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Systems Engineering Solutions 

Mitigate application deployment risk

 Align your IT operations with your business objectives
FOR ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS  Implement effective application delivery and management
 Adapt to evolving business processes and requirements
 Benchmark and optimize performance

Does poor system performance inhibit your ability to serve your customers – either internally or externally? Have your
enterprise application deployments been slowed or stopped because one or more sites had difficulty implementing
the solution successfully? When you experience network availability or performance issues, is it difficult to pinpoint
exactly where the bottlenecks are occurring? Are you concerned that your technology architecture will not be able
to meet current or future requirements? Is the system configuration out of control, thus impacting your ability to
effectively implement change, troubleshoot and sustain operations?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, support your strategic initiatives. This portfolio of IT initiatives
you need Total Resource Management’s Systems is then managed by a Systems Engineering methodology
Engineering Solutions. that effectively manages time and resources, budgets,
programs and projects within a single framework.
We can help you design and deploy IT solutions effectively
and efficiently across your enterprise and provide continuous
monitoring and improvement services that ensure your IT
solutions will work.
Are you concerned that your technology
Total Resource Management delivers a complete Systems architecture will not be able to meet current or
Engineering strategy and implementation solution that future requirements?
optimizes the technology used to manage IT assets. Our
solution starts with providing our customers with a deep TRM can help you develop:
understanding of their: • Strategic and tactical alignment between IT and
business objectives
• IT solution • Proper capacity planning to maximize performance
• the technology and application platforms behind it and availability
• Effective configuration management to deal with
• the supporting network infrastructure
evolving requirements

• Risk mitigation plans for deployment and

all in alignment with business practices, objectives and sustainment efforts
information assurance policies. We deploy industry best • Performance, availability and quality data
practices designed to mitigate system and operational risk, • Metrics (i.e. SLAs and KPIs) that are agreed upon
across all stakeholders
and leverage proven enterprise software tools that produce
• Recognition and understanding of constraints
quantifiable metrics. (schedules, funding, resources, skill sets and
information assurance)
The Technology Asset lifecycle begins with your business
needs. Guided by your mission and objectives, we help you
determine the applications, services and IT products will
Systems Engineering Solutions


• Capacity Planning • Capacity Planning • Capacity Planning • Capacity Planning • Capacity Planning
• High Availability • High Availability • High Availability • High Availability • Performance Benchmarking
• Performance Benchmarking • Performance Benchmarking • Performance Benchmarking • Performance Benchmarking • Service Level Management
• Quality Assurance • Infrastructure Tuning • Infrastructure Tuning • Infrastructure Tuning
• Deep Diagnostics • Infrastructure Monitoring • Infrastructure Monitoring • Infrastructure Monitoring
• System Tuning • Configuration Management • Configuration Management • Configuration Management
• System Monitoring • Service Level Management • Service Level Management • Service Level Management
• Configuration Management
• Service Level Management

Systems Engineering Solutions

TRM Systems Engineering Solutions considers each major component of the end-to-end infrastructure. We can tailor point solutions
within each component or holistically across the end-to-end enterprise infrastructure.

Continual Optimization through Metrics

Once the system is designed, we develop baseline metrics Performance Benchmarking
that validate initial design assumptions and future changes We benchmark for performance and availability of
to the application, network and system infrastructure. your system, including:
We then tie those baseline metrics back to service level • Web server • Application server
objectives or agreements. • Database server • Report server
• Integration server • Storage device
TRM’s Systems Engineering Solutions use proven methods
and a variety of market-leading software tools to automate In addition, we benchmark the underlying infrastructure,
processes and data collection. You’ll see reliable and including:
accurate data in a format that is easy to understand. • Data center • Wide Area Networks
• Local Area Networks • Desktops

Quality Assurance
TRM deploys industry best Functional and regression testing methods minimize the
introduction of defects into production.
practices designed to mitigate
system and operational risk, System & Infrastructure Tuning and Monitoring
System and infrastructure tuning maximizes quality,
and leverage proven enterprise performance and availability -- with automated system and
software tools that produce network level monitoring and escalation.
quantifiable metrics. Configuration Management
Configuration management methods enable effective and
efficient system and application level changes.
TRM Systems Engineering Solutions
Capacity Planning Service Level Management
Capacity planning methods produce end-to-end systems We define, implement and manage service level targets,
architecture that meet the initial capacity requirement, plus service level agreements and key performance indicators

provide scaling flexibility. centered around end-to-end quality, performance and

High Availability
Systems designed to not only maximize overall system TRM’s Systems Engineering Solutions bring it all together
availability, but to align that availability with the business by enabling better automation, visibility, management and
requirements and constraints, including: control of your Enterprise Systems – end-to-end.
• Clustering • Storage Area Networks
• Backup and Recovery • Business Continuity Planning

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