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His Excellency Governor of Haryana,

Subject: Protest petition against Haryana Khadi and VI Board agendas and
decision of BoD meeting dated 6-8-2014 with out personnel hearing.
Kindly refer to the baseless charge sheets issued; two charge sheet for same
reason and another one was also on the basis of baseless charges read with the
biased inquiry reports, where as reply submitted were not properly examined
and agenda was placed before the BoD with out proper examination of replies,
comments submitted against inquiry reports but matter was adjourned and
placed before the BoD on dated August 6, 2014 and I was forcibly compelled
to move voluntary retirement on dated August 5, 2014, where as it was clearly
mentioned by me that I am moving VRS on the basis of unavoidable
circumstances. It would be pertinent to mention here that I was called for
personnel appearance, hearing before BoD on dated 17-7-2014 but no
intimation was given for BoD dated 6-8-2014. As per the order issued on the
basis of proceedings of BoD meeting dated 6-8-2014, I am shocked and
mentally disturbed that all baseless charges leveled against me were accepted
by the BoD as per the language of the Board letter dated 7-8-2014, where as I
have strong objections on the language used in the Board letter dated 7-8-2014
and submit this protest petition against all biased and baseless actions against
me, to spoil my service career, where as my promotion for the post of
Development Officer (Leather) was also due and same was not given to me. I
have moved application under RTI Act and same information was also not yet
provided along with the following service benefits:
1. Annual increment, which was due as on 1-4-1995.
2. EB was illegally with held along with two ACPs.
3. Many years annual increments.
4. Promotion to post of Development Officer (Leather) was ignored twice and
in past DKVIO was promoted on this post ignoring TS (L).
5. Two baseless charge sheets were issued on the basis of same ground and
Civil Surgeon endorsement was illegally ignored.
6. Marketing schemes were activated on the basis of agreement executed
amongst Board and supplier, where as it was clearly mutually decided in this
agreement that supplier be responsible for any sub standard material supplies
but I was illegally charge sheeted, 16-11-2007 instructions were illegally
imposed on the work done on 27-2-2007, there was no loss to the Board, in fact
5% service charges was received by the Board as revenue and excess payment
was recovered from the defaulter purchaser, where as same was to be
recovered from the supplier, as per agreement.
7. I was placed under suspension with out speaking orders of the Chief
Minister and was not reinstated after competition of inquiry.
8. No proper hearing was granted before CE or BoD, as requested in my
9. Recovery was made out from the pay with out my consent and appeal
against orders of CE was not yet decided. In fact no wrong act was proved
against me but forcibly recovery was imposed on me, ignoring my replies.
10. Many appeals before the Chairman of the Board are still pending not yet
11. Leave on medical grounds was illegally rejected, appeal against these orders
are being pending before Chairman of the Board.
12. My suspension period treated as leave with out my consent or request by the
BoD on 6-8-2014, in fact my suspension was illegal and my request for
reinstatement was also ignored, for natural justice suspension period can be
treated as duty period.
13. My dues, service and pension benefits are not yet released.
It would be pertinent to mention here that I was most competent and well
qualified official of Board:
1. M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication.
2. Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication.
3. Diploma in Footwear Technology.
4. Advance Course in Footwear Technology with Distinction.
5. The Govt. of Haryana nominated me as a Member of the State Committee
for Slaughter Houses, Department of Urban and Local Bodies, being an
prominent environmentalist, as per order passed by the Honble Supreme
Court of India, with out any extra pay and allowances.
Hence above said service benefits may kindly be released and personnel
hearing may kindly be granted for natural justice.
Sincerely yours,

Naresh Kadian,
Ex TSL, C-38, Rose Apartment, sector-14, Rohini, Delhi.
Cc for information and similar actions:
1. Chief Minister, Haryana.
2. Chief Secretary to Govt. of Haryana, Chandigarh.
3. Chairman, Haryana Khadi and VI Board, Panchkula.
4. Chief Executive, Haryana Khadi and VI Board, Panchkula.

Cc for information and necessary action:
1. The Director, DoPT with request that personnel hearing may kindly be
granted, to explain position against Additional Chief Secretary to the Govt. of
Haryana Y.S. Malik, IAS and Ashok Sangwan, IAS because all complaints
against said biased officers was forwarded by DoPT to the Chief Secretary,
Haryana but complainant are not being heard.