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Application for the post of Member, National Disaster Management Authority

of India and Chairman, Khadi and Village Industries Commission KVIC.

Date of birth: October 10, 1961.
Address: C-38, Rose Apartment, Prashant Vihar, sector-14, Rohini, Delhi.
Contact: +91-9813010595, 9313312099.
1. Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication.
2. Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication.
3. Diploma in Footwear Technology.
4. Advance Course in Footwear Technology with Distinction.
5. Elected member of Clothing and Footwear Institute, London on 8-11-88.
6. Master Trainer, Animal Welfare Board of India.
7. Two short terms courses on Animal Welfare from NIAW.
1. Worked as Demonstrator (Leather), Haryana Khadi and Village Industries
Board, since 5-4-1984 to 30-1-1995.
2. Technical Supervisor (Leather), Haryana Khadi and Village Industries
Board, since 30-1-1995 to 7-8-2014, during this period, more then 15 years
worked as District Khadi and Village Industries Officer at Rohtak,
Faridabad, Gurgaon, Palwal, Mewat, Rewari and Narnaul.
3. Worked as Duty Magistrate, during prohibition policy in Haryana and
recovered maximum illegal liquor.
4. Worked as Nodal Inspecting Authority, Animal Welfare Division (Govt. of
India) for whole state of Haryana along with adjoining area of Rajasthan.
5. Worked as Nominee, CPCSEA at NDRI, Karnal and Central Insecticides
Laboratory, Faridabad.
6. Paper setter for Government Footwear Institute, Rewari.
7. Chairman, People for Animals (PFA) Haryana, since 1998 till date.
8. Representative of United Nation affiliated OIPA in India,
since 2008 till date.
9. Worked with Prabhakar Films, while making Haryanvi film Laddo
10. Successfully running two ambulances along with shelter for animals in
distress, which were sanctioned by the Govt. of India, under PFA Haryana.
11. Working as non official member, State Committee for Slaughter Houses,
Department of Urban and Local Bodies (Govt. of Haryana), since 27-10-2012
till date, during this tenure Naresh Kadian agenda items were dully approved
and appreciated all around, such as introduction of prototype of suitable
vehicle for animal transportation, declaration of Cow progeny as state animal
of Haryana, in domestic category, deletion of Cow words from the Hindi
version of the Meat Food Products Order, 1973, like wise Camel also declared
as state animal of Rajasthan along with introduction process of strong
legislation for camel protection.
12. Elephant trading banned in Haryana and under process in Punjab,
amending Cattle Fairs Acts on the objections raised by Naresh Kadian.
13. Iron ankush banned on the PIL moved by Naresh Kadian, before the Jaipur
Bench of Rajasthan High Court.
14. Protection of Sambhar Lake along with the natural habitat of Flamingo
birds pending before the Supreme Court of India.
15. Claimed to be first petitioner under RTI Act, 2005 and having valid arms
license for Haryana, Delhi, UP and Rajasthan with .32 bore Revolver, 315
bore Rifle and 12 bore double barrel Gun.
16. Worked as In charge of Consignment, Faridabad to handle Cooper and brass
materials of many companies, while posted as District Officer for six District
of Haryana, covering south part of the state till March, 2013.
17. Proceeds Voluntary retirement, after 30 years service because ban on
promotion for the post of Development Officer (Leather).
18. Handle much disaster management issue for animal welfare because animals
were in distress.
Articles and book published:
# A book in Hindi, published on animal welfare related legislations
# Many articles on the scheme of MSME published in all leading news papers
and magazines.
#. Regularly participating as an Expert on MSME scheme along with animal
welfare issues, on all TV channels since 1998 till date.
Awards and appreciation:
# Three times Naresh Kadian name was considered for Padma awards by the
Govt. of India.
# PETA issued appreciation during 2000 for lodging FIRs against two special
cattle trains, carrying 40 boogies each cows for slaughter.
# WTI issued merit certificate for introduction of Kalander rehabilitation
scheme along with their performing bears, rescue of performing animals from
# District Administration, Gurgaon appreciation for animal and wildlife.
# District Administration, Faridabad appreciation for animal and wildlife.
# Naresh Kadian name was considered for nomination as Chairman, AWBI /
KVIC / Member, NDMA in past.
# Naresh Kadian name was considered for nomination as member of
1. Administration and Security.
2. NGOs and RTI.
3. Awareness and Coordination.
4. Press and media.
5. Laisoning, animal rights and their welfare.
6. Footwear manufacturing and trading.
7. Monitoring and inspection.
8. Rural Industrilisation through MSME scheme PMEGP.
9. Online and Internet social networking.
10. Disaster Management.