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Shevirat HaKelim & Tikkun 'Olam

('The Breaking of the Vessels' & 'The Repairing of the World')

Chapter 1.
1. After this, the light of Keter went forth fro its root, with the rest of the
lights that !wo"ld go# $elow it in%l"ded in it, and together the& entered its !i.e.
Keter's# 'essel. And, $e%a"se it is ipossi$le for it to prod"%e light witho"t
'ating' (zivvug), Keter 'ates' with itself, and prod"%es the !other# nine. (t
then deposits the into the 'essel of 'Abba ('the )ather') whi%h was standing
$elow it on its right, !and whi%h was# %lea'ing $& its $a%k to the $a%k of
'Imma ('the *other') whi%h was standing at its left.
+. Then it 'ates' again and draws o"t the fi'e powers of lo'ingkindness
(hasadim) and the fi'e powers of ight (gevurot) and %lothes the in its
Netzach, Hod, Yesod, & Malchut. And $& wa& of their $a%ks, it gi'es the at
the head of 'Abba & 'Imma, and gi'es light thro"gh the fi'e powers of
lo'ingkindness to 'Abba and thro"gh the fi'e powers of ight to 'Imma. B&
eans of the, their $a%ks are ade greater, are separated, and are t"rned to
fa%e ea%h other. Then 'Abba "nites with her !'Imma# and gi'es her 'growing
,. These three then go forth in perfe%tion with the ten points, whi%h is not the
%ase with Ze'eir 'Anpin ('the (patient -ne') whi%h goes o"t issing soe of
the points of Keter, Hochmah, Binah, & a'at, nor with *al%h"t whi%h goes
o"t onl& with her points of Keter, in order that the& ight re%ei'e later on
fro the 'fort&.fi'e letter nae' whi%h in%l"des all the issing lights as a gift
for she has a gap so that the& ight depart when people sin.
/. 'Abba & 'Imma then ret"rn to 'ate' and 'Imma then prod"%es the light of
a'at with the rest of the lights in its idst, and it then stands $eneath the
others in the iddle. All the other 'kings', pro%eeding one light fro another,
stand $elow it, one $elow the other, in order that the& ight '$reak' and 'die'
and that free will, reward and p"nishent ight e0ist in this world.

Chapter +
1. 1ow did this happen2 When the se'en lights entered into the a'at's
'essel..known as Bela' (%f. 3enesis ,45,+ff.) $roke and 'died', for it went
down to the pla%e where the a'at of Ber'iah was to $e, while its light went
down to the Malchut of 'Atzilut to gi'e light to it....All se'en $eha'ed in this
siilar fashion....

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