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Low Hagg House, Starfitts Lane, Kirkbymoorside, YO62 7JF

Tel 01751 798251 Fax 01522 718852

Welcome to your new home !

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Charlestown Student Properties if you have just
joined us, or welcome you back if you are already with us.
1. Your Contact Details
It will be necessary for us to contact you by phone or email occasionally. It is important to notify us if your
contact details change at any point during the tenancy.
The following will be issued to you by email shortly after the start of the tenancy:
Damage Deposit Protection certificate
We will also notify you by email of issues such as inspections, tenant party & viewings.

Access may be required to your property in July and August for maintenance and other improvements.
Your ability to reside in the property will not be affected and any disruption will be kept to a minimum.

2. Mattress Protectors
The mattresses provided by Charlestown Student Properties are of a high quality hotel grade. To protect
your mattress from accidental spills, excessive sweat marks etc. (and thereby prevent any deductions
from your damage deposit at the end of the tenancy) please use a good quality mattress protector.

3. Security & Safety
Security of the house is everyones responsibility. Ensure that external doors are kept locked and that
windows are closed when you are absent from a room. Your bedroom door should be locked whenever
you leave the house.
Please be aware that during the vacation periods many student houses are vacant. Precautions should
therefore be taken to safeguard the property and to remove valuables when you are absent.

Please keep hallways, stairs and external doors clear of items which may cause an obstruction.
Do not allow wires and cables to trail across rooms, hallways or stairs.
4. Care of the Property
Safety and hygiene is a prime concern when living in a shared house and all tenants have a duty of care
for the wellbeing of their housemates.
a. Candles are not permitted.
b. Smoking inside the property is not permitted.
c. Dispose of out-of-date food and drink.
d. Keep the bathroom(s), kitchen area and appliances clean.
e. Ensure adequate ventilation of your room and the bathroom to prevent damp.
f. Pets are not permitted within the house, garden or any outbuildings.

5. Rubbish & Re-cycling.
You are responsible for ensuring that all refuse is correctly sorted and disposed of. The Council operates
a strict collection policy concerning what can be collected, in what way & how often. Please refer to any
literature issued by the council or refer to their website for further details. NOTE: failure to comply with
council instructions may result in tenants being fined by the Council. The cost of removal and disposal of
any items by Charlestown Student Properties will be re-charged to tenants.

6. Inventory
The General Statement of Condition and Inventory will be sent by email. This is an important document
and will be consulted during the Final Inspection at the end of the tenancy. Check the document carefully
and notify the office of any updates. In addition, if you find any items belonging to previous tenants please
let us know so that you are not charged for their disposal at the end of your tenancy.
7. Notice boards

Low Hagg House, Starfitts Lane, Kirkbymoorside, YO62 7JF
Tel 01751 798251 Fax 01522 718852
Notice boards have been provided for your photos, posters and notices etc. Marks and holes made in the
walls may incur a charge at the end of your tenancy for the cost of repainting/repair. If your room does not
currently have a notice board please notify the office.

8. Decorating
Please do not re-decorate your room! Any change in the colour or application of wallpaper will result in a
considerable expense at the end of the tenancy to return it to the original colour.
9. Maintenance
To report a maintenance request please contact the dedicated Maintenance Number: 07841 334279
between 9am5pm Monday to Friday (save this number on your phone, in case you get locked out!)
Please do NOT use this number after 5pm or at weekends unless it is an emergency.
We will respond to jobs out-of-ours according to the nature of problem, as illustrated below.
When: We will call out to...
between 11pm 8am
Urgent matters which present a risk to people and property. Eg
Gas leak
Water leak (except those containable by catching drips in a bucket)
Loss of keys. If the call is made before 1.15am we will provide a spare
room key. After that time, if you can gain access to the house we will
provide a room key the following morning. If you request the delivery of a
room key after 1.15am, it can be provided at a cost of 40.
House break-ins, where the property needs to be secured.
Fire, smell of burning
Smoke / carbon monoxide alarms
Weekdays 5pm 11pm.
All day Saturdays,
Sundays & Bank Holidays
All of the above PLUS ....
Power failure
Break-ins, where the property can still be secured with normal locks
Lost keys
Water leaks & blocked drains
Boiler failure (unless an electric shower is available and no room heating
is required)
Saturday & Sunday
daytime 9am-5pm.
All of the above PLUS...
Washing machine faults where clothes are trapped & needed urgently
8am 5pm
All of the above PLUS...
All other repair requests
10. Digital TV and phone services.
Charlestown Student Properties provides a digital TV service with free-to-view channels. The ordering of
pay-per-view services is not permitted. Subscriptions to extra channels and packages such as Sky Sport
can be arranged by contacting the office.
The phone number for the house should be featured on the noticeboard. If it isnt please send an email to
the office ( This is for incoming calls only. Outgoing calls are not
permitted and any call charges will be re-charged to tenants.
11. Utilities
As per your Tenancy Agreement your rent includes gas and electricity usage up to a specified limit per
person per week. Any consumption above this amount may be re-charged to tenants. Please take care to
turn off heating and lights when not needed.
12. Insurance
Possessions insurance is included within your rent. A copy of the policy was provided when you signed
the Tenancy Agreement and an updated copy will be sent by email shortly. Please note: cover for items
such as bicycles and accidental damage is not included. Extensions to the policy, e.g. to include
accidental damage, bikes and items of particular value can be provided by contacting Endsleigh directly.
Rent payment & tuition fee insurance is also available.
13. Misdirected Mail
Due to the nature of rented accommodation it is common for mail to be delivered to the property for people
not residing there any more or for the landlord.

Low Hagg House, Starfitts Lane, Kirkbymoorside, YO62 7JF
Tel 01751 798251 Fax 01522 718852
According to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 it's an offence to open, destroy, hide or
delay any post that is addressed to someone else.
If any items arrive which are not for the current tenants please cross out the address and write Re-direct
to G Cooper, Low Hagg House, Starfitts Lane, Kirkbymoorside YO62 7JF on the envelope and put the
item back in a post box (no stamp required) so that we can forward it on. This is especially important if
any utility bills arrive, to prevent the termination of services.

Please dont hesitate to contact the office if you have any queries.
Yours sincerely, Gillian Cooper
Wireless LAN instructions
This document is confidential: for the reference of tenants at your house only
Your computer must be wireless enabled in order to access the wireless LAN facility. The connection
procedure for computers differs according to their software. This document, therefore, describes the setup
process, rather than the exact commands to use.
You are responsible for use of the internet at the property and the network key must not be shared with
anyone else.
1. Network Identification
The wireless software will attempt to identify available networks and the setup utility will display their
names (the SSID). You may also see a channel number and an indication of signal strength. The name of
the Charlestown Properties network will be indicative of the address, eg 23Drake, 18Derwent etc.
2. Network Encryption Key
You will be required to enter a network key (encryption key) to connect to the network. (Some software
may give you the choice to learn this key automatically, from a passphrase, or by manually setting it:
choose the manual setting). The key is as follows: a123b123c123d123e123f12345
This is confidential to Charlestown Properties tenants and must not be shared with anyone else.
3. Connecting to the network.
Once the SSID and encryption key are set your computer should connect to the network immediately.
Some software has a 'preference order' setting. In the case of multiple networks being available the
preference order lists the best network to use and if that is not available, which to choose next. If your
software has this preference order, then increase the preference of the Charlestown Properties network
over that of your neighbours networks, if any are detected.

Having successful established a connection to the wireless network you may occasionally experience
problems connecting to the internet. The following actions may help:
1. Remove the power lead from the back of the wireless router and the cable modem (eg NTL or
Virgin modem) & wait for 5 minutes
2. Reconnect the power lead to the cable modem & wait for 1 minute
3. Reconnect the power lead to the router & wait for 1 minute
4. Try connecting to the internet again!
Please do not attempt to change any of the router settings as this may hinder our attempts to resolve any
subsequent problems.

If you have a separate Virgin Media or NTL modem, this must always be plugged in to the "Internet"
port on the router. This is typically coloured yellow or green to distinguish it from the other ports
present on the back of the router, it may also be labelled "Internet".