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Corem Sales Consulting offers Free Website Analysis to Start ups and Growing

Innovative Powerful Digital Marketing Offering, Helps Companies To Have Strong Web Presence
C!ennai, T" #In$ia% &ugust '(, ')*+ , Corem Sales Consulting, a sales consulting an$ sales skills
empowement compan-, !as announce$ a new free offering t!at will !elp start ups an$ mi$,si.e growing
companies to take first step in Digital Marketing It will also !elp to convert t!eir local presence to strong web
Corem/s goal is to bring t!e best proven sales strategies an$ practices use$ b- t!e lea$ing companies to t!e
mi$,si.e or start up companies w!o can not allocate big marketing bu$gets or !ire e0pensive resources
1W!et!er it is start up or growing mi$,si.e pro$ucts2services organi.ations, t!e- !ave no c!oice but a$apt to
t!e new market con$itions sooner t!an later,3 sa-s 4a5nees! 6ain, 7oun$er Director, Corem Sales
Consulting 1T!ose w!o are still stuck to t!e ol$ sales approac!es of reac!ing out to t!e bu-ers 8 market,
will cease to e0ist in ne0t few -ears T!e first step is to convert normal websites to business websites We
will anal-se t!eir current websites free of c!arges an$ submit t!em t!e report, !ig!lig!ting t!e areas w!ere
t!e- must focus an$ improve3
4ecent stu$- reveale$ t!at 9(: consumers $o online searc! of pro$ucts2services2companies before t!e-
take an- $ecision 1We assist work in t!ree core areas ; Website, S<O 8 Social Me$ia3 a$$e$ 4a5nees!
1Make -our website 1searc!able3, engage wit! t!e visitors, provi$e t!em valuable relevant information, an$
buil$ trust an$ cre$ibilit- t!roug! rig!t content We !elp buil$ing in,!ouse skills an$ transfer t!e knowle$ge
an$ engine to t!e team, so t!at t!e initiative is continous an$ long term, wit!out an- e0ternal $epen$enc-3
Starte$ last -ear, Corem Sales Consulting !as been !elping companies to buil$ t!e sales engines an$
strengt!en t!e four core areas ; sales min$set, selling skills, knowle$ge an$ simple tools Corem works
across various verticals an$ !ave successfull- e0ecute$ multiple pro5ects 8 sales works!ops
To know more about Corem's Digital Internet Servies! visit "
About Corem Sales Consulting #rivate $imited
Corem Sales Consulting !elps start ups an$ growing companies across verticals, buil$ t!e sales engines
an$ strengt!en t!e ke- core areas to transform into true sales organi.ation Corem !as !elpe$ !un$re$s of
professional to upgra$e t!e skills 8 a$apt to t!e new realities of t!e market Man- sessions are also
con$ucte$ in t!e universities 8 colleges for t!e M=& #Sales 8 Marketing% stu$ents, to !ave better awareness
about t!e selling profession an$ t!e career pat!
To learn more about Corem Sales Consulting, visit; !ttp;22wwwCoremSalesConsultingcom2
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