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he first reaction I got when I

gave my dinner companions
directions to the place was
OMG, its Wimpys! That
iconic outlet no longer exists,
I pointed out, and also realised that
the new gastropub that has taken its
place happens to have a name simi-
lar to something that is fast becom-
ing extinct in Bangalore Tapwater!
The name actually seems to come
from a key offering beer on tap
which wasnt operational at the
time of the review. The basement lo-
cation, the wooden benches, the
lounge seating in the fringes, the
lighting all attempt a new age han-
gout ambiance. What kills it quite a
bit is the music by Pitbull, at vol-
umes enough to cause permanent
damage. It was only fun at some
points when the Kabaddi action
happening on the other screen
seemed to match steps with the mu-
sic. The most interesting thing we
noticed about the place was the
crowd a completely random mix of
college kids, elderly families, for-
eigners, and Malayalis in traditional
mundu. We drank it all in before
moving on to what we came for
food and beverages.
Appetisers: The alcohol menu is quite
elaborate we saw Chimay and Guin-
ness in the beer section, for instance.
The shooters have interesting names,
including one that changed the
standard scene of action Sex
in the Water! The name
game continued into the
cocktails as well. Ash-
Wins Apple had vodka,
rose liqueur, apple and
Elderflower cordial, a
concoction that was
rather mild. El Mah-eshs
was El Jimador Blanco, mel-
on liqueur, coconut and pas-
sion fruit. Sharper than the first,
though we couldnt taste the fruity fla-
vours at all. The Sa-Shru Twist, despite
a heady cast of absinthe, tequila, two
liqueurs, and Goslings wasnt really
potent. We moved on to solid food in
the form of Spicy Coconut Prawn. The
prawns were succulent and well-
cooked, but I wouldnt recommend it
unless you can handle spice. It really
lived up to its name thanks mostly to
the diced chilli. The Voodoo Fries, de-
spite the queso, Sriracha sauce and ja-
lapeno gravy, was quite average. The
Grilled Nimis Chicken was an all
green affair with a mint and coriander
overload. The best was served for the
last Bangalore Beer Companion. We
tasted more mozzarella than the brie
mentioned in the description. There
was also cheddar and salami with beer
batter, but essentially the dip,
baguette and the nuts made
an excellent posh version
of our very own Congress
Entre: We started with a
Tapwater Sub and the su-
perbly cooked beef, beer
batter cheddar and the spe-
cial sauce made it a fantastic
dish. The Cheesy Pork pizza contin-
ued the good form. Huge and greasy
with an excellent crust, it was every-
thing a pizza should be. The Red Chil-
li pasta was not as spicy as the name
and description made it sound, but
was quite creamy. For some reason,
they decided to gift us chicken
though we had asked for the vegetar-
ian version! The Flamed Turkish
Minced Lamb was the subtlest of the
dishes we tried, and the mildly spiced
stew with the rice served as an excel-
lent respite from the heavy guns thus
far. The last dish to arrive was the
Grilled Chicken Chimichurri and
though it wasnt served with the
promised saffron rice, the long grain
rice was cooked to perfection and the
marinade itself was lip smacking.
Afters: The menu has five options, but
as we were rigorously discussing what
to try, we were told that exactly two
were available. The Mango Pannacot-
ta Memory was strangely named
since its taste didnt remind us of
mango at all. The other strangely
named dish Chocolate Avatika
was just a standard layered chocolate
In all: Tapwater is quite a mixed bag
many of the dishes we tried were excel-
lent, the service was quite helpful and
prompt, and the dcor itself, quite in-
teresting. Beer on tap should turn out
to be a differentiator as well. But the
sound level was really a bother and
this, along with a sharper focus on the
crowd they want to cater to, would be
the things they need to look into if they
want the proposition to hold water.
Bangalore Mirror reviews
anonymously and pays for meals
Manu Prasad
TWEETS @BangaloreMirror
Cuisine Pub grub
Chef Nirmal
Alcohol Well-stocked bar
Price range A meal for two would
cost around `2000
(Inclusive of taxes
and service charge)
a cocktail, a non veg
starter, a non veg
pizza and pasta and
a dessert
Wheelchair No
Service Friendly and prompt
Music & Pitbull and more
Sound level Pitbull. LOUD!
Ambiance A typical pub
Outdoors No
Hours 11 am 11 am
(1 am on Fri, Sat)
Home delivery No
Reservations Might not be a
bad idea
#50, Koshys Complex, Brigade Road
Bangalore 560001 Ph: 43692902
From Top: Bangalore Beer Companion;
Grilled Chicken Chimicurri; Tapwater
Sub and Flamed Turkish Minced Lamb
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