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Michael Angelo Sarabia

Earthquakes and Volcanism, A Film Showing

The film was all about Volcanoes, and Earthquake. Having film showing about a certain
topic in Earth Science is really interesting yet helpful in many ways. It helps the student to
visualize certain lessons like Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Having visualization about these topics
really helped me to understand the processes and effects of earthquake. Many of us students in
our block are not yet alive during the eruption of Mount Pinatubo who has greatly affected the
Philippines and the world but with the visual materials it helps us realize the danger and effect of
volcanic eruption.
Earthquake has been one of the most dangerous natural disaster that could happen in the
world. I have not yet experienced an earthquake nor felt it even if there was an earthquake, I
cant really took notice to it. By watching the film, I have been aware of the possible hazards that
a strong earthquake may do to our community. It also gave me vision of what we must be
prepared and what to be aware of. It is not just the disaster itself that I have learned from
watching the film but also how these natural disasters occur in the Earth. The movie clearly
explained with visual animation and effects the processes taking place of how do Earthquakes
and Volcanoes occur and are formed. It explains that there are 2 types of Earthquake which is the
Volcanic Earthquake and Tectonic Earthquake. The film gave us a closer look of how does
tectonic earthquake happen and we have visually seen the animation of how the layers of earth
collide and submerge to another plate that forms the volcano. It also made me realize the
formation of the Pacific Ring of fire which is said to be the place where most active volcanic
activities occur. It also gave us a closer look to what does a lava look like and also the
tephra and different volcanic debris and the smoke that is coming out of the volcano which gave
us a deep understanding to how Volcanoes can really be a disastrous place where human
habitation is really risky.
Overall, the film viewing is highly educational which is really helpful for the students to
deeply understand the processes taking place with these two topics which is Earthquakes and
Volcanism. Students easily learn by visually seeing the processes taking place with these topics.
It is really amazing of how these videos were captured. Earthquakes and Volcanism are natural
Michael Angelo Sarabia
disasters that must be understood for us to develop awareness of the nature and appreciate its
beauty and learn with nature.