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Esterline Research and Design

provides consulting services for a

wide variety of subject matter.

With over 70 years combined
engineering experience, our team
delivers results for difficult problems
that require unique, robust solutions
with superior quality and reliability.

We offer consulting services in the following areas of expertise:
Frequency Control
Provide assistance for creation and evaluation of time base / crystal oscillator
specifications to ensure that the clients system has a signal source fit for purpose.
Help clients create appropriate screening procedures for various timebases/oscillators.
Deliver troubleshooting support to fix client system issues resulting from timebase /
crystal oscillator defects, such as micro jumps, poor phase noise, excessive Allan
deviation/variance, temperature stability non compliance, excessive aging, shock and
vibration effects, etc.
Create timebase / crystal oscillator design for clients that wish to implement their own
embeddable time base such as, XO, VCXO, TCXO, and OCXOs
Test and Automation
Design and provide customized testing solutions for client applications
Design and implement environmental testing (temperature, aging, etc.)
Design production test fixturing and software for evaluation of electrical parameters
such as, waveform capture/analysis, power, current, voltage, temperature, frequency,
RF Circuit Design/PCB Layout
CEO, John C. Esterline white boarding a frequency
Provide RF circuit design for client applications such as crystal oscillators, Phase Locked
Loops (PLL), multipliers, dividers, mixers, down converters, etc.
Create PCB designs for the above RF applications to minimize noise, and maximize
Ceramic Substrate/Package Design
Create customized solutions for clients requiring ceramic substrates and/or multilayer
ceramic packages.
Recommend appropriate ceramic material based on clients specific needs (alumina,
aluminum nitride, etc.)
Design appropriate package (potted versus hermetic seal, surface mount versus pinned
device, etc.), based on applications environmental requirements (temp, humidly,
shock/vibration, power dissipation)
Micro-Controller/Processor Applications
Design Microcontroller and unique ancillary hardware circuitry to meet the clients
Create firmware/software design to provide automation and/or human interface as
specified by client
Utilize multicore microcontrollers to create designs that perform more tasks of interest
in a smaller footprint
General Programming and Coding
Provide programming services for custom applications in several languages such as,
Visual Basic, Visual Basic.Net, C, C++, Spin, as well as legacy languages such as Python,
Fortran, HP Basic, etc.

For more information on our consulting services, please contact us.