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Jennifer Barnes, Lauren Godshall, Katie Killpack,

Cierra Morris, & Justin Wood
Upper Valley Industries
Since 1987, Upper Valley Industries has operated as a non-profit organization
that offers an employment training and placement program for mentally and
physically disabled individuals. UVI provides a safe environment that allows
employees to work and learn at their own pace.

Upper Valley Industries started simple with one employee working with
local clients around the community. Since then, UVI has expanded to four locations
within Eastern Idaho: Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Salmon.

Because of local companies, UVI is able to operate. The businesses find small tasks
they need completed that are either too expensive or too time consuming for such
a large company to complete. These companies then contact UVI for help, and in
return UVI is saving companies thousands of dollars.

Upper Valley Industries also works with disabled or disadvantaged individuals
through job placement programs. After UVI assesses the individual’s skill level and
upon completing the required training, the disadvantaged person is placed at the
appropriate job site. Job coaches are available for check up’s and supervision of
the potential disabled employee. Today, UVI works with over 50 major contract

Life skills are essential for any individual. UVI has developed a program
that teaches the basic skills that are necessary to live successfully on one’s own.
This may include learning one’s address and phone number, cooking, how to react
in emergency
situations, what
is considered
appropriate behavior
in public, etc.

The main goal

of Upper Valley is
to instill a sense
of independence
within every
individual, which is
done by focusing
on values such as
integrity, charity and
Mission Statement of
Upper Valley Industries
“Our mission is to assist
individuals who have a disability
or who are disadvantaged, and
to recognize, as well as achieve
their chosen level of economic
and social independence.”
The Needs of
Upper Valley Industries
Because Upper Valley Industries is a non-profit organization, they are
desperately in need of additional volunteers and a far greater awareness of
its program and services. More individuals could benefit from the company if
more were aware of its existance. Out of the 200 people surveyed in Rexburg,
only 37% had heard of Upper Valley Industries. UVI needs a greater focus to
be placed on marketing and advertising.

If selected, a $200 class donation would go toward the company’s

marketing efforts. Sparking an interest is the first step toward action.
Advertising doesn’t need to be expensive. Visible signs within the contracted
companies’ windows would let the community know that specific company
supports Upper Valley Industries. This knowledge, along with UVI contact
information, could encourage people to look into the program, or at the very
least, recognize their name.

Also, a greater awareness can help UVI contract with more companies,
which in turn, creates more jobs and tasks for UVI employees to complete. This
helps Upper Valley Industries, as well as the economy, to continue to grow.
Our Objectives
Our main goals are to create
awareness of Upper Valley Industries
by increasing the marketing exposure
so that:

-More individuals in need can take

advantage of the program.

-More community members can

conribute to the program.
Target Audiences
Primary Audience: The Eastern Idaho Area.

-Targeting Eastern Idaho would spread awareness of Upper Valley

Industries and the services they provide.

-63% of those surveyed had never heard of Upper Valley Industries.

-Many community members indirectly benefit from the program,

but are unaware of it’s existence.

Secondary Audience: BYU-Idaho Students.

-Not many students are aware of the company and the opportunity to
contribute to Upper Valley Industries.

-Because of the concentration of BYU-Idaho students in Rexburg,

there is an abundance of individuals that have the potential to serve
others at Upper Valley Industries.
Ron’s Success Story
Ron Covert, a Community Employment
Services client, has been successfully employed
for a number of years when he was diagnosed
with cancer. His treatment made him unable to
maintain his job, but he needed employment in
order to continue to access his Medicaid benefits.
Ron took a temporary job in Extended Work
Services at the Development Workshop until his
treatment was complete. He is now working at
Bott Yamaha in Idaho Falls. Ron showed courage
in the face of his challenges and once again
achieved success.
The Research Shows...
1. More than half the people surveyed said their opinion of a
company was positively influenced when they saw a disabled
individual working there.

2. Only 1/2 of those surveyed have seen disabled individuals

working in the Rexburg community.

3. 90% of BYU-Idaho students said yes or maybe to the idea of

volunteering to work with the disabled.

4. More women were willing to volunteer to help the disabled

than men.

Does the fact that a company employs

physically/mentally disabled individuals
impact your opinion of that company?
5. 63% of those surveyed hard never heard of Upper Valley

6. About 1/2 of those surveyed werent’t sure what services

Upper Valley Industries offered.

7. Only about a 1/3 of the BYU-Idaho students surveyed were

familiar with Upper Valley Industries.

8. Out of those who heard of Upper Valley Industries, 80%

heard of it by word of mouth.

Have you ever heard of Upper Valley

Public Survey
1. Do you feel that individuals with physical or mental disabilities are able to
find adequate work/jobs in the Rexburg community?

____ YES ____ NO

2. Does the fact that a company employs physically/mentally disabled

individuals impact your opinion of that company?

____ Positively ____ Negatively ____ No impact on my opinion of that company

3. Have you seen disabled individuals working in the Rexburg community?

____ YES ____ NO ____ NOT SURE

4. If you knew a program existed, would you be willing to volunteer to
assist the disabled learn life skills that lead to potential job placements?

____ YES ____ NO ____ MAYBE

5a. Have you ever heard of the company Upper Valley Industries, which is located in Rexburg?

____ YES (If yes, continue to question 5b and 5c)

____ NO (If no, continue to question 6)

5b. If YES, how did you hear about Upper Valley Industries?
____ By word of mouth

____ Magazine/Newspaper/Internet/Advertisement

Other: ___________________________________

5c. Are you aware of the type of services Upper Valley Industries offers?
____ YES ____ NO

6. You are a: ____ Male ____ Female

7. Please indicate all that apply: ____ BYU-I Student

____ Rexburg Citizen
____ Engaged/Married
____ Single

8. Please select your age range: ____ 17 & under

____ 18-29
____ 30-49
____ 50 & older
Current Program Effectiveness
Total number of individuals served by Upper Valley Industries in 2008: 662

Total number of job placements: 153

Total number of individuals served in the Life Skills Program: 196

Total number of individuals who participated in a Work Evaluation: 95

In conclusion, Upper Valley Industries is making a lasting
impact in many peoples’ lives. It helps disadvantaged individuals
learn and acquire skills they will always use. UVI teaches
independence, confidence, and the way to a successful life.
Because of the tremendous benefits it provides to the disabled;
its belief in wholesome, uplifting values; and its continued
success for
more than
20 years,
Upper Valley
fully deserves
the $200.00
Communication Contacts
Pam Gunter Sherri Jackson
Director Job Developer
Phone: 208.356.3722 Employment Training Specialist
E-mail: Cell: 208.390.6784
Evalee Liebert
Production Coordinator Development Workshop Inc.
Phone: 208.356.3722 555 West 25th Street
E-mail: Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Phone: 208.524.1550
Suzette Roseborough
Vocational Coordinator Snake River Plaza 745W. Bridge St Suite E
Phone: 208.356.3722 Blackfoot ID 83221
E-mail: Phone: 208.589.5663

Darla Wilson Salmon River Industries

LIFE Program Manager P.O. Box 1232
Phone: 208.356.3722 Salmon, ID 83674
E-mail: Phone: 208.756.8998