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Windmill assembly and operating instructions

Tools needed. (3/32 Allen wrench)

Step 1 Take parts out of the box and lay them out. See Figure 1.
1. Windmill blades and shaft
2. Housing
3. Gear
4. Belt

Figure 1: Parts Labeled
Step 2 Insert the windmill blade shaft(1) into the hole on the housing(2). See Figure 2.

Figure 2: Blade Shaft Through Hole
Step 3 Place the belt(4) around the bearings and internal motors. See Figure 3.

Figure 3: Belt Placement
Step 4 Place gear(3) on shaft(1). See Figure 4
Figure 4: Gear On Shaft
Step 5 Place shaft(1) into bottom bearings, and level the gear(3) with the motor gear. See Figure 5.

Figure 5: Gear On And Leveled
Step 6 Tighten the gear(3) with Allen Wrench. See Figure 6.

Figure 6: Tighten gear
Step 7 Place belt on gears and around the tension motor. See Figure 7-9.

Figure 7: Belt On Gear Motor Figure 8: Belt On Tension Motor

Figure 9: Full Belt Setup
Final Assembly. See Figure 10.

Operating Instructions.
1. After completion of assembly secure windmill in an open area.
a. An open area free from obstruction of the wind from buildings or trees.
b. Area also should be inaccessible for children or animals to prevent accidental injury.
2. Under no circumstances should anyone approach the windmill while it is operating.
3. When operating flip the switch on to run the LED on the power created by the wind, while
storing energy in the capacitor.
a. When switch is flipped to off position the LED will run purely on the capacitor.


Sharp blades do not attempt to stop blades manually. Only approach blades when they are not moving.

Do not open the housing while the blades are moving. Do not stick any foreign material in the housing
that would disrupt with the gear and belt assembly.

Do not attempt to tamper with the electrical configuration under any circumstances.

Tyler James Doro - Semester Project Work Completed
Research on different types of green energy
Research on different windmill design concepts
Initial windmill design brainstorming
Research on electrical configurations
Built complete housing for windmill
Built electrical circuit for windmill
Tested electrical circuit with falstad circuit simulator
Tested electrical circuit with oscilloscope, dc power generator, and DMM
Machined adaptor part for motor
Design review
Assembly of final prototype
Testing of prototype