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Lesson Planning Science

September 11
September 2014
Unit 1 - Our body
Length 5 Periods
To let hem know the parts if their body in!l"ding the skeleton
$nable the st"dents to know the importan!e of m"s!les %oints and
their f"n!tions#
To tell them how they ha&e to look after themsel&es to stay healthy#
'y performing a!tions in the !lass like p"lling of !hairs la"ghing smiling
holding to show the m"s!"lar mo&ement of m"s!les#
( door hinge to be shown to e)plain the working of %oints#
*omparison among the st"dents to tell how do we all look di+erent#
Visual Aids: ,f possible
( 'oiled bone
Skipping rope
Plasti! Skeleton
Class Assignment:
-eading . $)planation with drilling of di+erent words
$/ 2 0a to g1
Pg 4 . 5 in book
2 3ame the Parts of the body with ill"strations#
F! PO"#$S A%OU$
The bones of o"r body make "p o"r skeleton#
( Skeleton helps "s to stand straight#
( Skeleton gi&es shape to the body#
&USCLS A#' (O"#$S:
'ones 4o&e with the help of m"s!les and 5oints#
6"r 4"s!les and %oints allows "s to walk r"n lift la"gh et!
7raw Pi!t"res of foods that help to keep the bones and m"s!les strong
with their names#
7o the 8i&en worksheet and !olo"r it#
Paste two pi!t"res of any h"man beings to show we are di+erent