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About Us

To break the cycle of poverty in slums of Dhaka through education and

social development

RSF Dhaka Project aims to improve the quality of lives of the slum children of Dhaka through Education, Food and
Health to bring emancipation from an environment for individuals delivering their full potential.

RSF Dhaka Project was founded by an Emirates Flight attendant Maria Conceicao in April 2005. It is program of
Rural Services Foundation(RSF) serving 424 children with Education, Food and Medication from the slums of Dhaka
located at Gawair, Dhakkhin khan, Dhaka.

Our Mission
i) To provide free education to slum children till High School.

ii) To provide balanced nutritious food for physical development.

iii) To ensure medical support and service for a healthy living.

iv) To inculcate faith based moral values for character building.

v) To provide counseling service to the families and community.


Education is one of the most powerful tools in breaking the cycle of poverty. We believe, through education we can
change the society. For this purpose, RSF Dhaka Project aims to give quality education to its underprivileged
students so that they can change their lives after completing the education.

Our Schools:
Pre-School: To give quality education we introduce pre-school which consist of Play Group, Nursery, KG-1 & KG-2.
We enrolled our students in the Play group sections only in the beginning of every year (January). Age ranges of Play
group students are 3 to 4 years. These students will gradually get promotion in the next higher classes through
proper exam. In 2012 we also enrolled 31 students in Play Group. At present (in 2012) there are 93 registered
students in the Pre-School section.

School: Our main School comprises of Class-1 to Class-10. We follow English version of National Curriculum. Beside
our School exam, our students are taking part in all the national level Board exam i.e.: Shomapony exam of Class-5,
JSC exam of Class-8 & SSC exam of Class-10. At present (in 2012) there are 331 students in different classes of the

Our Curriculum includes:
General Science
Social Science
Religious Studies

Beside academic curriculum students are also involved in wide range of Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) which
Arts & crafts

All the children are provided with breakfast at 8 am. The Pre-School children (Playgroup & Nursery) are also provided
with lunch and the children from KG class and upwards are provided with weekly food bags which contain rice, lentil,
potato, egg, onion & garlic. The children are also given seasonal fruits at school once a month.

Playgroup & Nursery: Breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 1 pm and 2 snacks at 11 am & 4 pm.

Senior Section: Breakfast at 8 am, Food bag every week consisting of 6 items to all the students for lunch and dinner.

The school has its own health Care Centre with a general physician, a dentist and a nurse/ field officer. All children
visit the dentist twice a year as a regular check-up. There is also a patient bed for diarrhea and pheneumonia
treatment. All medicines are provided free of cost including vaccinations. Serious patients are referred to specialized
hospitals and all the costs are bearded by RSF Dhaka Project. Individual medical records of children are also kept.

Medical Camps are held every year to provide free medical check-up with free medicine for the guardians of RSF
Dhaka Project School and also for the poor people of the community.
RSF Dhaka Project helds regular weekly awareness and hygiene program for the children. The awareness program
covers hand washing, maintaining hygiene, drinking boiling water, keeping the food covered, use of proper sanitation,
demerits of child marriage, Adolescent & Puberty program, Counseling program on drop out, Food & nutrition
program, First Aid program, Infectious disease program and among the entire awareness program Lets Clean
Bangladesh is the most popular. A grooming section is operating inside the school for tidiness of the students.