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67 Proven Uses for Coconut Oil

by Louise on October 21, 2013

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67 -roven ways to use coconut oil
.ou (i"&t &ave seen coconut oil sol* (any -laces or (entione* on websites an* won*ere* w&at
t&e &ec you s&oul* be usin" it for+
/ell, $ use* to t&in coconut oil was 0ust for cooin" until (y frien* -ointe* out t&at &er
"ran*(ot&er &a* use* it as a &air -ro*uct forever+ Of course, fro( t&en on, $ starte* encounterin"
*ifferent uses for coconut oil everyw&ere 1 $ even rea* about it bein" use* as a sun)burn crea(
in one of F+ %cott Fit2"eral*3s boos 4you now, t&e "uy t&at wrote T&e !reat !atsby an* T&e
Curious Case of 5en0a(in 5utton6+
%o, to &el- you start usin" coconut oil, &ere are 67 of (y favorite uses 1 an* to -rove $3( not
(ain" all t&is u-, $3ve -rovi*e* lins to so(e e7cellent sin care reci-es, foo* reci-es, as well as
scientific stu*ies an* testi(onials+
8ow, "o "et yourself a 0ar of coconut oil an* start usin" it9
To coo wit& instea* of ve"etable or see* oils+ Coconut oil naturally &as a &i"& s(oin" -oint,
is &i"&ly stable *ue to its &i"& saturate* fat content, an* i(-arts very little :coconut; flavor to your
foo*s+ $ use it to coo -retty (uc& everyt&in" 1 c&ec (y reci-es if you *on3t believe (e9
$n your coffee<tea instea* of crea(er+ .es 1 t&at3s ri"&t, use coconut oil, not coconut (il9 $n
case you3re confuse* about t&is, &ere3s (y vi*eo s&owin" you e7actly &ow to (ae it+
To was& your face wit& instea* of soa-+ $t soun*s stran"e, but oil was&es i(-urities out better
t&an soa- an* it *oesn3t *ry your sin9 $t taes a wee to "et use* to it 1 t&e sin on your face is
so use* to bein" *rie* out by soa- an* facial cleansers t&at it3s -ro*ucin" e7tra oil to counteract
it+ %o, it3ll tae a little bit of ti(e for your sin to sto- -ro*ucin" all t&at e7tra oil+ 5e -atient 1 it3s
wort& it9
To brus& your teet& wit&+ Coconut oil &as (any anti(icrobial -ro-erties w&ic& can (ae it
"oo* at illin" off bacterial in your (out&+ To (ae your own toot&-aste, si(-ly a** 2
Tables-oons of coconut oil 4(elt it in t&e (icrowave very briefly so t&at it3s softene*6 to 2)3
Tables-oons of bain" so*a+ ,i7 to for( a -aste an* s-rea* on your toot&brus&+ 4T&e bain"
so*a w&itens your teet&+6
=ere3s (y vi*eo of a coconut an* olive oil blen* toot&-aste reci-e+
For oil -ullin"+ T&is is si(ilar to t&e -revious use in t&at it &el-s wit& oral &y"iene+ Oil -ullin"
&as lon" been a -o-ular -ractice in $n*ia an* wit& >yurve*ic -ractitioners+ $t involves swis&in" oil
aroun* your (out& for 20 (inutes before s-ittin" it out+ T&e i*ea be&in* t&e -ractice is to re(ove
bacteria fro( your teet& an* (out&, w&ic& can t&en alleviate various ot&er illnesses 4inclu*in"
art&ritis an* fati"ue6+ T&is -ractice &as en0oye* renewe* attention in recent years *ue to 5ruce
Fife3s -o-ular boo, Pullin" T&era-y+
>s a bo*y (oisturi2er+ Our sin absorbs w&atever crea(s we -ut on it 4t&in of all t&e to-ical
-ain relief (e*ications t&at wor because it "ets absorbe* t&rou"& our sin6+ %o, instea* of
-u(-in" ran*o( c&e(icals fro( your (oisturi2ers into your sin, (any -eo-le 4inclu*in" (yself6
c&oose to use coconut oil instea*+ $ lie to use it at t&e en* of (y s&ower so t&at it3s (ore easily
absorbe* an* before (y sin &as &a* a c&ance to *ry out+
>s a sun)screen+ T&is is not a &i"& %PF sunscreen, but a 2013 stu*y foun* t&at coconut oil
absorbs 20? in t&e U@5 re"ion 4t&is eAuates to so(et&in" un*er %PF 10 1 t&ere3s *isa"ree(ent
as to t&e e7act nu(ber6+ %o *efinitely use ot&er for(s of natural sun)-rotection w&en you3re out+
>s a &air con*itioner+ $ starte* usin" coconut oil as a &air con*itioner a w&ile a"o, cou-lin" it
wit& *ilute* a--le ci*er vine"ar as t&e :s&a(-oo+; Bon3t use too (uc& an* 0ust rub it on t&e en*s
of your &air so you *on3t en* u- wit& oily &air9
>s a su--le(ent+ $t3s su""este* t&at tain" coconut oil as a su--le(ent can &el- wit& wei"&t
loss an* increase your :"oo*; c&olesterol+ $ t&in it3s 0ust "oo* in "eneral 1 it3s not a (a"ic -ill9
>s a (assa"e oil+ Coconut oil *oesn3t "et absorbe* into your sin Auicly, w&ic& ensures your
sin stays sli--ery for lon"er t&ereby (ain" it -erfect for you to en0oin a lon" (assa"e9
To re*uce scars+ $3ve never trie* t&is (yself 1 but so(e -eo-le see( to &ave &a* "reat
success wit& it+
To treat lice+ >--ly it to your &air+ T&ere &ave been stu*ies s&owin" it is effective+
-aleo uses for coconut oil
To soften crace* &eels+
>s a &air seru(+ Use it to s(oot& away any fri22 0ust lie you woul* use &air seru( for+
>s a buttery s-rea*+ 5ecause coconut oil is soli* at roo( te(-erature, it3s usually at a -erfect
s-rea* consistency w&en &eate* 0ust a little+ $t3s -erfect for s-rea*in" on so(e Paleo brea*+
To treat fun"al infections+ $t3s an easy an* c&ea- cure for t&in"s lie >t&lete3s Foot+
>s a "la2e+ /&en col*, coconut oil beco(es soli* very Auicly+ T&is "ives it a w&ite "la2e
a--earance+ Perfect to to- onto c&ille* *esserts9
To :Cseason cast iron -ans+ $nstea* of usin" ranci* ve"etable an* see* oils, try usin" coconut
To i(-rove Parinson3s *isease+
To con*ition woo*en cuttin" boar*s+
To bae wit& instea* of butter+ Coconut oil can be use* as a re-lace(ent for butter in a lot of
>s an easy way to (ae coconut butter+ =ere3s (y reci-e for coconut butter+
>s an eye (ae)u- re(over+ T&is is (y -ersonal favorite 1 w&y use c&e(icals in t&e *elicate
areas aroun* your eyes w&en coconut oil wors 0ust as well9
>s a natural re(e*y for *ia-er ras&+
To a** to your -rotein s&ae+
To relieve itc&in" fro( bu" bites+
To &el- lower &i"& bloo* -ressure+ > stu*y foun* t&at coconut oil re*uce* bloo* -ressure in
To lessen t&e *a(a"in" effects of *e(entia+
To &eal woun*s+ > stu*y on rats foun* e7tra vir"in coconut oil to s-ee* u- t&e &ealin" -rocess
4w&en co(-are* to not usin" any oil6+
To re*uce -uffiness aroun* t&e eyes+ Bon3t for"et t&at eatin" an anti)infla((atory *iet will also
&el- wit& t&is9
>s a li- bal(+ >n* it tastes "reat too+
To en&ance nutrient absor-tion+ ,any nutrients are fat)soluble, w&ic& (eans t&at your bo*y
cannot absorb t&e( if t&ere3s not enou"& fat in w&at you eat+ Coconut oil &as been s&own to be
better t&an several ot&er oils at t&is for certain nutrients+
To i(-rove osteo-orosis+
To relieve sun)burn+
To i(-rove your (e(ory+ > 200D stu*y foun* coconut oil to i(-rove co"nitive functions in
>l2&ei(er -atients+
To (ae lotion bars+ One of (y favorite lotion bars fro( a local &oney -ro*ucer contains 0ust 3
in"re*ientsE beeswa7, coconut oil, an* olive oil+
To (ae soa-+
To (ae laun*ry *eter"ent+ %li"&tly *ifferent (et&o* to (ain" soa-+
To "et &e(orr&oi* relief+
>s a &air "el+
To re(ove stretc& (ars+
>s a s&avin" crea(+ ,oisturi2es an* acts as lubricant9
$n a nouris&in" &air (as+ Fuic reci-e &ere+
$n an after)s&ave crea(+ %i(-le reci-e &ere+
$n a nouris&in" lotion for your sin+ %i(-le reci-e &ere+
>s a salt scrub+ %i(-le reci-e &ere+
$n a cou"& syru-+ %i(-le reci-e &ere+
$n a sore t&roat cure+ Geci-e &ere+
$n a &o(e(a*e natural *eo*orant+ Geci-e &ere+
To &el- &air re"rowt& 4bal*ness issues6+ =ere3s a "ui*e about it+
To (ae your own cuticle oil+ Geci-e &ere+
To sto- nose blee*s+ Cayenne (i7e* wit& a little bit of coconut oil &as been su""este*+
best uses for coconut oil
To -revent nose blee*s+ Gub a little bit u- your nose to sto- it fro( *ryin" out in t&e winter ti(e
w&en your &eatin" is on+
To fuel your worouts+ .es, fat is a fuel, an* a lot of your bo*y runs on saturate* fats 4w&ic& is
t&e (ain fat in coconut oil6+
To buil* (ore (uscle+ 5o*y buil*ers &ave lon" use* ,CT oil 4a co(-onent of coconut oil6 to
&el- t&e( buil* (uscle+
>s a testosterone booster+
>s first ai*+ $t3s "reat to -ut on cuts an* scra-es after was&in" t&e woun*+
To ill off can*i*a yeast "rowt&+
To &el- cure %(all $ntestinal 5acterial Over"rowt&+
To *ecrease an insulin s-ie+ $t taes lon"er for your bo*y to *i"est fats, an* so any
carbo&y*rates you eat wit& t&e fats will tae lon"er to *i"est t&ereby lessenin" any s-ies in your
To sti(ulate your t&yroi*+
To burn fat aroun* your sto(ac&+ > 200H stu*y conclu*e* t&atE :$t a--ears t&at *ietetic
su--le(entation wit& coconut oilIsee(s to -ro(ote a re*uction in ab*o(inal obesity+;
To re(ove c&ewin" "u( fro( &air+ $ &a* no i*ea t&is was even a -roble( t&at coul* arise9
To clean an* restore leat&er+
To season stoneware+ =ere3s &ow to *o it wit& coconut oil+
To (ae "oo* &ealt&y (ayo+ =ere3s (y reci-e wit& olive oil 1 you can substitute coconut oil
$n a natural va-or rub+
>ny Ot&er Uses For Coconut OilJ
/&ic& use is your favorite, or &ave $ (isse* so(et&in" you love usin" coconut oil forJ Let (e
now in t&e co((ents9
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