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HR Audit Check list

By conducting HR Audits you can develop your system or streamline your current process.
Do you have a HR policy? If not need to be prepared.
Manpower planning & estimated Budget for positions.
Check whether critical positions are filled up in time or not.
Negotiations & Reference checks of new entrants.
Check whether each & every entrant coming for interview & employees personal
information is entered in the database or not.
Check whether all the new entrant completes his Medical Report or not.
Organizational hierarchical structure.
Leave Administration(Checking whether employees AL,SL and comp off are authorized
and recorded and also check unauthorized absences of employees)
Time Management ( In time & Out time of employees)
Tracing on habitual late coming or early going or irregular attendance.
Payroll inspection like salary statement inspection on each & every component like Gross
Basic, HRA, Spl Allowances, Conveyances & Other Allowances are given appropriately
are do not.
Auditing on Employee Benefits which are provided such as Canteen Facility,
Transportation, Med claim Policy, Accidental Policy, GOSI Coverage, Training &
educating employees.
Maintenance of a regular record of Employee eligible for Indemnity. Checking on the
Bonus related issues .Confirmation & Performance Appraisal of employees. Preparing a
chart & drawing a pie diagram.
Find out the Attrition Rate & check what the main reason of Attrition.
Check whether all the employees have filled up the exit formalities form or not. Making a
list of Resignation employees.
Verification of Employee Master Data & Personal file hardcopy containing
a. Joining Letter with date

b. Qualification Certificates
c. Experience Certificates
d. Salary / Increment Records
e. Performance Records
f. Transfer Records
g. Leave Records
h. Training Records
i. Joinee / Resignee List
j. Employee Master CTC sheet
k. Organization structure
l. Job profiles of employees
m. Exit form and file containing exit forms
n. Full and final settlement procedure and file of F&F settlements
o. Past and present incentive schemes
p. Documentation of the Rewards and recognition scheme for employees
q. Training documents for last 1 year
r. Manpower list with qualification and no. of yrs. of experience mentioned