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7 step Vocabulary

1) Teacher says the word.

2) Students repeat the word 3 times.
3) Teacher states the word in context from the text.
4) Teacher provides the dictionary definition(s).
5) Teacher explains meaning with student-friendly
6)Students engage in activities to
develop word/concept knowledge.
7) Teacher highlights grammar, spelling, polysemy,
More ideas for STEP 6
Ping Pong
Students go back and forth using the word in sentences for 1 minute.
Students come up with situations that indicate understanding of the words
Stand Up/Sit Down or Say the Word
The teacher provides 3 sentences using the word/phrase. If the word is used
correctly students sand up or say the word, if it is not used correctly students
remain sitting or are silent.
Teacher provides sentence & question frames as well a word bank.
When I am looking at a _____ I notice a tier 2 word/phrase. What other tier 2
word/phrase can you be looking at?
Choral Response
Students add tier 2 word/phrase or the opposite at the end of the teacher made
phrase and then students read the whole sentence chorally.
seems to be faithful / unfaithful
- A cat who always comes home before the dark
- A brother who takes care of his younger sister
- A friend who tells your secret to her other friends


A region is an area with at least one feature
that makes it different from other areas.

An attribute or detail that stands out

Student definition:
An specific part of land

Popcorn Activity
When I am looking at a lake, I notice a regions
feature. What other feature can you be looking

Word Bank

forest mountain hill meadow flat land
swamp wetland pond river streams

Highlights: feature is a polysemous word
many meanings
geographical features - NOUN

f e a t u r e (s)

to use the word feature or features in you
reading and writing today

Students say it 3 times
Context: Its fierce accordion of winds, on the tip of its toes
Dictionary Definition: violently hostile or aggressive in temperament
Student Definition: violent
Engage: (student say fierce if the word is used correctly)
1) He was killed in a fierce battle.
2) The fierce dog gave me a lick.
3) The rival teams had a fierce end of season game.
Use the word in a sentence and share it with a partner.
Latin: ferus wild