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Call Forwarding
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With this feature, you can forward your mobile calls to another phone number, such as your home or office. With Call
Forwarding, you wont miss a thing If you accidentally leave without your phone, or your battery dies and you dont have
your charger, you can forward all your calls to a different number. You can also choose to set your calls to forward to
another number when you dont answer or are on another call. That way, your important calls can still be answered, even
when youre unavailable.
Note: When forwarding all calls, your mobile phone wont ring until you turn off Call Forwarding.
Call Forwarding is automatically included with new activations, and there are no subscription fees for the service. However,
airtime charges apply to all forwarded calls according to your calling plan, even when forwarding to a landline.
How to Get It
Call Forwarding is automatically included, at no additional charge, with all plans.
How to Use It
You can turn Call Forwarding on and off from either your mobile phone or your computer.
From your phone:
1. Enter *72.
2. Enter the phone number (including area code) where you want your calls to be forwarded to (e.g., *72-908-123-4567).
3. Press the Call button and wait for confirmation. You should hear a confirmation tone or message.
4. End your call.
Youve successfully turned on Call Forwarding from your phone.
For step-by-step instructions on how to turn off Call Forwarding or how to turn it on from your computer, see our How to Use
Guide: Call Forwarding.
To learn how to forward calls for when youre already on the phone, visit our No Answer/Busy Transfer FAQs.
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How to Use Guide: Call Forwarding
Frequently Asked Questions about Call Forwarding
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Calling Features: Call Forwarding | Verizon Wireless
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Can I forward my calls to another number if I dont have my phone with me?
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How do I turn Call Forwarding off if I dont have my phone with me?
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Important Information
Not available in some areas. Airtime charges applied to all simultaneous calls and to forwarded / transferred calls, even if
you send the call to landline phones. When activated, all calls will be forwarded to another number until deactivated. The
mobile phone will not ring. Long distance charges may be incurred. Airtime charges may apply. Additional per-minute
charges may apply to all forwarded calls. Youll be charged for one minute of airtime when activating Call Forwarding.
Calling Features: Call Forwarding | Verizon Wireless
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3-Way Calling
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You can talk with two peopleat thesametimewith athree-way conversation on your
wireless phone. Airtimeand other charges, which may includetoll or long distance
charges, will apply for all simultaneous calls until you end onecall.
How to Get It
You dont need to do anything to add 3-Way Calling to your account. Its an included
featurethat is typically added when you first activateservice.
How to UseIt
1. Whileon thefirst call, dial the10-digit number of thesecond person.
2. Press SEND; thefirst person is automatically put on hold whilethecall is made.
3. When thesecond person answers, press SEND to createaconferencecall.
4. If thesecond person does not answer, press theSEND key twiceto end the
and go back to thefirst person.
5. To end both conversations completely, press theEND key.
Note: If you'retraveling and theinstructions don't work, or if you arein OH, MI, MN, SD
or Southern IL, you will need to press SEND beforedialing thenumber of thesecond