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As one of the newest faces on Sunset Boulevard, I thought a brief letter of introduction might be needed. My name is Jackie Klein, and I am student
teaching this quarter under the guidance of Ms. Keller. I am a senior at Drake University, majoring in secondary education with endorsements in English,
rhetoric, and theatre.
A bit of background on myself: I originally hail from Sheldon, a small town in northwest Iowa. There I got an education from some dedicated teachers
who inspired me to go into the profession. I also had an abundance of theatrical opportunities while attending Sheldon High, which fueled my passion for
the performing arts.
Outside of school, my interests vary greatly. I am, of course, an avid reader and am always looking for recommendations. I enjoy cooking, but have not
yet mastered how to make a meal for fewer than eight people. Thankfully my fianc Kian enjoys leftovers, and my family (consisting of my mum, dad,
sister, and brother-in-law) visits often.
Since attending Drake, I have been instructed by some phenomenal professors. However, nothing replaces the experience that one gets in the
classroom. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and look forward to beginning a new chapter!
Jackie Klein
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Indianola High School
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