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For Your Planning

Here are the dates for this

years music performances.
Please put these dates on
your family calendar and
plan to attend. Please note
that these are only the
grade-level music perfor-
mances and do not include
other programs.
Nov. 10 Veterans Program
Grades 3 4 @ 7 PM
Dec. 18 Christmas Program
Grades 5 6 @ 7 PM
(students must join band,
choir, or strings to per-
Dec. 19 Christmas Sing-a-
long all grades @ 9 AM
March 12 Spring Sing
Grade 2 @ 7 PM
May 14 Rhythm In Motion
Grade 6 @ 7 PM
May 11 County-wide Band
Festival Grade 6 @ 7 PM
May 12 County-wide Or-
chestra Grade 6 @ 7 PM
Box Tops for Education
We are collecting Box
Tops for Education again
this year. Please collect
these and send with your
child to school.
Monday No School
Tuesday B Bacon, Egg &
Cheese Eggstravaganze, Toast,
Fruit Choice, Milk L Pizza,
Baby Carrots W/ Ranch or
Steamed Green Peas, Fruit
Choice, bug Bites Graham
Crackers, Milk
Wednesday B Mini Pan-
cakes, Syrup Cup, Fruit Choice,
Milk L Taco Meat W/ Baked
Scoops & Shredded Cheddar
Cheese, Mixed Green Salad or
Corn, Fruit Choice, Sidekicks
Smoothie, Milk
Thursday B Muffins, Yogurt
Cup, Fruit Choice, Milk L Mini
Corn Dogs, California Blend or
Baked Beans, Fruit Choice,
Cookie, Milk
Friday B Mini Cinnis, Fruit
Choice, Milk L Hamburger on
Bun, Baked Fries or Mixed
Vegetables, Fruit Choice, Milk
**Cereal is available at Break-
fast daily.
**Uncrustables PB&J are availa-
ble at Lunch daily.
**Student Salads are available
daily for grades 3-6.
Menu: September 1-5
Students in
grades 3 6
will be playing
recorders in
music class for the next two
weeks and again later in the
year. The recorder is a
small, fairly inexpensive flute
that is very helpful teaching
students how to read music
notation and in developing
the eye-hand coordination
necessary to play any instru-
ment. We provide recorders
to be used in music class,
however if you wish to pur-
chase one for your child to
practice with at home they
are available for $4.00 in the
school office.

A U G U S T 2 9 , 2 0 1 4
9/10-Fundraiser orders
and Money due
9/18 Title 1 Parent Night
9/19-Mobile Dentist
9/24 Kindergarten
Grandparents Day

Midterm grades will be
coming home in your
childs weekly folder
next week. Please
contact the teacher if
you have any
Balances are as of
Thursday after
+ ________________
- _________________