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Generic value chain: Smallholder staple food and cash crops; Specific value chain:

AIIC 8 Incubation and Diversification of Banana Products for Agribusiness (IDBPA)
Vision: To be a global leader in Banana Value Chain Development in Agro Business.
Business model: IDBPA will upscale innovations and improve entrepreneurial skills in
banana production- to marketing with emphasis on capacity building for increased
production, development of SMEs, training in entrepreneurship and agribusiness at B.Sc.
and M.Sc. levels, linking of research innovations to agribusiness, and marketing of banana
and its value added products. This will be achieved through training and mentoring,
identification, research and linkage to agribusiness, information generation and
dissemination, community mobilization and market linkages, provision of business services
to Incubatee SMEs, setting up a consortium comprising membership from universities,
research institutions, private sector companies and government support agencies. The main
technology, services and products of the incubator will include clean and disease free tissue
culture banana planting material; capacity building on business services, entrepreneurial
skills, and agribusiness management; bio-degradable banana fibre based bags; long shelf-
life fresh vacuum sealed edible banana matooke; banana wine products; banana peels-based
bio-gas; new banana fibre-based textile materials; banana dietetic menu, vinegar and
enriched animal feeds
Summary business plan: Banana value chains
The IDBPA consortium is led by Kyambogo University with the following as members;
Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Excel Hort Consult Ltd, FREVASEMA,
Uganda Industrial Research Institute, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Uganda
Carbon Bureau and Adaptive Seed Company.
Its business plan will be implemented in four years and will target banana value chain
actors such as producer organisations (seedlings and crop), small and medium enterprises,
processors, input dealers, traders, researchers, universities and development partners. The
actors will be involved in the entire banana production-to-marketing continuum value
chain. The IDBPA-business plan will specifically aim at promoting production and
distribution of disease-free tissue culture banana seedlings; support improved banana
production husbandry practices for enhanced production and productivity of cooking type
banana (matooke); support value chain development of cooking-type banana and its initial
by-products for enhanced shelf life, reduced bulkiness by 40% (peels and stalks) and
generation of value added products and services from banana initial by-products, and;
identification and/or development of innovations, entrepreneurial skills and linkage to
agribusiness and mainstreaming into the University B.Sc. and M.Sc. training and teaching
The Projected Balance Sheet shows sufficient growth and a very promising financial
position. IDBPAs net worth is US$2,363,755 in year 1, US$3,244,386 in year 2,
US$4,454,918 in year 3 and US$5,948,113 in year 4. The consortiums contribution will be

Banana fiber Pulper/Hollander beater at UIRI being operated by one of the IDBPA

Vacuum packing machine packed end product

Contact Details
Contact Person: George Byarugaba Bazirake (PhD)
Senior Lecturer / Director
Kyambogo University, P.O. Box 7181, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 222280, Mobile: +256-776-426578 / +256-712-426578