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Election Smart Competition Oil Expo 2014

1. A measuring device for determining the gas-flow rate.called ?

2. Mention the substance in petroleum that includes the impuritties?
3. The representative of the Oil Company or operator on a drilling location. Called?
4. The steel-sided room adjacent to the rig floor, usually having an access door close to the
driller's controls. Called?
5. A device that can be run into a wellbore with a smaller initial outside diameter that then
expands externally to seal the wellbore. Mention 4 type of casing, as the order of placement
from the first time!
6. 1 barrel equal to how manny gallon?
7. Describe all of this term :
8. A gas defined by the fundamental Pv=nRT. What kind of gas is it?
9. A hardware use to cut the rock downhole. Its called?
10. A record of one or more in-situ measurements that describe the nature and behavior of fluids
in or around the borehole during production or injection called?
11. Natural gas containing significant heavy hydrocarbons. Propane, butane and other liquid
hydrocarbons can be liquefied.called?
12. A device that responds to fluid flow and is used as the sensor in a flow meter. Called?
13. A device with blades or brushes inserted in a pipeline for cleaning purposes. The pressure of
the oil stream behind pushes the pig along the pipeline to clean out rust, wax, scale and
debris. These devices are also called scrapers. Called?
14. A natural gas liquid with a low vapor pressure compared with natural gasoline and liquefied
petroleum gas. Called?
15. Upward or arch-like fold in the rocks due to compression. Called?
16. The ability, or measurement of a rock's ability, to transmit fluids, typically measured in
darcies or millidarcies. Called?
17. Pertaining to structures in which the shapes of adjacent layers differ or do not conform to one
another. Called?
18. Pertaining to sediments or depositional environments on land or above the level of high tide.
19. A relatively impermeable rock, commonly shale, anhydrite or salt, that forms a barrier or cap
above and around reservoir rock such that fluids cannot migrate beyond the reservoir. Called?
20. Named two ion involved in dolomitization!
21. Tool to prevent drill bit to turning. Called?
22. During this process natural gas is condensed and colled while harmfull components such a
dust, helium, water, and heavy hydrocarbon removed. What is this process called?
23. Mention 5 top oil producing company!
24. Which country that have biggest amount of natural gas resserves?
25. Which log have provides a good measurement of the hydrogen in the formation?
26. What is kinematic viscosity?
27. What is the molecular weight of air?
28. What are unit of fugacity?
29. Name two type of resistivity log?