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Harsha Vardhan
MOBILE: +91-7569292735
Career objective:
Seeking a challenging position, utilizing my ailities developed through
my e!perience and education "ith an opportunity #or career gro"th ased
on my merit and to promote the gro"th o# the organization.
$ro%le Summary&
Total 5 + years of experience as System/DB Administrator On Various Linux Platforms
4+ years of proen experience on Linux/!adoop Administration and "+ years of
#xperience as $ys%l DBA
Technical skills:
Redhat Linux
(RHEL 4 ,5 & 6)
'asic and (et"ork installation ) *ickstart, (+S
image and +,$
'oot loader -./0'1 con%guration and
trouleshooting in rescue.
2ditors ) vi, vim, gedit, (ano 3 emacs
(Redhat Linux)
0ser management& users and groups, S045, S.45,
Sticky it and 6789s
+ile system management -2:, 2 2:,; 3 2:, <1
5isk management& S=6$, /645 3 8V>
$rocess management& $er#ormance and $rocess
'ackup management& tar, rsync, cipo, dump,
restore and 6manda
(et"ork management& printer-cups1,
con%guration and monitor
: "indo"s con%guration -:org1
Scheduling ?os 0sing 7ronta , at , atch
Linux Networ
(Redhat Linux)
'asic services& SSH, ,elnet, /SH, /Syslog and
5H7$ 3 servers
(amed services& 'ind-5(S1
(et"ork share services& ,+,$, +,$, S6>'6, rsync
and (+S
=e services& 6pache "e server >ail services&
Sendmail server and 5ovecot-$@$; 3 4>6$1
(et"ork 4n#ormation Services& (4S con%guration
(Redhat Linux)
4mplementation o# $luggale authentication
modules -$6>1.
,7$ "rappers.
/outing implementation on 8inu! machine.
:inetd services.
H,,$ pro!y oth #or"ard and reverse -SA0451.
(et"ork monitoring tools& ,7$dump, nvstat and
(Redhat Linux)
5ynamic 5(S con%guration
S6>'6 $rimary domain controller con%guration
*no"ledge in 7luster con%guration -H6 3 8'1
/$> package management
>ysBl Server administration
4nstalling and 7on%guring >ulti(ode 7luster.
4nstalling and 7on%guring Various >odules in Hadoop
2cosystem 8ike $4. , H'6S2, H4V2, +lume .
((+ware & ,en)
Vm"are, *V> and :en installation
=indo"s CD:$DE
0untu, +edora , 7entos F
>/,., //5tool.
(6.4@S #or net"ork monitoring
$uppet , .anglia .
S!ri&tin' Shell Scripting -'ash1, 6=*, S25, $2/8, $ython
2ducational Auali%cations&
$ursuing >'6 -distant education1.
'.,ech in 2lectrical and 2lectronics-2.2.21 in 6H72, ,/./
$ersonal Skills and @ther skills
Actie mem&er of Linux forums' communities and (roups)
Stron( interpersonal s*ills+ a&le to relate and interact effectiely at all leel)
!ain( *no,led(e on multiple domains and adanced tec-nolo(ies)
T-e a&ility to ,or* to ti(-t deadlines and under pressure)
Proactie and a&le to use o,n initiatie)
.reat attention to detail and or(ani/ation s*ills
0lexi&le and adapta&le
Time mana(ement s*ills and a&ility to prioriti/e
Stron( pro&lem solin( s*ills)
!i(- leel of initiatie
Professional #xperience 1
2or*in( as Linux/!adoop Administrator 0rom Past 4+ 3ears 4 $arc- 56"6 to
Till Date 7 0or Transys 8nfo Solutions Pt Ltd At Various 9lient Locations)
2or*ed As $ys%l DBA 0or 5ata7ore So#t ,echnologies 4ndia $vt 8td
+or 1GYears - @ct 200E to +e 20101
Project#1 : Data Analytics Of E-Commerce Website

Client: : Persistent Systems Ltd.
Team Size : 15
Environment : Hadoop , Apache i!, Hive, S"## , $ava , %in&' , ()S"%
*o+e : Hadoop Admini,trator-.eve+oper/
Hard0are : 1irt&a+ (achine,, Lin!"
Time eriod : (arch 2213 to Ti++ .ate
er,i,tent ha, 3een at the 4ore4ront o4 the 5i! .ata revo+&tion 4or over
6 )ear,, 0or7in! on 7e) techno+o!ie,, 3&i+din! p+at4orm, and creatin! ,o+&tion, to ,o+ve 5i!
.ata pro3+em, - 0hether it i, deve+opin! Hadoop a+!orithm, to ,o+ve comp&tationa+
pro3+em,, or 3&i+din! Te't Ana+)tic, techni8&e, to ana+)ze &n,tr&ct&red te't and per4orm
,entiment ana+),i, /
The (ain aim #4 Thi, ro9ect i, to rovide :ompetitor rod&ct ricin! Ana+),i,
There3) He+pin! E-*etai+er, to 5enchmar7 the rice, o4 their rod&ct, vi,-;-vi,
:ompetition ,<hich =, Achieved 5) :o++ectin! Tera3)te, o4 %o! =n4ormation >enerated 3)
the Ecommerce <e3,ite and ther 3) E'tractin! (eanin!4&+ =n4ormation #&t o4 it Thro&!h
.i,tri3&ted rocee,,in! and Stora!e ?rame0or7 :a++ed Hadoop 3) %oadin! data into
Hadoop .?S and Hadoop roce,,in! (echani,m :a++ed (*/
() (a9or .&tie, =nvo+ved in =n,ta++in! and :on4i!&rin! Hadoop Eco,),tem
on @&m3er #4 (achine, and there 3) 4ormin! a (&+tinode Hadoop :+&,ter ,:on4i!&rin!
Hadoop Settin!, 4or #ptima+ er4ormance and (onitorin! Hadoop :+&,ter, and
Admini,terin! @oo,8+ .ata3a,e ca++ed (#@>#.5/
1A/ =n,ta++in! and :on4i!&rin! Hadoop Eco,),tem #n 1ario&, (achine, and ?ormin! a
(&+ti @ode :+&,ter /
2A/ (ovin! a++ :ra0+ .ata ?+at ?i+e, !enerated 4rom vario&, retai+er, to H.?S 4or 4&rther
3A/ =mportin! and E'portin! .ata ?rom H.?S B,in! Too+, %i7e S8oop , ?%B(E
,Bti+i,in! :on4i! (ana!ement Too+ %i7e &ppet ?or S)nchronizin! (a,ter @ode
:on4i! ?i+e :han!e, Acro,, a++ .ata @ode, =n The :+&,ter/

6A/ Hadoop :+&,ter Admini,tration : :ommi,,ionin! and .ecommi,,ionin! o4 .ata
@ode, , *ecoverin! @ame@ode 4rom 4ai+&re , (onitorin! Hea+th #4 :+&,ter /

5A/ =nvo+ved in re,o+vin! the $=*A, 3a,ed on Hadoop/Ac8&ired Some S7i++, in .ata
=nte!ration ?rom Hadoop To E'terna+ S),tem, Thro&!h :onnector, rovided 5)
entaho /
6A/ A+,o Attained Some Hand, #n E'perience =n <ritin! i! Script, , Hive "&erie, and
?or Admini,terin! @#S"% .ata3a,e, ca++ed (#@>#.5 <hich
=nc+&de, =n,ta++in! and :on4i!&rin! @#S"% .ata3a,e, , (onitorin!
the data3a,e Stat&, , er4ormin! #perationa+ B,er re8&e,t, , .ata "&erie, , *eadin!
and Bpdatin! .ata ,Shardin! Set&p , *e,torin! .ata ?rom 5ac7&p, /
Project Profle 2 : Transys Info Solutions Pvt Ltd
Client : CSS Corp Pvt Ltd

Desi(nation 1 Systems #n(ineer
Duration : $arc- 56"6 to 0e& 56":
;ole 1 Linux Support #n(ineer4Production7
5escription& .iving support to internal company9s 8inu!
in#rastructure and managing servers like Sendmail ,(+S , /everse
pro!y -SA0451, +,$, (amed servers and addressing other 8inu!
server related issues.
,rouleshooting any Server and (et"ork related issues. =e
$rovided ,echnical Support in >aintaining Various Services.
;esponsi&ilities 1
8nstallation' 9onfi(uration' $aintenance and monitorin( of Linux Serers li*e
;!#L' 9entos' <&untu' 0edora )
8nstallin( confi(urin( and trou&les-ootin( Various Serices On ;!#L Platform
Li*e Apc-e 2e& serers 4-ttp/-ttps7 And Proxy Serer 4S%uid 'Vinta(e7)
8nstallin( and 9onfi(urin( t-e D=S' D!9P serers and assi(nin( 8P address to
client -osts'also 8nstallin( And 9onfi(urin( Various ;esouce S-arin( Serices
Li*e =0S'0TP'SA$BA)
=nvo+ved =n a++ B,er (ana!ement .&tie, +i7e :reatin! &,er, and !ro&p,, a,,i!nin!
SB=., S>=., Stic7) 3it and A:%C, , <ritten 1ario&, Script, in Scriptin! %an!&a!e,
%i7e 5a,h , )thon ?or A&tomatin! *e!&+ar Admin Ta,7, /
8noled in 0ile system Administration ;A8D ' LV$ 'Settin( up Dis* >uota '
Sc-edulin( Various Tas*s T-rou(- ?o& Sc-eduler li*e 9ron )
8nstallin( and 9onfi(urin( $ontorin( Tool Li*e =a(ios for $onitorin(
Serices and States of Serers '9onfi(urin( OpenSS! Serices for Secure S-ell
9ommunication Amon( =odes )

$roject $ro%le ; & 5ata7ore So#t ,echnologies 4ndia $vt 8td
Client : IPsoft lobal Services
Private Limited

Desi(nation : Soft,are #n(ineer
Duration : O9T @ 566A to 0e& @ 56"6
;ole 1 $3S>L DB Administrtor/Deeloper
Description1 2or*ed for client 8PSO0T as a Tec-nical Lead in dataase
administration team "hich involved in architecture design 3
administration o# application dataase -"hich is eing developed to
support consulting usiness1. 2nsured 2<!C dataase availaility,
reliaility and security "hile in a production environment
4nstalled and con%gured >ySA8 on 8inu! and =indo"s environments.
>anagingD,rouleshooting >ySA8 <.0 in production and developer
environments on =indo"s .
$er#ormed installation, ne" dataases design, con%guration, ackup,
recovery, security, upgrade and schema changes, tuning and data
6ssisted "ith sizing, Buery optimization, uHer tuning, ackup and
recovery, installations, upgrades and security including other
administration #unctions as part o# pro%ling plan.
=orked "ith the engineering team to implement ne" design systems
o# dataases used y the company.
$er#ormance ,uning on a daily asis #or preventing issues and
providing capacity planning using >ySA8 2nterprise >onitor.
7reated and deleted users, groups and set up restrictive permissions,
con%guration o# the sudo %les etc.
Personal Profile:
@ame : D/Har,ha 1ardhan
?ather@ame : D/ra3ha7ar *a9&
.ate#45irth : 29-2E-19E5
>ender : (a+e
%an!&a!e, : En!+i,h,Te+&!&,Hindi
(arita+Stat&, : Sin!+e
= here 3) dec+are that the in4ormation 4&rni,hed a3ove i, tr&e to the 3e,t o4 m)
7no0+ed!e and 3e+ie4/
Place: #i$nat!re
H)dera3ad D/Har,ha