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Icfai national


Project Report
Submitted in lieu of the partial
fulfllment of the
Degree of Master of Business Management

Submitted by:-
Submitted to:-
Avinash kumar
Mrs.Sujata sinha
En no-nblk!"
#aculty of inc
$atch- %!!-%!1! &uckno'

(om)any )ro*le
$anking structure
Major com)onents
Introduction of to)ic
+esearch methodology
-ata analysis
/o ackno'ledge all the )ersons 'ho had hel)ed for the ful*llment of the
)roject is not )ossible for any researcher but in s)ite of all that it becomes
the foremost res)onsibility of the researcher and also the )art of research
ethics to ackno'ledge those 'ho had )layed a great role for the
com)letion of the )roject.
/he te0t contain in this re)ort is the manifestation of learning 1rocess
that began for me over 1 month ago.during the intervening )eriod I have
come across some 'onderful )eo)le in the form of +elatives 2friends or
ac3uaintances from I have learnt immensely .4hile it is not )ossible to
name them individually I 'ould like to e0)ress a dee) sense of gratitude
to'ards them.
I 'ould like to thank my colleagues 'ho have su))orted me through thick
and thin during the last fe' months./hese include Mr.-ev kant2 MrAjit
5o amount of thank can ever re)ay the great debt that I o'e My #aculty
guide Mrs. Sujata sinha 'ho has )rovided me constant ins)iration over
the )ast one year.In fact 2this re)ort 4ould not have been )ossible but for
the direct and indirect Su))ort 2ins)iration and guidance from Sujata mam
'ho has been a consant mentor in my e6orts over the fe' months.
+est all those )eo)le 'ho hel)ed me are not only matter of
ackno'ledgment but also authori8ed for sharing my success.
Marketing is a social & managerial process by which an individual and group obtain what
they need and want through creating offering and exchanging products of value with others.
Marketing is getting the right good and services to the right )eo)le to the
right )lace2 at the right time at the right )lace 'ith the right
communication and )romotion. It is the art of creating and satisfying
customer at a )ro*t.
Advertising is one of the major tools of com)anies to direct )ervasive
communication to target buyers and )ublics. An identi*ed s)onsor de*nes
it as any )aid from and non )ersonal )resentation and )romotion of ideas2
goods or services.
Advertising is a cost e6ective 'ay to disseminate message 'hether it is to
saving account of I(I(I bank and give best service in account.

Banking is the backbone of a modern economy. Health of banking industry is one of
the most important pre-conditions for sustained economic progress of any country. The world
of banking has assumed a new dimension at the dawn of the !
century with the advent of
tech banking" thereby lending the industry a stamp of universality. #n general" banking may be
classified as retail and corporate banking. $etail banking" which is designed to meet the
re%uirements of individual customers and encourage their savings" includes payment of utility
bills" consumer loans" credit cards" checking account balances" &TMs" transferring funds
between accounts and the like. 'orporate banking" on the other hand" caters to the needs of
corporate customers like bills discounting" opening letters of credit and managing cash.
/he Indian banking scene has changed drastically 'ith the )rivate
sector making inroads in an area hitherto dominated by large )ublic sector
banks. ;ro'ing disinvestment is likely to im)act the banking industry as
'ell. /here is every )ossibility of )rivati8ation of )ublic sector banks2
leading to greater o)erational autonomy.
/he develo)ment of the Indian banking sector has been
accom)anied by the introduction of ne' norms such as Income
+ecognition and (a)ital Ade3uacy2 by the government. /he latter im)lies
that banks can lend on the basis of their res)ective ca)ital base. /hese
norms have caused banks to construct e3uity on their o'n2 before going in
for debt. -isintermediation is a real threat for banks. ,f late2 banks are
ado)ting the E=A >Economic =alue Added? conce)t 'herein revenues are
vie'ed in the conte0t of the risk associated 'ith them.
/he 5e' 4orld order has ensured @Survival of the #ittest@. 5e' services
are the order of the day2 in order to stay ahead in the rat race. $anks are
no' foraying into net banking2 securities2 consumer *nance2 housing
*nance2 treasury market2 merchant banking and insurance.
(,M1A5B 1+,#I&E
I(I(I $ank is IndiaCs second-largest bank 'ith total assets of about +s. 1
trillion and a net'ork of about "9! branches and oDces and over 12!!!
A/Ms. I(I(I $ank o6ers a 'ide range of banking )roducts and *nancial
services to cor)orate and retail customers through a variety of delivery
channels and through its s)eciali8ed subsidiaries and aDliates in the areas
of investment banking2 life and non-$anking 2 venture ca)ital2 asset
management and information technology. I(I(I $ankCs e3uity shares are
listed in India on stock e0changes at (hennai2 Mu8a6arnagar2 Eolkata and
=adodara2 the Stock E0change2 Mumbai and the 5ational Stock E0change
of India &imited and its American -e)ositary +ecei)ts >A-+s? are listed on
the 5e' Bork Stock E0change >5BSE?.
I(I(I $ank 'as originally )romoted in 1FF9 by I(I(I &imited2 an Indian
*nancial institution2 and 'as its 'holly o'ned subsidiary. I(I(ICs
shareholding in I(I(I $ank 'as reduced to 9<G through a )ublic o6ering of
shares in India in *scal 1FF2 an e3uity o6ering in the form of A-+s listed
on the 5BSE in *scal %!!!2 I(I(I $ankCs ac3uisition of $ank of Madura
&imited in an all-stock amalgamation in *scal %!!12 and secondary market
sales by I(I(I to institutional investors in *scal %!!1 and *scal %!!%. I(I(I
'as formed in 1F"" at the initiative of the 4orld $ank2 the ;overnment of

India and re)resentatives of Indian industry. /he )rinci)al objective 'as to
create a develo)ment *nancial institution for )roviding medium-term and
long-term )roject *nancing to Indian businesses. In the 1FF!s2 I(I(I
transformed its business from a develo)ment *nancial institution o6ering
only )roject *nance to a diversi*ed *nancial services grou) o6ering a
'ide variety of )roducts and services2 both directly and through a number
of subsidiaries and aDliates like I(I(I $ank. In 1FFF2 I(I(I become the *rst
Indian com)any and the *rst bank or *nancial institution from non-Ha)an
Asia to be listed on the 5BSE.
After consideration of various cor)orate structuring alternatives in the
conte0t of the emerging com)etitive scenario in the Indian banking
industry2 and the move to'ards universal banking2 the managements of
I(I(I and I(I(I $ank formed the vie' that the merger of I(I(I 'ith I(I(I
$ank 'ould be the o)timal strategic alternative for both entities2 and
'ould create the o)timal legal structure for the I(I(I grou)Cs universal
banking strategy. /he merger 'ould enhance value for I(I(I shareholders
through the merged entityCs access to lo'-cost de)osits2 greater
o))ortunities for earning fee-based income and the ability to )artici)ate in
the )ayments system and )rovide transaction-banking services. /he
merger 'ould enhance value for I(I(I $ank shareholders through a large
ca)ital base and scale of o)erations2 seamless access to I(I(ICs strong
cor)orate relationshi)s built u) over *ve decades2 entry into ne' business
segments2 higher market share in various business segments2 )articularly
fee-based services2 and access to the vast talent )ool of I(I(I and its
subsidiaries. In ,ctober %!!12 the $oards of -irectors of I(I(I and I(I(I
$ank a))roved the merger of I(I(I and t'o of its 'holly o'ned retail
*nances subsidiaries2 I(I(I 1ersonal #inancial Services &imited and I(I(I
(a)ital Services &imited2 'ith I(I(I $ank. /he merger 'as a))roved by
shareholders of I(I(I and I(I(I $ank in Hanuary %!!%2 by the Iigh (ourt of
;ujarat at Ahmedabad in March %!!%2 and by the Iigh (ourt of Hudicature
at Mumbai and the +eserve $ank of India in A)ril %!!%. (onse3uent to the
merger2 the I(I(I grou)Cs *nancing and banking o)erations2 both
'holesale and retail2 have been integrated in a single entity.
IIS/,+B ,# (,M1A5B
I(I(I $ank has signed an agreement to use the 5(+ s'itch mark
technology for online-net'orking all its A/Ms2 the oDcials said they
net'ork 'ould come into )lace in Se)tember.
I(I(I $ank recently restructured its organi8ational structure by setting u)
strategic business units for retail banking2 cor)orate banking and fore and
treasury o)erations2 as inde)endent )ro*t centers.
I(I(I is all set to launch a <!-second television commercial on August 1"2
I(I(I $ank became the *rst Indian bank to list on the 5e' Bork Stock
E0change 'ith its J1A"-million American de)ository shares issue
generating a demand book 17 times its si8e at J%.% billion.
/he $ank )ro)oses to bring credit cards to the @large2 underserved
)o)ulation@ in rural and semi-urban areas.
Sky(ell (ommunications &td2 one of the t'o cellular service )roviders in
(hennai2 has launched KSky $ankingC2 for 'hich the com)any has tied u)
'ith I(I(I $ank and I-#( $ank.
/he I(I(I has announced the launch of mobile banking services for its
customers2 using the 'ireless a))lication )rotocol >4A1? technology.
#ord India has tied u) 'ith I(I(I $ank to introduce a scheme2 enabling
non-resident Indians >5+Is? to )urchase a #ord Ikon car for their friends
and relatives in India.
I(I(I $ank has set u) an A/M facility at an Indian ,il (or)oration
)etrodiesel outlet at (hennai.
I(I(I $ank has tied u) 'ith (hennai /ele)hones to )rovide Internet bill
)ayment facility to its customers.
$A5EI5; S/+:(/:+E
The #ndian banking industry" which has $eserve Bank of #ndia as its regulatory
authority" is a mix of the public sector" private sector" and foreign banks. The private sector
banks are again split into old banks and new banks.

Scheduled commercial banks are those that come under the )urvie'
of the Second Schedule of +eserve $ank of India >+$I? Act2 1F79. /he
banks that are included under this schedule are those that satisfy the
criteria laid do'n vide section 9% ><! of the Act?. Some co-o)erative banks
come under the category of scheduled commercial banks though not all
co-o)erative banks.
1ublic sector banks are those in 'hich the ;overnment of India or
the +$I is a majority shareholder. /hese banks include the State $ank of
India >S$I? and its subsidiaries2 other nationali8ed banks2 and +egional
+ural $anks >++$s?. ,ver A!G of the aggregate branches in India are
those of the )ublic sector banks. Some of the leading banks in this
segment include Allahabad $ank2 (anara $ank2 $ank of Maharashtra2
(entral $ank of India2 Indian ,verseas $ank2 State $ank of India2 State
$ank of 1atiala2 State $ank of $ikaner and Hai)ur2 State $ank of
/ravancore2 $ank of $aroda2 $ank of India2 ,riental $ank of (ommerce2
:(, $ank2 :nion $ank of India2 -ena $ank and (or)oration $ank.
1rivate banks are essentially com)rised of t'o ty)es: the old and the
ne'. /he old )rivate sector banks com)rise those2 'hich 'ere o)erating
before $anking 5ationali8ation Act 'as )assed in 1F<F. ,n account of
their small si8e2 and regional o)erations2 these banks 'ere not
nationali8ed. /hese banks face intense rivalry from the ne' )rivate banks
and the foreign banks. /he banks that are included in this segment
include: $ank of Madura &td. >no' a )art of I(I(I $ank?2 $harat ,verseas
$ank &td.2 $ank of +ajasthan2 Earnataka $ank &td.2 &ord Erishna $ank &td.2
/he (atholic Syrian $ank &td.2 /he -hanalakshmi $ank &td.2 /he #ederal
$ank &td.2 /he Hammu L Eashmir $ank &td.2 /he Earur =ysya $ank &td.2
/he &akshmi =ilas $ank &td.2 /he 5edungadi $ank &td. and =ysya $ank.
/he ne' )rivate sector banks 'ere established 'hen the $anking
+egulation Act 'as amended in 1FF7. #inancial institutions )romoted
several of these banks. After the initial licenses2 the +$I has granted no
more licenses. /hese banks are gearing u) to face the foreign banks by
focusing on service and technology. (urrently2 these banks are on an
e0)ansion s)ree2 s)reading into semi-urban areas and satellite to'ns. /he
leading banks that are included in this segment include $ank of 1unjab
&td.2 (enturion $ank &td.2 ;lobal /rust $ank &td.2 I-#( $ank &td.2 I(I(I
$anking (or)oration &td.2 I-$I $ank &td.2 IndusInd $ank &td. and :/I $ank
/he o)erations of foreign banks2 though similar to that of other
commercial Indian banks2 are mainly con*ned to metro)olitan areas.
#oray of foreign banks de)ends on reci)rocity2 economic and )olitical
bilateral relations. An inter-de)artmental committee has been set u) to
endorse a))lications for entry and e0)ansion. #oreign banks2 in the 'ake
of the liberali8ation era2 are looking to e0)and and diversify. Some of the
leading foreign banks that o)erate in India are (itibank2 Standard
(hartered ;rindlays $ank2 Iong Eong Shanghai $anking (or)oration2 $ank
of America2 -eutsche $ank2 -evelo)ment $ank of Singa)ore and $an3ue
5ational -e 1aris.
#unctioning of 1ublic Sector $anks >1S$s?2 'hich are yet to achieve
com)uteri8ation across the board2 is at a relative disadvantage 'hen
com)ared to the )rivate sector2 'hich is o6ering state-of-the-art facilities
such as A/Ms2 doorste) banking2 banking on )hone2 and net banking. 1S$s
also su6er from huge costs of labor and lo' levels of automation. At this
rate2 it may not be long before ne' channels devised by )rivate banks
e6ectively sur)ass the number of branch net'orks o6ered by the 1S$s.
/his a)art2 the )roblems 'hich have assumed enormous )ro)ortion
today as far as 1ublic Sector banks are concerned are ballooning 51A
levels2 declining margins2 )oor credit o6-take2 high overheads2 and lack of
good 3uality assets. $anks are sticking to reliable borro'ers for fear of bad
debts. In fact2 banks largely invest in government securities2 'hich have
8ero risk. 4ith ;,I being the single largest borro'er2 the yields on these
securities determine the interest rates.
/he government aims to decrease its shareholding in 1S$s to 77G2
ho'ever2 at the same time it also 'ants to retain the controlling stake.
/his2 it is feared2 is not going to solve the )roblems 'hich 1S$s are co)ing
'ith no'.
1+I=A/E SE(/,+ $&,,MS
(or)orate governance and self-regulation are the ground rules for
the )rivate sector. ;overnment interference is not )referred. 4hile some
)rivate banks such as I(I(I $ank2 :/I $ank and I-$I $ank have *nancial
institutions backing them2 others are o)ting for foreign )artnershi)s for
technology and monetary resources.
1rivate banks have emerged relatively strong2 'ith about <!G
gro'th re)orted in net )ro*ts in the year ended March %!!!. 4ith a net
)ro*t of +s.1%! crores >M9<G?2 I-#( 'as the clear leader. I-$I $ank2
ho'ever took the cake by doubling its net )ro*t2 'hich reached +s.<!.FF
crores in March %!!!./he jum) in )ro*ts can mainly be attributed to non-
traditional sectors such as commission2 e0change2 brokerage2 and )ro*t
on sale of investments.
1+,-:(/ 1,+/#,&I,
'($)($&T* B&+,#+- $*T&#. B&+,#+-
'orporate /olutions Home .oans
-overnment /olutions 'ar & Two 0heeler .oans
'apital Market /ervices 'onsumer1)ersonal .oans
&griculture 2inance /aving & Term 3eposit
/tructured 2inance /alary &ccount
)ro4ect 2inance $oaming 'urrent &ccounts
#nfrastructure 2inance #nvestment )roducts
Term .oans )rivate Banking
0orking 'apital 2inance +$# /ervices
'ash Management /ervices 3emat /ervices
Trade 2inance /ervices 'redit & 3ebit 'ards
#nternational Banking /mart 'ards
Treasury /ervices Bill )ayment /ervices
'orporate #nternet Banking *-'he%ues
'orporate &dvisory Branches
'ustodial /ervices &TMs
)rofessional 'learing #nternet Banking
Membership /ervices )hone Banking
W/at0s on o1er
Iello I(I(I and I-#( brings you a host of services at your *ngerti)s 7<"
days a year. A user friendly automated service menu o6ers you
convenient access to your account cou)led 'ith security as2 all your
transactions are )rotected by a /1I5 - /he 1ersonal )ass'ord to your
account. $ut if you do need any assistance our oDcers 'ill be glad to hel)
4hats more... this facility comes to you totally free of chargeN Some of the
services o6ered are listed belo'
Savings account :
o $alance En3uiry Statement of account
o (he3ue status en3uiry Sto) 1ayment
o (he3ue book re3uest
o -ial-a- draftO)ayorder
o A/M lost card re)orting
o +e3uest for a ne' A/M 1I5
#i0ed -e)osits:
o ,)ening a #i0ed -e)osit
o (hecking #i0ed -e)osit details
o +e3uest for /-S statement
(redit (ards:
o $alance and account related in3uiries Statement of account
o -ial a draftO)ayorder
o &ostO+e)lacement card
o A/M )in re-issue
o 1ayment instructions >maybe through a letter to the (all
o Standing Instructions
o (om)laints and suggestions
o In3uire about any I(I(I retail )roduct
$isk is an integral part of the banking business and #'#'# Bank aims at the delivery of
superior shareholder value by achieving an appropriate trade-off between risk and returns.
#'#'# Bank is exposed to various risks" including credit risk" market risk and operational risk.
(ur risk management strategy is based on a clear understanding of various risks" disciplined
risk-assessment and measurement procedures and continuous monitoring. The policies and
procedures established for this purpose are continuously benchmarked with international best
practices. & comprehensive range of %uantitative and modelling tools developed by a
dedicated risk analytics team supports the risk management function at #'#'# Bank.
The $isk" 'ompliance & &udit -roup 5$'&-6 is responsible for assessment"
management and mitigation of risk in #'#'# Bank. This group" forming a part of the
'orporate 'entre" is completely independent of all business operations and accountable to
the $isk and &udit 'ommittees of the Board of 3irectors. $'&- is organised into six sub-
groups7 'redit $isk Management -roup" Market $isk -roup" 'redit )olicies -roup" #nternet
&udit -roup" $etail $isk -roup and $isk &nalytics -roup.
'redit risk is the risk that a borrower is unable to meet its financial obligations to the lender.
#'#'# Bank measures" monitors and manasgers credit risk for each borrower asnd also at the
portfolio level. #'#'# Bank has a standardised credit approval process" which includes a well-
established procedure of comprehensive credit appraisal and rating. #'#'# Bank has
developed internal credit rating methodologies for rating obligors as well as for rating. #'#'#
Bank has developed internal credit rating methodologies for rating obligors as well as for
product 1 facilities. The rating factors in %uantitative and %ualitative issues and credit
enhancement features specific to the transaction. The rating serves as a key input in the
sanction as well as post-sanction credit processes. 'redit rating" a as concept" has been well
internalised within the Bank. The rating for every borrower is reviewed as least annually and
for higher risks credits and large exposures at shorter intervals. /ector knowledge has been
institutionali8ed across #'#'# Bank through the availability of sector-specific information on
the #ntranet. #ndustry knowledge is constantly updated through field visits" interactions with
clients" regulatory bodies and industry experts. #n respect of the retail credit business" #'#'#
Bank has a system of centrali8ed approval of all products and policies and monitoring of the
retail portfolio. 0e continuously refine our retail credit parameters based on portfolio

M&$,*T $#/,
Market risk is the risk of loss resulting from changes in interest rates2
foreign currency e0change rates2 e3uity )rices and commodity )rices.
I-#( $ankPs e0)osure to market risk a function of its trading and asset
and liability management activities and its role as a *nancial intermediary
in customer-related transactions. /he objective of market risk
management is to minimi8e the im)act of losses due to market risks on
earning and e3uity ca)ital.
Market risk )olicies include Asset-&iability Management >A&M?
)olicies and )olicies for the trading )ortfolio. /he Asset-&iability
Management (ommittee >A&(,? of $oard of -irectors a))roves A&M
)olicies. A&(,Ps role encom)asses sti)ulating li3uidity and interest-rate
risk limits2 monitoring risk levels by adherence to set limits2 articulating
the organi8ationPs interest rate vie' and determining business strategy in
the light of the current and e0)ected business environment. /hese sets of
)olicies and )rocesses are articulated in A&M )olicy. A se)arate set of
)olicies for the trading )ortfolio address issues related to investments in
various trading )roducts and are a))roved by the (ommittee of -irectors
>(,-? of the $oard. +(A; e0ercises inde)endent control over the )rocess
of market-risk management and recommends changes in )rocesses and
methodologies for measuring market risk.
M#33.* (22#'* -$(9)
I-#( $ank has a se)arate Middle ,Dce ;rou) to monitor both
credit and treasury-related com)liance. /he (redit Middle ;rou) monitors
com)liance 'ith )olicies and terms of sanction of credit )ro)osals.
/he /reasury Middle ,Dce ;rou) monitors the asset-liability )osition
under the su)ervision of the A&(,. It also monitors treasury activities2
including determining com)liance 'ith various e0)osure and dealing
limits2 verifying the a))ro)riateness and accuracy of various transactions2
)rocessing these transactions2 tracking the daily funds )osition and all
treasury related management and regulatory re)orting.
#nterest rate risk is measured through the use of re-pricing gap analysis. .i%uidity risk
is measured through gap analysis. H32' Bank ensures ade%uate li%uidity at all times
through systematic funds maintenance of li%uid investment as well as by focusing on more
stables funding sources such as retail deposits. H32' Bank mitigates its exposure to
exchange rate risk by stipulating daily stop-loss limits and position limits.
()*$&T#(+&. $#/,
,)erational risk can result from a variety of factors2 including failure
to obtain )ro)er internal authori8ation2 im)ro)erly documented
transactions2 failure of o)erational and information security )rocedures2
com)uter systems and soft'are or e3ui)ment2 fraud2 inade3uate training
and em)loyee errors. 4e attem)t o)erational risk by maintaining a
com)rehensive system of internal controls2 establishing systems and
)rocedures to monitors transactions2 maintaining key back-u) )rocedures
and undertaking regular contingency )lanning. /he Middle ,Dce ;rou)
monitors adherence to credit )rocedures. /he International Audit ;rou)
undertakes a com)rehensive audit of all business grou) and other
functions2 in accordance 'ith a risk-based audit )lan. /his )lan allocates
audit resources based on an assessment of the o)erational risks in the
various businesses. I(I(I $ank has been a )ioneer in the im)lementation
of a risk-based audit methodology in the Indian banking sector. /he
International Audit ;rou) conce)tuali8es and im)lements im)roved
system of internal controls to minimi8e o)erational risk.
#:/:+E 1+,S1E(/S ,# I(I(I A5-
I-#( $A5E
#uture e0)ectations
4e soon )lan to introduce:
)ayment services to certain standard utilities
-emat-related information
o'n accounts funds transfer
I(I(I 'ill also use 4A1 technology for undertaking on-line
#f you have an H32' )hone Banking $elationship +umber 5under which your
accounts are linked to the H32' 'all 'entre for H32' )hone Banking6" the same accounts
will be linked for Mobile 'ommerce. #f you do not have an H32' )hone Banking
$elationship +umber" you can specify the account number5s6 and your H32' 'redit 'ard
+umber to be linked for /M/.
I(I(I $A5E 5AMES (,5S:&/A5/
#,+ ;,=/ $:SI5ESS
ICICI Bank has appointed international consultancy major
monitor group to help the bank in identifcation of business
prospects in the government sector which has recently been
identifes as a focus area.
Monitor will help ICICI get business from the government
sector particularly the infrastructure sector mandates. !he
bank did not consider government business a focus area till
sometime back. "ow Monitor #roup will study investment
prospect of tourism in $ajasthan opportunities for the
government of %ndhra &radesh and investment prospects for
the bank through the government in cities such as &une and
()e are trying to fnd out how ICICI Bank can be a
partner to the government in development plans and
projects. !he bank has initiated fresh focus towards the
government which is a major source of business and we would
like to increase relationship with government agencies* ICICI
o+cials said.
Monitor #roup will fnd out ways and means for ICICI
Bank through which the latter (Can solve government fund
,ow problems and how ICICI Bank can play a role in the
projects* bank o+cials said.
!his is a test study and if there is a positive response
from the government then more such specifc developmental
studies will be taken up by the bank as partners to
-.C/"/MICS !IM.S.
1O11O!7 I(I(I $ank clocks 11!G gro'th in retail )ortfolio in .%
Mumbai: /he retail )ortfolio of I(I(I $ank gre' by 11! )er cent to +s
%"2%!" crore >+s 1%2!%1 crore? in the second 3uarter. +etail assets
constituted 7F )er cent of the bankCs customer assets. 4hile leveraging
and enhancing its )osition as the original lender2 the bank also continued
to focus on securitisation of its customer assets. /his had enabled the
bank to o)timi8e resources and ca)ital utili8ation and diversify the
com)osition of its asset )ortfolio.
-uring the *rst half of this *nancial year2 the total sell do'n and
securitisation of assets 'as around +s "27!! crore. According to the bank2
its net restructured loans declined to +s A2"< crore >+s 1!29F1 crore?. 5et
51As 'ere at +s 721% crore2 constituting 9. )er cent of its customer
assets. -e)osits gre' by 1 )er cent to +s "<2! crore >+s 921<F crore?.
As on Se)tember 7!2 %!!<2 the de)osits constituted " )er cent of the
bankCs funding against 9% )er cent in the corres)onding )eriod of the
)revious year. /he ca)ital ade3uacy as on Se)tember 7!2 %!!< 'as at
11." )er cent.
A((,:5/S I5 I(I(I $A5E
I(I(I $ank o6ers 'ide variety of -e)osit 1roducts to suit your
re3uirements.(ou)led 'ith convenience of net'orked branchesO A/Ms and
facility of E-channels like Internet and Mobile $anking2 I(I(I $ank brings
banking at your doorste). Select any of our de)osit )roducts and )rovide
your details online and our re)resentative 'ill contact you for Account
I(I(I $ank o6ers you a )o'er )acked Savings Account 'ith a host of
convenient features and banking channels to transact through. So no'
you can bank at your convenience2 'ithout the stress of 'aiting in 3ueues.

Senior Citi2en Ser3ices
4e understand that as you reach the age to retire2 you do have certain
concerns Q 'hether your hard earned money is safe and secure Q
'hether your investments give you the kind of returns that you need.
/hatCs 'hy 'e have an ideal $anking Service for those 'ho are <! years
and above. /he Senior (iti8en Services from I(I(I $ank has several
advantages that are tailored to bring more convenience and enjoyment in
your life.
4oung Stars
ItCs really im)ortant to hel) children learn the value of *nances and money
management at an early age. $anking is a serious business2 but 'e make
banking a )leasure and at the same time children learn ho' to manage
their )ersonal *nances.

-i5e' Deposits
Safety2 #le0ibility2 &i3uidity and +eturnsNNNN A combination of unbeatable
features of the #i0ed -e)osit from I(I(I $ank.
4hen e0)enses are high2 you may not have ade3uate funds to make big
investments. $ut sim)ly going ahead 'ithout saving for the future is not
an o)tion for you. /hrough I(I(I $ank +ecurring -e)osit you can invest
small amounts of money every month that ends u) 'ith a large saving on
maturity. So you enjoy t'in advantages- a6ordability and higher earnings.
A))licants must satisfy the follo'ing documentation re3uirements:
Identity )roof
1roof of communication address
Self che3ue >if the a))licant is not visiting the branch for account
I'entit6 Proof
>Any one of the follo'ing?
Proof of communication
>Any one of the follo'ing?
,riginal letter of introduction from
e0isting bank along 'ith EB( che3ue of
the same $ank
Introduction by an e0isting and
satisfactory customer as address
-riving &icense R $ook ty)e or laminated
L embossed
&atest Electricity $ill
=oter Identity (ard 'ith EB( che3ue for
o)erating accounts.
(ash can be acce)ted for /erm de)osits.
(erti*cate from the )ostal oDce
con*rming address of a))licant
Em)loyee Identity (ard ,riginal &etter from Em)loyer
certifying the residential address of
a))licant. Signature of the
em)loyee has to be attested on the
1A5 (ard /ele)hone bills from any tele)hone
service )roviders and mobile
service )roviders >EB( che3ue
mandatory for mobile service
-efence -e)endentCs card (onsumer gas connection
cardObookO1i)e ;as bill >same as
electricity bill?
E0-Service Man (ard (erti*cate from the
'ardOe3uivalent rank oDcer2
maintaining election roll2 certifying
address of the a))licant
$ar (ouncilOIndian Medical Association
(ardOSenior (iti8en (ard
+egistered and valid &easeO &eave
agreement 'ith co)ies of utility
1I, $ooklet for returning 5+Is 1ost ,Dce Savings 1ass $ook 'ith
EB( che3ue
MA1I5 card Statement of account or 1ass $ook
of a scheduled commercial bank
'ith entries of at least last 7
months along'ith EB( che3ue
1remium +ecei)t from any $anking
(erti*cate by =illage E0tension
,Dcer >=E,?O=illage Iead or e3ual
rank oDcers
-omicile (erti*cate 'ith
communication address and
Accepte' as 7ot/ I'entit6 an' A''ress proof
>Any one of the follo'ing?
Arms &icense issued by StateO(entral ;overnment of India authorities
#reedom *ghterCs )ass issued by Ministry of Iome a6airs2 ;overnment of
India 'ith )hotogra)h of a))licant
1ension )ayment orderObookO(ard issued by StateO(entral ;overnment of
1rinted +ation (ard 'ith 1hotogra)h of a))licant.
Iouse hold (ard 'ith )hotogra)h issued by ;ovt of Andhra 1radesh
I- card 'ith )hotogra)h issued by ;ovt of Hammu and Eashmir
$ank 1ass $ook 'ith )hotogra)h issued by S$I and its subsidiaries or
5ationalised $anks
1hoto Social Security (ard >Smart (ard? issued by (entralOState ;ovts or
:nion territories.
Sa3ings Ban$ Account8 7."!G
-omestic term de)osits >;eneral (ategory? :
* Su7ject to re3ision %it/out furt/er notice.
99 Recurring Deposit %i&& not 7e a3ai&a7&e for tenure of :;< 'a6s=
Note8 Rates for Deposits for Rs=> Crore an' a7o3e %i&& 7e a'3ise'
76 treasur6 from time to time=
>= E&igi7i&it6 Criteria
A )erson 'ho has com)leted the age of <! years may be treated as a
senior citi8en for getting the bene*t under the s)ecial de)osit scheme for
senior citi8ens.
@= ,eriAcation of Age8
Opening of Ne% Account
At the time of o)ening of a ne' de)osit account of a senior citi8en2 the
branch should satisfy about the age through veri*cation of any of the
follo'ing documents:-
Secondary School &eaving (erti*cate indicating date of $irth
&I( 1olicy
=oters Identity (ard
1ension 1ayment ,rder
$irth (erti*cate issued by the com)etent authority
Interest +ates for Senior (iti8ens :
9Su7ject to re3ision %it/out furt/er notice.
99 Recurring Deposit %i&& not 7e a3ai&a7&e for tenure of :;< 'a6s=
Pena&t6 on Pre"mature %it/'ra%a& !A&& Categories# %ou&' 7e
app&ica7&e as 7e&o%8
/he I(I(I $ank 5cash debit card is a debit-cum-A/M card )roviding
you 'ith the convenience of acce)tance at merchant establishments
and cash 'ithdra'als at A/Ms.(lick here for details
#ree Access to any $ankCs A/M R /he ne0t time you 'ant to
'ithdra' cash from your I(I(I $ank account2 just 'alk into any
bankCs A/M and use your I(I(I $ank A/M-cum--ebit card for as many
as F free transactions >including cash 'ithdra'al and balance
en3uiry? in a 3uarter. /his o6er is available to customers 'ho
maintain more than +s.%"2!!! in a given 3uarter in their domestic
Savings Account 'ith I(I(I $ank. /he above bene*t can be availed in
the ne0t 3uarter.
Any'here $anking - /his facility entitles the account holder to
'ithdra' or de)osit cash u)to a limit of +s."!2!!! across all I(I(I
$ank branches.
Bou can give us various ty)es of standing instructions like
transferring to *0ed de)osit accounts at regular intervals.
An average 3uarterly balance of +s "2!!! only.
Minimum Ba&ance
T6pe of
+s "2%!!
5on-maintenance of the minimum average 3uarterly balance
attracts a fee of +s A"! )er 3uarter.
/he facility of 5omination is available for relationshi)s in the names
of individuals. :nless other'ise s)eci*cally2 given in 'riting by
de)ositors2 nomination in de)osit accounts 'ill be at (ustomer I-
A de)ositor>s? ho'ever has O have the right to s)ecify di6erent
nominations at account level by com)leting the a))ro)riate forms.
#urther2 the a))licant>s? is O are at liberty to change the nominee
during the currency of the relationshi) accounts 'ith the $ank
through declaration to that e6ect in the a))ro)riate form
A= Repatria7&e
+e)atriable funds >i.e. those 'hich can be taken abroad? need to be ke)t
in a se)arate bank account2 i.e. 5+E $ank account. /y)ically2 funds
brought in from abroad are )ermitted in such an account. Investments
made from such funds can be re)atriated2 i.e. )roceeds from sale or
other'ise from such investments can be taken abroad. Such investments
are maintained in a +e)atriable -emat account.
B= Non"repatria7&e
5on-re)atriable funds >i.e. those 'hich cannot be taken abroad? need to
be ke)t se)arate from re)atriable funds in a se)arate bank account i.e.
5+, $ank account. Investments made from such funds cannot be
re)atriated2 i.e. )roceeds from sale or other'ise from such investments
cannot be taken abroad. Such investments are maintained in a 5on-
+e)atriable -emat account. Money once transferred from 5+E account to
5+, account loses its re)atriability and hence2 cannot be transferred back
to 5+E account. Mo'e of In3estment 8
A= Portfo&io In3estment Sc/eme !PINS#
1ortfolio Investment Scheme >1I5S? is a scheme of the +eserve $ank of
India >+$I? under 'hich the C5on +esident Indians >5+Is?C and C1erson of
Indian ,rigin >1I,s ?C can )urchase and sell shares and convertible
debentures of Indian (om)anies on a recogni8ed stock e0change in India
by routing all such )urchaseOsale transactions through their account held
'ith a -esignated $ank $ranch . /he -esignated $ank maintains a record
of all investments done under 1I5S >1I5S )ortfolio?.
B= Non " PINS
Any investment other than under 1I5S is /y)ically2 this includes:
1. Subscri)tion to 1rimary market o6erings >I1,s?
%. Investments made 'hen resident in India.
7. Investments in Mutual funds
9. Investments in derivatives
". ;ifts and Inheritance
Deci'ing Com7ination :
Bou may have to o)en demat accounts of a s)eci*c combination if you
already hold )hysical shares in that combination. /he )hysical shares can
be converted into electronic form in your demat account by submitting the
certi*cates along 'ith a demat re3uest form. Bou should also o)en the
re3uired combination under the correct ty)e of demat account :
PINS NRE : #or shares ac3uired earlier under 1I5S on re)atriation basis.
PINS NRO : #or shares ac3uired earlier under 1I5S on non-re)atriation
Non"PINS NRE : #or shares ac3uired earlier other than under 1I5S on
re)atriation basis.
Non"PINS NRO : #or shares ac3uired earlier other than under 1I5S on
non-re)atriation basis and also 'hen C+esidentC in India.
I= Terms B Con'itions for esta7&is/ing re&ations/ip an' Operating
Accounts >#or +esident Individuals?
>= Esta7&is/ing a Re&ations/ip
1.1 A))licant>s? desiring to o)en a +elationshi) need>s? to sign a
+elationshi) form and declare therein that heOsheOthey hasOhave agreed to
abide by the rules 'hich are in force from time to time.
1.% A))licant is re3uired to furnish Identity 1roof and Address )roof as
follo's 'hile establishing a banking relationshi) 'ith the $ank :
I'entit6 Proof
=eri*ed true co)y of valid )ass)ort
&etter from e0isting bank
=alid driving license
=alid em)loyee identity card
=alid 1A5 card
=alid )hoto credit card along 'ith the current billing cycle >latest?
/rue co)y of valid arms license issued by ;ovt of IndiaOState govtsO:nion
territory 'ith )hotogra)h
=alid )ension book
=alid freedom *ghterCs )ass issued Iome Ministry of ;overnment of India
MAH,+ (,M1E/I/,+S
S/A/E $A5E ,# I5-IA
It is IndiaCs largest bank 'ith assets 'orth +s.%2 <1" billion. S$I also has
the distinction of having the 'orldPs largest branch net'ork of F2!!!
branches. /he bank has a share of about %%G of IndiaCs loans and
de)osits2 and is a to) )layer in trade *nance and fore0. /hrough its
subsidiaries2 S$I is also a leading )rovider of other *nancial )roducts like
mutual funds2 investment banking2 housing *nance and factoring. S$I has
a market share of one-*fth of the banking sector in India. 5ationali8ed
banks and S$I and its subsidiaries form the heart of the Indian banking
system. /hese t'o entities o)erate A!G of the total branches s)read
across the length and breadth of India.
$A5E ,# I5-IA
As one of the leading )ublic sector Indian banks2 $ank of India has the
distinction of being the *rst bank to o)en a branch outside India. /he
bank2 'hich currently has overseas o)erations in about 1! countries2 is
one of the leaders in *nancing foreign trade. It is one of the fe' Indian
banks that )rovide tele-banking facilities2 +emote Access /erminals for
cor)orate clients2 and Signature +etrieval System. Some of the recent
forays made by the bank in terms of its business o)erations include bullion
business and demat services.
It is a )ioneer in terms of the introduction and ado)tion of a model
banking )olicy that suits India and other develo)ing countries. /he bank2
'hich is synonymous 'ith )rogressive banking in India2 has a strong
)resence in rural India. /he bank 'as nationali8ed in 1F<F. Syndicate $ank
has corres)ondent relations 'ith 9!! banks from all over the globe. /he
bank is also one of the leading )layers in the foreign e0change market.
(itibank2 idbi2 hdfc2hsbc
(IA&&E5;E #,+ /IE I5-IA5 $A5EI5; SE(/,+
Indian banks have a long 'ay to go before they reach the si8e of their
international counter)arts. Even the biggest Indian bank2 State $ank of
India2 is no'here on the international scale2 'ith assets in the range of
J"!billion. Absence of signi*cant scale bene*ts and higher im)licit costs of
several services are )er)etuating the )oor ranking of Indian banks in the
international league tables.
Shareholding structure2 government regulations and sheer si8e of the
country ensure that the e0istence of Indian banks is not at stake at this
stage. 4hat is at stake is the banking su))ort that is available for Indian
economic activity2 and thereby the international com)etitiveness of
various sectors. 4hat is also at stake is the sco)e for the banking industry
to earn su)erior returns through di6erentiated 'ider services.
#urther2 it is 3uite conceivable that 'ith )assage of time2 as government
holding in banks is )rogressively divested2 regulatory authorities 'ill be
unable to hold back the international giants from buying out Indian banks.
Even economies 'ith a @domestic mindset@2 such as #rance and ;ermany2
have been forced to bo' before the international ca)ital market forces.
It 'ould be a shame if )ainstakingly built retail strength is o6ered on a
)latter to some )redator. /he challenge can be met through some
concerted action -
/he ;overnment needs to do a'ay 'ith arti*cial
fragmentation of the *nancial sector. A case in )oint is the
segregation of banks and *nancial institutions induced by )olicy. If
this is changed2 'e may 'ell see mergers bet'een the t'o sectors
to create organi8ations of si8e. 4hy not a merger of Industrial
-evelo)ment $ank of India 'ith $ank of $aroda2 or even better 'ith
State $ank of IndiaS /his 'ould de*nitely lead to a merger bet'een
I(I(I and I(I(I $ank and for that matter bet'een I-#( and I-#(
$ank. /he )ossibilities are interesting and numerous.
-omestic $anks
-omestic $anks - )rivate as 'ell as )ublic - need to continuously
e0)lore o)tions to ac3uire or merge 'ith other institutions to enhance
their si8e2 service or skill-set. /his could also mean looking beyond the
national boundaries as truly global cor)orations do.
5e' Initiatives
/he recent crisis in the #ar East has demonstrated the need
for a robust banking sector. /herefore the 'hole structure of
+egional +ural $anks >++$s? and :rban (o-o)erative $anks >:($s?
needs to be strengthened. /he focus that #M(; com)anies such as
Iindustan &ever have given to the rural sector )roves that )rivate
sector interest is not limited to the cities and major to'ns.
/echnological changes >such as 'ireless communication2 net etc.?
have drastically changed the communications scenario. /his may be
the time to come out 'ith interesting initiatives 'ith regard to
structure of ++$s and :($s so that )rivate sector organi8ations -
banks as 'ell as non-banks - )lay a greater role in meeting the
needs and as)irations of hitherto neglected )arts of the country.
Social considerations
/he full bene*t of mergers can only be reali8ed if they are follo'ed
u) 'ith some hard measures such as re-location O closure of branches2
rationali8ation of em)loyee strength etc. It 'ould be a 'elcome change if
the management and unions collaborate in seeking a))ro)riate social
security from the ;overnment - *nanced out of the divestment of stake in
these banks.
Indian banking has to o)erate 'ith a global mindset even 'hile ful*lling
local banking re3uirements. $y joining in the e6ort to make this ha))en2
'e 'ill get the banking service 'e need. Else2 'e 'ill deserve the banking
service 'e get.
>I5/+,-:(/I,5 ,# /,1I(?
The topic of : '(M)&$#/#(+ B*T0**+ #'#'# &+3 H32' B&+,7 Banking is the
backbone of a modern economy. Health of banking industry is one of the most important pre-
conditions for sustained economic progress of any country. The world of banking has assumed
a new dimension at the dawn of the !
century with the advent of tech banking" thereby
lending the industry a stamp of universality. #n general" banking may be classified as retail
and corporate banking. $etail banking" which is designed to meet the re%uirements of
individual customers and encourage their savings" includes payment of utility bills" consumer
loans" credit cards" checking account balances" &TMs" transferring funds between accounts
and the like. 'orporate banking" on the other hand" caters to the needs of corporate
customers like bills discounting" opening letters of credit and managing cash.
/he Indian banking scene has changed drastically 'ith the )rivate
sector making inroads in an area hitherto dominated by large )ublic sector
banks. ;ro'ing disinvestment is likely to im)act the banking industry as
'ell. /here is every )ossibility of )rivati8ation of )ublic sector banks2
leading to greater o)erational autonomy.
/he develo)ment of the Indian banking sector has been
accom)anied by the introduction of ne' norms such as Income
+ecognition and (a)ital Ade3uacy2 by the government. /he latter im)lies
that banks can lend on the basis of their res)ective ca)ital base. /hese
norms have caused banks to construct e3uity on their o'n2 before going in
for debt. -isintermediation is a real threat for banks. ,f late2 banks are
ado)ting the E=A >Economic =alue Added? conce)t 'herein revenues are
vie'ed in the conte0t of the risk associated 'ith them.
!he "ew )orld order has ensured 0Survival of the 1ittest0.
"ew services are the order of the day in order to stay ahead
in the rat race. Banks are now foraying into net banking
securities consumer fnance housing fnance treasury
market merchant banking and insurance.

+ESEA+(I ME/I,-,&,;B
+esearch methodology is a systematic 'ay2 'hich consists of series of
action ste)s2 necessary to e6ectively carry out research and the desired
se3uencing to these ste)s. /he marketing research is a )rocess of involves
a no. of inter-related activities2 'hich overla) and do rigidly follo' a
)articular se3uence. It consists of the follo'ing ste)s:-
#ormulating the objective of the study
-esigning the methods of data collection
Selecting the sam)le )lan
(ollecting the data
1rocessing and analy8ing the data
+e)orting the *ndings

O7jecti3e of Stu'6
Researc/ Design
Samp&e Design
Data Co&&ection
Data Ana&6sis
Report of An'ings

/o stud of market share in banking sector of I(I(I and I-#(.
/o study the consumer satisfaction 'ith I(I(I and I-#(.
/o kno' about the is the )osition of I(I(I bank in market.
/o analy8e the decision making )rocess of the consumers.
+esearch design s)eci*es the methods and )rocedures for conducting a
)articular study.
A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and
analysis of the data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the
research )ur)ose 'ith economy in )rocedure. +esearch design is broadly
classi*ed into three ty)es as
E0)loratory +esearch -esign
-escri)tive +esearch -esign
(ausal +esearch -esign
I have chosen the descri)tive research design.
-escri)tive research studies are those studies 'hich are concerned 'ith
described the characteristics of )articular individual.
In descri)tive as 'ell as in diagnostic studies2 the researcher must be able
to de*ne clearly2 'hat he 'ants to measure and must *nd ade3uate
methods for measuring it along 'ith a clear cut de*nition of )o)ulation he
'ant to study. Since the aim is to obtain com)lete and accurate
information in the said studies2 the )rocedure to be used must be carefully
)lanned. /he research design must make enough )rovision for )rotection
against bias and must ma0imi8e reliability2 'ith due concern for the
economical com)letion of the research study.
A Sam)le -esign is a de*nite )lan for obtaining a sam)le from a given
)o)ulation. It refers to the techni3ue to the )rocedure ado)ted in selecting
items for the sam)ling designs are as belo':
Sam)le method
Survey )eriod
SAMP*E SI?E8 /he substantial )ortions of the target customer that are
sam)led to achieve reliable result are "!.
/he cost and time limitation com)leted me to select "! res)ondents as
sam)le si8e
In this marketing research )roject2 I am using
+andom sam)ling method
As com)lete enumeration of all the members of the )o)ulation >Member
and 5on-member? I have understate sam)ling techni3ue.
SAMP*E SI?E %!! (ustomers
Sam)le area
Sim)le random selection sam)ling
I have taken the Statistical tool of )ercentage method to analysis and
inter)retation of the collected data.
A random sam)le gives every unit of the )o)ulation a kno'n and non-8ero
)robability of being selected. Since random sam)ling im)lies e3ual
)robability to every unit in the )o)ulation2 it is necessary that the
selection of the sam)le must be free from human judgment.
/here is some confusion bet'een the t'o terms Trandom sam)lingP and
TunrestrictedP random sam)ling. In the latter case2 each unit in the
)o)ulation has an e3ual chance of being selected in the sam)le. Such a
sam)le is dra'n T'ith re)lacementP2 'hich means that the unit selected at
each dra' is re)laced into the )o)ulation before another dra' is made
from it2 TAs such2 a unit can be included more than once in the sam)le.
Most statically theory relates to Tunrestricted random sam)ling. In order to
distinguish bet'een these t'o sam)le. I.e. sam)le2 'ithout re)lacement
and sam)le 'ith re)lacement2 the terms Tsam)le random sam)leP and
Tunrestricted random sam)leP are used. If the latter is devised in such a
manner that no unit can be included more than once2 it 'ill then be kno'n
as the sim)le random sam)ling.
It may be noted that 'hile both sam)le random sam)ling and unrestricted
random sam)ling give an e3ual )robability to each unit of the )o)ulation
for being included in the sam)le2 there are other sam)le design too 'hich
)rovide e3ual )robability to the units. /he )rocess of randomness is the
very core of sim)le and unrestricted random sam)ling. /he selection of a
sam)le must be free from bias2 'hich can be ensured only 'hen the
)rocess of selection is free from human judgment.
(,&&E(/I,5 ,# -A/A
/he study 'as conducted by the means of )ersonal intervie' 'ith
res)ondents and the information given by them 'ere directly recorded on
#or the )ur)ose of analy8ing the data it is necessary to collect the vital
information. /here are t'o ty)es of data2 this are-
1rimary -ata
Secondary data
1rimary data can be collected through 3uestionnaire. /he 3uestionnaire
can be classi*ed into four main ty)es.
Structured non disguised 3uestionnaire
Structured disguised 3uestionnaire.
5on structured non disguised 3uestionnaire
5on Rstructured disguised 3uestionnaire.
#or my market study2 I have sleeted structured non-disguised
3uestionnaire because my 3uestionnaire is 'ell structured2 listing of
3uestions are in a )rearranged order and 'here the object of en3uiry is
revealed to the res)ondents.
/o making a 'ell-structured 3uestionnaire2 'e have ado)ted three ty)e of
,)en ended 3uestion
-ichotomous 3uestions
Multi)le choice 3uestions
/hese ty)es of 3uestions are easy to understand and easy to give re3uired
Secondary data means data that are already available i.e. they refer the
data 'hich have already been collected and analy8ed by someone else.
4hen the researcher utili8es secondary data2 than he has to look into
various sources from 'here h e can obtain them2 in this case he is
certainly not confronted 'ith the )roblems that are usually associated 'ith
the collection of original data. Secondary data may either be )ublished
data or un)ublished data. :sually )ublished data are available in:
=arious )ublications of the central2 state and local governmentU
=arious )ublications of foreign government or of international bodies
and their subsidiary organi8ationalU
/echnical and trade journalsU
$ooks2 maga8ines and ne's)a)ersU
+e)orts and )ublications of various associations connected 'ith
business san industry2 stock e0changes etc.U
+e)orts )re)ared by research scholars2 universities2 economists etcU
1ublic records and statistics2 historical document and other source of
)ublished information.
/he source of un)ublished data are manyU they may be found in diaries2
letters2 un)ublished biogra)hies and autobiogra)hies and also may be
available 'ith scholars and research 'orkers2 trade associations2 labor
because and other )ublic )rivate individuals and organi8ation.
.uestionnaire method is used in collection the data.
-A/A 1+,(ESSI5; A5- A5A&BSIS
Processing B Ana&6sis t/e co&&ecte' 'ata8 " once the *eld survey is
over and 3uestionnaire have been received2 the ne0t task is to aggregate
the data in a meaningful manner. A number of tables are )re)are to bring
out the main characteristics of the data. /he researcher should have a 'ell
thought out frame'ork for )rocessing and analy8ing data2 and this should
be done )rior to the collection. it includes the follo'ing activitiesV
2i3 .diting4 the *rst task in data )rocessing is the editing. Editing is the
)rocess of e0amining errors and omissions in the collected data and
making necessary corrections in the same.
2ii3 Coding4 coding is the )rocedure of classifying the ans'er to a
3uestion into meaningful categories. (oding is necessary to carry out the
subse3uent o)erations of tabulating and analy8ing data. If coding is not
done2 it 'ill not be )ossible to reduce a large number of heterogeneous
res)onses into meaningful categories 'ith the result that the analysis of
data 'ould be 'eak and ine6ective2 and 'ithout )ro)er focus.
2iii3!abulation4 tabulation com)rises sorting of the data into di6erent
categories and counting the number of cases that belong to each
category. /he sim)lest 'ay to tabulate is to count the number of
res)onses to one 3uestion. /his is also called universal tabulation. /he
analysis based on just one variable is obviously meager. 4here t'o or
more variables are involved in tabulation2 it is called bivariate or
multivariate tabulation.
(iv) Analysis4 after the all three above steps, the most important step
is analysis of the data. 5nder this step they can use the various
tools of the analysis such as Central !endency 6ispersion
Correlation co-e+cient $egression %nalysis !est of
7ypothesis etc.
Are 6ou /a3ing an 7an$ accountD

>" A!G
-rom %/ic/ 7an$ 6ou /a3e accountD
>" 7G $ank name of I(I(I.
@" 1%G $ank name of I-#(. :" %!G$ank name of other.
Do 6ou t/in$ t/at Ban$ is gi3ing a goo' returnD
>" 7%G$ank giving a yes return.
@" <G$ank giving a no return.
Are 6ou p&anning to get account or &oan from an6
In %/ic/ compan6 are 6ou &oo$ing to in3estD
If get an opportunit6 in future %ou&' 6ou &i$e to 7e get
attac/e' %it/ ICICI Ban$D
I(I(I $ank and I-#( bank has to im)rove its brand image2 i.e.
it has to )osition itself in the minds of )ros)ects in a better 'ay
in com)arisons to others.
It should )rovide better career o))ortunities for the retention of
its )otential advisors.
#urther it has to )rovide training to its recruited advisors by good
and eDcient training methods2 'hich might be a little bit
customi8ed if needed.
It should more em)hasi8e in advertising2 as it is the most
)o'erful tool to )osition ant brand in the mindsets of customers.
It should )rovide online training and for those 'ho are in jobs
and 'ant to become advisors I(I(I should )rovide evening
training classes2 so that they can join the training after doing
there jobs.
$anking is also no' being regarded as a versatile *nancial )lanning
tool. +esearch indicates that Indians have four basic *nancial needs
during their life asset accumulation >such as buying a house or car?2
)rotecting their family2 securing their childrenPs education2 and
)rovision for their retirement.
India being a country having a huge )o)ulation of around one billion
)eo)le 'ith only 7%G of the banking )o)ulation in India )ossessing
banking the country has a vast )otential2 'hich has been left unta))ed
till no'.
#or $anking com)any $anking advisors are the lifeline and a very
huge asset so each com)any try to recruit and select a )otential force
of $anking advisors because this is the advisors 'ho generate
ma0imum business for the $ank . $anking advisors )rovide a very
strong su))ort to the $ank and do sall )ossible e6orts to generate
huge amount of )ro*t to the com)any and for him.

Eothari2 (.+2 +esearch Methodology2 5e' delhi2 =ikas 1ublishing
Iouse 1=/ &/-. %!!A
I(I(I and I-#( brochure of advisors +ecruitment.

a? ;overnment Em)loyee b? 1rivate Em)loyee
c? Self Em)loyed d? Student E? Iouse'ife
Bour monthly household income
a? &ess than 1"!!! b? 1"!!1-%"!!! c?%"!!1 and above
1lease give some references of )eo)le 'ho you kno' are
tradingOinvesting in stocks:
.1. 4here do you o)en a accountS
ii. I(I(I
iii. I-#(
iv. Any other.
.%. 4hich bank is more secureS
i. I(I(I
ii. I-#(
iii. ,ther
.7. 4hich banks give more returnS
i. I(I(I
ii. I-#(
iii. ,ther
.9. Are you satis*ed 'ith services of bankS
i. Bes
ii. 5o
.". Bour o)en account decisions are inXuenced by
i. ,neself
ii. $roker
iii. Market +esearch
iv. #riendsO+elatives
v. An other
.<. Are you satis*ed 'ith com)any servicesS
i. Bes ii. 5o
.A. 4hat are the factors 'hich you considered before o)ening account
in a )articular bankS
i. #inancial 1osition
ii. (urrent Market 1osition
iii. ;ood'ill
iv. #uture 1ros)ects
v. Any others.