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Safety Rules and Operating Procedures

1. Note the location of the Emergency Disconnect (red button near the door) to shut off poer
in an emergency. Note the location of the nearest telephone (map on bulletin board).
!. Students are alloed in the laboratory only hen the instructor is present.
". Open drin#s and food are not alloed near the lab benches.
$. Report any bro#en e%uipment or defecti&e parts to the lab instructor. Do not open' remo&e
the co&er' or attempt to repair any e%uipment.
(. )hen the lab e*ercise is o&er' all instruments' e*cept computers' must be turned off.
Return all e%uipment to the designated location. +our lab grade ill be affected if your
laboratory station is not tidy hen you lea&e.
,. -ni&ersity property must not be ta#en from the laboratory.
.. Do not mo&e instruments from one lab station to another lab station.
/. Do not tamper ith or remo&e security straps' loc#s' or other security de&ices. Do not disable
or attempt to defeat the security camera.
0. )hen touching the E*perimenter De&elopment boards please do not touch the solid1state
parts on the board but handle the board from its edge.
2 ha&e read and understand these rules and procedures. 2 agree to abide by these rules and
procedures at all times hile using these facilities. 2 understand that failure to follo these rules
and procedures ill result in my immediate dismissal from the laboratory and additional
disciplinary action may be ta#en.
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4aboratory Safety 2nformation
6he danger of in7ury or death from electrical shoc#' fire' or e*plosion is present hile
conducting e*periments in this laboratory. 6o or# safely' it is important that you understand the
prudent practices necessary to minimi8e the ris#s and hat to do if there is an accident.
Electrical Shoc#
9&oid contact ith conductors in energi8ed electrical circuits. 6he typical can not let1go (the
current in hich a person can not let go) current is about ,1": ma (OS;9). <uscle contractions
can pre&ent the person from mo&ing aay the energi8ed circuit. Possible death can occur as lo
(: ma. =or a person that is et the body resistance can be as lo as 1::: ohms. 9 &oltage of (:
&olts can result in death.
Do not touch someone ho is being shoc#ed hile still in contact ith the electrical conductor
or you may also be electrocuted. 2nstead' press the Emergency Disconnect (red button located
near the door to the laboratory). 6his shuts off all poer' e*cept the lights.
<a#e sure your hands are dry. 6he resistance of dry' unbro#en s#in is relati&ely high and thus
reduces the ris# of shoc#. S#in that is bro#en' et' or damp ith seat has a lo resistance.
)hen or#ing ith an energi8ed circuit' or# ith only your right hand' #eeping your left hand
aay from all conducti&e material. 6his reduces the li#elihood of an accident that results in
current passing through your heart.
>e cautious of rings' atches' and nec#laces. S#in beneath a ring or atch is damp' loering the
s#in resistance. Shoes co&ering the feet are much safer than sandals.
2f the &ictim isn?t breathing' find someone certified in @PR. >e %uic#A Some of the staff in the
Department Office are certified in @PR. 2f the &ictim is unconscious or needs an ambulance'
contact the Department Office for help or call 011. 2f able' the &ictim should go to the Student
;ealth Ser&ices for e*amination and treatment.
6ransistors and other components can become e*tremely hot and cause se&ere burns if touched.
2f resistors or other components on your proto1board catch fire' turn off the poer supply and
notify the instructor. 2f electronic instruments catch fire' press the Emergency Disconnect (red
button). 6hese small electrical fires e*tinguish %uic#ly after the poer is shut off. 9&oid using
fire e*tinguishers on electronic instruments.
)hen using electrolytic B tantalum capacitors' be careful to obser&e proper polarity and do not
e*ceed the &oltage rating. Electrolytic and tantalum capacitors can e*plode and cause in7ury. 9
first aid #it is located on the all near the door. Proceed to Student ;ealth Ser&ices' if needed.