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HP Data Protector VMware Integration Training

Course Outline
This course demonstrates eective VMware Integration with HP Data Protector. This course is designed for HP Data
Protector Administrators, which are responsible for protecting their VMware environment, or anyone wishing to learn
about theadvancedandmultifacetedVMwareintegrationcapabilities of HPDataProtector. Thesecapabilities include
the back up of: a VM (Virtual Machine), a vAPP with many VMs, or an entire VMware Data Center. The attendee will
learnthe advantages inperforming: full, incremental, dierential, or Change Block Tracking (CBT) optimizedbackups.
Attendees also learn how the Granular Recovery Extension (GRE) recovers single VM les using either the staged, or
the newnon-staged recovery method, which is based on the newSmart Cache.
Course Overview
Course Aspect Description
Course Name HP Data Protector VMware Integration Training
Course Duration Two-Day
Audience Storage and system administrators using HP Data Protector software, System
Engineers, Project Managers, Professional Services
Training Format The course is composed of lectures followed by hands-on practical exercises with
each student having access to their own VMs.
Type ILT, VILT, Onsite
Training Prerequisites Data Protector Essentials training, or equivalent experience.
Suggested Skills A basic knowledge of VMware.
Miscellaneous Lunch&Refreshments are included for scheduled classroomtraining and small class
sizes from8 to 15 are maintained to provide adequate individual attention.
Technical Diiculty Training Path
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1 - Training Agenda
The HP Data Protector VMware Integration Training examines a wide range of topics to allow the trainee to grasp all
aspects of the technology.
1.1 Day 1
HP Data Protector VMware Integration Training - Course Curriculum.
Lesson Description
Introduction to Data Protector VMware Training Trainer and student introductions
List of reference materials
About other DP courses
Product Overview HP Autonomy Enterprise Data Protection Solutions:
Data Protector, LiveVault, Connected Backup
VMware Basics History of Data Protectors VMware Integrations
Components of a VMware Environment as vCenter
ESXi hosts, VMs, DataStores, Datacenters, and vAPPs
VMwares browser: vSphere Client and vSphere Web
VMware functionalities: vMotion, Cluster, Resource
Pools, and DRS
RAWDevice mapping
VMware Technologies used for backup VMware snapshots
Change Block Tracking (CBT)
Transportation modes
VMware Tools
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1.2 Day 2 3
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Lesson Description
VEAgent Snapshot handling for full, single and dierential
Data Protector components in a VMware Environment
Installation of the VEAgent
Conguration of the VEAgent
Create Backup Specication
Omnirc variables / global variables
PreviewBackup session
Virtual Machine conguration le
1.2 Day 2
HP Data Protector VMware Integration Training - Course Curriculum.
Lesson Description
VMware GRE Introduction
Three steps of a le recovery
Necessary DP components in a VMware Environment
Prerequisites before installing DP GRE
Installation of WEB PlugIn and GRE Component
Backup host to Mount Proxy host
Conguring VMware GRE
User/Administrator model recovering single les
Non-Staged GRE
Creating a Smart Cache
Using a Smart Cache
vCloud Director (vCD) Overview
vCD Components
Import of the vCD system
Creating a Backup specication
Compare DP GUI viewwith vCenter Server view
Miscellaneous CLI Extensions
Legacy Agent (VEPA/VCB)
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1.3 Terms and Conditions
The HP Autonomy terms and conditions may be found here: