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Motivation Letter

Semarang, January 17
To whom it may concern,
My name is Maria Agustin Taolin. At the moment Im studying Chemical Engineering at
Diponegoro University in Semarang. Talk about my strength, Im an open minded person and
I have a good english skill both oral and written. Also I am able to speak little french. Im
easy to adapt with new situations surrounding, and im a fast-learner. Besides of my strength,
I have a weakness. Its a little bit hard for me to move out of my comfort zone, but when I
found things that interest me such as the Global Youth Ambassador Program, it is a special
events for me to lead me out of my comfort zone. I will follow the process of learning to
make a good progress so i will be able to develop myself and the environment I lived in. I
have a strong will to learn from my experiences and mistakes. In the following i will mention
some reasons which have led my decision to apply for Global Youth Ambassador Program.
During the course of my studies, I have always been actively seeking opportunities to
develop my skills. I have been joined english club and choir group in the high school. I like to
start conversation with the foreigners and shared knowledge and experience with them.
Besides to open new perspective and new horizon, it is an efficient way to develop my oral
english skill. I will challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone and represent me as
Indonesian. I believe that along with this opportunity, I can collaborate with other people and
work as a team to build cross-cultural understanding and spread the positive impacts to the
society. It would be a great experience for me to study the cultures of another country,
socialize more, learn about the country and its issues so when we come back we can start to
make a little positive change in Indonesia.
Thank you very much for this opportunity and for considering my application. Considering
my experience and skills i believe that this programme will be benefit for the society and I
am convinced that i will do my best to adjust with the programme. If you need further
information, you can contact me by email in and phone
082138759808. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.


Maria Agustin Taolin