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Name / Surname: EPURE STEFAN
Nationality: Romanian
Marital status: Married
Adress: Romania
Driin! li"ense: B
P#one: +40747973777
E$mail: stefstefan41!a"oo#$om
%o& Status: A%ai&a'&e (mmediate&!
)i*" S$"oo& of Mat"emati$s and P"!si$s: +rad,ate -i.&oma 19/1
(nstit,te of Minin*0 Ma$"iner! and E1,i.ments: +rad,ate -i.&oma 19/9
199/ 2 E&e$tri$0 Me$"ani$ $o,rse for e&e$tri$ and interna& $om',stion motors0 e&e$tri$ .,m.s0 $oo& and air
$om.ressors0 .o3er *enerators4
5001 6 P7 8 "ard3are 8 soft3are0 :indo3s0 MS ;ffi$e0 (E0 ;,t&oo< initia& $o,rse
500= 6 >,a&it! Mana*ement0 (S; 9001:50010 (S; 14001:5004 en%ironmenta& mana*ement:
500/ 6 7o,rse )#?#A#7 S!stems4
5010 6 E@$"an*e0 Trade Transa$tions# Referees in trade a$ti%it!4
A (nsta&&ation $onfi*,ration of :indo3s o.eratin* s!stems0 T7P 8 (P0 )TM90
A S<i&& in ,sin* soft3are s,$" as MS ;ffi$e0 -ra3in*0 ProBe$tion0 ;,t&oo<0 (#E# and ot"ers4
English, French, Italian: readin*0 3ritin*0 s.ea<in*0 ad%an$ed4
German: 3ritin*0 readin*0 s.ea<in* 'e*inner
A -esi*n and te$"ni$a& de%e&o.ment0 en*ineerin* and .&annin* staff0 ser%i$e sa&es0 o.erationa& $ontra$tions4
A -esi*n0 man,fa$t,re0 insta&&ation0 ser%i$e e1,i.ment and ma$"iner! for e.&orations minin* and e@tra$tion0
minin* and 1,arr!in*0 minin* and trans.ortation te$"no&o*ies ,sef,& minera&s0 and $on%e!ors4
A -esi*n0 man,fa$t,re0 insta&&ation0 ser%i$e of $i%i& and ind,stria& air $onditionin* s!stems0 )?A7 &o$omoti%es0
.assen*er $arria*es0 s,'3a! frames0 tram0 air "and&in* e1,i.ment4
A Assem'&!0 re.air and maintenan$e of t"e $o&d semi"ermeti$ $om.ressors0 air $om.ressors0 3ind fans ,nit4
A En*ineerin* ma$"inin*0 s.e$ia& te$"no&o*! 3e&din*0 sand'&astin* and .aintin*4
A En*ineerin* remo%a'&e and non6remo%a'&e Boints0 mi*6ma* 3e&din*0 'raCin*4
A )!dra,&i$ and .ne,mati$ trans.ort of te$"no&o*! for .i.e&ines &i1,ids te$"no&o*!0 $om.ressed air0 'rine0 oi&4
A Assem'&! and maintenan$e of e&e$tri$a& 3irin*0 P97 e1,i.ment0 for .o3er *enerators &i<e Mits,'is"i0 ?o&%o0
Per<ins0 MTU0 7,mmins en*ines0 .,m.s0 %enti&ation *ro,.s0 so&ar 8 3ind ,nits4
A Assem'&! and maintenan$e of me$"ani$a& and e&e$tri$a&0 P970 e1,i.ment for a,tomoti%e ind,str!4
A Te$"no&o*ies and 3ood .rod,$tion0 too&s and ma$"iner! for $,ttin* 3ood0 .rod,$tion 3ood4
A (nd,stria& ',i&din*s0 roads0 ',i&din* t,nne&s and *a&&eries minin*0 *eo&o*!0 e@.&oration and .rod,$tion4
A Food ind,str!0 ma$"iner! and e1,i.ment0 te$"no&o*! .re.aration of meat .rod,$ts4
A )ea&t" and Safet! 3or< ad%isor0 Fire Prote$tion and Safet!0
A )ard3are S,..ort for Note'oo< P7 re.air .rinters4
A S,..ort Soft3are :indo3s0 MS ;ffi$e s,ite0 -ra3in*0 ProBe$tion0 ;,t&oo<0 (#E# and ot"ers4
A Basi$ <no3&ed*e in t"e fie&d of net3or< mana*ement0 T7P 8 (P#
A Mana*ement 1,a&it! s!stem (S;9001: 5001 and (S;14001: 5004 en%ironmenta&4
To de%e&o. and e@tend t"e e@.erien$e *ained o%er t"e !ears0 to 'e im.&emented in ne3 areas 3"i$" ( a$$ede
to*et"er 3it" t"e $o&&e$ti%e 3or< in 3"i$" ( 3i&& fit for o.tima& res,&ts#
Transport / Logistics / 2013-2014 TransCos, R!
:e .ro%ide trans.ort ser%i$es internationa& .ersons0 .ar$e&s and $o,rier de&i%eries at "ome or
t"e address indi$ated '! t"e $,stomer on re1,est a,to trans.ort .&atform as motor %e"i$&es $ate*or! B
dri%er re&ations Romania6S&o%a<ia67Ce$" Re.,'&i$6+erman!6)o&&and6Be&*i,m6Fran$e6S.ain2(ta&!#
Engineering In"#stries / $ro"#ction / 2011-2013 Compagnia Tecnica !otori %pa, IT&
E&e$trome$"ani$a& Te$"ni$ian in t"e -e.artment of E&e$tri$a& 3irin* insta&&ation testin* and me$"ani$a&
a$$essories for e&e$tri$ .,m.s and $entrif,*es a@ia& e&e$tri$ motors0 $om.&ete rea&Cation in a$$ordan$e 3it" t"e
$onstr,$tion s.e$ifi$ations and t"e re*,&ations of .o3er and a,tomation .ane&s for ma$"ines &i<e interna&
$om',stion motors t!.e f,e& or or*ani$ aromati$ "!dro$ar'ons Doi& e@tra$tionE sets of 51 <36141 M3 marine
en*ine t!.e M(TSUB(S)(0 ?;9?; PENTA0 PERF(NS0 7UMM(NS0 MTU assem'&!0 insta&&ation0 $ommissionin*0
testin* and maintenan$e
( .ro$essed t"e te$"ni$a& do$,mentation re$ei%ed0 e@e$,tion and &a,n$" .ermits fa'ri$ation# ( 3or<ed 3it"
t"e $ontra$tor to reso&%e desi*n iss,es and8or e@e$,tion on assem'&!0 insta&&ation and maintenan$e: UPS
s!stems0 $o*eneration .o3er s!stems and e1,i.ment for &o3 and medi,m %o&ta*es0 t"e e&e$tri$ 'oard of &i1,id
.,m.s0 t"e .o3er .ane&s and $ontro&0 so&ar .ane&s and 3ind ,nits#
Engineering In"#stries / $ro"#ction / 200'-2010, %(stemas &)an*a"os Lt", E%$-R+
Prod,$tion Mana*er0 3it" dire$t res.onsi'i&ities in t"e mana*ement $! D4= .eo.&e in s,'ordinateE0
t"e .rod,$tion of "eat e@$"an*ers0 e%a.orators0 $ondensers0 tan< $ontainer t!.e0 meta&0 air $onditionin* s!stems
for .assen*er $ars0 &o$omoti%es0 metros0 trams0 man,fa$t,re of e&e$tri$a& 3irin* for motor %e"i$&es0 sand'&astin*0
.aintin* so,nd.roofin* and s"ie&din*0 s.e$ia&6s"ie&ded 3e&din*0 'raCin*# -esi*n e&ements and .ress,re .i.e
man,fa$t,red in a$$ordan$e 3it" )?A769P6)P di%#1 and s.e$ifi$ations#
Pre.aration of $a&$,&ations and dra3in*s of .i.e e&ements a$$ordin* )?A769P6)P $odes#
-o$,ments dra3n ,. a$$ordin* to t"e t"eme and desi*n $ode: E@.&oded %ie3s and .arts made in A$ad
5007 ro,nd,. $a&$,&ation s"eet s.e$ifi$ations for materia&s0 s"eet Nondestr,$ti%e Testin*0 Meas,rin* and Testin*
P&,* e&e$tri$a&0 me$"ani$a&0 refri*eration .ress,re# ( ana&!Ce in.,t data D$,stomer s.e$ifi$ations0 t"e t"eme of t"e
.roBe$tE in terms of $ontra$t,a& re1,irements0 te$"ni$a& and o.erationa& 1,a&it! of t"e definin* $"ara$teristi$s and
$riteria for a$$e.tan$e 8 reBe$tion0 and in terms of $om.&ian$e 3it" t"e re1,irements and standards r,&es s.e$ified
in t"e order 8 $ontra$t#
Ana&!Ce and *,ide t"e 3or< of 4= em.&o!ees of t"e $!# Tra$< 3irin* and e1,i.ment &a,n$"ed and
.ro%ides te$"ni$a& assistan$e at t"e re1,est of t"e de.artment# -one 'ot" te$"ni$a& 1,otations0 .ro.osa&s0
$a&$,&ations .redimensionin* for 'iddin* and res.onses to te$"ni$a& $&arifi$ations from t"e .re6
$ontra$t,a&a#?erifi$ te$"ni$a& do$,mentation De@terna&E for different t!.es of e1,i.ment in terms of te$"ni$a& and
$ontra$t,a& $orre$tness and $onsisten$! of standards $odes and a..&i$a'&e te$"ni$a& re*,&ations#
Esta'&is" e@terna& interfa$e desi*ner0 t"e 1,a&it! ins.e$tor and $&ient a*reement from t"e .oint of %ie3 of
desi*n0 insta&&ation# Parti$i.ate in t"e ana&!sis of t"e $ontra$t0 ma<in* o'ser%ations on t"e desi*n# ( 3at$"ed t"e
in%oi$es .aid '! s,..&iers as s,'mittin* t"e $&ient0 de&i%erin* e1,i.ment on time# :e "a%e de%e&o.ed an
im.&ementation strate*! and s,'se1,ent a3ard $ertfi$ate&or 1,a&it! mana*ement (S; 9001:5001 and (S;
14001:5004 en%ironmenta& and 1,a&it! .o&i$! en%ironment 3it"in t"e $!0 3e "a%e esta'&is"ed ',siness
re&ations 3it" %ario,s s,..&iers of ra3 materia&s and interna& and e@terna& ( .re.ared t"e te$"ni$a& offers0 3e
si*ned $ontra$ts 3it" $,stomers in t"e fie&d of man,fa$t,rin* .rod,$tion as 3e&& :
!era,--nnor .remse, Fai)ele( Transport, C&F, %iemens, &lstom, .om/ar"ier, &stra Rail0a(s1
Engineering In"#stries / $ro"#ction / 2002-2003 !ancini I!&% Gro#p %pa, IT&
E&e$trome$"ani$a& assem'&! G team maintenan$e te$"ni$ian0 s&a,*"ter"o,se fa$tor! 3"ere ( 3at$"ed
$&ose&! t"e o.eration of .&ant and ma$"iner! man,fa$t,rin* te$"no&o*i$a& f&o3 from st,nnin* to .re.are meat and
meat .rod,$ts from siCin* e&e$tri$a& inta&atiei $&er*!0 ser%i$e .ro$essin* ma$"iner! meat0 meat *rinders0 s.i$e mi&&
ma$"ines0 fine&! $"o..ed D$,tterE0 sa,sa*e $asin*s fi&&ed $ars0 e&e%ators0 .,* and 3ater re$!$&in*0 fans0
.&ants $o&d to monorai& trans.ort s!stems#
Mo,ntin* e1,i.ment Dteam of =E: ( 3or<ed te$"ni$a& do$,mentation re$ei%ed0 e@e$,tion and
do$,mentation .re.ared monta*e0 ( assisted assem'&! fo&&o3in* ea$" 'en$"mar< for s.e$ifi$ ma$"iner!0 .&ants
*eneratin* .o3er e&e$tri$it! +E se$ond so,r$e0 $o&d $om.ressors BitCer0 e&e$tri$a& 3irin*0 .,m.s e&e$rti$
assem'&in* me$"ani$a& and .ne,mati$ fittin*s0 t,'in* and 3ater .i.e insta&&ation0 $om.ressed air0 refri*eration
.rod,$tion fa$i&it!0 e&e%ators# ( am a$ti%e&! in%o&%ed in t"e 'iddin* ."ase of t"e .roBe$t to its <no3&ed*e#
( .re.ared $"arts sitin* and .&annin* for f,t,re maintenan$e#
Engineering In"#stries / $ro"#ction / 2001 - 2002 .oromir In" %RL, R+
Te$"ni$a& ;ffi$e En*ineer: 7o&&e$ti%e en*ineerin* and .&annin* de.artment6te$"ni$a&6ser%i$e in%estment# (
.re.ared 8 ,.dated insta&&ation .ro*ram .&annin*0 interfa$in* 3it" t"e de.artments 3it"in t"e o.erationa& and t"e
$!# ( $onta$ted t"e s,..&iers0 3e made t"e in1,iries0 orders 8 $ontra$ts to .,r$"ase e1,i.ment for t"e
.roBe$t0 fo&&o3in* t"e .a!ment of in%oi$es iss,ed '! s,..&iers as sendin* do$,ments to $,stomers and tra$<in*
de&i%eries and re$ei.t of e1,i.ment to ma<e e@a$t&! on time and t"eir .ri$e 3as 3it"in ',d*et# :e re%ie3ed
do$,mentation from e@.ert desi*ner to identif! e1,i.ment0 .ro$ed,res dra3n $om.onents4 o3n a$ti%ities and 3e
so&%e te$"ni$a& .ro'&ems d,rin* insta&&ation D3or<in* so&,tionsE#
( .arti$i.ated Dteam 9 .eo.&eE to insta&&: .o3er s3it$"'oards and $ontro& ne$essar! for t"e mi&&0 en*ines
and me$"ani$a& and e&e$tri$a& de%i$es0 s$re3 $on%e!ors0 ',$<et and 'e&t e&e%ators0 ro&&ers and f&at site s$reenin*0
a,tomati$ 3ettin* s!stems0 e&e$tri$a& and e&e$troni$ e1,i.ment tra$<in* and data transmission in .rod,$tion
.ro$ess0 'a<in* o%ens0 a,tomati$ .a$<a*in* ma$"iner!0 $om.ressor station0 insta&&ation of %enti&ation#
Engineering In"#stries / Constr#ction / 1442-1444 $ro5ect Engineer Gi//, R+-+--IT&
Referent En*ineer ;.erationa& Ser%i$e 7ontra$t En*ineer in t"e $onstr,$tion of roads0 "i*"3a!s0
infrastr,$t,re0 "a%e se$,red interfa$e $onstr,$tion sites and de.artments 3it"in t"e state of .&a! in t"e $!
&i<e assistant en*ineer to +i'' ProBe$t En*ineer (nternationa& G Federi$i Asta&di Todini m,&tinationa& $or.oration
s.e$ia&iCin* in t"e $onstr,$tion of "i*"3a!s0 3"ere i s,..&! res.onse0 .re.aration stations as."a&t and $on$rete0
sand0 a**re*ates $on*&omerates0 'inders0 and trans.ort finis"ed .rod,$t to 3or<stations0 3or< in $&ose
$o&&a'oration 3it" a team of Britis" and (ta&ian en*ineers and te$"ni$ians#
Engineering In"#stries / $ro"#ction !ining Compan( 14'4-1442, R+
Mine Safet! En*ineer0 %enti&ation and Safet!0 minin* res$,e station# ( .arti$i.ated in e&a'oratin* t"e
e@.&oitation of de.osits of ,sef,& minera&s from ,nder*ro,nd *a&&eries '! dri&&in* and o.eratin* 3e&&s0 '&astin*
mono*ra."s0 mono*ra."s reinfor$ement0 draina*e of ,nder*ro,nd e&e$tri$ .,m.s0 trans.ort minera&s to t"e
s,rfa$e of t"e s,'stan$e 3it" $on%e!ors0 %enti&ation stations %enti&ation te$"no&o*! and .i.e&ine ro,tes0 ser%i$in*
e&e$trome$"ani$a& te$"no&o*! di**er0 e@.ansion and o.eration of SMU e@.&osi%es0 detonators and e@.&osi%es0
3or< safet! in minin*# :e desi*ned and $ond,$ted D+ro,.E ,ni1,e .&an to .re%ent and $om'at nat,ra& disasters
and a$$idents in ,nder*ro,nd minin* and a$tion .&an in t"e minin* res$,e missions0 "ea&t" and safet! 3or<
ad%isor en*ineer#
6iscipleship, In"#stries / $ro"#ction / 14'1-14'4
P&ant for t"e :ood (nd,str!: ma$"ined 3ood %eneer $,ttin* ma$"ine4
Minin* P&ant Hi, ?a&&e!: e&e$trome$"ani$a& mines ma$"ines0 e1,i.ment and ma$"iner!#
A Mat,re .erson 3it" re&e%ant e@.erien$e in t"e .ro$ess ind,str!
A Sa&es e@.erien$e in t"e insta&&ation and e1,i.ment so&,tions e&e$rti$0 me$"ani$a& too&s and de%i$es4
A ;.en to ne30 ea*er to &earn4
A Fee& or*aniCationa& and team s.irit4 E@.erien$e in &eaders"i. a$ti%ities0
A -!nami$ $omm,ni$ation0 inte*ration $o&&e$ti%e&!0 resistan$e to stress
A A%ai&a'&e to tra%e& in t"e $o,ntr! and a'road4
AWhilst working for a spanish company, I organized a civil dialogue between contracting
parties, I ana&!Ce and *,ide t"e 3or< of 4= em.&o!ees of t"e $!# Esta'&is" e@terna& interfa$e desi*ner0
t"e 1,a&it! ins.e$tor and $&ient a*reement from t"e .oint of %ie3 of desi*n0 insta&&ation##
A -uring company management I organised and "a%e de%e&o.ed a strate*! for im.&ementation and
s,'se1,ent a3ard $ertfi$ation 1,a&it! mana*ement (S; 9001:5001 and (S; 14001:5004 en%ironmenta& and
1,a&it! .o&i$! en%ironment 3it"in t"e $!0 ( esta'&is"ed e$onomi$ re&ations 3it" %ario,s s,..&iers of ra3
materia&s and domesti$ and e@terna& te$"ni$a& .ro.osa&s 3e made0 3e si*ned $ontra$ts 3it" $,stomers in t"e
fie&d of man,fa$t,rin* .rod,$tion
Communi"ation s/ills
- team 0or,: ( "a%e 3or<ed in %ario,s t!.es of teams startin* 3it" desi*n teams0 en*ineerin* and
.&annin* in t"e $o&&e$ti%e in%estment6te$"ni$a&6ser%i$e de.artment0 .rod,$tion and e@e$,ti%e mana*ement4
- me"iating s,ills: ( 3or< on t"e 'orders 'et3een !o,n* and o&d .eo.&e0 for e@am.&e r,nnin* and
s"ared m! e@.erien$e and $ontin,ed 3or< on !o,t" trainin*
- interc#lt#ral s,ills: ( am e@.erien$ed at 3or<in* and &i%in* in a E,ro.ean dimension#
A S.orts r,*'!De@ .&a!erE 6 M,si$ 2 ;ff road %e"i$&es 6 7&assi$ &iterat,re and te$"ni$a&
A Permanent 3or< $ontra$t 6 Per diem tra%e&0 a$$ommodation 2 de$ent sa&ar!4