as it was something that
Shawn truly enjoyed at-
tending, commented Bi-
Every year the pro-
ceeds of RFM are collect-
ed, bills are paid, some
funds are saved for the
operating costs of the site
and next years event and
the rest of the money is
given back to many dif-
ferent service groups.
Along with ben-
efiting the community of
Minnedosa, we believe
that RFM benefits the en-
tire region of Southwest
Manitoba. Since we took
over running this festival
we have given back nearly
a quarter of a million dol-
lars to service groups in
the area, added Crook.
Watch in upcoming
editions of The Tribune
for coverage of this years
donations as well as con-
tinued coverage on band
bookings and previews
for next years festival.
Another Successful Year in the Books
Rockin the Fields of Minnedosa 2014
Photo by Jennifer Paige
Photo by Jennifer Paige
Bret Michaels was just one of the big name crowd pleasing entertainers to take
to the main stage of Minnedosas Rockin the Fields this year.
Crowds at Rockin the Fields continue to see growth making every year a bit better than the last.
11 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
in connection with
11:00 A.M.
8a|e w||| be he|d at 135 - 2nd Ave N.E. H|nnedosa, H.
6ome down Ha|n 8treet |n H|nnedosa to 2nd Ave N.E.
Turn east on 2nd Ave N.E. and trave| 3 b|ocks to shop on north s|de of road.
Tr|s W||| oe a very srorl sa|e approx 2.5 rours srou|d se|| |l a||. Trere W||| oe very leW sra|| |lers lo se|| so ra|e
sure you are al lre sa|e s|le pr|or lo 11:00 a.r. lo reg|sler lor your o|dd|rg ruroer. Trere W||| oe ro equ|prerl or s|le
lo |oad lre sa|e |lers so |oad|rg W||| rave lo oe arrarged oy ouyers lor lre|r oWr |lers aller lre sa|e. 8uyers W||| oe
g|ver 1 'ore Wee| lo rerove a|| |lers lror sa|e s|le. Vr. Lorre VcK|rrey W||| oe al lre srop eacr day FR0V 8-5 lor
ore Wee| lo a||oW access lo |oad your |lers. le car oe corlacled al 201-8Z-Z221. A|| d|scorrecl|or ol equ|prerl
W||| oe lre respors|o|||ly ol lre ouyers. 3|rce lr|s |s sucr a srorl sa|e ro |urcr W||| oe served. Loca| collee srops |r
loWr are oper so p|ease grao sorelr|rg or your Way lo sa|e. Trar| you.
Not respons|b|e for errors |n descr|pt|on. 8ubject to add|t|ons and or de|et|ons.
Property owners and Fraser Auct|on 8erv|ce not respons|b|e for any acc|dents.
C8T & P8T where app||cab|e. TERH8: 6ash or cheque.
N0TE: cheques of $50,000 or more must be accompan|ed by bank |etter of cred|t.
8a|e conducted by FRA8ER AU6T|0N 8ERV|6E 1-800-483-585 www.fraserauct|
E0U|PHENT: Voderr Too| C251x2000 Vela| Lalre W/ 3&1 JaW
Cruc|s, Too||rg, 3Pl, Z.ZlP, 8' oed, 10 sW|rg, 3 1/8 pass lrrougr,
s/r110820 Erlerpr|se 1330 Vela| Lalre W/Too||rg, 3Pl, 1' oed,
sW|rg, 1 pass lrrougr, s/rE2-559 Voderr Too| 1v3 V||||rg
Vacr|re W/Too||rg, 3Pl, LoW Z5-500RPV, l|gr 00-3800RPV,
s/r001Z50Z F|rsl V||||rg Vacr|re W/Too||rg, 3Pl, 2lP, s/
rZ3125333 Rarger 9 L|rco|r 250 AC/0C gas poWered We|der
W/18lP 0rar Perlorrer erg, 39Zrrs sroW|rg V|||er AeroWave
AC/0C PoWer 3ource W/Arc ard T|g we|der, waler Coo|er, 3Pl, s/rLA03333Z V|||er AeroWave
AC/0C PoWer 3ource W/Arc ard T|g we|der, waler Coo|er, 3Pl, s/rKl118210 80C V|gral|c
250 w|re we|der, 1Pl, s/rKJ039111 3larlr|le 11 RwF Vela| Cull|rg verl|ca| 8ard 3aW, 115v, 3Pl, s/r11253 Casse|
10 Vela| cull|rg lor|zorla| 8ardsaW W/ coo|arl, 1Pl, ro||er lao|e, s/r88Z151 E|eclrar Rolary Prase corverler 1Pl lo
3Pl, 10lP, 230 vo|l, Type C1, 0lZ 8eaver 208 lo 110 vo|l Corverler, s/r3Z3Z1 8a|dur TW|r wree| Po||sr|rg wree|,
1.5lP, 1Pl, 300RPV, s/rP12-91 8e|l 3arder, 1lP, 1Pl, 1 oe|l 32 A|r||rg Far or F|oor 3lard, 1/1lP, 1Pl,
2030019 Force 1 3pd 0r||| Press 5/8 cap, s/r20ZZZ0 8ercr 0r|rder 1/2lP, 1Pl or slard Force oercr gr|rder
1/2lP, 1Pl Voo||e VL55 Pa||el Jac| W/5500|os cap, s/r25Z03 Pa||el rac||rg (orarge) 2 sels approx 1'x12' eacr p|us
sore exlra cross arrs Top & 8ollor Cresl Too| 8oxes 0xcy/Acel sel W|lr carl 1'x8' l0 rela| We|d|rg lao|e or Wree|s
0reer||re Loc| 8ox Joo 8ox 21x18x21 or Wree|s sW|ve| v|se Large Aroor press 3e|ecl|or ol ralcrel o|rders
3e|ecl|or ol a|ur|rur p|pe ard crarre| Xlrere 8|erders gas poWered dr|r| o|erder (Needs 0|ass Parl) v|se 0r|ps
ard We|d|rg c|arps we|d|rg re|rels 11 a|ur|rur r|rs 3el ol ouc|el seals (Crev producl. Cararo???) 3e|ecl|or
ol rozz|es ard gurs lor sroW ra||rg racr|res (A|ur|rur)
he Minnedosa Horti-
cultural Society held
its annual show of flow-
ers, fruits and vegetables
on Tuesday, August 19th
in the Minnedosa Com-
munity Conference Cen-
tre. A tea, served from
2:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m., was
well attended by the pub-
lic who came to view the
displays. Close to 20 ex-
hibitors staged over 400
entries. Seventy of the ex-
hibits were staged by our
five Junior Garden Club
members, Grady Burton,
Payton Burton, Colin
Shaw, Robert Tomlinson
and Steven Tomlinson.
At the end of the
show Sarah Shaw, the Ju-
nior Garden Club leader,
presented awards to the
junior gardeners. Spe-
cial prize winners were:
Robert Tomlinson - Best
senior garden, most
points in the show, best
miniature arrangement
and best tea cup ar-
rangement; Grady Bur-
ton best junior garden;
Payton Burton best nov-
elty scene and best nov-
elty creature.
Besides the exist-
ing trophies the Mar-
garet Shorrock Memo-
rial Trophy (tea cup
arrangement), the Mrs. F.
Gugin Trophy (miniature
arrangement), and the
J.E. Johnson Trophy (most
points in the show), the
juniors were delighted to
receive three new tro-
phies donated by Hillside
Plumbing and JBP Repair
(Jim Tomlinson) for best
senior garden, best junior
gardens and most points
in the show
Special prize winners
in the senior classes in-
cluded: Leanne Goetz
most points in fruits and
best dahlia bloom; Al-
bert Parsons best flower
design and most points
in cut flowers; Harold
Tolton (Carberry) most
points in gladioli; Loreen
Jackson best gladioli
spike and most points in
dahlias; Edith Parsons
best flowering potted
plant; Laura Tolton best
rose; Audrah Caughell
best petunia exhibit.
Albert Parsons had the
most points in the show;
the runner up was Loreen
The annual show
does not end the Horticul-
tural Societys yearly ac-
tivities; their annual sale
of produce will be held
on Wednesday, Septem-
ber 3rd. See their adver-
tisement in the classified
section of this newspaper.
The Society appreciates
the great support it re-
ceives from its sponsors
and members of the com-
munity who attend its
functions throughout the
Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Show
Photo by Jennifer Paige
Among the many variaties of fowers on display were
colourful gladioli (above) and lilies (right).
Let them know you are
out there with an ad in
Trihnnr h
eintr 1883
ri ri
Tribune Printing
204-867-3816 Photo by Jennifer Paige
12 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
N0T|6E 0F N0H|NAT|0N8
(Rura| Hun|c|pa||ty of H|nto and Rura| Hun|c|pa||ty of 0danah}
N0TlCE l3 lERE8Y 0lvEN lral or lre lo||oW|rg days:
3epleroer 10lr, 11lr, 12lr, 15lr & 1lr, 2011
oelWeer lre rours ol 8:30 a.r. ard 1:30 p.r., al lre lo||oW|rg
Rura| Vur|c|pa||ly ol V|rlo-0darar, 19 Va|r 3lreel 3, V|rredosa,
l W||| rece|ve ror|ral|ors lor lre ollces ol:
TlREE C0uNClLL0R3 - wAR0 1 (R.V. ol V|rlo)
TlREE C0uNClLL0R3 - wAR0 2 ( R.V. ol 0darar)
ol lre aloresa|d Loca| Aulror|ly.
Tre ror|ral|or dead||re |s Tuesday, 3epleroer 1lr, 2011 al 1:30
p.r. Nor|ral|ors carrol oe accepled aller lr|s day.
A|| ror|ral|ors sra|| oe rade |r Wr|l|rg ard sra|| oe s|gred
oy al |easl lWerly-lve volers, or N0T |ess lrar 1 ol lre volers
(Wr|crever |s lre |esser) ol lre aulror|ly or Ward (as lre case ray
oe), oul |r a|| cases oy al |easl lWo volers. Eacr ror|ral|or sra||
a|so oe accorpar|ed oy lre card|dale's dec|aral|or ol qua||lcal|or.
Nor|ral|ors rusl oe l|ed |r persor, al lre aoove |ocal|or, or
lre dale ard rours spec|led. To oola|r a ror|ral|or paper, ard
card|dale's dec|aral|or ol qua||lcal|or, corlacl lre 3.E.0. al lre
aoove address or lre le|eprore ruroer ||sled oe|oW.
Nor|ral|or papers rol accorpar|ed oy lre requ|red docurerls ard
rol proper|y l|ed sra|| oe rejecled.
Aarer Rooerlsor, 3.E.0.
Prore: (201) 8Z-385 or (201) 8Z-3282
0aled al V|rredosa |r lre Prov|rce ol Var|looa, lr|s 13lr day ol
Augusl, 2011.
Aarer Rooerlsor, 3er|or E|ecl|or 0llc|a|
Rura| Vur|c|pa||ly ol V|rlo-0darar
(Rura| Vur|c|pa||ly ol V|rlo ard Rura| Vur|c|pa||ly ol 0darar)

Rura| Hun|c|pa||ty of 0danah
Pub||c Not|ce
oard of Rev|s|on
Puo||c Nol|ce |s rereoy g|ver lral lre 2015 Assessrerl Ro|| lor lre
Rura| Vur|c|pa||ly ol 0darar ras oeer de||vered lo lre Vur|c|pa|
0llce al 19 Va|r 3lreel, V|rredosa, V8. ard |s oper lor |rspecl|or
dur|rg regu|ar ous|ress rours. App||cal|ors lor rev|s|or ray
oe rade |r accordarce W|lr secl|ors 12 & 13 ol lre Vur|c|pa|
Assessrerl Acl.
12(1) A persor |r Wrose rare properly ras oeer assessed, a
rorlgagee |r possess|or ol properly urder secl|or 111(1) ol Tre
Rea| Properly Acl, ar occup|er ol prer|ses Wro |s requ|red urder
lre lerrs ol a |ease lo pay lre laxes or lre properly, lre aulror|zed
agerl ol lre persor, rorlgagee or occup|er, or lre assessor ray
ra|e app||cal|or lor lre rev|s|or ol ar assessrerl ro|| W|lr respecl
lo lre lo||oW|rg rallers:
a) ||ao|||ly lo laxal|or;
o) arourl ol ar assessed va|ue;
c) c|ass|lcal|or ol properly;
d) a relusa| oy ar assessor lo arerd lre assessrerl ro|| urder
suosecl|or 13(2)
13(1) Ar app||cal|or lor rev|s|or rusl:
a) oe rade |r Wr|l|rg;
o) sel oul lre ro|| ruroer ard |ega| descr|pl|or ol lre assessao|e
properly lor Wr|cr a rev|s|or |s sougrl;
c) sel oul Wr|cr ol lre rallers relerred lo |r suosecl|or 12(1) are
al |ssue, ard lre grourds lor eacr ol lrose rallers; ard
d) oe l|ed oy
|) de||ver|rg |l or caus|rg |l lo oe de||vered lo lre ollce |rd|caled
|r lre puo||c rol|ce g|ver urder suosecl|or 11(2), or
||) serv|rg |l upor lre secrelary,
al |easl 15 days before lre scredu|ed s|ll|rg dale ol lre ooard as
|rd|caled |r lre puo||c rol|ce.
The oard of Rev|s|on w||| s|t on 0ctober 9, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.
|r lre courc|| craroers ol lre Rura| Vur|c|pa||ly ol 0darar lo rear
App||cal|or lor rev|s|or or corp|a|rls rusl be rece|ved by 4:30
p.m., Tuesday, 8eptember 23, 2014, de||vered or ra||ed lo:
Rura| Hun|c|pa||ty of 0danah
49 Ha|n 8treet
ox 1197
H|nnedosa, Han|toba
R0J 1E0
Aaren Robertson - 8ecretary
(currentlv RM of Harrison & RM of Park)
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the Iollowing days:
Wednesday, September 1, 214
1hursday, September 11, 214
Friday, September 12, 214
Monday, September 15, 214
1uesday, September 1, 214
between the hours oI 9:00 A.M. and 12:00 NOON, and 1:00
P.M. to 4:30 P.M. at the Iollowing locations:
R.M. oI Harrison Municipal OIfce, located at 108 Main
Street, in Newdale, Manitoba, and
R.M. oI Park Municipal OIfce, located at 43 Gateway
Street, in Onanole, Manitoba
Nominations will be received Ior the oIfces oI:
1hree (3) Councillors - Ward 1 (currentlv RM of Harrison)
1hree (3) Councillors - Ward 2 (currentlv RM of Park)
1hree (3) LUD of Aewdale Committee Members
1hree (3) LUD of Sandy Lake Committee Members
oI the aIoresaid Local Authority.

The nomination deadline is Tuesday, September 16, 2014
at 4:30 P.M. Nominations cannot be accepted aIter this day.
All nominations shall be made in writing on the prescribed
Iorm and shall be signed by at least twenty-fve voters, or
NOT less than 1 oI the voters (whichever is the lesser) oI
the authority or ward (as the case may be), but in all cases by
at least two voters. Each nomination shall also be accompa-
nied by the candidate`s declaration oI qualifcation.

Nominations may be fled in person at either oI the above lo-
cations, on the date and hours specifed, by an oIfcial agent,
or by Iax. To obtain a nomination paper, and/or candidate`s
declaration oI qualifcation, contact the Senior Election OI-
fcial (S.E.O.) at the telephone number listed below.

Nomination papers not accompanied by the required
documents and not properly led shall be rejected.
Chad Davies
Senior Election OIfcial (S.E.O.)
Box 190, Onanole, Manitoba R0J 1N0
Phone: 204-848-7614
Fax: 204-848-2082

Dated at Onanole, Manitoba, this 20th day oI August, 2014.
Chad Davies
Senior Election OIfcial
Municipality oI Harrison Park
adurcis extends its
sympathy to the Cook
and Johnston family on
the passing of Barbara
Cook. We all remember
Barb as the former owner
of the Dollar Store, her
cheerful manner and
great social skills. She will
be missed.
Pam McCallum from
Calgary has been spend-
ing some time with Mal-
colm and Shirley Rose.
Pam and Shirley also vis-
ited with Doreen Trott
and family and with Olive
Johns of Rivers and family.
Mother Nature has
been very kind to the cat-
tlemen and we have had a
very good haying season.
Now we have had a great
deal of rain and would
like to get into harvesting.
Some crops are ready to
swath while those seeded
later are still very green.
It appears that it will be a
prolonged harvest.
Sunday visitors with
Donna MacDonald were
Darren and Gaylene
Wiebe of Gilbert Plains.
Doug and Karen
Northam and fam-
ily spend the weekend at
Kenosee Park in Saskatch-
Sympathy is extended
to the St. John and Coo-
per families on the recent
passing of Jamesy St. John
(nee Cooper). Jamesy was
a jolly, friendly lady with a
cheery greeting to all.
Jim and Nancy Greer
attended the Phillips
small wedding in Brandon
on Saturday.
Congratulations to
Emily MacDonald and
her cousin Jennifer Wiebe,
who are both lucky win-
ners of a $500 U.C.T. May
E. Tisdale Scholarship.
Only nine people across
Canada were recipients of
this scholarship. Double
congratulations girls.
Sympathy also ex-
tended to Darwin and
Maureen DeBackere and
family on the passing of
Mary DeBackere.
Crossroads Tis Week, Shoal Lake
rla Sheridan of Minnedosa was among the Manitoba
High School Rodeo Association athletes to put forth
determination at Onanole over the dates of August 23rd
and 24th.
Sheridan was among the 23 cowgirls to weave around
the poles, and 26 cowgirls to turn the cloverleaf pattern in
the event known as barrel racing.
While the weather was dreary, the fellowship shared
among junior and senior high students made the days
seem much brighter.
High School Rodeo Fun
Photo by Darrell Nesbitt,
Have a news item to share?
Call us at 204-867-3816
13 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
eintr 1883
White or Coloured
12 pack
BIC Round Stic
Blue or Black
12 pack
Paper Mate
4 pack
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selection of
Home and
Ofce supplies:
*Pencil Crayons
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To repair a plastic toy,
use the fame of a candle
to heat the metal end of a
knife. Hold the hot knife
against both pieces of the
toy to melt it back togeth-
er. Submitted by Allan
Avoid pouring grease
from cooking down the
sink; instead put grease
into the garbage, that way
you dont run the risk of
clogging up the sink and
damaging the pipes. Sub-
mitted by Charissa
To make your own
hand soap, save slivers of
soap bars and mix them
in a bottle with glycerin.
Shake with warm water
and use. Submitted by
Sewing buttons on a
shirt just got easier. Use
a toothpick to help keep
the buttons in place. Put
a toothpick underneath
the button and sew, doing
this will prevent the but-
ton from being sewn on
too tightly. Submitted by
When dealing with
fabric wine stains, try this
little trick. Pour 1 tsp. dish
soap onto the stain and
soak in 1 tbsp. borax and
enough warm water to
cover the stain. Leave for
one hour and rinse. Re-
peat until stain is gone.
Test on an inconspicuous
area frst. Submitted by
Got bed bugs? Make a
solution of tea tree oil and
water; generously spray
the mattress to zap each
and every one of them. If
bed bugs get out of hand
call a professional. Sub-
mitted by Lewana
Got wine on the wall?
Make a solution of bleach
and water and scrub-a-
dub-dub. Submitted by
Silver tarnishes due to
exposure to various com-
pounds such as sulphur.
Use non-gel toothpaste
to polish your silver set.
Note: Te more you use
silver, the less likely it is to
tarnish. If possible store
silver in a sealable bag
with chalk. Chalk is a form
of limestone, which pre-
vents tarnish. Submitted
by Jordan
Remove soot on shirts
by applying Crisco to the
area and washing with
dish soap and hot water.
Submitted by Madeline
Put rubbing alcohol
on a shirt that smells of
grease. Te smell of rub-
bing alcohol will disap-
pear within a few mo-
ments. Submitted by Alex
Get rid of skunk smell
with a recipe that I like to
call, Ahhh, I Can Breathe
Again. Into a spray bottle
mix: 1-liter hydrogen per-
oxide, one-quarter cup
baking soda and 1-tbsp.
dish soap. Spray boxes,
f oors, clothing and pets.
When spraying on fabrics,
test on an inconspicuous
area frst. Another option
when pets are sprayed;
lather them with tooth-
paste and water and rinse.
Submitted by Reena
Say so long to f sh
smelling odor on hands;
rub them with toothpaste
until smell is gone! Sub-
mitted by Mason
To clean tarnished
brass, begin by determin-
ing if what you think is
brass really is brass. Hold
a magnet onto the brass
area, if it clings you are
dealing with brass plated
metal. Tere are two types
of brass, one is coated
with clear lacquer, and
the other is not. Clean-
coated brass by wiping it
with a damp cloth. If the
lacquer coating is worn
or chipped, that area will
start to tarnish. Strip old
lacquer f nish and clean
the surface, then re-ap-
ply a new coat of lacquer.
When using the lacquer
technique, make sure the
surface remains dust free.
Hardware stores carry
lacquer spray fnish (you
can also use lacquer in a
can and apply it with cot-
ton balls). Brass that has
no lacquer fnish on it can
be cleaned with Brasso,
Howard Brass or Copper
Polish. Submitted by Re-
Reduce pests in the
garden with this recipe:
1 tsp. vegetable oil, 1-tsp.
Dawn dish soap and one
quart water. Spray onto
plants three times per
week. Tip: Speaking of
Dawn, many of us know
that baking soda and vin-
egar makes a great volca-
no explosion but did you
know that adding Dawn
dish soap really has an im-
pact! Cover the bottom of
the container with baking
soda. Next, add a table-
spoon of Dawn and sever-
al drops of red and yellow
food coloring. Pour in vin-
egar; the dish soap makes
the lava less fzzy and more
realistic! Submitted by
Readers Share Their Best Household Solutions
Solutions and
_y y]
Teaching guitar, bass,
drums, vocals,
recording lessons and
song writing.
Lessons for all ages
from student to adult.
For more information
Please call
Ben at 867-5461
or 841-0970
14 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
Rural Municipality of OAKVIEW
(Currently the R.M. of Blanshard, R.M. of Saskatchewan
and the Town of Rapid City)
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on September 10th, 11th, 12th, 15th, and
16th, 2014 between 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at:,
1) The R.M. of Blanshard municipal ofce at 10 Cochrane Street in
Oak River, MB and
2) The R.M. of Saskatchewan municipal ofce at 435-3rd Avenue in
Rapid City, MB and
3) The Town of Rapid City municipal ofce at 425-3rd Avenue in
Rapid City, MB
Reeve at large for the R.M. of Oakview (currently the R.M. of Blanshard,
R.M. of Saskatchewan, and the Town of Rapid City
Two (2) Councillors at large for Ward 1 of the R. M. of Oakview
(currently the Town of Rapid City)
Two (2) Councillors at large for Ward 2 of the R. M. of Oakview
(currently the R.M. of Saskatchewan)
Two(2) Councillors at large for Ward 3 of the R. M. of Oakview
(currently the R.M. of Blanshard)
Three (3) Committee members for the Local Urban District of Oak River
Three (3) Committee members for the Local Urban District of Rapid City
(currently the Town of Rapid City)
The nomination deadline is September 16th, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.
Nominations cannot be accepted after this time.
All nominations shall be made in writing and shall be signed by at least twenty-fve
voters, or NOT less than 1% of the voters (whichever is the lesser) of the authority or
ward (as the case may be), but in all cases by at least two voters. Each nomination
shall also be accompanied by the candidates declaration of qualifcation.
Nominations may be fled in person at the above location, on the date and hours
specifed, by an ofcial agent, or by fax. To obtain a nomination paper, and/or
candidates declaration or qualifcation, contact the S.E.O. or assistant S.E.O.
Nomination papers not accompanied by the required documents and
not properly fled shall be rejected.
Dated at Oak River, MB this 14th day of August, 2014.

Diane Kuculym
Senior Election Ocial
R. M. of Oakview
Phone 204-566-2146
Fax 204-566-2126
Brenda Fansher
Assistant SEO
R.M. of Oakview
Phone 204-826-2515
Fax 204-826-2274
Assistant SEO
R.M. of Oakview
Phone 204-826-2679
Rural Municipality of Oakview
(Currently theR.M. of Blanshard, R.M. of Saskatchewan&Townof RapidCity)
NOTICE OF REGISTRATION of Prospective Candidates
for General Municipal Election
Please be advised that a general municipal election will be held on Oct. 22, 2014.
Prospective municipal election candidates must register with the Senior Election
Ofcial (SEO) during the registration period before they may begin to accept
contributions, incur expenses, fundraise or borrow money for their campaign.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that candidate registrations will be received:
For the ofce of Head of Council:
Between May 1, 2014 and Sept. 16, 2014.
For the ofce of Councillor:
Between June 30, 2014 and Sept. 16, 2014.
1) the R.M. of Blanshard Ofce, located at 10 Cochrane Street, in Oak River, MB,
2) the R.M. of Saskatchewan Ofce located at 435- 3rd Avenue, Rapid City, MB, or
3) the Town of Rapid City Ofce located at 425-3rd Ave., Rapid City, MB
during regular hours of business.
To obtain a registration form, contact the SEO at the telephone number listed
Dated at Oak River, MB of August 14th, 2014.
Diane Kuculym
Senior Election Ofcial (SEO)
Phone: 204-566-2146
Fax 204-566-2126
Rural Municipality of Oakview

Social Tickets, Raffle Tickets,
Business Cards, Receipt Books,
Posters, Colour Copying and more
he rain event experi-
enced last weekend
throughout much of South
Parkland was certainly
more than what most
wanted although we did
manage to escape the larg-
er amounts experienced
elsewhere. Tis moisture
will certainly add bushels
on to most crops and we
were fortunate in that it
came prior to crops hav-
ing reached full maturity
and therefore avoided any
signifcant quality loss. Te
rain and high winds did
however cause some sig-
nif cant lodging and this
will certainly make the
harvest more dif cult. It
also looks like the rain has
triggered some re-growth
in the lower canopy mak-
ing desiccation a necessity
in most crops.
One of the best ways to
determine if a wheat head
has reached physiological
maturity and is ready for
desiccation is to examine
both the stem just below
the head called the pedun-
cle and the lower glumes of
the seed head. If this por-
tion of the stem has lost its
green color and the lower
glumes still only have a
hint or tinge of green re-
maining then the plant
has reached physiological
maturity and is ready for
desiccation. Generally the
glumes at the bottom of
the seed head are the last
to lose their green colour
so having only a hint of
green will mean the rest of
the head has matured. A
loss of green colour in the
peduncle area of the stem
also indicates no further
translocation of moisture
and nutrients again in-
dicating maximum seed
head flling has occurred.
Likely the most accurate
determination of maturity
is the appearance of a dark
layer of cells or pigment
strand along the crease of
the kernel. Although this
pigment strand is the most
accurate it is not always
the most useful as kernels
within the same spike and
especially diferent spikes
will reach physiological
maturity at diferent times.
Lodging Concerns
Concerns regarding crop
lodging have once again
arisen as a result of this
past weekends wind and
rain event. Many cereal
and a few canola crops are
now having dif culty re-
covering as the weight of
the seed heads and pods
begin to make the crop
top heavy. Most cereal
crops that had lodged early
formed elbow joints at
the f rst node below the
head however these joints
can no longer support the
weight of the crop. Te
reasons for lodging are
generally a combination of
the genetic makeup of the
variety, the seeding rate
and the level of fertility.
Te combination of seed-
ing rate and the genetic
makeup of the plant seem
to have the greatest im-
pact as is evident on many
headlands where triangles
of lodged crop are often
formed where the crop
is double seeded. Higher
seeding rates typically will
result in taller plants as
they compete for sunlight.
Genetically shorter vari-
eties will typically have
stronger stems and have a
better overall resistance to
Round Leaf Mallow and
Control with Glyphosate
One of the more dif cult
to control weeds in any
Roundup Ready crop is
Round Leaf Mallow where
rates of 2 liters and se-
quential applications are
simply not providing ad-
equate control. As many of
you are aware Round Leaf
Mallow has a massive tap
root which seems to pro-
vide the energy needed for
re-growth to occur from
the base or crown of the
plant. Tis weed is con-
sidered to be an annual
to a short-lived perennial,
reproducing by seed. Te
hard seed coat enables this
weed to remain dormant in
the soil for up to 100 years.
Seeds germinate in moist
soils late in the spring
when temperatures reach
15-20 degrees C. Given its
adaptability resistance to
glyphosate maybe a dis-
tinct possibility meaning
alternate control measures
need to be taken especially
within cereal crops in your
Ag Report... Physiological Maturity in Wheat
aul and Lillian Vanderwoude were overnight visitors
on August 19th with Ron and Beryl Parrott and family
on their way to Sedgewick, AB.
Alda Miller visited with Gisele and Micky Kraychy of
Edmonton, AB and attended a wedding at Barhead, AB
on August 16th. Krystal, Danika and Mikella Balogh and
Novie Burac of Edmonton, AB returned home with Alda
spending August 21st - 26th with Dave and Alda Miller.
Nine members and one visitor attended the regular
monthly meeting of the Franklin Memorial Hall Associa-
tion Inc on August 11th. Preparations for the upcoming
dance were made and a date scheduled for a cleanup at
the hall. Te installation of the refurbished windows on
the north side of the hall have restored the Heritage look
and provided much needed light. New blinds have been
placed on both north and south windows.
Janelle Nelson of Brandon, MB visited with the
Parrotts on August 20th. James Parrott of Oshawa, ON
spent August 18th to 25th with Ron, Beryl, Gerald and
Rosemary Parrott and family. While here he also visited
with other members of the family, attended meetings
and reunited with classmates who are also 60 years old.
Dennis and Irene Magwood attended the Morden
Corn and Apple Festival on the weekend of August 23rd.
Leah Fleger of Rhein, SK passed her drivers license
test with the use of her grandfather, Harvey Flegers ve-
hicle. Julia, Drew and Braydn Fleger of Yorkton, SK re-
turned home with Harvey for a visit. Loreen, Carter and
Cheyanne Walls of Brandon also visited at the Fleger
Tought for the day: Of all the things you wear, your
expression is the most important.
15 Te Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
Sept 10 16, 2014 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. 4:00
p.m. at the following location 1161 St. Claire St., Birtle,
Mb. I will receive nominations for the oces of Trustee
for Wards 1 10 for the Park West School Division.
Further details may be accessed on the Park West
School Division website: or by contacting SEO Jean Nash,
204-859-2867, or

Sept 4th, 2014

Shotgun Start:
5:30 p.m.
4-man Scramble
Thursdav Nite
Men`s Golf

Rlb Suppet
& Ptlzes
Tis photo was taken at the recent Minnedosa
Rotary Club meeting of outbound exchange
student to France, Alex Enns (L), returning
exchange student from Switzerland, Holly
Parrott (C), and incoming exchange student
from Norway, IngridTimland-Sveen (R).
During the meeting, Minnedosa Rotary Club
president, Teresa Wareham, was presented a
banner gifted from a Rotary club in Switzerland.
Te banner was presented by Holly Parrott.
Rura| Hun|c|pa||ty of H|nto
Pub||c Not|ce
oard of Rev|s|on
Puo||c Nol|ce |s rereoy g|ver lral lre 2015 Assessrerl Ro|| lor lre
Rura| Vur|c|pa||ly ol V|rlo ras oeer de||vered lo lre Vur|c|pa| 0llce
al 19 Va|r 3lreel, V|rredosa, V8. ard |s oper lor |rspecl|or dur|rg
regu|ar ous|ress rours. App||cal|ors lor rev|s|or ray oe rade |r
accordarce W|lr secl|ors 12 & 13 ol lre Vur|c|pa| Assessrerl Acl.
12(1) A persor |r Wrose rare properly ras oeer assessed, a
rorlgagee |r possess|or ol properly urder secl|or 111(1) ol Tre
Rea| Properly Acl, ar occup|er ol prer|ses Wro |s requ|red urder
lre lerrs ol a |ease lo pay lre laxes or lre properly, lre aulror|zed
agerl ol lre persor, rorlgagee or occup|er, or lre assessor ray
ra|e app||cal|or lor lre rev|s|or ol ar assessrerl ro|| W|lr respecl
lo lre lo||oW|rg rallers:
a) ||ao|||ly lo laxal|or;
o) arourl ol ar assessed va|ue;
c) c|ass|lcal|or ol properly;
d) a relusa| oy ar assessor lo arerd lre assessrerl ro|| urder
suosecl|or 13(2)
13(1) Ar app||cal|or lor rev|s|or rusl:
a) oe rade |r Wr|l|rg;
o) sel oul lre ro|| ruroer ard |ega| descr|pl|or ol lre assessao|e
properly lor Wr|cr a rev|s|or |s sougrl;
c) sel oul Wr|cr ol lre rallers relerred lo |r suosecl|or 12(1) are
al |ssue, ard lre grourds lor eacr ol lrose rallers; ard
d) oe l|ed oy
|) de||ver|rg |l or caus|rg |l lo oe de||vered lo lre ollce |rd|caled
|r lre puo||c rol|ce g|ver urder suosecl|or 11(2), or
||) serv|rg |l upor lre secrelary,
al |easl 15 days before lre scredu|ed s|ll|rg dale ol lre ooard as
|rd|caled |r lre puo||c rol|ce.
The oard of Rev|s|on w||| s|t on 0ctober 14, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.
|r lre courc|| craroers ol lre Rura| Vur|c|pa||ly ol V|rlo lo rear
App||cal|or lor rev|s|or or corp|a|rls rusl be rece|ved by 4:30
p.m., Honday, 8eptember 29, 2014, de||vered or ra||ed lo:
Rura| Hun|c|pa||ty of H|nto
49 Ha|n 8treet
ox 247
H|nnedosa, Han|toba
R0J 1E0
Aaren Robertson - 8ecretary

ne World Connected
is the theme of this
years World Suicide Pre-
vention Day (WSPD).
Bringing this theme
home, the Canadian Asso-
ciation for Suicide Preven-
tion (CASP) and the Men-
tal Health Commission
of Canada (MHCC) have
partnered to promote,
Connecting Canada as
the theme for WSPD in
Being connected with
oneself, with others, and
a community is critical to
ones sense of hopefulness
and well-being. Building
connections is therefore
one of the pillars of sui-
cide prevention, interven-
tion and postvention. On
Wednesday, September
10th people will gather in
communities all across
Canada to show their sup-
port for suicide preven-
tion, to remember those
who have died, comfort
those who grieve, and
strengthen our connec-
tion with each other. Dur-
ing WSPD, we remember
that we are all connected
to each other, through
shared experiences, sor-
row, hope, determination,
commitment and com-
passion. On September
10th, CASP and the MHCC
invite all communities
across Canada to fnd at
least one way of connect-
ing to WSPD.
Various World Sui-
cide Prevention Day
events are being hosted
throughout the southern/
central part of the Prairie
Mountain Health Region.
Suicide prevention walks
will be held in Virden
(Virden Border Regional
Library), Treherne (Mu-
nicipal Of ce), Killarney
(United Church), Hami-
ota (Centennial Library),
Minnedosa (Regional Li-
brary), and Russell (Re-
gional Library). All walks
will start at 1 p.m. followed
by a short educational ses-
World Suicide Prevention Day
Rotary In and Out
Photo submitted
ok cooking is obviously very popular for Asian
dishes, but it can also be used for a wide variety
of recipes. One may wonder what makes a wok difer-
ent from an ordinary pan, and how do I choose the best
Just like standard pots and pans, there are just as
many diferent woks on the market to choose from. Te
recognizable shape of the wok is known worldwide, and
this unique shape serves an important purpose. Te in-
ner cooking surface, mainly up the sides, should not be
smooth. Having rough and/or a slightly uneven surface
helps to hold cooked food while the sauce is fnished, or
other ingredients are being cooked, in the center of the
pan. Classic original woks are made out of carbon steel
and hammered out by hand, and the residual indenta-
tions serve as the perfect surface to assist in doing this.
Te round bottoms of the wok also aid in deep fry-
ing because it takes less oil to create a deep environ-
ment than a regular pot or pan. If you have an electric
stove, you may choose to purchase a fat-bottomed wok,
but even better would be to purchase a metal wok ring
that sits over your electric burner and cradles a round
Unless youre always cooking for just one or two
people, you will get more value out of a larger wok than
a smaller one, so buy one slightly larger than you may
frst think. A larger wok will help to keep the food con-
tained more easily and can be used for both small din-
ners as well as large. Te other thing to consider, before
making your purchase however, would be to ensure that
you have ample storage for your new wok. Overhead pot
racks are especially handy for this predicament.
I dont f nd that non-stick or electric woks are
the best option. Non stick coatings are almost always
smooth, there are health concerns about emitting gases
from non-stick coatings over high heat, and they dont
last as long as they should. Electric woks, I fnd, dont
heat up enough. For traditional high heat wok cooking,
one needs to be aware that many pots and pans on the
market will also warp over high heat. Make sure you
read the manufacturers use recommendations before
purchasing to be certain. Tis being said, one should
take care to never submerse any hot pan into water for
the same reason.
Although it may be dif cult to fnd one that is ham-
mered out by hand, I do recommend buying a carbon
steel wok and seasoning it to create a natural non-stick
surface over time. Tey may not be as pretty to look at,
but usually are of the least expensive options. Tey heat
up very well, and will last you a lifetime if taken care of
Always hand wash only (no scouring pads as they
will remove the seasoned surface) and dry thoroughly
to prevent rusting. Te downside of a thin carbon steel
wok is that they also lose their heat very quickly as well.
If you insist on buying a non-stick wok, there are cast
aluminum options that are non-stick and designed to
resist warping.
Accessories that you may consider purchasing for
your wok would be a lid, curved bottom utensils, bam-
boo steamers, hand held wire strainer, and a bamboo
scrubber for cleaning. To season your new carbon steel
wok, wash with soap and a scrub brush, dry thoroughly,
and place the wok over high heat. When it is very hot
and the steel has changed colour, turn the heat to medi-
um-low, add a tablespoon of oil, and use a compacted
paper towel held with tongs to coat the entire cooking
surface with the oil. Let it sit on the medium low heat for
approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Allow the wok to cool
and repeat as many as three times. Tis seasoning
process is only meant for carbon steel woks, not stain-
less steel or other types of woks.
Choosing the
Perfect Wok
BY PHONE Call 204-867-3816
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Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Te Minnedosa Tribune, P.O. Box 930,
Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J 1E0
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an advertisement placed, changed, or cancelled, by telephone.
To ensure your advertisement appears correctly please sub-
mit it in person, by fax, mail, or email.
16 Friday, August 29, 2014
The Minnedosa Tribune
Expressive Dance with
Crystal. Dance classes for
2 years and up. Adult and
boy classes are ofered. Jazz/
Hip Hop, Contemporary,
Tap, Highland, Celtic Irish,
Teatrics, Ballet, Stretch
Class, Couples Dance, Belly
Dance, Jigging, Charleston,
Itsy Bitsy Yoga. Registration
Wednesday, September 3rd
and Tursday, September 4th
at Minnedosa Community
Conference Centre from 6-9
p.m. For registration info call
Crystal 204-867-3561 or 204-
867-2446 (24-2) x
Te Terry Fox Run for
Cancer Research Sunday,
September 14th Sponsored
by Minnedosa UCT. Register
at the Minnedosa Conference
Centre: 9:00 a.m. Begins at
10:00 a.m. Walk, wheel, ride
or run. Pledge forms avail-
able at Te Minnedosa Pub-
lic Library, Modern Looks
Unisex Hair Design or phone
204-867-2932. Join us for a
BBQ (11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.)
Working together to outrun
cancer (25-3)
Minnedosa Private Home DADDY DAYCARE! I have 4 full-
time spots available in Sept. 2 yrs. old and up. Play based
education focused on Nature/Outdoors and Music. $30/
day includes hot lunch and two snacks (following Can-
ada Food Guide). Before/after school and half days con-
sidered depending upon availability. Flexible weekday
hours. Please leave a message for Chris at 868-5564 or email , also see http://www.ebran Qualifcations: CPR/
First Aid, Child Abuse/Criminal Record Check available 20+
yrs. Experience with Children (Father for 12 yrs.) , 2+ yrs. Ex-
perience in licensed daycares/Teaching Nursery School Com-
pleting Educational Assistant Certifcate and Environmental
Science Diploma. x
Te family of Leona Jury
would like to express a heart-
felt thank you to family and
friends for all their expres-
sions of sympathy through
phone calls, cards, fowers,
food and in memory dona-
tions. A sincere thank you to
Fr. Chad McCharles for of-
fciating and to the Bethany
Ladies for the lovely lunch. To
Nathan and staf of Minne-
dosa Funeral Service, Minne-
dosa and to McCall Bros., Vic-
toria, B.C. we thank you for
your guidance and support.
All the kindness and sup-
port given to us has meant so
much. Cecil, Don, Chris and
families. x
Mountain Road Craft
Sale on Monday, Septem-
ber 1st, 2014. 10:30 a.m.
2:30 p.m. Home baking,
jams and jellies, jewellery,
knitting and crocheting,
Christmas decorations and
placemats. Lunch avail-
able. On Hwy #357. Con-
tact 204-966-3829 (24-2) x
Minnedosa Farmers
Market. Every Friday 4-6
p.m. North Main at 6th Ave.
New vendors welcome.
Contact Wes at 204-868-
5224 or at littlepath@hot- tfn
Te Minnedosa Health
Auxiliary will be conducting
their annual canvassing in
September. x
Minnedosa Health Dis-
trict Auxiliary quarterly meet-
ing Monday, September 8th
1:30 p.m. at the Minnedosa
Hospital Board Room. (25-2) x
Te Minnedosa Horti-
cultural Societys Produce,
Plant and Flower Sale and
Tea. Wednesday, September
3rd 2:00 4:00 p.m. and 6:00
8:00 p.m. Tea served 2:00-4:00
p.m. MCCC. Garden vegeta-
bles and fruits, potted plants,
perennials, bouquets, fower
arrangements, fresh cut fow-
ers, gladioli and sweet peas.
Everyone welcome. Dona-
tions of produce, perennials
and fowers are welcome. x
I wish to express sincere
thanks to all who expressed
condolences at the passing
of my wife Mildred (Millie)
Stitt, also for the wonderful
care given by nurses and staf
at Minnedosa PCH, Dr Sha-
rifcum, nurses and staf at
Minnedosa Hospital and to
Erickson PCH (Millies fnal
home) nurses and staf who
gave Millie special love and
care. Tanks to those who
brought food, fowers, vis-
ited, called, sent cards and
to all my family who shared
care and comfort in a time of
sorrow. God Bless All. Harold
Stitt and family. x
We would like to extend
our most heart felt thanks
to everyone who had a
hand in making our wed-
ding on Saturday, July 19th
2014 a success. To Cory and
Carla Stevenson, your hos-
pitality and kindness know
no bounds. You graciously
provided us with the per-
fect fairytale setting for our wedding ceremony and you went
over and above to ensure the grounds were immaculate. To Jodi
Woychyshyn, our of ciant and dear friend, thank you for con-
ducting a ceremony that was eloquent, sincere and held great
personal signifcance for us. A huge thank you goes out to Glenn
Peters who spent countless hours to ensure our ceremony
audio and music would be perfect, and it was! Tank you to
Tammy Gowler and team at Flowers on Main, who created
beautiful bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. Nadine Dmy-
triw, thank you for spending the day with us and helping cap-
ture all the moments that make a wedding special. To Jena
Spraggs, Anita Boyd and Jennifer Lochhead, thank you for as-
sisting the bride and her attendants. Everyone looked and felt
gorgeous. Tank you also to Leona Quesnel and staf for as-
sisting the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom.
Tank you to management and staf at the Gateway Motel,
Minnedosa Campground, and Tilson Place B&B for providing
our out-of-town guests with quality accommodations. Tank
you to Dorothy McLean, Bruce Sharpe and everyone at the
MCCC for the use of your venue, and for your help and advice
in planning. Tank you to Carl and Ann Landrie of Up and Away
Balloons. Te decorations were absolutely breathtaking and we
received many compliments on them throughout the evening.
To Heather Brazeau and team, thank you for serving a delicious
meal that everyone enjoyed immensely. Cam Farr of Superstar
Music Services kept the dance foor full all evening with great
music. We are very honoured to have such a wonderful friend
be part of our special day. Tanks Cam! Tank you, (Uncle) Ste-
ven Smith for serving as our Emcee for the evening as well as
performing a beautiful song during the ceremony with Meagan
Smith. To (Aunt) Judy Kingdon and Barry McTavish, thank you
for a memorable carriage ride. Tank you to Mary-Ann Kingdon
for creating the perfect wedding cake. It was as delicious as it
was elegant. To Rachelle Pulak, thank you so much for dancing
at our wedding reception. It was a unique and entertaining as-
pect to the evening. Tank you to Dale Kochanowski and Sean
Smith for all your help at the ceremony, to Matt Pass for the use
of your arbor, to all our reception greeters, and to everyone who
assisted with the setting up and taking down of decorations. A
big, big thank you to our bridal party, Catherine Boyd, Katrina
Hinds, Kay Dee Pass, Chris Wang, Tomas James Boyd, Tomas
Brent Boyd, and Alex Wang. You were the best team a bride and
groom could ask for! Most importantly, we want to thank our
parents, Dwight and Michelle Boyd, Jim Vann and Judy Wang.
You all worked so very hard to ensure that our wedding was
everything we wanted it to be and we want you to know how
much we appreciate your eforts. We wouldnt have been able
to do it without you! Amanda and Stephan Wang x
GtrN CnXutrs MtLrXN
Ot1oeru ,1n, 1(
- Auous1 161n, zo1(
Glen Charles McLean passed away suddenly. He was born to
parents Ken and Joan McLean. He was the eldest of six children.
On August 25th, 1984 Glen married Grace Rush of Minnedosa.
Tey would have celebrated their 30th anniversary this year. Tey
raised two children on the family farm at Strathclair, Manitoba.
Glen was predeceased by his father, Ken McLean and father
and mother-in- law, Bill and Gladys Rush. He is survived by his
mother Joan, wife Grace, son Kyle, daughter Karen, brothers:
Dennis (Kumiko), Ian (Elaine), sisters Jo-Ann (Greg) McKerchar,
Diane (Mark) Nowell, Doreen (Bill) Sawyer, nephews: Adrian, Ryan,
Rick, Kristian, Arron, Tyler, nieces: Elicia, Maya, Jennifer, Rebekah, great-
nephews Skylar, Ashton, great-nieces: Jessica, Danielle, Julie, great-aunts
Myrtle Pirie and Jean Irwin as well as many cousins.
During his formative years Glen enjoyed participating in school sports as well as ball and
hockey continuing with ball and hockey as he grew older (playing with the Old Timers for a num-
ber of years). He also refereed hockey for a time and always enjoyed a good game of curling.
Glen attended ACC taking welding and worked with construction, gravel hauling, and fnally
the Strathclair Co-op. He enjoyed meeting and visiting people. Farming was his passion and he
enjoyed it right to the end.
Glen was a member of the Strathclair Marching Band and was fortunate to participate in their
trip to Germany in 1982. He also enjoyed, in his later years, the trips with his wife and children
across western Canada.
Glen was an Air Cadet as a teenager and continued to work with the Royal Canadian Air Cadet
Squadron #317 Strathclair up to his passing. He was also the current president of the Royal Ca-
nadian Legion Branch #154 Strathclair and a council member of the Strathclair United Church.
Te funeral service was held on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. from the Strath-
clair Bend Teatre with Rev. Jamie Bradshaw of ciating. Interment followed in the Strathclair
Cemetery. If friends so desire, donations may be made in Glens name to the Strathclair United
Church Memorial Fund, the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron #317 Strathclair, or a charity of
their choice.
Raes Funeral Service of Shoal Lake and Erickson were in care of arrangements.
17 The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
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RuraI MunicipaIity of Minto
August 18, 2014
The Rura| Hun|c|pa||ty of H|nto requests wr|tten proposa|s for
the |nsta||at|on of a s|dewa|k |n the V|||age of 6|anw||||am.
A|| proposa|s to be rece|ved by the unders|gned by no |ater
than Noon, 8eptember 5, 2014.
8end sea|ed proposa|s marked "8|dewa|k" to:
Rura| Hun|c|pa||ty of H|nto
ox 247
H|nnedosa, Han|toba
R0J 1E0
For further |nformat|on contact: r|on Po||on, at (204} 87-7141
Project to cons|st of:
10 feet |ong x 4 feet w|de x 4 |nches th|ck.
4000 ps| cement w|th a|r.
8u|tab|e compacted sand|grave| base.
Remova| of ex|st|ng concrete.
Project to be comp|eted pr|or to 2014 freeze-up.
Lowest or any proposa| not necessar||y accepted.

The R.H. of H|nto w||| be accept|ng sea|ed proposa|s for the sa|e of the
1989 Ford F800 8|ng|e Axe| Crave| Truck
F|ve Yard End 0ump ox, V-8 Eng|ne, 8tandard Transm|ss|on
New T|res and R|ms, 6urrent 8afety 6ert|cate
1991 F|at A|||s 106 6raw|er Tractor
Numerous recent repa|rs and ma|ntenance
5052.7 hours
1999 John 0eere 410 HFw0 Tractor and 40 Loader
90 PT0 horsepower, new t|res, approx|mate|y 500 hours.
P|ease contact R|ck urton at (204} 85-2408 to arrange a t|me to v|ew.
A|| sea|ed proposa|s to be rece|ved by the unders|gned, no |ater than
8eptember 5, 2014, at 4:00 p.m. 6ounc|| reserves the r|ght to reject any|
a|| proposa|s.
Rura| Hun|c|pa||ty of H|nto
ox 247
H|nnedosa, Han|toba R0J 1E0
Phone: (204} 87-385
Aaren Robertson, 6.H.H.A., 6.A.0.

RuraI MunicipaIity of Minto

LEE, WttttXu RttnXuo (Dttx) Crt RCMP (ur1)
Arutt z1n, 16
- Jutv o1n, zo1(
After a 15 year battle with cancer, Richard has been called home
to be with his Higher Power. His fnal journey was peaceful as he
passed on the morning of July 30th.
Richard was born in Erickson, Manitoba, to Ingvald and Nellie
Lee and he was the fourth, of seven children. After 18 years of Prairie
life Richard joined the RCMP, and upon graduation, was posted to
BC in 1957. He was transferred to many towns throughout BC where
he made a great number of friends and acquaintances. Richard
retired from the RCMP in 1981 and became an entrepreneur. He was
the owner of Allgard Security in Trail, BC, where he ran the business
with his wife, Geraldine, for many years.
A celebration of Richards life will be held on Saturday, September 6th at
11:00 a.m. at the Royal Canadian Legion hall in Erickson.
You are invited to leave a personal message of condolence at the familys online register at
In Loving memory of
August 20th, 2000
Tere is a link death
cannot sever
Love and remembrance
last forever
And while she lies in
peaceful sleep
Her memory we shall
always keep.
Happy Trails Kitty.
From Jim.
In Loving Memory of
who left us
Scptcmbcr 12th, 1000
Gone yet not forgotten
though we are now apart
your spirit lives within us,
forever in our hearts
Sadly missed by Hazel,
Rick, Rod, Carla
and families
DoN YouNo
In loving memory of my
dear husband Dnn,
who passed away
Scptcmbcr 8rd, 2018
Tank you for the yesterdays
Te dreams you
made come true
Tank you for the
wonderful memories
Ill always have of you
I looked to you for happiness
and found it at my side
Ive turned to you for comfort
and your arms
were opened wide.
Weve cared together
and shared together
the special joys of life
and Ive learned how
precious love has been
between a husband
and a wife
I will keep you within
my heart
and there you will remain
To walk with me
throughout my life
until we meet again
Wishing your absence was
only a dream
Today, tomorrow, and my
whole life through
Ill always remember you
Love Linda
In loving memory of our dear
Dad and Grandpa
who passed away
one year ago.
If we could write a story,
it would be the
greatest ever told,
of our father and grandpa
we loved dearly
who had a heart of gold.
If we could write a
thousand words
well still not be able to say
just how much we miss him
each and every day.
If we could tell him
one more thing
Tank you Dad and
Grandpa is what wed say
for loving us and teaching us
the things we know today.
Forever in our hearts,
Gaytan, Emilio, Jason,
Michelle, Logan,
Landon and Brandt
Rapid City and District
Co-op Ltd. Gas and Grocery
are now selling diesel. (23-4) x
Moving Sale...T is is one
HUGE yard/garage sale. Way
too many items to list. Uphol-
stery machine with /acc, fur-
niture and household items
etc. Saturday, August 30th
starting at 9:00 a.m. 358-3rd
Ave. S.W. Rain or Shine. (24-
2) x
Yard Sale. Saturday, Au-
gust 30th 9-2 p.m. 475-3rd St
N.E. x
Multi family garage sale.
Rain or shine Saturday, Au-
gust 30th 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
1-300 First St. S.W. Next to the
hospital. x
Qualif ed Painter with
25 years experience. All work
guaranteed. Call Blaine at
204-874-2399. (43-tfn)
Local, naturally grown
vegetables. Pickup at farm or
for delivery call Albert or Judy
204-867-2772. 3 miles East of
Hydro Plant. (21-5) x
M & M
All Auto Body Repairs
Ph: 867-2083
5 Main St. North
Friday, August 29, 2014 The Minnedosa Tribune
Income Tax Filing
Farm and Business
Government form filing
Phone 867-5550
Fax 867-5808
116 Main St. S.
Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
Tax Ser vi ce
& Accounti ng
Parish Backhoe
Septic Systems Weeping tiles
Water Sysyems Basements
All types of excavation
Certifed in waste
water management
Call: Ian
874-2134 or 867-0383
Minnedosa - 867-3853
Ready Mix Concrete
Concrete forms, Rebar, Wire Mesh,
Weeping Tile, Concrete Sealer, Snap Ties
All at Competitive
Specializing in water & sewer
installation & repair
All types of excavation
Basements, Demolition
Snow removal
Gravel, Topsoil
Sales of septic tanks
Tony 867-7582
Kirk 867-0180
Clint Moffat
& Sons Ltd.
Sand & Gravel Products
Water & Sewer
Site Preparation
Snow Removal
GeorgeAllard, C.G.A.*
Gateway Street
Onanole, Mb
HowardWirch, C.G.A*
9-515 4th Ave
Shoal Lake, MB
Dauphin Ofce - 15 1st Ave S.W.
Phone: 638-3005
Fax: 638-5817
*Denotes Professional Corporation
Enterprises Ltd.
Air Conditioning,
Heating & Electrical
30 Years
Bus : 867-3950

70 Main St, S.
Minnedosa, MB.
Personal Tax Returns
Farm Returns
Business Returns
Cash Back
Phone: 867-5124
M Gijsbers
Certified General
Professional Corporation Minnedosa
213 2
St NE - Box 385
T: 867-3884 C: 867-0190

Rick Taylor 867-7551 y @
"Living in your
Considering listing your Property?
Call me today for great service at great rates!
Very well kept 3 bedroom 1240 sq. It.
home with Iully fnished basement.
BeautiIul custom oak kitchen cabinets
with pull-outs, updated windows, doors,
high eIfciency gas Iurnace, central AC,
central vac, water soItener, insulated
double garage and large back yard with
two storage sheds. This is an exceptional
home and a must see!
Great character home Ieatures hardwood
foors, original woodwork, doors, and
staircase. Enjoy the verandah or the
backyard patio. Updated kitchen with
ceramic tiled foor, windows, bathroom
and new central air conditioning.
Charming home in premium condition.
This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is
in excellent condition! Home is
move in ready with numerous
updates including windows, doors,
eavestroughs, soIfts, bathrooms and
fooring. Natural gas Iurnace, central
air, central vac, water soItener, hot
tub, gas stove and Ienced yard. Very
quiet street near the golI course.
Great starter home near school!
Shingles, siding and all windows
updated since 2008. Main foor
bedroom and 3 bedrooms upper
foor. Large bright kitchen and large
living room with hardwood foor. Big
Ienced yard.
SW 30-12-18, RM OF ELTON
This 1998 31 bedroom home Ieatures
natural gas range, Iurnace, hot water tank,
freplace and BBQ connection, very rare to
fnd with rural properties. Patio doors lead
to back deck, hot tub, 32` x 16` inground
pool and Ienced yard. Family room in
basement with gas freplace. Great Iamily
home right oII pavement within 15 minutes
oI Brandon is on quarter section oI land
with approximately 80 acres oI cropland.

This 2 bedroom, 2 bath home has
been well cared Ior with updated
windows, doors, bathroom, new
shingles, new laminate and new
hot water tank. Full line oI good
appliances included. Quiet location
with a Ienced yard. Nicely fnished
basement and central air.
Gwen Usick
Broker Realtor
Ph: 867-4657
Fax: 867-2150
FREE Virtual Tour with every listing.
Take a tour on or our website
www.remax-prairie p p
Asking $395,000
Turn back the clock with the
Clanwilliam General Store
and CoIIee Shop preserving
original theme & atmosphere.
Business is oIIered as turn key,
building is brick, has concrete
Ioundation and metal rooI.
Currently opeates as post oIfc,
some ag products, groceries,
conIectionary, coIIee bar, light
lunches & bi-weekly hair cuts.
Double wide 4 bdm, 1 1/2
bath mobile home located on a
double lot. Large kitchen with
island, dining room, patio doors
oII living room to the spacious
12`x22` deck & outside to the
garage, workshop & storage
Immaculate 2007 21 bdm 3 bath
open concept country residence on
2.37 acres. Features custom built
oak cabinets, island, hardwood,
ceramic has infoor heat in master
ensuite, HE electric Iurnace,
HRV, HWT 14, central vac,
insulated double car attached
garage, greenhouse, 2 sheds &
much more.
Updated 2 bdm bungalow has
second kitchen in basement.
Numerous recent renos include
windows, kitchen, bathroom,
ceiling, ceramic & hardwood
fooring, garden doors, deck
to mention a Iew. Single car
garage, carport, greenhouse &
large vegetable garden.
$245,000 $250,000 $250,000
Roofng Decks
Fencing Exterior Finishing
Renovations Repairs
Ryan Marnock
204-868-5980 or 204-867-5544
All Jobs, Roofing,
General Repairs and
Terry or Matt
at 867-2729
or 210-0225
240 Main St. N
Box 325
Minnedosa, MB
Chartered Accountants
and Advisors
Farm, Business & Individual
Professional Services:
~ Tax
~ Accounting
~ Farm Programs
Sarah Campbell, CGA
39 Main Street South
Minnedosa 867-2957
Canada, LLP
Book this spot
Call 204-867 3816
Unique Projects
Repairs & Renovations
0oty| Cte|gbtea
(204j 868-0182
Ckll0I0N' KN0NKN
MINNEDOSA, MB R0J 1E0 PHONE 204-867-3816 MINNEDOSA, MB R0J 1E0 PHONE 204-867-3816
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19 Friday, August 29, 2014 The Minnedosa Tribune
More than just a
Weoffer afull lineof
Posters, Brochures, Invoices,
Envelopes, Business Cards,
Letterhead, Tickets, Invitations
and MORE! Wealso provide
Colour Photocopying, Photo
Reproductions and Faxing.
Visit us at:
14 3rd Avenue S.W.
Minnedosa, MB
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. to 12 noon &
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone 867-3816
Law Office
B-116 Main St S
Minnedosa, MB
Law Offc e
Norman H. Si ms, Q. C.
76 Mai n Street South
MI NNEDOSA 867-2717
Burgess Law
51 Main Street S
Drivers Licenses, Autopac
General Insurance
Bruce McNabb & Dave McDonald
Plumbing & Heating
Gas Fitting
ph: 867-2084
cell: 867-0346
Vent ur es I nc.
Management &
Garbage Removal
Bin Rentals
Construction Demolition
Household clean up
Estate clean ups
Main line
Joanne Clarke
Susan Glasgow
Alayna McTavish
Debbie Strelczik
Lori McNabb
Terry McLenehan
Carol Dalrymple
Carol Taylor
Kim Robinson
Jeff Dusessoy
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Candice Brown
Brad Ross
Mgrna Charles
ome. $7-97!7
Cell. $$-9903
If you like to drink and can
That's your business
If you want to stop and can't
That's our business.
P.O. Box 36
or 867-3966
Alanon - 867-3308
Alateen - 867-5121
867-3401 Minnedosa
Mtg. Times: 8:00 pm Tuesdays
of Manitoba
Support Group
Meetings held at
Minnedosa Hospital Boardroom
every 2nd Tuesday of the month
at 6:30 p.m. For more info call:
Lora Hay 826-2773
Connie Finlay 867-2556
Family Hair Care Family Hair Care
Waxing Waxing Pedicures Pedicures
Manicures Manicures LCN Nails LCN Nails
Pedique Pedique Tanning Tanning
Massage Massage
867-2287 867-2287
67 Main St. 67 Main St.
St. Alphonsus
Catholic Church
142 4th St, NW.
Minnedosa, MB 867-3831
Mass Sunday 9:00 a.m.
142 4th St, NW.
Minnedosa, MB 867-3831
Gently Used Furniture
Clothing & Misc. Items
Estate Sales
Pick-up & Deliveries
Drug Problem?
Anonymous can help
Meetings every
Tuesday &
Saturday at 7 p.m.
at Calvary Temple,
221 Hamilton Street,
Neepawa, MB
Septic Service
Potable water
Book your portable
Small tool rentals.
Bryon Gaiser
Cell: 867-7558
Phone/Text 867-5444
Sewage Service
Cell: 476-6591
Dennis: 476-2766
23 Hour Service
People Helping People
- Committed to Caring -
Phone (204) 857-6100
Fax (204) 857-8389
114 Main St. S.
Ofce Hours
Ph: (204) 867-2297
Fax: (204) 867-3641
Ph: (204) 945-0258
Fax: (204) 945-5921
Mon. - Fri.
9:00 - 5:00
Riding Mountain Constituency
8000 ll
00ll. Z04888088
lM8ll. l00M@ll90.08
Box 1195, Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0
Ty urton
water Treatment 8ystems|8ofteners
6e||: 204-88-5358
Book this spot
Call 204-867 3816
Book this spot
Call 204-867 3816
Brian Horner
Grain & Fertilizer
Your Shaw Direct,
LG, Samsung, Bell
Danby Dealer
Computer Sales and Service
Systems, Monitors &
Minnedosa, MB
Phone 867-3164
N0 08 00lI
0f0 l 8l 00f 0l00
0f 0 l0
l0f M0f0 ll0.

20 The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, August 29, 2014
Buy and Sell
Treasure in the
eintr 1883
Experienced class 1 driv-
er wanted to pull super Bs
Call 204-573-7156 (21-5) x
Now Hiring Labourers
with over 2 years
of industrial experience
on an industrial project in
Vanscoy, SK.
We offer competitive
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Retention and completion
bonuses paid!
Send resume to:
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Tired of the same old thing?
At Canadian Pacifc you can be part of
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a diference, to see Canada, and build a future.
Canadian Pacifc is one of Canadas most iconic
companies. We move the goods that keep the
world turning, and were on our way to doing
it better than anyone else. To get there, CP is
looking for some adaptable, hard-working,
safety-conscious, and results-driven people to
join our force of conductors.
You dont need:
Railroading experience
You do need:
Great attitude
Willingness to learn
Safety oriented work ethic
To work in and around Brandon/ Minnedosa
Competition closes on September 14, 2014
For additional information on Canadian Pacifc
and this career opportunity, visit us online at
Only those candidates contacted will be
considered. All communication will be directed
to the email address you use on your online
application form.

The journey has begun but is far from over.

800l0f f8fM $0f9l008 Nl00088
N0 8f0 00ff0ll l00kl l0f 8
$l$08l 0l$$ 1 08
0l$$ J 1800k 08ll8.
80J lf8ll f09l000 88 000888f
00M0llll90 N80 0ll0f00
lK00ll0l 00fl0ll l0 0l
08l80ll8000 l0f Z01
Fl0880 00l80l F0ll l0Nl8 8l Z048Z9
0f 800 f080M0 l0 l0Nl8@f00l0f8.08
catalytic converters
stainless steel
72 Rothwell Road
Winnipeg, MB
(1 block south of IKEA)
The trusted name in
metal recycling
The Disability Tax
Credit Allows for:
$1,500 Yearly Tax
$15,000 Refund
(On Avg)
Covers: -Hip/Knee
- Arthritic knees, hips,
hands, or shoulders,
- COPD, other Disabling
For Help Applying
Manitoba Company
Owned and Operated
Im a light orange, neutered
male, small tabby and my
name is Little One. I live in
the S.W. corner of Minne-
dosa and my owner wants me
back right away! My cat has
been missing for a few weeks
due to my unexpected hospi-
talization, he was not aban-
doned, many people were
looking after him, he has just
disappeared. Please call 204-
867-2480 and ask for Joyce or
leave a message with any in-
formation. (25-2) x
EXPERIENCE is an asset
- We ofer FREE recruitment
services for people aged 45
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ister now at: www.thirdquar- or Call Toll-Free: 1-855-
Full Time Community/
Sports Reporter Opasquia
Times in Te Pas, MB re-
quires a full-time reporter.
Reliable and able to work
fexible hours incl. evenings/
weekends. Writing experi-
ence necessary. Wage depen-
dant on qualifcations. Please
send resume, writing samples
to Trent Allen, Editor, Opas-
quia Times email: opeditor@ 204-623-3435
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Diploma in Intellectual
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who live with or work with
people who have an intel-
lectual disability: http://sites.
INDS, 1-877-867-5562.
Advertisements and
statements contained herein
are the sole responsibility of
the persons or entities that
post the advertisement, and
the Manitoba Community
Newspaper Association and
membership do not make
any warranty as to the ac-
curacy, completeness, truth-
fulness or reliability of such
advertisements. For greater
information on advertising
conditions, please consult the
Association s Blanket Adver-
tising Conditions on our web-
site at
THING. Automotive, farm,
construction, ATV, marine,
cycle, golf carts, solar, phones,
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Call KDL Furniture at 204-
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HOME ready for an October
Delivery. 1638 sqft, open con-
cept, 2 full baths. Floorplans
available online at www. Cus-
tom builds also available. Call
or come by for more informa-
tion. W.Giesbrecht Homes,
Ste Anne, 1-204-346-3231
7 New 16 x 80, 3 Bed, 2
Bath. Starting at $81,500; 2
New 16 x 64, 3 Bed, 1 Bath.
Starting at $66,900; 1 New
16 x 68, 2 Bed, 1 Bath. Start-
ing at $72,000. Altona Mo-
bile Homes, 1-800-582-4036,
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20X20 $4,055. 25X24 $4,650.
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neer Steel 1-800-668-5422
OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62,
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For rent or sale - 2 bed-
room cabin located in Minne-
dosa. Fully furnished and 5
minute walk to the beach.
Available immediately for the
summer or until sold. $65 per
day. Asking $28,500. Contact
Barry at 204-871-2224, Por-
tage La Prairie (23-3) x
Condo for rent: 480
square feet. Wheelchair ac-
cessible, $778 per month
including all utilities. Phone
Ron Haldun 204-210-3007.
(25-3) x
For Rent $825.00 - Nice,
clean 2 bedroom bungalow.
About 950 sq feet - private
setting. Washer and dryer in-
cluded, utilities extra. Dont
miss out on this great little
rental. Call Darrell 867-2830.
1995 Canadian built Tri-
ple E 16 x 80 mobile home
(to be moved) located 8 miles
south of Minnedosa. Tis
lovely home has 3 bedrooms,
2 bathrooms; master bed-
room includes walk-in closet
and jetted tub in master bath-
room, vaulted ceilings in liv-
ing room and dining room,
china cupboard, central air
conditioning, 5 appliances,
Napoleon wood-burning
freplace and 2 decks. Asking
$69,000 but open to ofers.
Please call 204-867-3343 (21-
5) x
. .
. .