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BSNL Broadband Error Numbers and its Solutions.

Trouble shooting in Broadband (Dataone)







Switch off / Switch on Modem (Power Switch at

the back of modem) and wait for 2 minutes. Then



2. If problem is still not solved then

A) Check link lamp in Black type Modem or WAN

lamp in White Modem. If it is blinking, then it is line problem.


Check Modem to splitter connectivity.

i) Remove & Connect the cable of / to the modem and to the splitter


Remove & Connect the telephone connection

This is most common

of the splitter.

Error- 678


If lamp is still blinking - then it is due to poor line

problems. It is due to poor connectivity.

condition / fault. Call lineman for line change.


Check for Virus in Your PC.

5. Disable Firewall in your PC.

6. Reinstall Windows

Error- 691

User id and Password problem.

Enter correct username and password spellings as details are case sensitive.

Make new Dialer. Dial

The case is to be Booked in Dotsoft with note “User id and Password problem”

Call NIB for resetting password.

Error- 769

LAN not enabled.

The LAN Card has to be enabled by following the steps given below. i) Go to Desktop.


ii) Right Click “My Network Place". iii) Click Select Properties. iv) Right click on LAN Icon Click "Enable the local network".

If using USB cable then Install Modem's USB Cable Driver.


check computer LAN Card driver or Modem connectivity.

Error- 797

Modem or LAN driver problem

Check for Viruses or corrupt TCP/IP Files

Error- 718


This problem occurs if loading is high on the system and number of customers exceed the call handling capacity of system

Error - 630-

Computer LAN Card

LAN Card has to be changed.



Error- Limited or No Connectivity

IP Address Problem

Give Correct IP Address to LAN card


Error- 735

Dialer problem

Make New Dialer.

Error - 720

Dialer or Virus problem

Make New Dialer

Check for Virus in your PC


Reinstall Windows

Error- 676

Modem Configuration problem

Give Correct IP Address to LAN card Change PVC 0/35 to Bridge Mode instead of PPPOE mode

Broadband IP Addresses for LAN >>>

Following IP addresses should be used if Modem is provided by BSNL. Private Modems may have different IP Addresses.

Broadband Utilities

IP Address

- to 250 (may be given 2,3,



or 249 upto 250)

Subnet Mask


Default gateway


Default DNS Address -




Log in to Broadband, Go to

The Web Registration for Broadband Usage Alerts of your BSNL Broadband connection is available at

Click on Service Record. Details of the current month usage and previous month will be shown.


1. Click on Service Record.

To change password

2. Click on 'change password', give 'Old password', 'New password' and confirm. Password will be changed.

Modem: - 1. After switch ON wait for 2 to 3 minutes to get the modem stable.

2. If telephone line / dial tone problem, complaint should be booked.

3. If Broadband / Internet not working, complaint should be booked in Dotsoft

(Dial 198 from BSNL landline) or contact 1800-424-1600 / 1500.


Lamp features (White Modem)


Lamp features (Black Modem)


Power -




Power -



When stable-OK


When stable-OK






- Yellow

When blinking- slow, line trouble


When blinking- Data transfer


when not stable- Line is faulty


When stable-OK




When blinking fast - Data transfer



When stable-OK



When blinking slow- Modem to PC link problem


PPPoE - No

No use.

(D) Data - Flashing



Data transfer


676 Error - Procedure for MODEM setting

Configure Broadband in pppoe mode and Internet in bridge mode.

BRIDGE mode :


1. Connect ADSL modem to your PC with straight Ethernet Cable (RJ45)

2. Open Internet Explorer and type : and give enter .An windows will open after pressing ENTER button

3. Type user as admin and password as admin in that WINDOW.

4. NOW In the opened window click advanced setup

5. Click edit button against VPI/VCI in the 0/35 row. following below window will open .

6. You will get ATM PVC configuration, make VPI to “0” and VCI to “35” go to next.

7. Select connection type as BRIDGE and click NEXT.

8. Click SAVE. Then In the Wide area network setup window, click Save/Reboot.(In this case modem will be reset automatically ,PC will not reboot.)

9. After 2 Minute Connect the broadband.

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