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Kayode Awonuga

The world today is exceptionally different because of Adolf Hitler as he

triggered the war that resulted in our modern society being established. Change
itself is an act or process through which something becomes different, and there
is good change and bad change
Most modern roads today were not present before Hitler came into power.
Under Hitler's rule Germany built the Autobahn system that was a predecessor
to the American interstate system of today. The autobahn was a railroad
designed for trucks as well as cars, and several were made throughout WW2
across Germany. The expressway or autobahn was initially conceived as a fast
method to transport troops across Germany with little stops and intersections.
The majority of roads, before the expressway or autobahn were generally two
lane and interrupted by stops, intersections, roundabouts and stop lights.
Moreover Hitler's racist opinions led to millions of innocent civilians being
shot, gassed, starved, and other dreadful actions being done to Jews, Slavs and
others. Before Hitler, the Jewish population was much more widespread; during
late 1930s there were roughly 15 million Jews worldwide, whereas by 1945
there were only 9 million Jews across the world. The Second World War also
had a massive impact in the western world; Hitler's war led to the rise of the
United States and the Soviet Union as the 2 world super powers.
However, you could argue that Hitler did not really change much, Hitler was
simply an advocate who was able to persuade the Germans that situations could
be better. It is recognised that Hitler was not the only reason for the Second
World War. Without Hitler European countries still had conflicting ideas, and
Germany was still rather humiliated with the conclusion of The Great War. So it
seemed likely a war was most likely already to come, also the USSR an USA
already had conflicting ideas on the way their countries should be run, as Russia
was already communist which contravened with the capitalist methods of the
USA. Furthermore, atomic bomb used in The Second World War were already
in development before Hitlers reign. It was the Second World War that really
changed the world, not Hitler. Hitler was massively involved in World War
Two, but World War Two was already inevitable and it was the main reason for
change and the response the war got from the leaders around the war was the
biggest influence to a more modern society.
In conclusion, I would say Hitler changed the world for the better and the
worse, he made leaders more aware of their decisions, and the Second World
War brought a lot of newly discovered technology, however his racist views led
to the tragic holocaust and numerous numbers of lives lost, which was a
negative change.