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Ateneo de Davao University

Theology 141
Practicum Program Consolidated Group Report

Baliok Community, Toril

Group Members:

Adlawan, Adrian Leo
Ang, Lance Kenneth
Bancud, Alexis
Collantes, Apple
Foronda, Franz Edward
Labrador, Doreen Queen
Oamil, Ma. Karissa
Ong, Lorenzo Ruiz
Peralta, Jessica N.
Tillo, Allen Christy


Ms. Isabel Actub

Theology 141 Practicum Program Consolidated Group Report

I am a person who explore things, discover new ideas, and inspire people. I
loves travelling meeting new people. Also a humble person trying to live my
life to the fullest. Thankful for all the blessings I have.
In doing the faith at service justice means to provide a dedication in service
that is in line with the catholic faith in pursue of justice to every human person
should have. Being a man and women for others is that every person has the
ability to help one another they should do it to improve the lives of in the

I am a person who shows respect for others. I do not discriminate people on
how they live, their stories in life, and also their genders.
Being a man and women for others, I share things what I have because I
know that there are things in this world that they cannot get. Even if it is small
value but at least it can help them improve their life in some way and that
would make them happy. Doing of the faith at the service of justice means
that following Gods teachings and performing it in a way that others would
benefit from it not only to myself.

I. Introduction

Lorenzo Ong
Franz Foronda
I am a person who believes in the statements; respect begets respect and
you yourself is the only person whos responsible with your life.
Men & Women for others, means giving help where it is needed. To think not
only of yourself or your benefit but to also mind the situation of others and its
impact to them and doing everything you can to lessen the burden, but these
people must help themselves too. In doing of the faith at the service of justice,
people must be given justice as it is what God wants or taught us in faith. Doreen Labrador
Adrian Adlawan
I am a person that likes meeting new people and learn about the different lives
that have and learn from this experiences

In doing of the faith at the service justice for me means that faith will always
go hand in hand with justice because our faith always wants what is best for us.
Being a man and women for others means being in service without asking and
not counting the cost
To inspire and be inspired is what really want to do. I am the kind of person and
this is what makes me happy. I can also describe myself as a shy type of person.
I want to travel and hungry for adventure.

Being a men and women for others would mean that you are ready to sacrifice
what you have for the good of others. Even the simplest things can make a
change. Also Justice for me doesnt always mean being fair with others. It is when
you understand what is enough or not enough for them.

Alexis Bancud
Theology 141 Practicum Program Consolidated Group Report

Optimistic is a kind of person I am. Believing all things are possible by the
use of faith to GOD. Being men and women for others whatever social
status a person belongs. I know it is not isnt easy to do especially to those
people we tag as marginalized but for me being able to help them is one
of the greatest achievement we could ever do
Saving people with faith is a powerful thing it could transform things that
we couldnt even imagine. Ears should be open, to hear the voices of
people who calls for help. Eyes should be open to see what is really
happening, and specially a heart to be open to feel our sisters and brothers
who need us.
Helping doesnt need to be ask to you nor be a requirement for ones
subject in-order to pass rather the will of ones person really wants to do.
To help is a choice but being helpful is a gift.

Christy Tillo
I am a person of my own words. Whatever I promised, I what I will really do, I
am also the person that believes that everyone should have their equal part of
share of everything. Everyone should reach each other well disregarding their
social status in life. I am also the person that doesnt just easily give up. If I
think that what Im doing is good and just then I will really fight for it.

Doing in the faith at service of justice means that if we really believe in the
teaching of God then we must follow his preaching and give justice to everyone
we should just listen to those teaching and do nothing in helping those other
people who are in need

I understand this is anyone who has the will of helping other people no matter
what these occupation or age. Even if you are just a student, you could still
help other people on your own way. The important key is that the person should
have the desire to help other people who are in need.

Lance Ang
I fear God. I respect other people. I don't judge by looks and by state of
living. I love to help. I love receiving thank youd that's why I always help.
I believe that being men and women for others is a generous thought. You
offer yourself to help without thinking twice. Helping will not be a bother
for you. And by being men and women for others, this could be of a big
help when it comes to serving for social justice. We could help the people
in the area to realize their role in the society and make them feel satisfied
with what they have right now and that living is not just about money.
Apple Collantes
Theology 141 Practicum Program Consolidated Group Report

II. Presentation of Data

a. Seeing

Narrative Summary of What Occurred During the First and Second Visits

During the first and second visits, what we did was to spent the whole time with the family
assigned to each subgroups, mostly what we did was to talk with them, ask a few questions, just
light ones to keep the good mood going, nothing too heavy. We also prepared foods for their
lunch, some of us brought already cooked foods and some of us prepared and cooked the food
in the house of our assigned families. All families were not that willing to let us prepare and cook
the food for them and they also dont want us to fix the table or wash the dishes after we ate. They
insisted that we were visitors and should not do any chores, and that they keep saying that it
shouldve been them to prepare something for us, not the other way around. So, other families on
the other subgroups prepared food like fruits which theyve given to us and shared with other
classmates. Some of us also helped in the mini-business of our assigned families, such as in the
sari-sari store and others also played with the kids and entertained them and taught them their
assignments and help them answer it.

Narrative Summary of What Occurred During the Service Days (Second and/or Third Visit)

The third day (Service) our class beadle arranged the class that we will take the children of the
community to play games and give away prizes. The class set out to make the children happy by
making their Sunday a little more special with the games and just made it fun. We all contributed
20 pesos before departure to for the prizes for the children. We arranged that we would go to their
local chapel and have the games for the children at 1:00pm.
At 1:00pm, the class and the children gathered at the local chapel and played games. Games
such as bring me, the boat is sinking, stop dance and hip hip horay. All of the children that
participated were given prizes even if they did not win.
The class set out to make the children happy by making their Sunday a little more special with
the games and just made it fun.

General Impressions

Labrador, Doreen
I learned that there are a lot of people you meet in this life, some existed in your life for quite some
time - years, months and some only in a matter of days, but you'll never know which one will touch
you and affect you regardless of time and social status or what this world tell you to seek in people
you build connections and relationships with.

Tillo, Allen Christy
Every day is a life learning process. I learned that we can help in different way it may not need to
have a subject requirement nor to be forced by others for you to do it.

Ang, Kenneth
I have learned that the people from the top classes are enjoying their position and not bothering
to help their fellow countryman. I learned that there are really people who are really facing a
difficult lifestyle. I learned that even though as a student, I can still make some little ways to help
other people and possibly change their lives.
Theology 141 Practicum Program Consolidated Group Report

Foronda, Franz
I learn that there are more people who really need help like those in the rural places. In our
immersion, I experienced that some people in those places are not really marginalized people
because some of them can live healthy provided of some supports of their family and relatives
and some are really in need but contented to their lifestyle.

Ong, Lorenzo
I learned that during the activity is that many people still are below the property line and that as
Atenean students, we are taught to strive hard "Magis" and also be people for others. That in a
small way we can still affect the life of other people.

Adlawan, Adrian
I learned in the three Sundays that the poor are misconceived to be unruly or not decent people.
I learned not to judge people because of their status in life. I learned that there is innate goodness
in people and that different people can co-relate with each other and find a common ground of
similarity and happiness.
Oamil, Klarissa
During the three day immersion my heart was opened to the hard reality of life. I am well aware
that somehow I am privileged and blessed with the things that God has given me and I am truly
thankful. I learned that not everything can be given to me without working hard for it. In order for
me to truly appreciate what I have, I need to work hard for the things that I want so I can appreciate
its value. A lot of families are struggling financially but they still find a way to make the most out
of things and still be a happy nurturing family. I think that most people my age who are very
fortunate in life do not know the value of things and how hard it is to acquire something such as
money, they need to open their eyes and learn to work hard for things for them to open their
hearts and appreciate what they have and focused on the things in life that really matters.

Collantes, Apple
We should be more thankful for what we have right now because I saw in the people in the area
that they really valued everything down to the smallest thing they have. I saw the meaning of
contentment in them. Instead of feeling sad about their sate or condition, I felt happy for them. I
saw positivity in them. I learned how to be contented and be happy in simple things. We should
not pity them instead be proud of them because they still manage to be happy despite of

b. Judging

Respect for the Human Person

- According to Pope John Paul II, the foundation of Catholic social teaching "is a correct view of
the human person and of his unique value, inasmuch as man is the only creature on earth
which God willed for itself. In the situation on our immersion, we could see that even the people
there are marginalized we must still need to value and respect them as a person like of our own.
The gift of life isnt just for the people who are wealthy but also the marginalized have their rights.

Theology 141 Practicum Program Consolidated Group Report

Promote the Family

- Catholic social teaching emphasizes the importance of the family, in particular the importance
of fostering stable marriages where children are welcomed and educated. In our short immersion
timeframe, we have already managed to discover that even though those families are
marginalized and are suffering difficulties in life, we could really observe that they still have
maintained their family such as still staying together. Even though life is hard, they still enjoy the
company of each other in the family. The good part in there is that even though they are in that
situation in life, they never gave up. They managed to eat daily and send their children to school
despite their condition.

Work for the Common Good

-The common good, in other words, is not simply what people happen to want, but what would be
authentically good for people, the social conditions that enable human flourishing. To apply this
in our immersion, we have learned that we people who have a better status in life must contribute
and help other people who are in need. Together, everyone in the community must flourish.
. Observe the Principle of Subsidiarity

Pope John Paul II put the point as follows:

Just as in the time of primitive capitalism the state had the duty of defending the basic rights of
workers, so now, with the new capitalism, the state and all of society have the duty of defending
those collective goods which, among others, constitute the essential framework for the legitimate
pursuit of personal goals on the part of each individual. As we have observed in our immersion,
we can see that most parents there have jobs. But the problem is even though they have their
own jobs, we could really conclude that their job isnt really enough since they still couldnt afford
to fix their houses and make it look better. Their rights of having work to get into a better level in
life has not been protected by the government, probably some of them are still receiving wages
that are below the minimum wage set by law. They just didnt bother complain since the capitalist
are really more powerful and they prefer having that job rather than having none.

Respect Work and the Worker

- Workers are not mere drones, means to the production of capital for owners, but must be
respected and accorded the opportunity to form unions to secure collectively a just compensation.
So what we have learned is that as students who have the potential of being capitalist in the near
future, we need to respect our employees who are working for us since they are the ones who
helped us as the capitalist gain a lot of money and also because of them, the capitalist are
enjoying the best of their life. Just compensation must be really given to those workers since they
themselves have their own interest in life that they wanted to achieve as employers, we must also
pay back the loyal employees by helping them reach their dreams in life.

Pursue Peace and Care for the Poor

- Peace involves a just ordering of society. This just order of society also includes solicitude for
the poor. Not only the direct or indirect effects of individual actions, but also wise social policies
are necessary for a just ordering of society, social policies that must take into account the likely
effect on the poor. From the immersion activity, we learned that we must not just watch the
marginalized people suffer and we doing nothing about it. The good thing to do is it may be that
Theology 141 Practicum Program Consolidated Group Report

businesses should be compelled by law or voluntarily adopt policies that aid the poor or most
likely a combination of governmental, social and religious, and individual support are needed to
help those who are marginalized. What exactly will help the poor will not always be clear in every
situation, but every person has an obligation to think seriously and act purposely to aid those
suffering around them.

C. Acting

In our three Sundays in Baliok Toril, we have experienced a lot of things. We experienced living
in a place where we can see many people who needs help or the so called marginalized people.
We observed how they live and what they do in their everyday living. They share their experiences
to us on how difficult their life is and on how they manage to keep on living despite having those
challenges or obstacles in life especially the children who experienced it at a young age. To help
them reduce their stress we made an activity that can make them enjoy and forget all the problems
they have even if it is just a small amount of time. We know for ourselves that it is still not enough
and we want to help them more. And if we were given the opportunity to perform extra service
time in our area, as students, we would like to have a program that can help the people in the
area to provide support to their daily needs and a program that can address the concerns of
people on that area. By doing these kind of services it would help them improve their life as well
as it would make them realize that there are still people who can help them and give support to
them. We would also like to have a fun activity that everybody can participate and enjoy. With
these activity everybody can have fun as well as it can build up good relationships to the people
on that area.

III. General Assessments

The goals are achieved successfully. Everyone in the group cooperated and we had our teamwork
so we succeeded with our tasks. What we did are surely important and we are not doing has a sense.
The objectives are also successfully done on time. But in the planning part, we had a little problem
since our class is not a block section. Our schedules conflicted so in planning, not all are present. A
better suggestion for this is to meet during the Theo time since there are call off days.

Theology 141 Practicum Program Consolidated Group Report

IV. Attachments & Documentation