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TASKS of a Basis Administrator :

Daily Tasks
Critical Tasks
Task Transaction -
Check that the SAP System is up. Log on to the SAP System.
Backup Logs: Overview DB12 Check ata!ase !ackup.
Back up run time
Check operating system "eve" !ackup
Back up run time
The SAP System
Task Transaction -
Process Overview S#$$%S#&' Aministrators shou" check the system
processes throughout the ay. Long(
running !ackgroun )o!s* an runaway
or poor"y written reports can consume
enormous system resources i+ not
contro""e. Aministrators can use this
transaction to spot(check their
environments. ,t is appropriate to
investigate these activities with the en
users !e+ore ki""ing these processes. A""
une-p"aine process +ai"ures shou" !e
investigate as we"".
SAP Servers S#&1 Check that a"" servers are up.
CC#S #onitor
Check the CC#S a"ert monitor
232' Look +or a"erts.
4pate 2ecors
Look +or any 5upate terminates.6
S#17 Set ate to one year ago
8nter 9 in the user ,D
Set to 5a""6 upates
Check +or "ines with 58rr.6
:his transaction isp"ays a!orte
upates; it shou" never occur in a
prouction system. :hese upates
shou" !e reporte to an correcte !y
the eve"opers as soon as possi!"e.
Task Transaction -
System Log S#21 Set ate an time to !e+ore the "ast "og
Check +or:
Security messages
Data!ase pro!"ems
Any other i++erent event
A"" warnings an error messages shou"
!e ana"y=e an correcte. :his
proceure shou" inc"ue ocumenting
a"" pro!"ems an their reso"ution
Se"ect Backgroun )o!s
2eview +or cance""e an critica"
S#7> 8nter 9 in 4ser ,D
?eri+y that a"" critica" )o!s were
2eview any cance""e )o!s.
Aministrators shou" e-amine a""
cance"e )o!s. :hese )o!s shou" !e
ana"y=e an repaire i+ necessary.
Pro!"ems an reso"ution shou" !e
Lock 8ntry List
Check +or 5o"6 "ocks
S#12 Set user ,D @ 596
Check +or entries +or prior ays.
Arom time to time* a user may "ock an
o!)ect an +or some reason .such as a
"ost connection or program error1 the
"ock remains. A"" o" "ock entries shou"
!e ana"y=e an correcte.
Check users on system S#'/ Aministrators shou" consier oing
spot checks throughout the ay to
monitor users an their activities.
Are a"" users using the "ogon groupsB
Are users "ogging on using severa"
Are there any unrecogni=a!"e user ,DsB
Are users trying or using transactions
they shou"nCtB
Are there any phantom users .users
who have "ost their connections1B
Spoo": 2eDuest Screen SP'1 Look +or spoo" )o!s that have !een 5in
process6 +or over an hour.
Aai"e print )o!s can !e restarte. O+ten
these )o!s +ai" !ecause o+ pro!"ems on
the c"ient en .+or e-amp"e* PC running
SAPLPD is shut o++1. Because 2%7
tracks print )o!s on"y to the target
Dueue* actua" success+u" print )o!s are
not guarantee !y a comp"ete status in
the output contro""er. Critica" an mass
print )o!s shou" !e con+irme !y the
Task Transaction -
en users !e+ore they are e"ete +rom
the :emSe.
:emSe Aministration SP12 Aministrators shou" check the +i"e
system an ata!ase storage
reDuirements* especia""y when printing
mass Duantities o+ ata. A :emSe
consistency check .2SPO''/71 shou"
!e scheu"e to run ai"y* )ust prior to
the spoo" reorgani=ation .2SPO''/11.
ABAP Dump Ana"ysis S:22 2eview an reso"ve umps.
Look +or an e-cessive num!er o+
Look +or umps o+ an unusua" nature.
<ork"oa: Ana"ysis o+ EsiF
2eview work"oa statistics.
S:'7 <hen it comes to tuning an 2%7 system*
there is no rep"acement +or e-perience.
Aministrators shou" stay on top o+ the
work"oa ana"ysis num!ers in their
system* especia""y when you have no
per+ormance pro!"ems. Gaving a c"ear
picture o+ how your system per+orms
when working we""* provies a H+ee"H +or
the system. :his H+ee"H ena!"es you to
see pro!"ems coming an* in many
cases* prevent them.
:une Summary S:'2 Look +or swaps.
Task Where Procedure
Per+ormance Ana"ysis S:'/ #onitor the ata!ase error "og ai"y.
#onitor tota" "ogica" an physica" reas
per ay to keep track o+ the
eve"opment o+ ata!ase work"oa
through time.
,+ they are supporte !y your ata!ase*
pay particu"ar attention to the most
e-pensive SIL statements.
Storage #anagement DB'2 #onitor ata!ase growth.
#onitor ta!"e an ine- growth an
#onitor optimi=er statistics i+ necessary
+or your ata!ase.
SAPDBA Logs DB12 ?eri+y success o+ night"y !ackup.
?eri+y +ree space in "og irectory
Data!ase check DB1$ Check messages
Operating System
Task Where Procedure
OS'$ 2eview operating system "og. A"" a"erts
shou" !e acknow"ege* ana"y=e*
correcte* an ocumente
Weekly Tasks
The SAP System
Task Transaction Procedure
DB Per+ormance: :a!"es DB'2 2ecor +ree space.
DB Per+ormance: :a!"es DB'2 #onitor ata!ase growth.
Spoo". SP'1 Check spoo" +or pro!"ems an that
spoo" is proper"y c"eare
:ransport into P2D. S:#S A"" proper"y approve transports
importe into P2D
Operating System
Task Where Procedure
CC#S A"ert Ai"es system 232' Check +i"e system +or aeDuate space.
2eview space usage an that su++icient
+ree space e-ists in the +i"e systems.
Quarterly Tasks
The SAP System
Task Transaction Procedure
Archive Duarter"y !ackup. Sen Duarter(en !ackup tapes to "ong(
term o++site storage.
2eview scheu"e )o!s. S#7>J
2eview a"" scheu"e )o!s to etermine
i+ they are sti"" appropriate.
Check ta!"e D8?ACC8SS S81$ Check ta!"e D8?ACC8SS +or registere
user* which nee not !e registere.
Annual Tasks
The SAP System
Task Transaction Procedure
Archive year(en !ackup. Sen year(en !ackup tapes to
"ong(term o++site storage.
Check "ocke transactions S#'1 L
:ransaction Coes:
Check against your "ist o+ "ocke
Task Where Procedure
Per+orm isaster recovery test. 2estore entire system to isaster
recovery test system.
:est !usiness resumption.