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1. Subject of these Sales Conditions

1.1.ELDORAA INDUSTRIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, a company registered under the Companies Act,
1.2. These terms and conditions (Sales Conditions) govern the sale of the Products by ELDORAA
to the customer SHARE MICROFIN ,hereafter called (Purchaser).

2. Formation of Agreement
2.1. ELDORAA will send an offer for the sale of the Products to the Purchaser, which, amongst
other things, includes the quantity of the Products ordered, the terms of delivery, the total
purchase price and a copy of these Sales Conditions (jointly: Offer). The Offer will be deemed
accepted once it has been signed by the Purchaser and returned to ELDORAA.
2.2. These Sales Conditions will be applicable to the Offer accepted by the Purchaser and all
subsequent orders of Products by the Purchaser. Each sale will, together with the relevant Offer
and the Sales Conditions, constitute an individual legally binding agreement between ELDORAA and
the Purchaser and such agreement will hereinafter be referred to as the Sale.
2.3. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions contained in the actual Offer
(excluding its appendices) and these Sales Conditions, the former will prevail. In any event, these
Sales Conditions will override any different or additional terms or conditions contained or
referred to in the Offer signed by the Purchaser or any other document or correspondence from
the Purchaser. No addition, alteration or substitution of these Sales Conditions will bind ELDORAA or
form part of any Sale unless they are expressly accepted in writing by a person authorized to sign
on ELDORAAs behalf. ELDORAA explicitly rejects the applicability of Purchasers (general) terms and

3. Delivery, Quality Check and Risk
3.1. ELDORAA will deliver the Product to the Purchaser SHARE MICROFIN, HYDERABAD,INDIA or
otherwise at the place stated in the Offer (Delivery).
3.2. Any loss or damage to Goods found on delivery, and any delivery of a whole
consignment, must be intimated. Damaged Goods and associated packaging should be
retained for examination.
3.3. Any time or date for Delivery provided by ELDORAA is given in good faith but is an estimate
only. ELDORAA will notify the Purchaser of any expected delay in Delivery.

4. Payment and Title
4.1. Unless otherwise stated in the Offer, the Purchaser will pay 50 % of the Purchase Price
upon acceptance of the Offer and the remaining 50 % after the delivery.
4.2. If the Purchaser fails to pay the full Purchase Price within the time set out in clause 4.1,
ELDORAA is entitled to withhold further deliveries until full payment is received. For the avoidance of
doubt, the Purchaser has to reimburse ELDORAA for any costs incurred as a consequence of such late
4.4. ELDORAA retains title to the Product until the Purchaser has paid the Purchase Price in full.

5. Force Majeure
5.1. Any delay in the performance of ELDORAA's obligations under the Sale which is, in whole or
in part, caused by any circumstances outside ELDORAAs reasonable control will not be
attributable to ELDORAA and ELDORAA will not be liable for any damage caused by such events.
5.2. ELDORAA will have the right to extend the estimated Delivery schedule in unusual circumstances
outside ELDORAAs reasonable control by a period of time

6. Warranty
6.1. For each Sale ELDORAA will, free of charge, provide Purchaser with an additional 1% of
Products over the amount of Products ordered by the Purchaser.
6.2. THE PRODUCT HAS WARRANTY OF 6 MONTHS. The warranty shall not aplly to the following
conditions : a)Damages caused by undue wear and tear, misuseimproper installation or
operation,neglect, accidents. b)damages caused by natural calamities. C)If items once opened any parts
removed or repaired by un authorized person.

8. Confidentiality
8.1. Both ELDORAA and the Purchaser will keep confidential and will not without the other
partys prior written consent disclose to any third party any technical or commercial information
which it has acquired from the other as a result of discussions, negotiations and other
communications between them relating to the Product or the Sale.

9. Limitation of Liability
9.1. ELDORAA will not be liable towards Purchaser for any direct, indirect, incidental, special,
consequential, punitive, or exemplary damage, loss, costs or expenses of any kind, however
caused on any theory of liability and whether based in contract, tort (including negligence) or
otherwise, including but not limited to lost profits, costs of procurement of substitute goods, loss
of goodwill, business, contracts and anticipated savings, regardless of whether such party knows
or has been advised of the possibility of such damage or loss.
9.4. Each party expressly acknowledges its duty to mitigate any damages that it may incur or
suffer in relation to the performance and/or breach of the Sale or these Conditions by the other