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An analysis on turning talent management into a competitive advantage

A. Learning for Recession.

B. Blueprint Map for 21st Century HR Practices.
C. Why M&A Fails- With reference to the country-country policy.
D. HR- Are Social Networking Website Creates New Business Avenues.
E. Challenges in Recruitment & Selection.
F. Failure of HR Practices in SME.

B. HR Topics..
2.Performance Management System
3.Employee Welfare Measure
4.360 degree Appraisal
5.Quality of Work life
6.HRD Practices
7.Factors determining Job Satisfaction of Employees
8.Stress Management
9.Employee retention Techniques
10.Settlement of Grievance
11.Workers Participation in Management.
12.Effectiveness of Training(Do it as Research Project)
13.Job evaluation
14.Employee satisfaction
15.compensation review..
16.application of new motivational approach for employee
17.requirement program
18.360 degree feedback
20.Recruitment Process
21.General evaluation
22.Mapping training need of employees
23.Succession planning in Senior management
24.Retention strategy in a manufacturing set up
25.Change Management (
26.Organizational Development

C. ome topics of your interest are-
1. An industry view on turning talent management into a competitive advantage
2. Integrated and Integrative Talent Management in extending the Value
of a Strategic Framework
3. Business Value of an Integrated Talent Management Framework
4. Integrating HR & Talent Management Processes in companies
5. Talent Management Strategies for Attracting and Retaining the Best
and the Brightest employee in Indian context
6. Organizational Stress Management: Survival Strategies for turbulent Times
7. Critical Incident Stress Management in some companies
8. designing a Comprehensive Stress Management Module among Top Level Managers
9. A study of Line management behaviour and stress at work
10. Impact of Stress Management on Human Competencies in Indian companies
11. E-HRM: designing a model based on technology acceptance model
12. Evaluating the Strategic Potential of e-HRM in Indian companies
13. e-HRM Effectiveness in a Public Sector Organization: A
Multi-Stakeholder Perspective.
14. The Use and Impact of e-Human Resource Information Systems on
Human Resource Management Professionals.
15. e-HRM Consequences in Indian companies
16. Effecting HRM-style PracticesThrough an Integrated Human Resource
Information System
17. An Exploratory Analysis of E-HRM In The Context of HRM Transformation
18. Work-Life Balance: A Case of Social Responsibility or Competitive Advantage?
19. Work Life Balance for Women Executives in Indian companies
20. Study of Work-life balance as source of job dissatisfaction and
withdrawal Attitudes in Indian companies
21. A Critical Study on Work-life Balance of BPO Employees in India
22. An analysis of Working time, gender and work-life balance in
Indian companies