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hroughout June, July and August, the
JAM team attended several outreaches
with partnering churches such as Stellen-
berg and Westside Family Church in Ameri-
ca. Some of the outreach locations included
Muhvusa, Prince Albert, Calitzdorp, Bam-
bisana in Transkei, Port Elizabeth, Seaview
and Alexandria.
For the outreach to Muhvusa, the focus
was childrens ministry on the wordless
book, which tells a story of a young boy in
a village receiving a book from a missionary
that uses colors to tell the gospel story. The
kids in each of these areas learned the gos-
pel and how to share it through their own
wordless books.
On the outreach to Prince Albert, the
team, partnering with Stellenburg, was able
to dive deep with the adults every evening
on faith, through love, becomes action. We
had bible studies, worship and small group
discussions with the youth and adults. In the
mornings, we also did the same kids ministry
program that was happening in Muhvusa.
During the Calitzdorp outreach, the JAM
team partnered with Stellenburg, and two
of the communities we work in to form an
outreach team that not only did kids minis-
try, but also house visits and adult services.
We were able to reach out to a new com-
munity, Zoar, who had never been visited by
JAM or Stellenburg yet. The outreach team
were mostly students who had never been
on outreach before, but had been commu-
nities that JAM had done outreach in. It was
amazing to see them step up as leaders and
reach out on their own.
In Bambisana, the focus was on teaching
women health education on AIDS. It was an
amazing and eye opening experience into
the realities of women in the Transkei.
On our last outreach, a three week out-
reach with an American team from West-
side Family Church, we did a program called
MADDS which provided a program for kids
to develop their natural skills in music, art,
drama, dance and sport. For a lot of these
kids, they had never experienced a program
like that and they had a lot of fun learning
more about their skills and how they can ap-
ply them to leadership and the gospel story.
We also got to be a support to those living
and working at each of the various bases,
either doing yard work, planting food, or
cleaning up their bases.
During our last outreach to Transkei, the
Calitzdorp SKYPE team also joined us. Here
are a few of the testimonies God did in or
through them and the JAM team on that
During this outreach,
God took opened doors to
reach out to communities
like Zoar where we have
not gone before. We also
saw how God has grown
communities weve worked
in for a few years by
seeing them step up as lead-
ers on our outreach team.
Laura, assistant Jam staff
The Muhvusa outreach made me
realize that we are all equally im-
portant to God and He has assigned
all of us the important job of repre-
senting Him in this world. Suzile,
Jam year student
Our focus on this trip was 1 Corinthi-
ans 13 on love, being love and shar-
ing love to the people in Transkei. We
had an awesome time staying in the
villages, working in the community
with the people and loving the chil-
dren. The second part of the trip we
worked alongside Lifeline doing AIDs
awareness in the communities.
Tessa, JAM staff
For Git and Mignons transition
from the Bambisana base to the
Cape Town base.
For our partners in Transkei and
the JAM team there, that God
would continue to strengthen
them and that His gospel would
continue to impact and transform
young lives in the area.
The JAM fundraiser on Sept 20
would be a blessing and a cele-
bration and God would bring the
necessary partners alongside JAM
in support.
Jabulani Africa Ministries is now a
registered non-prot.
Donations Receipt to Validate
Issued in terms of section 18A of the
Income Tax Act of 1962, as amended.
The donation received will be used exclusively
for the objects of Jabulani African Ministries
in carrying out public benet.
The Prince Albert Outreach was a manifes-
tation of how powerful the Holy Spirit is. He
lead us in our words, actions and love. Our God
is purely uncontainable. Lauren, JAM year
summer intern
My rst experience that was meaning-
ful to me was during one of the evenings
when I got the chance to play soccer with
the kids. We couldnt understand each oth-
er but we both knew how to kick a ball.
After we were shooting penalties for a
while, across the eld I heard a kid crying
hysterically. I saw a kid standing all alone
with his head dropped. I immediately ran
over to see what the problem was only to
nd out someone or something had given
him a horrible bloody nose. He didnt know
what to do so I started to help him, calm-
ing him down. The other kids rushed to
his aid as well and we all took care of him
until the bleeding stopped. After a while we
went back at it playing soccer. We laughed
and enjoyed the rest of the time we had. He
had completely forgotten about his bloody
nose and had gained some friends through
the process.
I also had an experience when I went on
a house visit. The mama living there was
taking care of one of her grand kids who
was mentally handicapped. He was a great
boy but he denitely is a handful to take
care of. He is always running around and
messing himself every hour and always
needs something to do. She doesnt have
time to do anything else. You would think
she would be sad or unhappy but she loved
this boy with all her heart and took care of
his every need. She lovingly sacrices every-
thing to take care of him.
Each of these experiences taught me how
much God truly loves us an showed me all
the things he will do for us. He is always
coming to our rescue and is always taking
care of us in ways that we could not do
About myself, I learned that I need to
love all people in the same way. I need to
be willing to make sacrices for people if it
helps them and I need to be willing to help
people when no one else will.
To be honest, Im still in the process of
learning how to apply these things into my
daily life. The only answer I can think of is
to continue to seek God more so that His
love can shine through me. That I will be so
consumed by Him that naturally I will love
people as He does.
I experienced how to come out of my
comfort zone and how to serve God with
different languages and different cultures.
Ive also experienced that you dont have
to know people to love them, you can love
people even if you dont know them.
What Ive learned from my experience
about God is that the day when he was
dead for our sins on the cross and he died
for every culture and every language on the
cross. He doesnt choose whose sins to die
for, it was for everyone.
What I learned about myself is to be fore
focused on the word of God and to not
believe in myself over the word of God. I
will be more opened for the word of God
and speak whatever God has laid on my
One Sunday, the team drove about two
hours out from Bambisana for a church ser-
vice where Git was planning on preaching.
I had never been to a Xhosa church before,
so that alone was an incredibly fascinat-
ing experience. After greeting everyone,
the team piled into the corner of the room
designated for us to sit. Worship began
instantly with a mama jamming on a bell,
ground shaking claps and stomps, and a
sea of angelic voices. I remember getting
chills as I looked out the window at the tall
grass blowing in the wind with the songs of
praise parading around me thinking this is
what Heaven will be like one day. As the
hours slowly passed and the sun became
more piercing through the church walls, I
began to feel unbearably sick. Suddenly I
was in this battle between choosing to love
well and my own health. I knew it was an
important day for us to be there, Git was
preaching, and the church was very wel-
coming and excited to have us visiting that
day. I couldnt risk jeopardizing the relation-
ship my leaders had built up to this moment
in the Xhosa community, and I dont even
know if it would have, but in that moment
I knew I would just have to power through
it and maintain a loving disposition. At the
end of the service, young women brought
out full plates of food to each of the people
in the church, including us. I was thankful
for my team in that moment because we
were able to work through the large meal
together and express our appreciation for
the churchs welcoming attitude toward us
as a group. It was denitely a difcult and
stretching moment for me, but that day I
learned that love is not always easy, it of-
ten can come with great sacrice to your-
self, and it might even put you in hard sit-
uations, but ultimately God is faithful, he
knows your heart, and he will bless your
The church service taught me a lot about
Gods love for us. We look at Jesus as he was
crying out before his Father in the garden
of Gethsemane, begging for the cup to be
taken from him. Its obvious that Jesus was
looking ahead to a huge sacrice, it most
certainly wasnt going to be easy, but he
chose to be broken, beaten and brutally
murdered on a cross for our own sake. God
faithfully blessed that sacrice, Jesus rose
again three days later and all of humanity
was given a key to break all their chains.
Gods heart is his people, and he wants our
lives to also reect that type of love for his
In the church service, I also learned that I
denitely have lots of room to grow. It was
really easy for me to let love slip away from
my reach, but in that moment I learned
how to hold myself accountable and stay in
tune with the Spirit, even when the situa-
tion seems unbearable. I also learned that
I am very used to living comfortably, I had
never encountered discomfort quite to that
degree in my home church or really in any
environment. I knew after this experience
that I have a lot of humbling to do.
Sacricial love is unheard of in the Silicon
Valley (where I live). I think reecting Gods
love through my actions will denitely tes-
tify to Gods heart for his people. Instead of
choosing to be selsh or put my own needs
or desires before others, I can choose to see
people in my community for who God has
made them, and love them well, even when
its hard.
To teach a friend how to speak Afrikaans
was a meaningful experience for me be-
cause sometimes its hard to interact with
people if there are barriers such as language
and with the help of the Lord, Ive got the
chance to help a friend to break through
such a barrier. It also made me realize that
commitment, patience, kindness and all the
other things that go along with Love was
needed to overcome barriers.
I also experienced how powerful sharing a
testimony and talent is.
By these two experiences Ive learned
that God puts in so much effort to help us
to overcome the barriers between Him and
me and He has equipped us to go and share
our testimonies and talents. I also learned
that He wont send us places where His Holy
Spirit hasnt been before us.
About myself Ive learned that Im real-
ly blessed to have Jesus as my Savior and I
should not hesitate to share what He has
given me.
I will go back home knowing that as a
godly man it is necessary to be obedient to
the Holy Spirit and that God doesnt always
do big things buxt the whisper of His voice
can also be in smaller things.