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Introduction 02
With the need and possibility of a much better service delivery in the restaurant and
food business as the thread, Eatmore is fabricated with the concept of bridging the
gap between the customer and quality service with just the click of a mouse. One of
the major aspects in this restaurant and food industry is customer satisfaction and the
ease with which the customer is able to avail quality service. The platform is aimed at
being completely online with an additional option of Tele-booking with the much
needed option of Home Delivery and Booking a Table concept.

EatMore is a start-up launched successfully by the students of IIT Guwahati in the year
2013. Over the past year it has grown phenomenally and has associated with major
college fests all over India. Dominos has been Eatmores ofcial food partner in all of
the college fests that Eatmore has sponsored. The online restaurant booking and
featured deals concept is still an untapped segment in the Indian market and Eatmore
is all set to venture in to this segment. The driving force behind this concept is to
provide a one-stop solution for customers to fnd the best deals at their preferred
choice of restaurant and eliminating the hassle of waiting for a table after reaching a
restaurant by pre-booking tables on our platform.
When Eatmore started its operation of home delivery in the colleges in Guwahati, it
straight forward reached the landmark with orders of about 6,00,000 being placed
per month mainly due to the crisp new concept that it carried and the target custom-
ers who were the untapped section called college going students. With the huge and
encouraging response received Eatmore is all set to launch nationally frst and then
gradually spread its wings all around the nation. First of all Eatmore would be target-
ing cities like Jaipur, Kolkata,Guwahati, Bhopal and Patna. With a vivid imagination,
ardent desire, sincere belief, and a jubilant team Eatmore is ready to take its leap of
faith into the market and will soon be one of the leading companies in this segment.
Buffet meals and
combo deals offered
by restaurants
We display detailed
information of
discount offered
Validity of the offer
Your favourite meal
is just a
Each partner restaurant would ofer their bufet meals and thaali meals or some
combo deals at discounted prices on our platform which will be displayed as a
featured deal on our platform subject to the flters applied by the customer. The actual
value of the meal would be displayed along-with the discount percentage and value
available. There will be a detailed description of the meal on which the discount is
being ofered and also a description of the restaurant ofering the featured deal, the
time period for which the deal is valid and the time left before the deal expires. The
terms and conditions associated with the purchase of the meal would also be
displayed. The customer would have the option to purchase the meal on the click of a
button on this page itself or book it ofine by calling the Eatmore customer care.

On each deal a restaurant sells to a customer, Eatmore would share a part of the proft,
something that would be pre-decided by Eatmore and the restaurant. The tele-book-
ings would work in a similar way with the diference being that the customer would
be apprised of the featured deals for the day over the phone by a customer care
executive of Eatmore.
The All Important Tele-Booking
Online bookings boom
Smartphones &
Almost a third of the online
bookings made in 2013 were
via smartphones
The volume of online bookings
increased by 21%
in the year 2013 compared to 2012
Home Delivery 04
Call : 08067543
Make your choice - by viewing
the entire menu online
Place an order - either online
through an app or one by
a telephone
Order recieved, conrmed
and processed - by the
Order no
Home delivery - relish great food
sitting at home.
Defnitely ofering featured deals wont in itself be sufcient. As per the going
trends Home delivery feature is something which caters to the one of the largest
market in the restaurant and food business. Eatmore would provide for as an ideal
platform and will act as a facilitator in the sense that customers would place the
requisite order on our portal or through customer care.and we would forward all
the pertinent details to the concerned restaurant. The customer would have the
liberty to customize the order both in online and ofine mode. Because of this
home delivery feature all the restaurants associated with Eatmore would gain
another means of reaching out to customers who prefer to enjoy the delicacies in
the comfort of their home or on their ofce tables. This system would also attract a
large section of the youths and college going students who fnd it tough to hang-
out with friends mainly due to the shortage of time and being unable to commute
comfortably. The delivery system and the terms and conditions would be at the
liberty of the restaurant and managed by them.

A majority of customers in smaller cities which carries a signifcant market might face
the issue of not having internet at their disposal. To tap this sector we would provide
the option to the customers of knowing about the featured deals being ofered by our
partner restaurants by getting in touch with one of our customer care executives. The
customer would also be able to buy the deals by sharing individual details over the
phone with the customer care executive and the mode of payment will be cash on
Book A Table 05
With so many competitors out there in the market, we need to think of alternative
ways of providing quality services to all our customers. Eatmore brings in a highly
untapped concept of booking a table which has proven to be a very successful
concept in foreign countries. There has been a growing trend towards the idea of
people booking a table from beforehand so as to avoid waiting in the queue.
By the facility of being able to book a table, a customer would be able to make reserva-
tions for his own self beforehand itself. We would provide a portal where each restau-
rant providing this facility would fnd a place. Once the customer chooses a restaurant,
he would be directed to a link where the time when he wants to book a table for
would be asked. Based on the choice and the available number of tables, we would be
confrming the booking. If the booking slot opted is not available, then suggestions for
alternate vacant slots would also be provided.
Restaurants should also provide a decent discount(10-15%), to attract more custom-
Not only this, the trending restaurants that is the restaurants who reported the maxi-
mum number of bookings would fnd a place on the site and we would be putting up
the customer reviews about booking a table facility of the particular restaurant there
as well. Thus customers would also have an idea of the same which would prompt
them to chose the particular restaurant and restaurants would be gaining more reach.
The customer interaction would be in the form of a feedback. With every order
Placed on the website, the customer would be prompted to a feedback link where all
details about his experience with the website, the particular restaurant and sugges-
tions would fnd a space. Restaurants are supposed to make their own version of
feedback forms and provide us a photo of the same so that we may upload it on their
behalf every time an order is made against their name. Once the feedback has been
received, our customer care would look to it and forward the fndings and reports to
the corresponding restaurant through a customized portal where each restaurant
will be able to view its orders, bookings and customer feedbacks. Ofine feedback
forms will also be provided by the restaurants which they will have to feed into the
system. Customized marketing campaigns and marketing strategies for the restau-
rants will be ideated by a team of Specialists from Eatmore

Meanwhile, to strike a chord with the customer, we would be continuously updating
them with our replies and updates on their complaints. The positive reviews and
feedbacks on the other hand would fnd a place on our main page which would
indirectly boost the Particular Restaurants order infow.
Maximize utilization of your kitchen by reaching out to new
Through our services we would be providing all the restaurants huge
business opportunities. We will be getting you the customers. We will
be getting you the direct orders. It will be boost up for your sales and
customer acquisition.
Online Marketing and advertising
Eatmores oering to the customers is: solutions in the form of data-
base of all restaurants, the type of food (menu), the economical
constraints, contacts, working hours and location of eatery , pre
booking and home delivery facility and most importantly, the reviews
from other users! Convenience and accessibility in the form of on
the go mobile apps, easy interface, availability on various platforms
and the presence over social media like the Google+, Twitter and
Facebook (Maximum penetration in India) will contribute to its
increasing rate of application.
Eatmore will provide restaurant business owners a platform for
online visibility through marketing. Restaurants that cant aord
maintaining a website or are not running good business due to loca-
tional disadvantage now will have a free online presence (without
having to pay any cash) and now could be accessible by customers.
Get to know what your customers say about you.
Once the Restaurant starts delivering the orders properly, Positive
reviews that would always be promoted on the website will further
increase the order inow in the form of new users and already regis-
tered customers unhappy with the other Restaurants. So it would
directly be an easy means to boost the business depending on How
nicely the service is provided.
Upload real time oers
Not only that, The new food products launched across all restaurants,
trending Restaurants based on the maximum number of order etc
will nd a special highlight on the website thereby again increasing
customer inow. Also, special festivals, competitions, events being
organized will be occasionally put on the Eatmore website after the
Restaurants gives us an update about any such events.
Oine Marketing
Name and logo of all the restaurants providing us good deals will be
published in all the oine advertisements. We will be doing exhaus-
tive Location-wise oine branding targeting the customers of dier-
ent locations.
Requirements from Our side 08
Also for the initial period, the restaurant or food chain must agree to provide say 300 deals
with a 50% discount. This is needed because, with so many competitors out there, we need to
make a grand entry in the market that could raise our customer database signicantly in the
beginning itself.
For each reservation made, Eatmore would be receiving 25 . That means if a table for two is
booked in a restaurant, the restaurant would be paying Eatmore a sum of 50.
For each order placed on through the Home delivery portal, Eatmore would get a 15% share
of the total bill amount.

On the other hand, some catchy oers like a mocktail / coke for free on orders amount-
ing to a certain value , 5% discount to the customers etc if oered by the restaurant
would attract a huge pool of customers for Home delivery services and Table Booking
Providing of such oers is important because customers have a lot of cheap and attrac-
tive options and we need to oer dierent things to achieve more inow of orders.
Once a Restaurant agrees to be associated with us, we would need the following things.
1) The Restaurant will have to sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that will be clearly
specifying all the details related to business and business strategy, the nancial issues and other
details. The restaurant has to agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in the MOU and
only after the fact that we have to do a business together going hand in hand with each other is
realized, the mutual growth would take place benetting both Eatmore and the associating part-
2) We would provide a list of details like the Restaurants Logo, Operation timings, Estimated costs
per head, Special features etc so as to be displayed in the portal of Restaurants associated with
3) Detailed Menu card of the Restaurant Preferably with pictures of the food items. Each item
needs to have a little bit of description about the ingredients and what exactly the food item will
4)A Portal will be maintained where the Restaurant will have to maintain the oine orders and the
oine feedbacks.
5)Restaurants should also provide a satisfactorily discount(10-15%) from their side to attract more