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Each question in this paper is followed by three or four possible answers.

Choose the best

answer from the answers marked A,B and C or A,B,C and D. Then, on your answer sheet,
blacken the answer that you have chosen.
Setiap soalan di dalam kertas ini diikuti dengan tiga atau empat pilihan jawapan. ilih jawapan
yang terbaik daripada pilihan A, B dan C atau A, B, C atau D . Hitamkan jawapan yang
anda telah pilih di kertas jawapan.
!uestions "#$
Choose the best wor# to fill in the blanks.
%si tempat kosong dengan perkataan yang terbaik.
" &y pencil is blunt. &ay % borrow your''''''''''''' (
) sharpener
* scissors
C eraser
+ ruler
, The little boy is wearing his''''''''''''''''''.
) shirt
* pyjamas
C pinafore
- .umar went to the '''''''''''' to check his teeth.
) nurse
* doctor
C dentist
+ surgeon
$ The young of a deer is called a '''''''''''''' .
) owlet
* grub
C fawn
+ foal
/ , 0
!uestions 1#2
Choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph.
ilih rangkai kata yang terbaik bagi melengkapkan perenggan di bawah ini.
3esterday % followed my father to the supermarket. 4e bought'''/10'''
flour ,'''/50'''' bananas and'''''/20'''' biscuits .
1 ) a bo6 of 5. ) a comb of 2. ) a can of
* a packet of * a packet of * a tin of
C a tin of C a bouquet of C a bottle of
!uestions 7#"8
Study the pictures carefully.Then, choose the best answer$
9ihat gambar dengan teliti . ilih jawapan yang terbaik.
7 ) The blind man is helping the boy
to cross the road.
* The boy is helping the blind man
to cross the road.
C They are walking along the road.
: ) They are playing netball
at the park.
* They are playing badminton
in the hall.
C They are playing football
at the school field.
/ - 0
"8 ) );i;ah is bandaging her knee.
* );i;ah is pouring water on
her knee.
C );i;ah is applying some
medicine to the cut on her knee.

!uestions ""#"1
9ook at the pictures below carefully. Choose the best sentence to fit the situation shown in the
9ihat gambar dengan teliti . ilih ayat yang sesuai untuk melengkapkan situasi tersebut.
"" ) See you later.
* % am busy now.
C lease don<t bother me.
+ =ere is the medicine for you.
", ) 4here are your dirty clothes(
* 4ho took away your
dirty clothes(
C 4hat has happened to your
dirty clothes(
"- ) =ow do you do (
* 4hat do you want(
C =ere is your change.
+ lease choose quickly.
/ $ 0
% put them into the
washing machine.
Thank you
%<m not feeling well
"$ ) % need a haircut.
* 9ook at my messy hair.
C 4hat do you think of
my hairstyle(
+ =ow much does it cost
to cut hair(
"1. ) %s this your study room(.
* The room is in a mess.
C % don<t have a broom.
+ % wonder who did this(
!uestions "5#,"
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.
ilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat#ayat berikut.
"5 % went to his office '''''''''''''' Saturday.
) across
* near
C on
+ at
"2 9isten> Someone is '''''''''''''' for help.
) shouting
* shout
C shouted
"7 ?a;ak is a fat boy. =e is the ''''''''''boy in my class.
) fat
* fattest
C fatter
+ as fat as
/ 1 0

9et<s clean it up
Sure, what style do
you want (
9et<s clean it up
": &y father rides his ''''''''''''' to the office every day.
) motorcycle
* car
C bus
,8 Shall we go camping ''''''''''' stay at home(
) but
* or
C because
!uestion ,"
Choose the word which is similar in meaning to the underlined word.
ilih perkataan yang sama maksu# dengan perkataan yang bergaris.
," 3ou should speak to someone about your problems.
) see
* talk
C tell
!uestions ,,#,-
Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.
ilih ayat yang mempunyai tan#a baca yang betul.
,, ) ak )hmad is a kind , friendly and hardworking man.
* ak ahmad is a kind , friendly and hardworking man.
C ak )hmad is a kind friendly and hardworking man.
,- ) @% am sorry,A said ?ahimah
* @% am sorry,A said ?ahimah.
C @i am sorry,A said ?ahimah
+ @% am sorryA said ?ahimah
/ 5 0
!uestions ,$#,1
Choose the option with the correct spelling .
ilih perkataan yang mempunyai ejaan yang betul.
,$ .avitha is wearing a''''''''''''' to school.
) pinafor
* pinfore
C pinafore
,1 ) hibiscus has five'''''''''''''''' .
) patels
* petals
C pitals
!uestions ,5#-8
9ook at the picture carefully .*ased on the picture and the passage given, choose the best
answer to fill in the blanks.
9ihat gambar dengan teliti. %si tempat kosong dengan jawapan yang terbaik berdasarkan gambar
dan petikan yang diberi. .
This is Encik .arim<s family. They '''''/,50''''' two daughters and a son.
Salina , the eldest , is "$8 cm '''''''/,20'''''' . 9okman , ''''''/,70''''''
only boy , is the youngest . ''''''''/,:0''''''' is quite thin . Salbiah , the second
'''''''/-80'''''' the family, is seven years old.
/ 2 0
,5 ) have * has C having
,2 ) tall * tallest C taller
,7 ) a * is C the + was
,: ) She * =e C They + 4e
-8 ) under * on C in + below
!uestions -"#-1
?ead the conversation below and answer the questions that follow.
*aca perbualan di bawah dan jawab soalan#soalan yang berikut.
9eong B Siva, please take a look at my car.
Siva B Ch > % think you need to take it to %smail<s workshop nearby. =e is my
friend .
9eong drove his car to %smail<s workshop slowly.
Siva B %smail , he<s my friend, 9eong. Can you please check his car (
%smail B )lright. lease wait , 9eong. %<ll have a look at the engine.
9eong B 4hat<s wrong (
%smail B +on<t worry. %t<s only a small problem with one of the plugs..
9eong B Can you fi6 it (
%smail B 3es , %ll fi& it but you have to wait for a while.
9eong B That<s fine. %<ll wait.
-" 4hose car was it (
) %smail<s
* 9eong<s
C Siva<s
+ %smail<s and Siva<s
-, 4hy was the car taken to the workshop (
) 9eong wanted to know %smail.
* 9eong wanted to repair his car.
C 9eong lived there.
+ 9eong wanted to buy a wire.
/ 7 0
-- %smail is most probably a ''''''''''''''' .
) ta6i driver
* mechanic
C salesman
+ worker
-$ 9eong and Siva areDDDDD.
) friends.
* uncles.
C cousins.
+ brothers.
-1 The phrase E%ll fi& it% means thatDDD.
) %smail will fi6 the car with a new engine.
* %smail will clean the engine.
C %smail will take out the engine.
+ %smail will fi6 a new plug to the engine.
!uestions -5#$8
Study the advertisement below . Then choose the best answers.
9ihat iklan di bawah dengan teliti. .emudian,pilih jawapan yang terbaik.
Great Discounts
May 2007
9.00 a.m. till 9.00 p.m.
All items will be sold at a discount of between 20% - 70%
Rainbow plaza is having a fashion show at !00p!m! "oin us and do not miss
the chance to pic# some bargains on the wa$!
-5 This passage is
/ : 0
) a page from a diary
* an essay in a maga;ine
C a story told by a friend
+ an advertisement
-2 The sale will be held for
) "8 hours
* ", hours
C ,$ hours
+ "7 hours
-7. 4hat can you see at 7.88 p.m.(
) ) variety show
* ) fashion show
C ) grand sale
+ ) cinema show
-: 4hich of this is not mentioned in the passage (
) Stationary
* Clothing
C Footwear
+ =ousehold
$8 The word Ebargains< in the last line means
) attractive items
* e6pensive goods
C discount prices
+ good buys

/ "8 0