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Agnya Chakra

Deity: Lord Jesus Christ (Mother Mary), Shri Buddha, Mythology

Shri Mahavira. The presiding Deity (or role model) of the left Agnya
Physical counterpart: Optic Chiasma (pineal/pituitary) Chakra is Shri Mahavira, of the right, Shri Buddha and
Looks after: Sight, hearing, thought, memories, I-ness. the centre is Shri Jesus. All of these great Deities
Qualities: Forgiveness, resurrection, humility. preached the fundamental truths of forgiveness, balanced
No of Petals: Two (2) gentle thought and the ultimate goal of us attaining the
Day: Sunday Colour: White Element: Light eternal Spirit over the complex illusions of the mind. The
Gem: Diamond Symbol: The Cross Spirit is beyond thought, beyond Karma, beyond sin.

The Agnya Chakra is situated in the centre of the area of Gross Physical Aspect
the brain. It acts as the gateway to the Sahasrara Chakra Amongst other things, the Agnya Chakra governs our
by stopping the rise of the Kundalini if there are any sight. We should therefore respect the eyes as a gift with
impurities in the mind. When the Kundalini does pass which the beauty of the Divine creation is revealed to us.
through this Chakra, however, our thought waves We should not waste or abuse that gift. We should try and
elongate so that the space between any two thoughts avoid squandering our vision and Attention on the grosser
grows wider. This space is silence, and as the petals of aspects of this material world and deliberately encourage
the Chakra open, the silence spreads outwards, pushing ourselves to take time out to enjoy the natural beauty of
our thoughts to the periphery of our awareness. This is things like the sky, trees or grass, or even look at a naked
where the state of Thoughtless Awareness originates. In flame as a means of cleansing this centre.
this state we actually feel the profound peace, the
stillness, which is at the heart of creation. A weak Agnya may show up as : Headaches, shoulder
pain or problems with the memory.
The primary quality of the Agnya Chakra is forgiveness, Causes of problems with the Agnya Chakra
for without this forbearance we cannot progress beyond Left Side: Self pity, living in the past, harm to self.
our Ego and become the Spirit. The Ego is a creature of Right Side: Worries, aggression, egoism, harm to others
action. It thrives on doing - on punishing for a wrong, on Centre: Roving eyes, inappropriate relationships
effecting a change, on obtaining a desire. By practising
forbearance, we slow down the fuel of the Ego, we force To help clear any problems of this Chakra we can:
the Ego to wait. By so doing our Spirit then has the time Use the elements
to shine through in our action, and the true course Look at a naked flame to clear the centre.
becomes manifest. Once we see that anger is self- In severe cases use camphor treatment on the back of the
destructive, that it is we who suffer as a result of this head for back/left Agnya.
emotion, then it becomes easy to forgive Look at Nature, smell flowers, bathe centre in sunlight.

The Agnya also sits at the crucial fulcrum of our thinking Right side problem: Realise that you are not the doer (say
engine, the mind. The mind is divided into Ego and ‘I am not the doer of anything’). Raise the left side energy
SuperEgo, two aspects that ultimately isolate us from our into the right side 108 times during meditation.
Spirit. We don’t have to destroy our ego in order to Left Side problem: Raise the right side energy into the
evolve – it is very useful, for without it we would not be left.
able to act at all – but we need to bring it into a balanced
relationship within the our subtle system, so that the Affirmations
Spirit can start to shine in our personality and the Mother, I forgive everyone including myself.
Kundalini can pass through into the Sahasrara Chakra and Mother You do everything I do nothing
effect our Yoga, our union. Mother, please forgive me for anything I may have done
against my Spirit.
We can never fight our ego – fighting requires action, the
action is ego, therefore ego fights ego! But we can bring General Advice
it into balance by watching it, by using humour, by For the left/back Agnya, do not dwell in the past. Stop
allowing the power of our heart to counterbalance its indulging and start living for the moment.
excesses. In similar ways our SuperEgo, the Front Agnya: Let go of futuristic and fanatical tendencies
conditionings which come from our past relationships and Stop all meditative activities specifically involving the
environment, has to be brought into balance with the Agnya – i.e. visualisation, hypnosis, clairvoyance.
system otherwise we become suffocated by a judgmental In general forgive everyone without discrimination, from
and emotional turmoil within our minds. We can do this if the heart and sincerely.
we stop indulging in our past, and start to enjoy the joys
of the present moment more.