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Since Wed Jul 2 02:11:33 UTC 2014

* bootable/recovery-cm
d7b73cf sr: Always format data on non-datamedia devices
d0db60e Fix build for !QCOM_BSP
* build
62776cf img_from_target_files: Create md5 hashes for each file
* external/icu4c
1ae211c Refresh ICU data file
* frameworks/base
31f051a MountService: Check for null pointer when looking for vold code
c8a09a3 SystemUI: fix up navigation cursor keyevent flags
a58f1b7 Fix translatability of External media format message
574010c SystemUI: add left and right virtual buttons while typing
* packages/apps/Bluetooth
71bf845 Fix typo in AndroidManifest.xml
* packages/apps/CMAccount
140d1b8 Fix typo in AndroidManifest.xml
* packages/apps/Settings
7b15337 Settings : Preserve title id
0c63527 Automatic translation import
ab836e1 Fix duplicate notification light string
9043e46 Fix translatability of modified ADB strings
2622e3c Fix translatability of modified dev countdown strings
cde6321 Change "Stay Awake" description to match behavior
c4d2f9c Fix exception being thrown if CMHW is not installed.
16a3486 Settings: add setting for nav bar cursor (2/2)
* packages/apps/Trebuchet
3de1e80 Fix Settings Panel bug causing frozen overview.
* packages/services/Telephony
07876c9 Automatic translation import
Since Tue Jul 1 02:36:31 UTC 2014
* build
0953c60 releasetools: Fix error text in ota_from_target_files
* frameworks/av
d2b31fa Merge remote-tracking branch 'CyanogenMod/cm-11.0' into cm-11.0
9fb88bf libstagefright: Fix wrong ifdef
* frameworks/base
dd64d8c BaseStatusBar: Dismiss heads up on backpress.
b49b6cf Themes: Add icon previews to ThemesContract
d8984e6 Use systemui's applied theme for notifications.
8b6001e Allow specifying a theme when creating a Context
8feaa5b Add getThemedResourcesForApplicationAsUser()
54b5fbf Support theming navbar separately from SystemUI
8a07476 Modify config to support app specific themes [1/4]
* frameworks/native
9327c85 Merge remote-tracking branch 'cm/cm-11.0' into cm-11.0
* packages/apps/CMAccount
0f5c908 Merge "Modify config to support app specific themes [4/4]" into cm-11.0
* packages/apps/Settings
db6df92 Partially revert "Settings: Fix strings for crowdin"
b92fb78 Show parent fragment name in option search.
5ff1c93 Settings : Get actionbar post extra retrieval
1df7bad Settings : Make search locale friendly
907cea0 Clean up search code.
335ac12 Merge "Allow changing theme to Holo.Light without crashing" into cm-11.0
8cc23d5 Allow changing theme to Holo.Light without crashing
1bc6a55 Revert "Settings: Disable navbar options when navbar disabled."
* packages/apps/ThemeChooser
cf1535e Modify config to support app specific themes [2/4]
* packages/providers/ThemesProvider
3378148 Modify config to support app specific themes [3/4]
Since Mon Jun 30 02:26:14 UTC 2014
* bootable/recovery
fe2ad05 Version
2ee8640 Only show Mount USB storage if UMS possible
0f71324 Support capacitive touch keys
e144ac0 Improve touch code
3367aba MD5: Abort on errors for cmdline nandroid restore
e5720dd Expose ui_has_initialized
5ee09a2 recovery: SEARCH should work as SELECT_ITEM
* build
52520a7 ota_from_target_files: remove duplicate setting of recovery_img
* frameworks/av
2d5fd3a Camera: Update MemoryHeapIon
4ba72ef Merge remote-tracking branch 'CyanogenMod/cm-11.0' into cm-11.0
* frameworks/base
d852faf Use ArrayListExtra for broadcasting theme changes [1/2]
1c73192 Merge "PhoneStatusBar: Readd headsup view when theme change occurs." int
o cm-11.0
25ea8a3 Merge "Themes: Update LoadedApk resources." into cm-11.0
4c299e8 Merge "Revert "Send broadcast when package is 'about' to be removed"" in
to cm-11.0
76a7059 Merge "systemui: SignalClusterTextView fixes and optimizations" into cm-
2ccb914 PhoneStatusBar: Readd headsup view when theme change occurs.
8fff544 Themes: Update LoadedApk resources.
012d3db Revert "Send broadcast when package is 'about' to be removed"
9950622 Merge "Telenet (MNC05) considered non-roaming on Mobistar (MNC10) wq" in
to cm-11.0
945fd88 Virgin Mobile (MNC07) considered non-roaming on Movistar (MNC02)
664fe02 Noverca (MNC07) considered non-romaing on TIM (MNC01)
0d10581 Telenet (MNC05) considered non-roaming on Mobistar (MNC10) wq
ed56485 Fixing parcel leaks to avoid virtual memory leak
1ef217e Remove getBoundTexture().
3036adb hwui: fix possible null pointer de-refrence
01d5890 update parameters in uploadToTexture() for GLES20
d15ab58 Fix the texture ID reuse issue in HWUI.
0f33aa4 Common: Add the api to parse the string to current language
11ed432 audio: Inform audio HAL if it is a voice call initiated by Telephony
c58e035 Frameworks: Fix to avoid crash when the tab is not set.
772ca3d Added validity check for Pointer Index
1597dc3 Telephony(MSIM): Fix tcp buffersize issue
e12f3ea audio: Fixed dead lock in AudioService during volume change
c8837a2 base: Add support for FLAG_SUPPORTS_PROTECTED_BUFFERS
762abf6 Fixing IndexOutOfBounds Exception in ActivityManager
4cb51be MMS: Fix Messaging will force close after tap one item in suggestion lis
7b579eb Applications crash observed while selecting words from suggestion list
735c72b base: App crash when select suggestion's length more than specified.
0dea56f Fix a resource race bug in PathCache
449d385 IndexOutOfBoundsException observed rarely in ProcessStats
66ed747 MSIM: Add support for cell info
8a037ed Automatic translation import
8a1c9ee Merge "base: fix volumen panel traslucent after stream icon click" into
* frameworks/native
c556a0e Fix QCOM_BSP ifdef
f2b2273 egl: Add support for BGRA_8888 format
974ff06 reduce PB size from 2MB to 512KB
5f550b2 binder: update MemoryHeapIon
af8b05e frameworks/native: Reset dirtyRect after every queuebuffer call.
5fb19b1 sf: Validate display device id and disable dirtyrect composition
* packages/apps/Apollo
dd96ae6 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Bluetooth
d4ab3f4 Bluetooth: Fix the build
* packages/apps/Browser
0a5ec7b browser: Fix occasional NPE
* packages/apps/Calculator
87d56a9 Automatic translation import
cfbf50d Calculator: LT translations
* packages/apps/Camera2
6fe6852 Automatic translation import
a2c8107 Camera2: LT translations
* packages/apps/Email
f535992 Merge "email: allow to remove an email account" into cm-11.0
* packages/apps/InCallUI
85d917a MSIM(DSDA): Leave subscription alone on non-MSIM devices
* packages/apps/Settings
af060b2 Settings: Disable navbar options when navbar disabled.
af8e95d Settings: Check to see if menu items are null onPause.
4c2e3a6 Settings: Make settings searchable.
39bb846 Fix heads up action bar switch handling for tablets.
09f4dfa Merge "settings: Auto-brightness levels shouldn't fill the screen" into
6a811c8 Merge "settings: Unbreak wifi display on tablets" into cm-11.0
* packages/apps/Trebuchet
ebf8f37 Use ArrayListExtra for broadcasting theme changes [2/2]
5fabfae Trebuchet: Change multiplication sign
26d601e Trebuchet: Adjust the grid size screen layout for sw600dp
* packages/apps/UnifiedEmail
0126204 Automatic translation import
* packages/providers/TelephonyProvider
f3f6985 Automatic translation import
fffc579 blacklist: normalize phone numbers to E164 standard
* packages/providers/ThemesProvider
da02291 Don't call insertCapabilities for legacy icon packs.
2071f7e Revert "Reapply theme components in a runnable."
e03ed82 Revert "Listen for ACTION_PACKAGE_BEING_REMOVED"
* packages/services/Telephony
51fe347 Update network mode in shared preference
8347b79 Disable data on any SUB in manual PLMN search
7c0a9e4 Disable Search networks button after slecting it
84cf04f MSIM:Add null check to avoid phone app crash
d84953c MSIM: Add support for cell info
1320da2 Display the radio tech in manually PLMN search results
d838c8e MSIM(DSDA): Fix to show bluetooth connected state
b605111 MSIM: Fix crash during set subscription.
* vendor/cm
2ab61ed Merge "Cricket merged with AIO, add APN" into cm-11.0
23181a6 Cricket merged with AIO, add APN
Since Sun Jun 29 02:23:40 UTC 2014
* external/koush/Superuser
711c4cc Automatic translation import
* external/whispersystems/WhisperPush
6f19dd0 Automatic translation import
* frameworks/base
017b443 base: LT translations
1394a7e Automatic translation import
115f09b base: fix volumen panel traslucent after stream icon click
9d99ab5 QS: Update heads up tile icons
* hardware/qcom/fm
2ccdd0f Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Bluetooth
f11c267 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/BluetoothExt
a987c8c Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Browser
eed85cb Automatic translation import
9937917 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/CMAccount
1f33402 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/CMFileManager
ddcca09 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/CMWallpapers
036f6d8 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Calculator
672ba86 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Calendar
f33cc62 Automatic translation import
a9aa2f0 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Camera2
26a86c3 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver
0178779 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Contacts
b46f04c Automatic translation import
be4dbe9 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/ContactsCommon
e46fe16 Automatic translation import
a69b719 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/DSPManager
b6a219e Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/DeskClock
9311daa Automatic translation import
1a1fac1 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Dialer
be2c4b7 Automatic translation import
0c7584e Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Email
8a4d46b Automatic translation import
22a2a52 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Exchange
bd93a16 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Gallery2
9ed8cae Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/HTMLViewer
3e9f83f Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/InCallUI
94a2db0 Automatic translation import
699d5c0 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/KeyChain
6a7e349 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/LockClock
2ae868b Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Mms
c517d94 Automatic translation import
7abac11 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Nfc
a605f20 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/PackageInstaller
08b8051 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Settings
8d8c59f Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/SoundRecorder
6036840 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Stk
52eccef Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Tag
c1b98a5 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/ThemeChooser
cfa27e0 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Torch
4a52fd6 Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/Trebuchet
ff11d4b Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/VideoEditor
815825d Automatic translation import
* packages/apps/VoiceDialer
05cbd4c Automatic translation import
* packages/inputmethods/LatinIME
94dd832 Automatic translation import
ec2b83f Automatic translation import
* packages/providers/CalendarProvider
9c49cfb Automatic translation import
* packages/providers/ContactsProvider
8950884 Automatic translation import
* packages/providers/DownloadProvider
0a4a5d1 Automatic translation import
* packages/providers/MediaProvider
4e1ea53 Automatic translation import
* packages/providers/ThemesProvider
08e1a48 Automatic translation import
* packages/providers/UserDictionaryProvider
591c82e Automatic translation import
* packages/screensavers/Basic
c52988e Automatic translation import
* packages/screensavers/PhotoTable
78bf713 Automatic translation import
* packages/services/Telephony
6bde902 Automatic translation import
* packages/wallpapers/Basic
92bc275 Automatic translation import
* packages/wallpapers/Galaxy4
e23dbc1 Automatic translation import
* packages/wallpapers/HoloSpiral
44224ef Automatic translation import
* packages/wallpapers/LivePicker
bd362b1 Automatic translation import
* packages/wallpapers/MagicSmoke
1dfb2a3 Automatic translation import
* packages/wallpapers/MusicVisualization
22fa04d Automatic translation import
* packages/wallpapers/NoiseField
f1d8300 Automatic translation import
* packages/wallpapers/PhaseBeam
18be9a6 Automatic translation import
3f5a9c6 Automatic translation import
* packages/wallpapers/PhotoPhase
ed75f22 Automatic translation import
Since Sat Jun 28 02:20:28 UTC 2014
* bootable/recovery
83cd496 MD5: handle no newline at end of nandroid.md5
* frameworks/av
32b1dc9 Fix buffer allocation
72e6f3e DO NOT MERGE: Fix for SW video decoder OMX profile/level query
9a59488 libstagefright: Keep LOOPING/AUTO_LOOPING flag during teardown
57cb1f2 libstagefright: add timeout to avoid blocking readAt function call
* frameworks/base
5c2779d systemui: SignalClusterTextView fixes and optimizations
* hardware/ti/omap3
852e7a7 hwc: add a flag for devices with displays initialized by bootloader
* packages/apps/Mms
eec46e6 Mms: Change message counter string for JA translation
* packages/apps/Settings
ae79ee4 Settings: Remove unnecessary padding from HeadsUpSettings.
b0e6f66 Settings : Use split action bar when entering profiles externally
1b9a05d Settings: Fix strings for crowdin
* packages/apps/UnifiedEmail
c66bba6 email: prevent stock email app to unset firstSnippet on mark/unmark as r