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Vong Sokheng
PRIME Minister Hun Sen
warned deputy opposition
leader Kem Sokha yesterday
that the ruling Cambodian
Peoples Party could easily
remove him as first deputy
president of parliament at
any time the first sign of
brewing conflict between
the pair since Sokha took
the job late last month.
The threat came just days
after Sokha promised a crowd
of party members in Siem
Reap that he would use the
Cambodia National Rescue
Partys newfound power in
the National Assembly
along with the help of a few
CPP lawmakers to sum-
mons and vote out long-
serving and corrupt gov-
ernment ministers.
Speaking to several thou-
sand people during the
groundbreaking for a new
overpass in Phnom Penhs
PM tells
Sokha to
back off
Stuart White and Chhay Channyda
HE judiciary and law
enforcement agencies are
Cambodias weakest institu-
tions, while the countrys
executive branch and civil society
are its strongest, according to an
expansive, landmark report released
by Transparency International Cam-
bodia (TI) yesterday.
The ambitious study, called the
National Integrity System Assessment
(NISA), spends 233 pages rating the
state of the governance system by
examining 13 institutions, or pillars,
by way of expert interviews, the exam-
ination of data (mostly from 2012 and
2013) and an extensive literary and
legal review.
However, even the countrys two
highest-scoring pillars civil society
and the executive, with 48 and 43
points out of 100, respectively failed
to exceed a moderate ranking.
The assessment reveals that overall,
Cambodia has a weak integrity system,
the report reads. It is not strong enough
to uphold the rule of law, ensure sus-
tainable development, and a good qual-
ity of life for the population at large.
Cambodias judiciary scored a very
weak 16 points in the assessment,
which described the courts exclud-
ing military courts and the Khmer
Rouge tribunal as being beset by
political interference, understaffing,
inadequate training of staff, limited
financial resources, and the absence
of key laws.
The judicial branchs tiny budget, just
0.42 per cent of the national budget in
2013, demonstrates a low commitment
to the rule of law and results in high
levels of corruption and inefficiency,
the NISA continues.
UN Office of the High Commis-
sioner for Human Rights Cambodia
The weak pillars of society
Buddhist monks receive offerings of rice and money from members of the public yesterday at Wat Lanka in Phnom Penh during the rst day of Pchum Ben, a 15-day religious
festival to commemorate the dead. VIREAK MAI
Days of the departed
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Tuol Kork district yesterday,
Hun Sen asked Sokha for
a ceasere.
It is the period of Pchum
Ben. We should celebrate the
festival and avoid insulting
each other. [We should] not be
touring [and talking to people]
for political gain, the premier
said, without referring to Sokha
by name. Wherever you go,
you nd ways to talk about
voting out the prime minister
and ministers.
Since being voted in as rst
deputy president in parlia-
ment on August 26, an ar-
rangement prescripted under
a political deal signed between
the CPP and CNRP on July 22,
Sokha has also pledged to try
and introduce prime ministe-
rial term limits this mandate.
As he implored Sokha to
back off yesterday, Hun Sen
cited comments made by
CNRP leader Sam Rainsy last
month, in which he hailed the
freshly lled parliament as
part of a new dawn of political
reconciliation in Cambodia.
I would like to send a mes-
sage that we must have a
ceasere. And we are not the
same as in Ukraine [where a
recent ceasere was broken].
We have said that we will work
together, the premier said. If
you [the CNRP] want to vote
out ministers, its OK, but we
can also vote out the rst dep-
uty president of the National
Assembly . . . It is the same,
and it will go back and forth.
Despite new power-sharing
arrangements, the CPP still
holds a seven-to-six majority
on the assemblys permanent
standing committee and an
absolute majority on the oor
of parliament, Hun Sen point-
ed out.
Speaking to the Post yes-
terday, Sokha said the prime
minister had no right to pres-
sure him to stie criticism of
government ministers, given
that the CNRP was not in a co-
alition government.
I think that he is very wor-
ried, and his speech means
to defend corrupt ofcials. It
is contrary to his speech [last
year] in which he called on his
own cabinet to clean them-
selves up, Sokha said, before
explaining what exactly he
had promised CNRP district
and commune councillors on
Saturday in Siem Reap town.
I talked about legal issues,
and I just explained to the
people that according to the
internal regulations of the Na-
tional Assembly, 30 lawmakers
can raise a motion to [sum-
mons and] accuse a corrupt
[minister], who can then be
voted out if a majority is ob-
tained for which the CNRP
only needs seven votes from
the CPP.
Ousting leaders goes
both ways, warns PM
Prime Minister Hun Sen had sharp words for opposition deputy Kem
Sokha in a speech yesterday in Phnom Penh. HENG CHIVOAN
Shelter standards launched
Sen David

OLLOWING reports of
abuse and poor condi-
tions at the Kingdoms
shelters, the govern-
ment yesterday launched of-
cial recommendations that
seek to ensure better care is
offered to victims of trafcking
and sexual exploitation.
The Minimum Standards on
Residential Care for Victims of
Human Trafcking and Sexual
Exploitation, released yester-
day morning by the Ministry
of Social Affairs, Veterans and
Youth Rehabilitation in col-
laboration with NGO World
Vision, includes criteria for the
size and location of buildings,
health and food, and rehabili-
tation activities.
The experience of victims
indicates the need for a sys-
tematic national mechanism
to address the service quality
and accreditation of all shel-
ters providing support and
care to victims of human traf-
cking and sexual exploitation
in accordance with national
and regional standards, says a
foreword to the proclamation,
which was signed on May 19.
Khiev Bory, secretary of
state at the Ministry of Social
Affairs, said it was important
that shelters provide victims
with a high standard of care.
Following the launch, Bory
said, shelters would be in-
spected to determine whether
they have a good environ-
ment and safe, secure living
conditions that comply with
the recommendations.
Leng Vireak, associate director
of operations at World Vision,
said the standards require the
more than 100 centres across
Cambodia to ensure, among
other things, freedom of move-
ment for people staying there
and high standards of medical
services. We need those cen-
tres to [comply with] the mini-
mum standards, he said.
The proclamation states that
centres that do not currently
meet the minimum standards
must do so within one year.
Ing Vannrithy, director of the
Ministry of Social Affairs Anti-
Human Trafcking and Victim
Reintegration department,
said the guidelines would
change the care offered.
We have allowed centres to
open, but we did not have [of-
cial] minimum standards yet
so these guidelines will play an
important role in rehabilitat-
ing the survivors of trafcking
and exploitation, he said.
Cambodian shermen arrive at Phnom Penh International Airport in April 2013 after being repatriated from
East Timor, where they had been working in slave-like conditions. VIREAK MAI
Baby born steps from palace
Laignee Barron
and Khouth Sophak Chakrya

HAN Sreypao, 35, re-
members the births
of all of her children,
but the arrival of her
fth this weekend is already
a matter of lore among local
vendors who assisted in a last-
minute, roadside delivery.
A combination of a lack
of money and a lack of time
resulted in Sreypao, a lotus
ower seller, delivering her
baby outside her stall near the
Royal Palace on Sunday, just a
few days shy of her due date.
I had no labour pains; I felt
I had to urinate. But when I
tried to urinate, I saw her head
coming out, Sreypao said.
As the baby emerged, a crowd
quickly gathered around the
mother. Other vendors rushed
in with clothes, jackets and
a Cambodian ag to scoop
up the newborn before she
touched the ground.
We didnt call an ambu-
lance right away, because we
were afraid the driver would
demand money from whoev-
er had called, said one of the
vendors who witnessed the
sidewalk birth.
The whole impromptu de-
livery took only half an hour,
according to Koe Sopheap, 52,
another vendor who said she
acted as a midwife.
It was a Sunday, so there
were many people, boys, girls,
tourists all standing around.
We did our best to cover her,
Sopheap said. I did not want
to cut the umbilical cord, so
the security guards eventually
called an ambulance.
Yesterday at Calmette Hos-
pital, Sreypao said she was
embarrassed by the ordeal,
but relieved her baby daugh-
ter, named Mok Sovann Srey-
leap, was healthy.
Earning an average of 10,000
riel ($2.50) per day, Sreypao
said she struggled to pay the
$100 to $200 fee to give birth
to her other four children at
hospitals in the capital, but
the city is picking up the tab
for her brief stay at the mater-
nity ward this week.
Due in large part to poverty
and an inability to access health
facilities, only 54 per cent of
Cambodian women give birth
in a recognised health care
centre or hospital, according to
UNICEF. The country also has
the regions highest maternal
mortality rate.
In July, a woman in Stung
Meanchey gave birth at a
dumpsite because she could
not afford ambulance or hos-
pital fees.
Newborn Mok Sovann Sreyleap rests next to her mother at Phnom Penhs Calmette Hospital yesterday after
she was delivered on the side of a road near the Royal Palace. ELI MEIXLER
Taing Vida and Meas Sokchea
THE Ministry of Labour and
Vocational Training is urging its
top ofcials to cease providing
salaries to civil servants who
dont come to work, threaten-
ing legal action against those
who continue to permit the
no-show payments.
In a statement dated Mon-
day, the ministry said super-
visors in various departments
and ofces would be the ones
held responsible for trimming
the inated payrolls.
The announcement fol-
lows a declaration on August
15 from Anti-Corruption
Unit head Om Yentieng, who
vowed to hunt down ghost
names on government pay-
rolls. Recipients of these sala-
ries either dont show up for
work or receive a paycheck for
a job they dont have.
Yentieng threatened jail time
of up to two years and said
ministries have three months
to cut the excess fat.
The Labour Ministry is the
second government institution
to respond to the call, follow-
ing a September 3 statement
from the Ministry of Public
Works and Transport.
Mam Sitha, chairwoman of
the Independent Committee
Against Corruption, said that
the three-month timeframe
could provide too big a win-
dow for unscrupulous ofcials
to escape detection.
To combat the problem,
she added, authorities should
crack down immediately.
Yentieng didnt say how
many civil servants were sus-
pected of receiving pay for no
work, but 2008 data from the
Council of Ministers put the
gure at more than 10,000.
An ofcial at the National
Assembly who declined to be
named conrmed yesterday
that there were more than
1,000 civil servants on the par-
liaments payroll, but said most
dont bother clocking in.
There are about 400 to 500
people coming to work. Those
who come [to work regularly]
are still coming. Those who
dont are still not coming, he
said. But when collecting the
cash, they come in crowds.
National Assembly secre-
tary-general Leng Peng Long,
who manages stafng lists,
said he wasnt authorised
to comment.
Opposition lawmaker and
chief of the parliaments anti-
corruption commission Ho
Vann said his group would tar-
get any signs of irregularity.
Ministry backs push
to curb ghost salaries
Pillars of society weak: TI report
Logging deals cancelled
More Vietnamese deported
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(UNOHCHR) head Wan-Hea
Lee, who spoke on a panel during
the reports launch yesterday,
said that the judiciary was
plagued by an organic system of
corruption from top to bottom.
Justice Ministry spokesman
Chin Malin declined to comment
on the contents of the report yes-
terday, but maintained that the
courts work closely with anti-
corruption officials, and that
tough measures were taken on
judges, prosecutors and clerks
who committed corruption.
According to the NISA, how-
ever, the judiciarys sub-score for
accountability was zero.
Indeed, the report found that
the countrys various anti-cor-
ruption entities were also weak,
with a score of 34 out of 100.
Anti-Corruption Unit chief
Om Yentieng yesterday slammed
TI Cambodia for criticising the
ACU while also working with
them under an MoU.
How can we be shaking hands
with each other with one hand,
while fighting each other with
the other? . . . We are both inde-
pendent institutions. We are
equal. Why do they need to
always come out and give com-
mands to us?
The Kingdoms second-weak-
est pillar, the study found, was its
law enforcement agencies
comprising the National Police,
military police and public pros-
ecutors which earned a score
of 22. In the agencies, low-level
corruption and bribery is com-
monplace, impeding public
trust, the report found.
Moreover, excessive use of
force by both the national police
and Gendarmerie [military
police], and the lack of credible
investigations into such cases,
highlights the limited account-
ability of these agencies despite
the existence of legal mecha-
nisms regarding that accounta-
bility, the report says.
Khieu Sopheak, spokesman
for the Ministry of Interior, which
oversees the Kingdoms police,
forcefully decried what he char-
acterised as condescension and
imprecision in the NISAs find-
ings yesterday.
Law enforcement officers
are not their students, and TI is
not our teacher who has to score
us, he said. Please be informed
there are some individuals who
are corrupt, but not [the minis-
try] as a whole.
Sopheak went on to say that
ministry employees make con-
siderably less than those of TI.
The NISA, however, also men-
tions the inadequacy of police
salaries, the lowest of which are
scarcely above the internation-
al definition of extreme poverty,
and which prompt an endemic
culture of bribe-taking.
But substantial gaps between
legal frameworks and their
implementation exist even in the
highest-functioning pillars of
government, the NISA found.
For example, legally speaking,
the independence of the King-
doms executive branch is unas-
sailable, though it can be checked
by the National Assembly, which
has the power to summons its
members for questioning.
In reality, however, it is close-
ly linked to the ruling [party] and
power-holders within the intra-
elite patronage system, the
NISA says.
Council of Ministers spokes-
man Phay Siphan, who spoke to
NISA researchers for the report,
said yesterday that the executive
was taking steps to improve, and
pointed to successful measures
such as the governments new
One Window Service Offices,
which the NISA also referred to
as a positive step towards trans-
parency. Any issues that theyve
raised, thats being resolved
gradually, he said.
The countrys strongest insti-
tution, according to the NISA, is
its civil society sector, which
scored a moderate 48 points on
TIs scale. However, even its
capabilities are limited, and may
be under threat from a draft Law
on Organizations and NGOs,
which has the potential to
restrict civil society space.
Though the concerns listed in
the NISA are exhaustive and
often times, common knowl-
edge the government has long
deflected criticisms over corrup-
tion, regularly pointing out that
even developed countries like
the United States struggle with
the same problem. However,
said the UNOHCHRs Lee, such
comparisons were misleading.
Every country in the world
fights corruption in certain sec-
tors, but not every country is one
of the 20 most corrupt in the
world, she said.
As recently as last month,
Prime Minister Hun Sen said
that some of the blame for cor-
ruption lay with the businesses
that paid the bribes, but TI exec-
utive director Preap Kol also
called such deflections counter-
If we get a diagnosis, and say,
No, I dont have that disease, it
isnt helpful.
May Titthara
SIX economic land concession-
aires in Preah Vihear and Oddar
Meanchey provinces have had
their contracts to supply the gov-
ernment with wood to build
housing for soldiers and their
families cancelled.
After the conflict with Thai-
land over the Preah Vihear tem-
ple in 2011, the government
encouraged the families of sol-
diers to settle in the two prov-
inces and has since allocated
land to them under its social
land concession scheme.
The six politically connected
plantation firms Best Royal (K)
Co, Ltd; Huot Meng Vita Co, Ltd;
Nature Plantation (KH) Co, Ltd;
Sok Samnang Development; Tay
Ninh Siem Reap Aphivath
Caoutchouch Co, Ltd; and Tum-
ring Rubber Co were issued
65,065 hectares of concessions
in 2011 and 2012 in the Kulen
Prom-Tep Wildlife Sanctuary
and contracted to provide tim-
ber to the authorities.
But in a letter signed by Min-
ister of Environment Say Sam Al
on August 28, the order was
given to end the arrangement.
Now the [housing] projects
have . . . been completed, so your
supplies will be stopped from
now on, he said in the letter.
The order followed a letter on
August 6 from Chea Sophara,
the minister of rural develop-
ment, requesting Sam Al end
the contract.
Monitoring groups say they
have found evidence that the
companies logged illegally. But
Sophara said none of the wood
used to build the 200 houses for
the families of soldiers and police
had been sourced illegally.
The timber we bought is
grade two, which was near the
villages and not from anywhere
far away, he said.
Ouch Leng, director of the
Human Rights Task Force, said
the cancellation of the contracts
showed the government did not
know how to manage the forests.
The ministries issued letters to
show that the two ministries did
not know how to manage their
own natural resources, allowing
the private companies to log
their own forest and then becom-
ing buyers from them instead.
In October last year, rights
group Adhoc reported that at
least 1,000 families in 14 prov-
inces had suffered from land
grabs by military officers to con-
struct accommodation.
Phak Seangly
ABOUT one week after the census of foreigners
wrapped up in Ratanakkiri province, two more
Vietnamese men a father and son were deport-
ed yesterday, officials told the Post.
Chea Bunthoeun, provincial deputy police
chief in charge of immigration, said that the two
men, aged 41 and 18, were discovered last week
living illegally on a chicken farm located in
Banlung Town.
Our forces asked them for their documents,
but they did not have any, so we arrested them
and deported them back to Vietnam, he said,
adding that the pair admitted to crossing ille-
gally into the Kingdom in August.
Including these two immigrants, 14 have
been deported back [to Vietnam] this year,
Bunthoeun added.
Yesterdays deportations bring the total number
of illegal Vietnamese migrants to be sent back
home since the census was completed to 12.
The first time, we just deport them, but if they
do this again, we will take measures against
them. If there are a lot of [illegal] migrants here,
it is not good, it will be difficult to solve,
Bunthoeun said.
The census, which is also under way in Pursat
province and is soon to start in Kampong
Chhnang, has been presented as a government
effort to take a more precise count of foreigners
living in Cambodia, but concerns have been
raised that Vietnamese people could be unfairly
targeted and deported.
In wider efforts to implement Cambodias
Immigration Law, Bunthoeun said that a team
from the Ministry of Interiors Immigration
Department and the Ministry of Labour would
begin inspecting economic land concessions
across the province next week to better establish
numbers of legal and illegal workers.
Ang Chanrith, executive director of the Minor-
ity Rights Organization, said that it would be dif-
ficult to establish a realistic number of Vietnam-
ese in Cambodia.
The authorities are facing a difficult task, since
some Vietnamese have lived in Cambodia for
years and some were born here, he said.
Provide salary incentives to
judges tied to performance
and integrity
Implement a transparent
and competitive process for
recruitment of judges with an
independent appointments
Ensure all courtrooms are
open to the public
Publish decisions of judges
Introduce a course on the
judiciary into high schools
Review the three key
judicial laws recently passed
Pass an access to
information law that should
include, among other
provisions, an obligation for
government bodies to publish
and disseminate essential
information, clear procedures
to access this information, a
system to offer it free of
charge or at minimal costs,
and whistleblower protection
Create an independent
oversight body to ensure that
the information law is
properly implemented and
Remove provisions that the
ACU chairperson and vice-
chairperson are appointed at
the request of the premier
Institute a public
recruitment process for the
hiring of ACU officials
Guarantee whistleblower
Require all adult children
and spouses of officials to
also declare their assets, and
make asset declarations
Make ACU reports public
Create an independent
committee to govern public
servants that sets out
transparent standards for
recruitment, promotions and
Educate Cambodians about
the difference between the
government, the public
sector and the private sector
Publish details of
expenditure, procurement
contracts and service fees at
public agencies and ministries
Ensure civil servants are
paid adequately
A security agent checks the temperature of a woman at the entrance of a port in Liberia late last month to
check for potential Ebloa cases. Risks are very low, but precautionary checks are occurring in Cambodia. AFP
Ebola checks set up
Charles Rollet

N THE wake of the worlds
deadliest Ebola epidem-
ic, efforts to prevent the
spread of the disease into
Cambodia are continuing, with
scanners installed at four ma-
jor entry points and training
scheduled for clinicians across
the country.
Thermal body scanners which
detect high fevers one of the
symptoms of Ebola have been
installed since August in Cam-
bodias two international air-
ports in Phnom Penh and Siem
Reap, and at the two main land
crossings in Bavet and Poipet.
Passengers ying into the
country are also required to ll
a form about their health and
their prior places of stay, said
Ly Sovann, chief of the Health
Ministrys Communicable Dis-
ease Control Department.
They put their email and
phone number on there so its
easy to nd someone if [they
get sick], Sovann explained.
He said that the thermal
scanners are applied regardless
of nationality, but that people
travelling from Africa, the Mid-
dle East and China will face
extra scrutiny.
Its not just Ebola, we are
also scanning for diseases like
MERS [Middle Eastern Respira-
tory Syndrome] and bird u,
Sovann said, clarifying why
people travelling from the Mid-
dle East and China would also
be further examined.
Sovann said that no person
entering the country has been
detected with Ebola, which has
killed more than 2,100 in four
West African countries since
the outbreak started .
Despite the added measures,
the risk of Ebola making it to
Cambodia is very low, said
WHO communications of-
cer Vicky Houssiere, because
the disease is only transmitted
through direct contact and is
not airborne.
Houssiere said the govern-
ments measures, which have
been coordinated with the
WHO, have reduced an al-
ready low risk, adding that cli-
nicians across four provinces
at the end of the month will
be trained by the Ministry of
Health in infection, prevention,
and control of the disease.
Concerns that expatriate
Nigerians, whose country has
been affected by the outbreak,
would be stopped at the airport
because of their nationality, are
unfounded, said Houssiere.
Its really about trying to
trace where youve been, not
your nationality.
The president of the Nigerian
in Diaspora Organization of
Cambodia (NIDO), Austin Ko-
ledoye, who said he is in close
contact with Cambodian im-
migration ofcials, told the Post
he ew in from Europe on Sat-
urday and faced no problems
at the airport, nor have fellow
nationals, to his knowledge.
Mom Kunthear

HE garment industry
will devolve into chaos
if any of the six labour
union presidents sum-
monsed to court for question-
ing are taken into custody, inde-
pendent union leaders said.
Several of the six major
union leaders called to Phnom
Penh Municipal Court for
questioning for alleged crimes
connected to violent protests
in early January said yesterday
they will call for members to
hold massive demonstrations
across the Kingdom if the cases
move forward.
We will encourage the
workers to push, and support
us if we are arrested because
we are always protecting
them, said Yang Sophorn,
president of Cambodian Alli-
ance Trade Union.
Phnom Penh Municipal inves-
tigative judge Chea Sokheang
last week told the Post that he
sent summonses for the lead-
ers of six independent labour
unions who encouraged a 10-
day nationwide strike in the
garment sector after the Minis-
try of Labour set the industrys
minimum wage at $100, rather
than the $160 unions pushed.
Sophorn, Chea Mony, Ath
Thorn, Rong Chhun, Pav Sina
and Morm Nhim will be called
for questioning on charges of
intentional violence with ag-
gravating circumstances. If
convicted, each could face up
to ve years in prison.
Collective Union of Move-
ment of Workers president Pav
Sina, who is scheduled for ques-
tioning on Friday, said his arrest
would disrupt a large number
of factories.
My activists will instruct our
members in more than 40 fac-
tories, in Phnom Penh and the
provinces, to suspend work,
and demand my release, Sina
said yesterday.
Arrests of the unionists could
scare away international brands
that source from Cambodia,
said Dave Welsh, country direc-
tor of labour rights group Soli-
darity Center.
Its completely counterpro-
ductive, Welsh said, pointing
out that the questioning coin-
cides with negotiations for next
years minimum wage. It sends
the wrong message to people
who are looking at Cambodias
garment industry.
Garment Manufacturers As-
sociation in Cambodia secre-
tary general Ken Loo said its
too early to predict any possible
arrests. But if they do, workers
have the right to protest. ADDI-
Footie argument leads
to stabby conclusion
RED card, indeed. Two men
were arrested on Monday for
attacking a driver in Preah
Sihanouks Stung Hav district
after an argument they had
while playing football. The vic-
tim was driving his truck away
after the game when the pair,
aged 19 and 32, blocked his
way with their bikes and
viciously assaulted him with a
machete and a wooden stick
in the shoulder and arm. The
men attempted to escape, but
police arrested them and sent
to them court. DEUM AMPIL
Purse-wielding hero
breaks up moto theft
AN ALLEGED thief failed to
make off with a motorbike
after he was stopped by a
Japanese womans expertly
wielded handbag in Phnom
Penhs Chamkarmon district
on Monday. Police said the
man, 30, was trying to steal a
34-year-old womans motor-
bike but was stopped after the
Japanese woman came to the
rescue, hitting the man with
her handbag until police
came to arrest him. The sus-
pect confessed and was sent
to court. NOKORWAT
Drug arrest on aisle 3:
Bbang grocer busted
A BATTAMBANG town grocer
suspected of dealing drugs
was arrested on Sunday after
police stopped him in town
and found three small pack-
ages of yama. Police said he
confessed that he was on his
way to deliver drugs to
addicts, telling authorities he
worked for a dealer because
he did not make enough
money selling groceries.
Police sent him to court on
Monday and are on the look-
out for the dealer. NOKORWAT

Cops crow, punters cry
foul over cockfight raid
POLICE raided a gambling
and cockfighting den in
Phnom Penhs Meanchey
district on Monday, arresting
nine of the 20 or so inhabit-
ants and seizing a cock, five
motorbikes and gambling
equipment. But the alleged
gamblers claimed the police
only raided the house so
they could help themselves
to the money in the gam-
bling pot, some of which
supposedly went missing
after the raid. KOH SANTEPHEAP
Teacher earns straight
Fs in bag snatching
TEACHERS are often accused
of taking money from students
in the Kingdom, but a primary
schoolteacher took this to a
whole new level after he was
arrested for allegedly stealing
a 19-year-old female high
schoolers handbag in Phnom
Penhs Tuol Kork district on
Monday. Police said the teach-
er, who did not work at the
students school, fell off the
motorbike he and an accom-
plice had used to execute a
high-speed bag-snatching.
The bag was returned, but the
teachs alleged cohort
Translated by Phak Seangly
Human Resources Assistant
The U.S. Embassy in PhnomPenh is seeking an individual
for theHuman Resources Assistant position in the Human
Resources Ofce.
The Human Resources Assistant performs full range of
duties related to the administration of Personal Services
Agreement program, performance management and
benets contained on the Local Compensation Plan. The
incumbent is also responsible for administering posts
training programand reports directly to the Supervisory
Human Resources Assistant.
Grade/Salary: The annual salary range for this position
is USD 9,21614,286.
Required Qualications
Bachelors degree in Business Administration or 1.
Human Resources Managementis required.
Two years of progressively responsibleexperience 2.
in human resources administration is required.
Level IV (Fluent) Speaking/Reading/Writing 3.
English and Khmer are required. Language
prociency will be tested.
Must have sound knowledge of ofce 4.
procedures, HR policies and procedural
requirements pertaining to training and Locally
Employed (LE) Staff program functions.
Excellent computer skills--ability to prepare 5.
complex tables and graphs and ability to type in
Application Procedure
The application deadline is September 22, 2014.
Interested candidates must submit applications by email
to using the Universal
Application for Employment as a Locally Employed Staff
or Family Member (DS-174) form. The application form
and complete details on this position can be found at http://
Note: All Ordinarily Resident (OR) applicants must have
the required work and/or residency permits to be eligible
for consideration.
loses leg to
blast in Pailin
WO boys in Pailin province
are in hospital after they
stepped on a land mine
while picking mushrooms in
Pang Rolem village.
One of the boys, Kis Toy, 6,
lost his leg in the accident, Kong
Samnang, OTavao commune
police chief, said yesterday.
Klem Et, aged 8, was slightly
injured in the blast.
The victims were new
migrants and they did not know
mines were there. Only the local
people know and they do not dare
to go there, Samnang said.
He added that the mine explod-
ed at about 9am when the boys
were walking up Prech Mountain
to search for mushrooms.
He said the Cambodian Mine
Action Centre (CMAC) has banned
people from the area, a former
Khmer Rouge base, pending its
Keo Pov, a local campaigner on
landmine dangers, said that he
had recorded 20 injuries and one
death in the area so far this year.
CMAC has recorded a sig-
nicant uptick in the number of
deaths and injuries due to unex-
ploded ordnance and landmines
this year compared with 2013.
A man beats a drum as garment workers hold placards and chant at a protest at the Ministry of Labour in
Phnom Penh earlier this month. PHA LINA
Unions threaten mass demo
Three left
injured in
Pech Sotheary
POLICE arrested two men last
night after the car that one of
them was driving barreled into
a group of motorcycles, tuk-
tuks and cars along Sisowath
Quay in an attempted hit-and-
run that was stopped short by
angry pedestrians.
Three people were injured,
including one seriously.
According to police in Daun
Penhs Chey Chumneah com-
mune, the speeding Camry
first crashed into a motorbike
outside of the Hotel Khmer
Royal, just north of the Royal
Seemingly attempting to
escape, the driver floored the
badly damaged vehicle and
kept going north, crashing into
about 10 more vehicles along
the way, including tuk-tuks,
motorbikes and cars.
Eventually, the nearly
totalled car came to a stop and
the drivers bailed from the
vehicle, but their flight was
unsuccessful, as a crowd of
onlookers chased and detained
them, while others began
smashing the car for good
The police said that the seri-
ously injured victim was sent
to Calmette Hospital, but they
would not reveal the names of
the two suspects in custody
nor whether or not they had
been drinking or not.
Rice husks
to pump
energy to
the grid
Chan Muyhong
Energy (Cambodia) Co has
signed a 10-year deal to supply
Cambodias Electricite Du
Cambodge with 48,000 mega-
watts of energy derived from
rice husks every year.
Phou Puy, president of PMTI,
told the Post yesterday that
about 70 per cent of the power
generated from his biomass
plant would be supplied to his
own rice-milling company,
Baitang Plc, as well as several
other rice millers in Battam-
bang province.
The remaining power, Puy
said, would be sold to Electric-
ite Du Cambodge.
We have an abundance of
rice husks, which can be turned
into power, Puy said.
It is important for local rice
millers because it will cost less
than the power supplied by the
state, he added.
For now, we are selling the
remaining power to EDC, but
I also plan to discuss with
other rice millers where they
can exchange their rice husk
for power.
Puy said that his biomass
plant could generate 10 mega-
watts of power per hour at his
biomass plant and that he was
selling it to EDC for $0.09 per
Ty Thany, executive director
at the Electricity Authority of
Cambodia, confirmed yester-
day that EDC planned to make
use of the PMTI energy source
during the dry season when
the Kingdoms dams produce
less power.
Though the amount is
small, it helps us to reduce
dependence on the imported
power from Thailand and
Vietnam, he said.
Kan Khunthy, CEO of Brico,
a rice milling company in Bat-
tambang, said yesterday that
the high cost of power
remained an issue for rice
millers in Cambodia.
I welcome it if the rice-husk
plant is going to be a success
and can supply power at a
lower price, Khunthy said.
A panel discusses corruption issues at Le Royal Hotel in Phnom Penh yesterday, after the release of a report by Transparency International. VIREAK MAI
Biz integrity under threat: TI
Daniel de Carteret

HE integrity of business in the
Kingdom is threatened by a
awed legal framework and a
culture of corruption, accord-
ing to a report released yesterday by
Transparency International Cambodia.
Some two years in the making, the
corruption watchdogs wide-ranging
study gives the business sector one of
13 governance institutions it says is re-
quired to sustain a system of integrity
an overall weak rating of 32 points
out of a possible 100.
Endemic corruption, business con-
nections to the political elite, a weak
judiciary and a lack of transparency all
contribute to a business environment
with little accountability and a lack of
integrity, according to the report.
Threats to business integrity in-
clude the limited implementation of
certain laws, as well as widespread
petty corruption and high-level nepo-
tism within the patronage network of
the ruling elite, the report reads.
While there are laws to allow for the
easy establishment of businesses and
the creation of contracts, and a re-
quirement for nancial record keep-
ing, the rules are poorly enforced and
easily avoided, TI found.
Heavy bureaucratic processes open
the door to bribe seeking and bribe of-
fering, while business records stay in-
house and are rarely made public.
Rath Sophoan, chairman of the
board of directors for TI, said many
foreign companies in Cambodia were
prevented by their own regulations
from engaging in corrupt practices.
They have lots of laws governing
them, and they have resources and the
capacity to build internal structures
to reduce their chance of committing
corruption, he said, using UK busi-
nesses as an example.
However, for local companies that
rely heavily on government support
for their business, corruption is dif-
cult to avoid.
But what they can do is try to en-
sure that the corrupt practice is mini-
mal, to ensure competition is fair,
Sophoan said.
Speaking during a panel discussion
at the release of the report yesterday,
Mu Sochua, a lawmaker with the op-
position Cambodia National Rescue
Party, said a code of conduct needs
to be established for all companies to
abide by.
For companies that want to follow
those basic principles, they need to be
encouraged. They need it recognised
that they are clean and corruption-
free, Sochua said.
Sochua also called on larger compa-
nies to be more transparent with re-
gard to their ownership.
Among its recommendations to
strengthen business integrity, TI says
rms should develop their own sets
of internal anti-bribery provisions,
with penalties handed to employ-
ees who break them. The corruption
watchdog has also called on the An-
ti-Corruption Unit to work with the
Ministry of Economy and Finance
to nd ways to reward businesses for
cleaning up their act, such as incen-
tives for paying their taxes correctly.
Despite 15 years of nearly 8 per cent
average annual growth, Wan-Hea Lee,
the head of the UN Ofce of the High
Commissioner for Human Rights in
Cambodia, said corruption was an is-
sue that had led to greater inequality
in the country.
Yes there has been growth, tremen-
dous growth, but the Human Devel-
opment Report [shows] that there
has been highly unequal growth, she
said, referring to a recently released
UN report.
Who knows what kind of growth,
what level of growth and how equitable
it could have been had this question of
equity have been addressed squarely
and what role corruption plays in
that, she said.
The government declined to attend
the TI studys release, but when con-
tacted yesterday Council of Ministers
spokesman Phay Siphan said the gov-
ernment was making improvements
Indicative Exchange Rates as of 8/9/2014. Please contact ANZ Royal Global Markets on 023 999 910 for real time rates.
Shukaku-inc was established in September 2001 as a real estate develop-
ment rm. Afer years of establishment, it received its rst major project
to develop the 114 hectares Boeung Kak lake situated right in the center
of the city.
Now, we are looking for an experienced, passionate and dynamic individual to
join our team in the following roles
Chief Engineer 1. (3 persons)
Design Manager 2. (3 persons)
The ideal candidate will be quality obsessive, patent, determined, hard worker,
show creatvity, and have excellent leadership and communicaton skills to adapt
to a mult-cultural environment.

Key Accountabilites and Responsibilites
Chief Engineer 1.
Responsible for managing the constructon design and constructon process
planning, executon, monitoring and acceptance of deliverables.
Responsible for the safety, quality, progress and environmental impact of the
design and constructon works.
Responsible for technical management to deal with important technology
Responsible for liaise with various partes, such as other project teams, other
contractors, designers, architects, stakeholders to ensure that the projects are
well coordinated in terms of technical maters.
Responsible for assistng BOD to determine a set of technical standards for
projects development
Design Manager 2.
Development of design manuals, guidelines, and standard operatng proce-
Monitoring, management, and supervision of engineers for Trac, M&E, Civil,
Mechanical (MVAC), QS, and Landscape Architecture;
All design concepts, measurements and monitoring, delivery, and post-deliv-
ery actvites;
Conduct design reviews on output;
Review and create Specicatons; select materials for constructon;
Review standard Contracts for consultants and Contractors;
Provide mentoring to the professional sta;
Qualicatons and Experiences
Chief Engineer 1.
At least 5-10 years relevant experience in large-scale building constructon
A recognized Degree in Civil Engineering, qualied professional engineer
Professional qualicaton from recognized professional engineer bodies is
must have.
Design Manager 2.
At least ten 5-10 years of relevant design development and management ex-
perience preferred by working on large scale ($100-200 million +) internaton-
al projects, or working experience with a developer or architectural company
is preferred.
Salary based on experiences and qualicatons.
Please send CV and cover leter (Do not atach certcates or leter of
reference at this tme) by September30, 2014 to Or
Human Resources Department, # BoeungKok (next to Phnom Penh Water Authority),
SangkatSrasChork, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh. Only short-list candidates will
be contacted for interviews.
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EU businesses warn China
UROPEAN businesses
in China yesterday
warned the Commu-
nist Party to urgently
implement previously prom-
ised reforms or risk seeing
growth in the worlds second-
largest economy plummet
and incomes stagnate.
The golden age for business
in China is drawing to a close,
the European Union Chamber
of Commerce in China said.
China is nearing the end of
its window of opportunity to
create the framework to rebal-
ance the economy, it added in
its annual European Business
in China Position Paper.
Unless Chinas current
leadership maintains the req-
uisite sense of urgency and is
resolute in their pursuit of re-
form, there is the very real risk
that Chinas economic sunrise
could dawn into a middle-in-
come trap.
The Communist Party an-
nounced a blueprint for far-
reaching reform at the end of
a key meeting in November
known as the Third Plenum.
It called for allowing market
forces to play a decisive role
in resource allocation, a big-
ger function for private capital
and further nancial and cur-
rency reforms.
But it also said the dominant
role of state-owned enterprises
(SOEs) was the foundation of
the socialist market economy,
raising questions about com-
petitive fairness.
The Third Plenum docu-
ment was generally well-re-
ceived, although economists
and business executives
have warned that its imple-
mentation would need to be
closely watched.
The 1,800-member EU
Chamber expressed doubts
over how committed authori-
ties are to the decisive role
pledge, questioned whether
foreign industry can ever
achieve equal treatment with
Chinese counterparts and
raised concerns over the posi-
tion of SOEs.
The pledges were laudable
but China just has to move
faster on implementing the
laws and the market reforms
that they have outlined, Joerg
Wuttke, president of the EU
Chamber, said.
Among steps mentioned in
the report are further interest
rate liberalisation, allowing
more foreign banks to operate,
and stricter enforcement of
often-ignored environmental
Chinas leaders say they
want to make private demand
the key driver of the economy,
moving away from over-re-
liance on huge and wasteful
state-backed investment proj-
ects that have formed the basis
for decades of expansion.
Such a transformation is ex-
pected to result in slower but
more stable and sustainable
growth in the long run. AFP
Two cleaners rest against the backdrop of the Huangpu River and
the skyline of the Lujiazui Financial District in Shanghai. AFP
JAPANESE e-commerce gi-
ant Rakuten said yesterday it
would buy US online shop-
ping operator Ebates for about
$1 billion as it taps overseas
markets to counter a limited
home market.
Rakuten said the all-cash
deal would give it access to 2.5
million new customers in the
United States, Canada, South
Korea and China.
The company will acquire
Ebates for a total consider-
ation of $1 billion in cash, and
will hold 100 per cent of Ebates
outstanding voting stock, Ra-
kuten said in a statement.
The combination of the
two companies will give
birth to an attractive and in-
novative membership-based
marketplace for consumers
featuring a points program at
the core.
Rakutens billionaire chief
executive Hiroshi Mikitani
said it was a strategically im-
portant move that would give
his company a foothold in the
enormous US market.
The deal could help Rakuten
compete abroad with industry
giants such as Amazon and
Chinas Alibaba, which is pre-
paring an initial public offer-
ing that could raise as much
as $24.3 billion in what be the
biggest share sale in history.
San Francisco-based Ebates
runs websites that offer re-
bates and coupons for shop-
ping from 1,700-plus partner
retailers, including Amazon
and eBay.
It hosted about $2.2 billion
in transactions in its 2013 s-
cal year.
Rakuten has a credit-card-
linked reward points system
in Japan to help retain its cus-
tomer base.
Lacking a similar setup in
the United States, the Ebates
acquisition is seen as a way
to lure shoppers looking for
cash-back deals to Rakutens
virtual shopping mall.
Since launching its business
in Taiwan in 2008, Rakuten
has expanded to more than 10
foreign markets.
But its foreign e-commerce
transactions are a small share
of its overall business, which is
focused on a domestic market
that is unlikely to offer much
more room for growth.
Last year, Rakuten bought
US video-streaming provider
Viki for about $200 million
while in February it picked up
messaging app provider Viber
for around $900 million.
It has also scooped up Cana-
dian e-reader rm Kobo. AFP
Japans Rakuten buys
Ebates for $1 billion
Source : EUCCC
European companies
in China
Proportion reporting y-o-y
increased revenues
per cent
FY 2010 11 12 13
Philippine titan regains PAL
THE Philippines second rich-
est man will regain full control
of Philippine Airlines by buy-
ing back a 49-per-cent stake
from San Miguel, the rms
said Tuesday, in a deal report-
edly worth $1 billion.
Lucio Tan is to take back the
stake he sold to San Miguel two
years ago, according to disclo-
sure statements filed with the
stock exchange that did not dis-
close the price.
The two biggest stockhold-
ers of Philippine Airlines...
signed a joint agreement
whereby [San Miguel Corp]
expressed willingness to sell its
49 per cent stake to the group
of Dr Lucio Tan, a San Miguel
statement said.
Spokeswomen of the two
companies declined to give the
amount of the planned deal.
San Miguel paid $500 mil-
lion when it bought the stake
from the LT Group, a holding
firm controlled by Tan who is
listed by Forbes magazine as
the second richest man in the
Philippines with a net worth of
$6.1 billion.
The 2012 deal saw San
Miguel take management
control of the flag-carrier even
though Tan remained in con-
trol of the majority 51 per cent
San Miguel then invested
more to help pay for a major
modernisation of PALs fleet,
which included a 2012 order for
54 Airbus with a list price of $7
billion. Since then, the airline
has also been removed from
European and US aviation safe-
ty blacklists.
San Miguel President Ramon
Ang, listed by Forbes as the
32nd richest man in the Philip-
pines, has overseen the diver-
sification of the firm from its
base in the beer, food and bev-
erage industries into infra-
structure, power and airlines.
However, San Miguels invest-
ment in PAL soured as two of
the nations most powerful men
decided they did not want to
share control, according to Alex
Tiu, a stock market analyst with
AB Capital Securities.
What insiders are saying is
that this is more of a pride
issue. It was either going to be
full control to Ramon Ang or
full control to the Lucio Tan
group, Tiu explained to AFP.
Media reports that Tan paid
San Miguel $1 billion for the
stake sounded credible, Tiu
The airline returned to profit
this year under San Miguels
stewardship. PAL Holdings
posted a net income of 1.49 bil-
lion pesos ($34 million) in the
second quarter of this year from
a loss of 1.08 billion pesos in the
same period last year, the com-
panys records showed. AFP
Lucio Tan, the Philippines second richest man, will retake control of Philippine Airlines by purchasing back a
49-per-cent stake from San Miguel in a deal reportedly worth $1 billion. AFP
Singapore to block access
to overseas gambling sites
SINGAPORE plans to impose a
sweeping ban on sports betting
via overseas websites, but
experts said yesterday that vir-
tual private networks (VPNs)
would erode the effectiveness
of the move.
A remote gambling bill filed
in parliament on Monday will
give the government broad
powers to block access to the
websites as well as blocking
electronic payments to their
The objectives for regulating
remote gambling are to main-
tain law and order and protect
young persons and other vul-
nerable persons from being
harmed or exploited by remote
gambling, the home affairs
ministry said in a statement.
Singapore currently bans
access to about 100 sites,
mostly featuring pornograph-
ic, extremist and hateful con-
tent. Access to extramarital
dating site Ashley Madison is
also banned in the city-state,
which is famous for strict
social controls.
The new law will make it an
offence, punishable by jail
terms and fines, for Singapore-
ans to gamble on overseas gam-
bling websites, while advertise-
ments for them on online and
offline platforms will also be
outlawed. Exemptions will be
granted for locally based online
gambling operators that follow
strict rules and operate on a
nonprofit basis.
Government-linked betting
firms involved in sports betting
and horse racing channel pro-
ceeds to charity and social
Media and technology experts
say blocking overseas websites
will have limited effectiveness.
There is VPN, and so the
most effective method is not
through blocking sites, said
Ang Peng Hwa, a media law
professor at the Nanyang Tech-
nological University.
Alfred Siew, editor of local
technology website Techgoon-
du, said an increasing number
of Singaporeans use overseas-
based VPN services to access
blocked websites.
I believe blocking will at least
keep out those casual gamblers
or those who just chance upon
the websites, Siew said.
Whether it is pornography
or any other kind of objection-
able content, if the person is
hardcore enough, he will find a
way to access it, he added.
Noel Biderman, the head of
Canada-based Ashley Madi-
son, which enables married
persons to have affairs, said
over 5,000 Singaporeans have
signed on to the portal using
VPN, bypassing the govern-
ment-implemented ban.
Ang said it would be more
effective for authorities to tar-
get payments directed at the
gambling websites. The aim is
not to be 100 per cent effective
but to deter most people most
of the time, he said.
Zoran Vasiljev, a partner at
Singapore-based market
research firm Solidiance, said
technology-savvy gamblers
will quickly identify remote
proxies and continue with the
He also called for restrictions
on transactions to gambling
sites which would curb the
gambling losses and the length
[of time] one spends gambling
online continuously.
Sports betting, especially on
top European football league
matches, is deeply entrenched
in wealthy Singapore. Its online
gambling market is estimated
to be worth US$416 million,
with 95 per cent of revenues
headed towards overseas web-
sites, Singapores Straits Times
said yesterday. AFP
Singapore plans to introduce a ban on access to overseas gambling
sites and has already led a remote gambling bill in parliament. AFP
RUBBER tumbled to the low-
est in ve years amid ris-
ing stockpiles in China, the
worlds largest user, and an
oversupply in Thailand, the
biggest producer.
Prices dropped as much as
4.4 per cent in Shanghai and 3
per cent in Tokyo. Inventories
monitored by the Shanghai
Futures Exchange rose 1.6 per
cent to 166,328 metric tonnes
on September 4, the highest
in four months, bourse data
show. Global production will
outpace demand by 371,000
tonnes in 2014, the Singa-
pore-based International
Rubber Study Group said last
month. Thailand started sell-
ing stockpiles while it also
tries to reduce the glut by fell-
ing older trees.
There is a surplus in the
global market and demand is
not catching up to the growth
in supplies, Anu Pai, an ana-
lyst at Geojit Comtrade Ltd in
Kochi, India, said yesterday.
Chinese warehouse data
last week showed that stock-
piles are rising and there are
concerns over demand from
there. Moves by Thailand to
ofoad state stockpiles have
raised worries of oversupply.
Rubber for January deliv-
ery on the Shanghai Futures
Exchange closed down 4 per
cent at 13,530 yuan a tonne,
the weakest since March
2009. The February contract
on the Tokyo Commodity Ex-
change dropped 2.9 per cent
to 191 yen a kilogram, the
lowest since July 2009. Prices
this year have declined 25 per
cent in China and 30 per cent
in Japan.
Thailand will expand the
area it will clear of ageing trees
by 33 per cent to 400,000 rai
(64,000 hectares) a year in the
season starting in October,
Prasit Meadsen, acting direc-
tor of the Ofce of the Rub-
ber Replanting Aid Fund, said
Sept.ember 4. The program,
to be implemented for seven
years, will cut supply by 27,000
tonnes annually, he said.
The country meanwhile
plans to unload all rubber
it holds in state stockpiles,
starting with 100,000 tonnes
it already agreed to sell and a
similar-sized shipment soon,
Chanachai Plengsiriwat, man-
aging director of Thailands
Rubber Estate Organization,
said on September 2.
The global surplus will
narrow to 202,000 tonnes
next year, according to the
International Rubber Study
Rubber falls to ve-year
low amid Thailand glut
Amazons Fire to hit UK,
Germany; US price cut
US ONLINE giant Amazon said
on Monday it was selling its
Fire 3D smartphone in
Germany and Britain as it cut
the price of the handset for US
customers. Amazon released
statements for its British and
German websites for the
handset, which was unveiled in
June for US customers. The
price was cut from $199 to
less than $1 for US customers
opting for a two-year contract
with AT&T. Similar options will
be available in Germany for 1
through Deutsche Telekom
and in Britain for no upfront
cost in partnership with O2.
Amazon also trimmed the cost
of the smartphone without a
contract to $449, from $649 at
the launch. AFP
Driverless cars five to
six years away: Tesla
US ELECTRIC car maker Tesla
is developing technology that
could see vehicles run on full
auto pilot in as little as five or
six years, according to its chief
executive Elon Musk. The
colourful entrepreneur said his
firm was stepping on the
accelerator in the race against
rivals such as Google and
Volvo to create a driverless car,
which could revolutionise the
road by drastically cutting
mortality rates. AFP
EU approves Russia sanctions
HE European Union
agreed to a new wave
of sanctions against
Russia on Monday,
but said their entry into force
would take a few days, giving
time to recent peace moves
by Moscow.
Depending on the situation
on the ground, the EU stands
ready to review the agreed
sanctions in whole or in part,
said Herman Van Rompuy,
President of the European
Council in a statement, after a
last-minute meeting of EU en-
voys in Brussels.
European capitals were sup-
posed to give formal approval
early on Monday to the sanc-
tions which include limiting
access to nancial markets by
Russian oil giants but had
failed to do so after falling
short of an unanimous agree-
ment on the measures.
The delay came as some of
the EUs member states in East-
ern Europe still dependent
on Russian trade and energy
ties were uneasy at ratchet-
ing up the sanctions, and as a
tenuous Ukraine ceasere ap-
peared to be holding.
But after more than three
hours of last-minute talks, a
breakthrough was achieved.
A package of further restric-
tive measures against Rus-
sia has been adopted by the
Council today [through writ-
ten procedure], deepening the
targeted measures of 31 July,
Van Rompuy said.
As is practice with EU sanc-
tions, the decision and exact
content of the measures will
only be revealed once they are
published in the ofcial jour-
nal, a process that can take
several days.
European leaders ordered
Brussels ofcials at a summit
on August 30 to draw up new
sanctions in response to claims
that Russian troops were back-
ing rebels in eastern Ukraine.
Diplomats said the new EU
sanctions limit access to -
nancial markets by Russian oil
companies such as Rosneft and
Transneft plus the petroleum
unit of gas giant Gazprom.
The new sanctions build on
those agreed at the end of July
when EU leaders, stung into
action by the shooting down
over Ukraine of a Malaysia
Airlines plane, decided to tar-
get whole economic sectors
on top of travel bans and asset
freezes against individuals.
The July sanctions meant
Russian entities would no lon-
ger be able to raise debt on EU
nancial markets with a ma-
turity of more than 90 days. It
is expected this could now be
cut to as little as 30 days in the
new measures, tightening the
screws on state-owned Rus-
sian banks at a time when the
economy is already struggling.
That could force the Russian
government to put its hand
in its pocket, to make up the
funding shortfall, another dip-
lomatic source said.
The new measures will also
target more people linked to
the rebel leadership in the
Donbass region of eastern
Ukraine, the government of
Crimea, which was annexed
by Russia in March, and Rus-
sian decision-makers and
oligarchs, Van Rompuy and
Barroso said on Friday.
They cover the same four ar-
eas as the previous set in July
capital markets, defence, dual-
use goods with both military
and civilian capabilities, and
oil technology. AFP
Tunisia eyes foreign investment as country starts up
TUNISIA on Monday urged foreign
investment in its democratic start-
up, three years after the country set
the ball rolling on the Arab Spring
uprisings that swept away long-
time dictators.
To invest in Tunisia, in this star-
tup, is to invest in democracy,
Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa told an
international investment confer-
ence in Tunis.
His visiting French counterpart,
Manuel Valls, backed the appeal.
At a time when chaos threatens
Libya, when barbarity is rampant in
Iraq and Syria, Tunisia needs all our
support to continue on the path of
democracy, he told participants.
Yes, Tunisias economy is a startup
. . . I invite you to invest in it and to
trust it, said Valls, who co-organised
the conference.
Tunisia unveiled at the meeting 22
major projects costing 12 billion
dinars (more than $6.5 billion),
including the construction of a
deep-water port in Enfidha, south
of the capital, and a dam in north-
west Tunisia.
Investment projects in the energy,
transport, tourism and industry
sectors were also unveiled to repre-
sentatives of around 30 countries,
20 international institutions and
dozens of private companies.
Tunisian authorities say the main
goal of the conference was to restore
investor confidence through the gov-
ernments strategic vision of struc-
tural economic reforms.
We forgot about the economy
over the past three years but the
economy did not forget us, said
Jomaa, referring to instability, polit-
ical crisis and social unrest since
Tunisias 2011 revolution.
The growth rate for the first half
of 2014 fell to 2.1 per cent, lower than
for the same period last year and not
enough to absorb growing the
unemployment in a cash-strapped
Authorities vaunt the success of
Tunisias political transition, pointing
to the adoption of a constitution and
a national dialogue, following polit-
ical assassinations and attacks on
security forces which rocked the
country last year.
At the end of the one-day confer-
ence, Sustainable Development Min-
ister Hedi Larbi told reporters that a
number of institutions and compa-
nies had indicated their interest in
some of the projects.
He did not elaborate.
Jacob Kolster, North Africa region-
al director of the African Develop-
ment Bank, said investors had been
waiting for a clear vision of Tuni-
sias economy and this is what we
got today.
What is now important is the exe-
cution of this vision, he said.
A government of technocrats has
been running Tunisia since January,
ahead of legislative and presidential
elections set for October and Novem-
ber. AFP
Petrobras investigates bribes claim
PETROLEO Brasileiro Sa is
probing corruption claims and
has requested access to allega-
tions made by a former execu-
tive of a kickbacks scheme
involving the state-run oil pro-
ducer in a scandal that threat-
ens to influence the outcome of
presidential elections.
Petrobras, as the Rio de Janei-
ro-based company is known,
asked the judge investigating
the so-called Car Wash money-
laundering case for details of
testimony given by former
refining head Paulo Roberto
Costa, it said on Monday. The
oil producer also wrote to com-
panies cited by Brazilian press
as allegedly involved in kick-
backs, Petrobras said, without
identifying them.
Veja magazine reported on
the weekend that a group of
more than 30 politicians,
including members and allies
of President Dilma Rousseffs
Workers Party, allegedly
received bribes linked to Petro-
bras contracts. The Sao Paulo-
based magazine said the list of
names was given by Costa dur-
ing testimony to the federal
public prosecutor.
Costa, who is in jail as the
police investigate him for mon-
ey-laundering, is collaborating
with prosecutors in exchange
for a lighter sentence. The scan-
dal, which has been on the front
page of Brazils main newspa-
pers since, is breaking four
weeks before presidential elec-
tions, triggering comments by
the three main candidates
including incumbent Rousseff.
It is in the best interests of
the companys management to
see the completion of all ongo-
ing investigations, Petrobras
said in Mondays statement.
Any irregular acts that may
have been committed by a per-
son or group of people, wheth-
er or not they are company
employees, do not represent
the conduct of the Petrobras
institution and its workforce.
Eduardo Campos, former gov-
ernor of Pernambuco state and
presidential candidate for the
Brazilian Socialist Party, who
died in a plane crash last month,
was named by Costa as one of
the politicians supposedly
involved, according to Veja.
Petrobras has been destroyed
by its political use, corruption
and handing out favours, Mari-
na Silva, who replaced Campos
as presidential candidate, told
reporters in Sao Paulo. She said
Campos always supported the
creation of a special committee
to investigate irregularities
within Petrobras.
The attempt to involve Cam-
pos in the scandal was a reaction
to polls that show Silva ahead of
Neves in the first-round and
beating Rousseff in the runoff,
Silvas party said. BLOOMBERG
Petrobras is seeking access to Paulo Roberto Costas testimony after he
alleged politicians took bribes from the state-run oil rm. BLOOMBERG
The Ukraine national ag (right) ies beside the Russian and European Union ags in Kiev. The EU agreed on
Monday to a new wave of sanctions against Russia. BLOOMBERG
KHANA has received a grant fromUSAID in United States Dollars 1.
towards thecost of FLAGSHIP project and it is intended that part of
theproceeds of this Grant will beapplied to eligiblepayments under the
contract for procurement of one (01) unit of SUV Vehicle at acompetitive
and economical price.
KHANA now hereby solicits your 2. sealed bid for the supply of SUV
Vehicle fromeligibleBidders.
Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from and 3.
inspect the Bidding Documents Pack at the ofce of KHANA.
All bids must beaccompanied by 4. a bid security of not less than 2% of
thetotal bidamount inUSD.
(Bidsecurity must beplacedinsidethebidpackage) andmust bedeliveredto:
#33, Street 71, Sangkat TonleBassac, Khan Chamcarmon, PhnomPenh,
Tel: (855) 23211505
Fax: (855) 23214049
Attention to: KHANA Procurement Committee
Deadlinefor bids submission: 5. 19
September 2014, at 10:30AM.
KHANA Procurement Committee will open bids in the presence of 6.
Bidders representatives who chooseto attend on 19
September 2014,
at 11:00AM.
We forgot about the
economy over the past
three years but the
economy did not forget us
International commodities
Thailand Vietnam
Singapore Malaysia
Hong Kong China
Japan Taiwan
Thai Set 50 Index, Sep 8
FTSE Straits Times Index, Sep 8 FTSE BursaMalaysiaKLCI, Sep 8
Hang Seng Index, Sep 8 CSI 300 Index, Sep 8
Nikkei 225, Sep 8 Taiwan Taiex Index, Sep 8
Ho Chi Minh Stock Index, Sep 8
2,445.22 25,190.45
1,874.12 3,342.96
626.92 1,056.30
South Korea Philippines
Laos Indonesia
India Pakistan
Australia New Zealand
KRX 100 Index, Sep 8 PSEI - Philippine Se Idx, Sep 8
Laos Composite Index, Sep 8 Jakarta Composite Index, Sep 8
BSE Sensex 30 Index, Sep 8 Karachi 100 Index, Sep 8
S&P/ASX 200 Index, Sep 8 NZX 50 Index, Sep 8
29,728.36 27,239.15
5,197.12 1,425.79
7,253.67 4,332.16
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Gasoline R 5250 5450 3.81 %
Diesel R 5100 5200 1.96 %
Petroleum R 5500 5500 0.00 %
Gas Chi 86000 76000 -11.63 %
Charcoal Baht 1200 1300 8.33 %
Construction equipment
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Rice 1 R/Kg 2800 2780 -0.71 %
Rice 2 R/Kg 2200 2280 3.64 %
Paddy R/Kg 1800 1840 2.22 %
Peanuts R/Kg 8000 8100 1.25 %
Maize 2 R/Kg 2000 2080 4.00 %
Cashew nut R/Kg 4000 4220 5.50 %
Pepper R/Kg 40000 24000 -40.00 %
Beef R/Kg 33000 33600 1.82 %
Pork R/Kg 17000 18200 7.06 %
Mud Fish R/Kg 12000 12400 3.33 %
Chicken R/Kg 18000 20800 15.56 %
Duck R/Kg 13000 13100 0.77 %
Item Unit Base Average (%)
Steel 12 R/Kg 3000 3100 3.33 %
Cement R/Sac 19000 19500 2.63 %
Food -Cereals -Vegetables - Fruits
Cambodian commodities
(Base rate taken on January 1, 2012)
Crude Oil (WTI) USD/bbl. 93.2 0.54 0.58% 5:00:15
Crude Oil (Brent) USD/bbl. 100.01 -0.19 -0.19% 5:00:26
NYMEX Natural Gas USD/MMBtu 3.85 -0.02 -0.57% 5:00:47
RBOBGasoline USd/gal. 255.84 -0.35 -0.14% 4:58:29
NYMEX Heating Oil USd/gal. 280.51 -0.43 -0.15% 4:58:29
ICEGasoil USD/MT 851.5 1.25 0.15% 4:59:27
CBOT Rough Rice USD/cwt 12.46 0.02 0.12% 3:09:09
CME Lumber USD/tbf 333.1 -1.3 -0.39% 21:47:21
A society where women shine
AKIE Abe, the wife of Japanese Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe, is active not only in her capacity as
rst lady, but also in practising pesticide-free ag-
riculture and running an izakaya restaurant. The
Yomiuri Shimbun has interviewed Akie about her
views on womens advancement, which is being
promoted by her husband. The following is an ex-
cerpt from the interview.
Mrs Abe, you are known for leading a life un-
bound by the conventional norms of being the
wife of a state leader.
I dont think there should be a mould for poli-
ticians wives or for women in general. It would
make me happy if other women were encouraged
to take a step forward after seeing me breaking the
mold as wife of the prime minister.
In September, an international symposium on
supporting womens endeavours will be held in
Tokyo, sponsored by the government and others.
I will attend it and have talks with people such
as Cherie Blair, the wife of former British Prime
Minister Tony Blair. I will actively exchange views
and fully inform [other participants] about a so-
ciety where women shine, the goal that Japan
should pursue.
Last month, you established UZU no Gakko, a
school that organises panel discussions among
experts and other activities to support women
who want to make advancements in various
elds. Tell us about it.
Well, before that I had been holding regular
meetings with a small number of women on the
second oor of the izakaya I have been running
since the fall of 2012. I asked women in various
positions, including entrepreneurs and students,
to gather so that I could listen to what they have
to say about how women can advance in soci-
ety without difculties. My desire to share infor-
mation with more women has led me to open
the school.
About 100 women participated in the rst ses-
sion, called Schools, which was centred around
education, on July 13. In terms of age, they were
from college age to 50 years old. They expressed
their views during lively and free discussions,
which made me think I was right to hold the ses-
sion. As far as possible, I would like to continue.
At rst, my husband was bafed by my activities.
But now he encourages me, saying, Do whatever
you want.
The government has been addressing the issue of
gender equality for many years. Rather than leaving
it to the government to take measures, it is impor-
tant for women themselves to have strong aware-
ness about the issue. Using my position as the prime
ministers wife, I would like to rally support for as
many of the women making efforts as possible.
Prime Minister Abe has urged private compa-
nies to promote women to executive positions
and implemented other measures, while making
the promotion of womens advancement a pillar
of the governments growth strategy.
An increase in the number of women by even
a small number in managerial positions at ma-
jor corporations and important government posts
will substantially change the social landscape. The
top echelons of major companies were made to
think about this issue after the prime minister said
he would aim to crate a society where women
shine. There has been a growing sense in women
that they might be able to shine. It shows that the
public mood can change when a top leader offers
direction. If the leadership promoting creation of
a society where women shine is occupied entirely
by men, such a society will reect only mens per-
spectives. So in this regard also, it is an urgent task
to appoint women to key positions.
Although womens advancement in society is
consistent with the times, I dont think all women
should be like men. Women are better at taking
care of babies, while doing housework, than men
are. Of course, if they go out to work, their hus-
bands must share the housework with them. Men
have to change their mindsets.
Working women have restrictions inherent to
women. Once they leave work after marriage,
childbirth and child rearing, they often nd no
jobs betting their capabilities even if they want
to return to work. I want the power of women be
allowed to be used for the benet of society.
I want society to be a place where both men and
women acknowledge what each can offer, and I
hope they will all do well. THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN
Akie Abe is the wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo
Abe. She is active in pesticide-free farming and the
advancement of women. THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN
Sharia cop
patrols in
spark fury
GERMAN politicians and
media on Monday called for a
crackdown on radical Islamist
propaganda after ultra-con-
servative Salafists took to the
streets calling themselves the
Sharia Police.
Chancellor Angela Merkel
hinted that laws could be
tightened after a small group
of men wearing orange vests
with Sharia Police written on
them, went on a series of
patrols in the western city
of Wuppertal.
The state has the monopo-
ly on legitimate force, she
said. No one else is author-
ised to replace the police.
The so-called Sharia Police
reportedly told nightclub-
goers to refrain from drinking
alcohol and listening to music,
and arcade customers not to
play games for money.
A video circulating online
shows patrols being conducted
by Sven Lau, a German Salafist
convert who claims to be one
of those behind the idea.
Under current German law,
the Sharia Police could at
most face a charge of disturb-
ing public order.
Police said the patrols took
place last week and urged peo-
ple to contact them if they saw
suspicious behaviour linked to
Salafist activity.
No arrests have been made
so far, but political leaders
warned they would crack down
on the Islamist patrol if it took
its campaign any further.
We will not tolerate illegal
parallel justice, warned Jus-
tice Minister Heiko Maas.
Sharia law is not tolerated
on German soil, Interior Min-
ister Thomas de Maiziere told
Saturdays Bild newspaper.
Bavarias interior minister,
Joachim Herrmann, described
it as a direct attack by the
Salafists on our rule of law, in
comments published in Mon-
days Bild daily.
Stephan Mayer, also from
the CSU Bavarian allies of
Merkels conservatives, called
in Sundays Tagesspiegel for
promoting strict sharia law to
be penalised.
Volker Kauder, the parlia-
mentary group leader of Mer-
kels conservatives, said that the
police alone were responsible
for upholding public order.
Therefore, we must examine a
ban of these supposed guardi-
ans of Islamic virtues, he told
the Welt am Sonntag.
The head of the Central
Council of Muslims in Ger-
many has also condemned
the action by the Salafists
in Wuppertal.
German intelligence last
year voiced concern over the
growing number of Salafists,
who espouse an austere form
of Sunni Islam, and said they
numbered around 4,500 in the
country. AFP
MH17 struck by numerous
high-energy objects: report
senger jet that blew
up over rebel-held
east Ukraine with
the loss of all 298 people on
board was hit by numerous
high-energy objects, ac-
cording to a report yesterday
which could back up claims it
was downed by a missile.
While the preliminary re-
port from Dutch investigators
does not point the nger of
blame over the July disaster,
it could heighten Western
pressure against Moscow
over its role in the bloody
Ukraine conict.
Malaysia Airlines ight
MH17 broke up in the air
probably as the result of
structural damage caused
by a large number of high-
energy objects that pen-
etrated the aircraft from out-
side, the Dutch Safety Board
report said.
International experts have
been unable to access the
rebel-held crash site north-
east of Donetsk because of
ghting and have relied on
information from the black
boxes, Ukrainian ofcials,
as well as pictures and video
taken at the scene.
But the ndings appear to
back up claims that the Boe-
ing 777, which plunged out
of the sky on July 17 en route
from Amsterdam to Kuala
Lumpur, was hit by a missile.
The initial results of the
investigation point towards
an external cause of the
MH17 crash, Tjibbe Joustra,
chairman of the OVV safety
board, said.
He said more work was
needed to determine the
cause with greater precision
and that the nal report was
expected by July 2015.
Kiev and the West have ac-
cused pro-Russian separatists
of shooting down the plane
with a surface-to-air Buk mis-
sile supplied by Moscow.
The powerful weapon works
by exploding directly outside
the target and hitting it with
a massive amount of high-
velocity shrapnel.
But Russia, which rejects
Western claims it has sent in
elite troops and heavy weap-
ons to bolster the pro-Krem-
lin insurgency, blamed Kievs
forces. And the insurgents
again denied any role.
I can say only one thing:
we simply do not have the
military hardware capable
of shooting down a Boeing
passenger jet such as the
Malaysian plane, Alexander
Zakharchenko, prime minis-
ter of the self-proclaimed Do-
netsk Peoples Republic, told
Russias Interfax new agency.
The downing of MH17
was the second tragedy for
Malaysia Airlines after the
mysterious disappearance of
ight MH370 in March, and
threw the global spotlight
back on the uprising in east-
ern Ukraine.
There are no indications
that the MH17 crash was
caused by a technical fault or
by actions of the crew, the
OVV said.
The report was issued just
a day after the EU adopted
new sanctions on Russia over
the Ukraine conict that has
killed over 3,000 people in-
cluding the MH17 victims.
The majority of people on
board the plane were Dutch.
Shortly after the tragedy, fo-
rensic experts travelled to the
vast crash site near the town
of Grabove to collect body
parts, but the search remains
Air crash investigators hope
to return to the site if a cease-
re agreed on Friday between
the Ukraine government and
the separatist rebels holds.
Kiev has accused the insur-
gents of repeated truce viola-
tions, and yesterday the gov-
ernment said four soldiers
had been killed since Friday.
It also said the government-
controlled airport outside Do-
netsk was hit by rocket and
mortar re overnight. AFP
Alarm as greenhouse gases hit new high: UN
SURGING carbon dioxide levels boost-
ed greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
to a new high in 2013, amid worrying
signs that absorption by land and sea
is waning, the UN warned yesterday.
An alarm bell is ringing, Michel Jar-
raud, head of the World Meteorological
Organization (WMO), said in Geneva.
In its annual report on greenhouse
gases in the atmosphere, the UN
agency said concentrations of carbon
dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrous
oxide all broke records in 2013.
We know without any doubt that
our climate is changing and our
weather is becoming more extreme
due to human activities such as the
burning of fossil fuels, Jarraud said.
We must reverse this trend by cutting
emissions of CO2 and other green-
house gases across the board, he in
a statement, and warned: we are
running out of time.
Especially worrying, Jarraud said,
was the sharp rise in CO2, by far the
main culprit in global warming, to
396 parts per million in the atmos-
phere last year.
That was 142 per cent of levels prior
to the year 1750, and marked a hike of
2.9 parts per million between 2012
and 2013 the largest annual increase
in 30 years.
It was not clear why concentrations
rose so sharply, but Jarraud suggested
that it could be due to a shift in the
ability of oceans and the biosphere to
absorb emissions.
Oceans swallow about a quarter of
greenhouse gas emissions, while the
biosphere sucks up another quarter, so
any change could potentially have big
consequences, he warned.
Clearly now we have a signal . . . a
worrying signal, Jarraud said.
University of Reading meteorology
professor William Collins said the
WMOs suggestion that the biosphere
may be removing less CO2 as the
climate warms was credible, and
implied a future amplification of cli-
mate change.
We cant expect to benefit from this
natural removal for ever, he warned.
Yesterdays report came ahead of a
September 23 summit called by UN
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to try
and build momentum ahead of the
2015 deadline for a historic climate
deal to be signed in Paris, to take effect
from 2020.
The UN is seeking to limit global
warming to two degrees Celsius [3.6
degrees Fahrenheit] over pre-Industri-
al Revolution levels, but scientists say
that on current emission trends, tem-
peratures could be double that by cen-
turys end.
We have the knowledge and we have
the tools for action to try to keep tem-
perature increases within 2 degrees
Celsius to give our planet a chance and
to give our children and grandchildren
a future, Jarraud said, insisting that
pleading ignorance can no longer be
an excuse for not acting. AFP
HE Buk missile system that Kiev suspects downed
the Malaysia Airlines plane over rebel-held territory
with 298 people on board in July is a powerful and
precise Russian weapon operated by countries such
as North Korea and Syria.
The 700-kilogram surface-to-air missile referred to as
the SA-11 Gadfly by NATO requires highly trained
specialists to operate, which the West believes were
smuggled into eastern Ukraine from Russia.
It works by exploding directly outside the target and hitting
it with a massive amount of high-velocity shrapnel.
A preliminary report into the disaster released in the
Netherlands on Monday concludes that the Boeing 777
broke up in the air probably as the result of structural
damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects
that penetrated the aircraft from outside.
Russia alleged the aircraft was destroyed by the Ukrainian
air force as part of a Machiavellian plan to blame the
downing on pro-Kremlin militias that controlled the area
where the plane was hit. But an air-to-air missile fired by a
fighter jet hits the target directly and does not cause a
large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the
aircraft from outside, the report said.
Ukraine has alleged that at least one Buk system was
spotted being ferried into the area from Russia in the days
preceding the incident. Russia denies this and counters that
separatist fighters did not possess such weapons and
lacked the knowledge to make one work.
The London-based Janes defence and intelligence agency
says that up to six Buk missiles can be fired from a launcher
vehicle usually either a military truck or a tank.
It locates and locks onto targets using a separate and
highly sensitive radar system that is usually operated from
an accompanying mobile unit.
The system can operate in any weather and can reportedly
hit some targets at an altitude of 25 kilometres (15 miles) or
more. The Boeing was flying at a cruising altitude of 33,000
feet (about 10 kilometres). AFP
Part of the fuselage of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 lies near the village of Hrabove, some 80 kilometres
east of Donetsk on July 25. AFP
New Iraq govt buoys Kerrys anti-IS bid
Ammar Karim

John Kerry headed to the
Middle East yesterday
bidding for a broad coali-
tion against Islamic State jihadists,
buoyed by the milestone of a new
Iraqi government.
Kerrys visit comes on the eve of a
keenly awaited speech by President
Barack Obama in which he has prom-
ised to set out a comprehensive strat-
egy to defeat the jihadists who have
seized swathes of Iraq and neigh-
bouring Syria, unleashing atrocities
that have shocked the world.
The Iraqi armys campaign to claw
back the territory it lost in the Sunni
Arab heartland north and west of
Baghdad in June and US efforts to
engage Sunni Muslim governments
in the ghtback have been com-
plicated by the sectarian politics
of the region.
Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab
states had deeply strained relations
with the Shia-led government in
Baghdad, with each side blaming the
other for the advance of the jihadists.
But after months of wrangling,
Iraqs new Prime Minister Haidar al-
Abadi nally formed a government
on Monday that Washington said
had the potential to unite all of Iraqs
diverse communities.
Kerry described the new govern-
ment as a major milestone in ef-
forts to woo the Sunni Arab minority
away from IS after the divisive rule of
Abadis predecessor Nuri al-Maliki.
After a stopover in US ally Jordan,
Kerry is to travel on to Saudi Arabia
for two days of talks with Arab foreign
ministers on tackling the IS threat.
The talks in the Saudi port city of
Jeddah today and tomorrow will be
attended by ministers from Egypt,
Jordan, Lebanon and the six Gulf
Arab states as well as Iraq, Egyptian
and Lebanese ofcials said.
Kerry has pledged to build the
broadest possible coalition of part-
ners around the globe to confront,
degrade and ultimately defeat [IS].
Almost every single country has
a role to play in eliminating the [IS]
threat and the evil that it represents,
the US top diplomat said.
Obama spoke with the new Iraqi
premier late on Monday to congrat-
ulate him on the formation of the
new government.
The prime minister expressed
his commitment to work with all
communities in Iraq as well as re-
gional and international partners
to strengthen Iraqs capabilities to
ght against this common enemy,
the White House said.
In reality, the new government
does not constitute quite the sea-
change hailed by Washington it
remains dominated by politicians
from Iraqs Shia Arab majority, the
Kurds hold fewer ministries than in
the previous cabinet and the Sunni
Arabs relatively minor ones.
The divisive Maliki becomes one
of three vice presidents, alongside
a Sunni Arab former parliament
speaker Osama al-Nujai and a
secular Shia ex-premier Iyad Al-
lawi. Fuad Masum, a Kurd, became
president in July.
Abadi also put off lling the key in-
terior and defence portfolios, prom-
ising to name the two ministers who
will take charge of the security forc-
es ghtback against the jihadists
within the next week.
The commander of one of the Shi-
ite militias that have played a growing
military role alongside the army has
sought the Interior Ministry post.
Any such appointment would
risk further alienating the Sunni
Arab minority given the Shia mi-
litias brutal history in the sectar-
ian bloodshed that gripped Iraq in
2006 to 2008.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-
moon welcomed the new govern-
ment as a positive step but urged
politicians to quickly agree on new
defence and interior ministers.
Shia Iran alongside the United
States, the key outside power in Iraq
said it hoped the change of gov-
ernment would help turn the tide
against IS. I hope that during your
new mandate, complete calm will
return to your country, President
Hassan Rouhani said.
Kerrys visit to the region comes on
the eve of a speech tomorrow by the
US president laying out his game
plan on how to deal with the jihad-
ists in both Iraq and Syria.
But Obama, who made his politi-
cal career opposing the war in Iraq
and pulled out American troops in
2011, has stressed he will not put US
boots on the ground.
After weeks of US inaction, Obama
authorised air operations in early Au-
gust on IS positions in northern Iraq.
But he has so far held back on any
action against the jihadists in Syria
for fear of alienating that countrys
Sunni majority.
The 22-member Arab League
agreed at a meeting on Sunday to
take the necessary measures to
confront the militants.
But a senior Egyptian Foreign
Ministry ofcial said yesterday that
Cairo would take part in concrete
security measures
only under a UN
mandate and in
the framework
of a Security
Co u n c i l
r e s o l u -
t i o n.
Iraqs vice presidents (from left to right) Iyad Allawi, Osama al-Nujai, Fuad Masum
and Nuri Al-Maliki are sworn in on Monday; Iraqs new premier Haidar al-Abadi (right
of page) attends parliament in Baghdad to submit his new cabinet. AFP
Six dead after Vietnam
karaoke bar accident
SIX people died and six more
were left in a critical condition
from suspected carbon
monoxide poisoning at a
karaoke bar in northern
Vietnam, police said yesterday.
The 12 men had apparently
spent Sunday night at the
karaoke bar in Quang Ninh
province, which borders China,
when there was a power failure,
a policeman said. The bar
owner ran the generator and we
believe the victims suffocated
due to generator fumes, he
said, speaking anonymously.
State media reported that the
victims had been drinking
heavily and had decided to sleep
at the karaoke bar. AFP
Homemade bomb on

Chile metro injures 14
A HOMEMADE bomb wounded
14 people when it rocked a food
court inside a packed Santiago
metro station at lunch hour on
Monday, with Chiles
government calling it a terrorist
act. The explosive device that
ripped through Escuela Militar
(Military School) station was
made of a fire extinguisher and
a clock, and had been planted in
a trash can. No one immediately
claimed responsibility for the
blast. It follows a string of
unsolved small bombings in
Chile and is the second one on
the Santiago metro system in
the last three months. AFP
Abdullah rejects Afghan poll audit
HE United States on Monday
urged Afghanistans presi-
dential contenders to respect
a vote audit after Abdullah
Abdullah insisted he had won the
countrys disputed election, dimming
hopes of a power-sharing deal.
Abdullah repeated claims that mas-
sive ballot-rigging had denied him
victory over his rival Ashraf Ghani in
the race to lead Afghanistan, as US-
led NATO troops withdraw after their
long war against Taliban insurgents.
The bitter stalemate over alleged
fraud in the June 14 vote has raised
fears of renewed ethnic violence as
the 13-year international interven-
tion winds down.
We are the winner of elections
based on the real and clean votes of
the people, Abdullah said in a speech,
his voice choking with emotion.
We do not accept fraudulent elec-
tion results, and we will not accept a
fraudulent government for one day.
In a deal brokered by US Secretary
of State John Kerry, the feuding candi-
dates had agreed to a UN-supervised
audit of all eight million votes, and to
form a national unity government to-
gether, whoever emerged as winner.
The US on Monday said it expected
candidates to remain committed to
the process, and to the conclusion of
the process, State Department spokes-
woman Jen Psaki said. Dr Abdullah
has indicated consistently that he
will abide by the constitution.
But Abdullah, who was far behind
Ghani in preliminary results from the
run-off vote, has pulled out of the au-
dit and negotiations on the unity gov-
ernment have also ground to a halt.
The election turned into a disaster
because of election commission trea-
son, which the government was also a
part of, Abdullah said.
The commission was not interest-
ed in revealing fraud because it was
part of it. Today the political process
has reached a deadlock.
However, Psaki said the US viewed
the audit process as ongoing under
the supervision of the United Na-
tions and that the US would contin-
ue to work with the candidates to see
how the standoff could be resolved.
The United Nations had said that
the audit results would be nalised
this week and the delayed inaugura-
tion held soon thereafter, though Ab-
dullahs stance threw that timetable
further into doubt.
Afghan politics has been in virtual
paralysis since election campaign-
ing began in February, with outgoing
President Hamid Karzai admitting
the impasse over results was damag-
ing the countrys fragile security and
Street protests by both sides risk
spilling into violence because Abdul-
lah draws his support from Tajiks and
other northern Afghan groups, while
Ghani is backed by Pashtun tribes of
the south and east.
Abdullah was careful on Monday to
avoid calling for protests by his sup-
porters, some of whom have urged
him to form a parallel government
unless he wins power. We were never
pro-violence in any phase, we do not
foster violence and we do not accept
violence, he stressed.
A failed election would seriously
imperil NATO support and the other
aid on which Afghanistan relies, as
well as dashing hopes that democracy
would be a legacy of the costly US-led
intervention since the toppling of the
Taliban in 2001.
Karzai, whose successor was rst
due to be inaugurated on August 2, has
stayed publicly neutral in the election
and is constitutionally barred from
standing for a third term in ofce.
Ghanis camp made no immediate
response to Abdullahs speech, but
it believes it has won the audit and
that Abdullah is asking for too much
power in the planned national unity
government. AFP
Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah gestures as he speaks during a press
conference at his residence in Kabul on Monday. AFP
Key questions ahead of Pistorius verdict
Same-sex wedding for UK diplomat in China
OLYMPIC track star Oscar Pis-
torius returns to court tomor-
row for judgement in his
murder trial. He is accused of
killing girlfriend Reeva
Steenkamp on Valentines Day,
2013. The double-amputee is
also facing charges of gun and
ammunition possession. Here
are some key questions ahead
of the verdict:

Who decides Pistoriuss inno-
cence or guilt?
South Africa does not have
jury trials, so the verdict will
largely come down to Judge
Thokozile Masipa. However, in
this case the judge has been
given two assessors, Themba
Mazibuko and Janet Henzen-
du Toit, as aides. If the pair both
disagree with Masipas decision
they could choose to overrule
her on matters of fact.

Did the trial produce any smok-
ing gun?
Not really. Both the defence
and the prosecution were
arguably more effective when
dismantling their opponents
case than building their own.
But while in the dock, Pisto-
rius appeared to change his
defence, from saying he shot at
Steenkamp through a locked
door in self-defence thinking
she was an intruder, to saying
he fired accidently.
Masipa and her colleagues
will have to assess reams of
evidence from dozens of wit-
nesses, but ultimately it may
all come down to just one per-
sons testimony.
It would largely come down
to what she thinks of his testi-
mony, and how good he was as
a witness, said lawyer David
Dadic, adding that the change
of defence would hurt him.
Evidence related to previous
gun charges against Pistorius
could also prove important.
His character was brought
down because of those lesser
charges, Dadic said.

Is it possible Pistorius could
avoid conviction?
Pistorius has admitted he
killed Reeva Steenkamp, but
the judges understanding of
his motive and mindset will
decide if that is viewed as a
criminal act. To find him guilty
of murder, the state must have
proved there was a direct inten-
tion to kill.
He could also be found
guilty of culpable homicide, if
the court finds that there was
an indirect intent to kill, Dad-
ic said. The judge would find
it hard not to find him guilty
of anything.
Pistoriuss lawyers tried to
argue that his disability bred a
sense of insecurity that made
him shoot wildly at a perceived
But Dadic said to acquit him
based on his disability would
set a bad precedent.

Will he go to jail?
If found guilty the judge will
prescribe a suitable sentence
based on the evidence and
mitigating factors put forward
by the defence.
There is no prescribed sen-
tence, unless he is found
guilty of premeditated mur-
der, which carries a 25-year
term, Dadic said. For culpa-
ble homicide, he might get any-
thing from a suspended sen-
tence to a jail term.

Will he appeal if found guilty?
Almost certainly yes, accord-
ing to sources familiar with the
case. The trial is the first leg of
a multilegged legal process. Its
just the beginning, Dadic said.
If he gets a jail term on any of
the charges he can appeal. The
appeal process can take years.
I dont believe Oscar will go
to jail until he has exhausted all
the legal ave-
nues availa-
ble to him,
i ncl ud-
ing the
ity of
going to
the con-
al court.
BRITAINS consul-general in Shanghai
married his same-sex partner at the
ambassadors residence in Beijing at the
weekend, sparking debate over gay
unions in the country.
Brian Davidson wed his American
partner Scott Chang on Saturday,
according to posts on a verified micro-
blog account, under new rules allowing
UK nationals in same-sex relationships
to marry in British consulates in 24
countries around the world.
Ambassador Sebastian Wood posted a
picture of himself standing between the
newly wed couple, who were dressed in
suits and bow ties. Wood smiled as he
held a red card reading Keep calm and
marry on.
Today I am very happy and proud to
host the same-sex marriage of Brian Dav-
idson at my residence. I wish them hap-
piness forever, Wood wrote on Sina
Weibo, a Chinese equivalent of Twitter.
A spokesman for Britains embassy in
Beijing confirmed that the wedding had
taken place, but said that the couple
viewed it as a private matter.
The ceremony provoked mixed reac-
tions in China, where gay relationships
are not illegal but homosexual partners
face widespread stigma and same-sex
unions are not officially recognised.
That country is clearly sick. Its like the
last days of Rome, one person wrote in
an online comment.
I respect foreign gay culture. But its not
Chinese culture. Please respect that,
wrote another.
Attitudes to homosexuality in larger
Chinese cities have become more open
in recent years, and many celebrated the
marriage, which was held on a grassy lawn
on a sunny autumn day.
Its real love. I wish them well and feel
envy, one Sina Weibo user wrote. AFP
PRASAC MFI Ltd., is a micronance institution, which is providing sustainable
nancial services such as loan, deposit, and other nancial products for 25
provinces and city. PRASAC is currently seeking for the qualied Cambodian
candidates to ll the position as below:
Interested and qualied applicants, please send CV & cover letter to email: . For more details information, please feel free to
contact us via telephone: 023 220 102, or visit website:
Applications will not be returned. Only short-listed candidates will be
notied and contacted for interview.
Position: VP & Manager of General
Administration Department,
1 position
Report to: Chi ef Operati ons
Offi cer & CEO
Job Location: Head Ofce,
Phnom Penh
Deadl i ne: September 19,
2014 at 4:00 PM
Main Duties and Responsibilities Key Selection Criteriaand Qualification
To lead and monitor the
Administration Department
more effectively and efciently
to meet the PRASACs
businesses and strategies
To manage and train for
Administration Operations-
xed assets, logistic, stock,
supply chain, procurement and
maintenance managements
To review and improve
policies, procedures and
guidelines for Administration
To ensure accurate supply-
chain, stock, logistic,
procurement, maintenance &
document managements
To monitor and follow up all
repairing and maintenance all
ofce equipments
To control, maintain, follow
up and report on change of
status for all xed assets and
To manage ofces
management including rental,
renovation, installation security
equipment, connection
activities., etc
Master Degree of business
administration, public
administration, management,
accounting, nance &
banking or other related eld
Minimum 5 years working
experience in management
level with administration,
procurement, logistics
managements and ofce
Good integrity, positive
attitude, helpful, high
commitment, competence
and motivation
Fluent in English
Kyoko Hasegawa

MPEROR Hirohito, the
demi-god at the apex of
the Japanese state when it
waged bloody war across
Asia, cautioned against conict but
celebrated military success, accord-
ing to the long-awaited ofcial his-
tory of his reign, released yesterday.
The mammoth 61-volume set,
which has taken 24 years to compile
at a cost to the Japanese taxpayer
of 230 million yen ($2.2 million) re-
veals little new hard evidence about
one of the most controversial gures
of the 20th century.
But it offers a largely sympathetic
view of the man considered by some
to have played a pivotal role in Ja-
pans march to World War II, and by
others as the helpless puppet of an
out-of-control military state.
He cautioned against conict with
the United States a day after the
head of the Imperial Navy insisted
the chance of a victory in a war with
Washington was uncertain but that
Japan had no other option after dip-
lomatic failure and shortage of pe-
troleum, the record released by the
Imperial Household Agency show.
The annals show how in the lead-
up to Japans surprise attack on the
US eet at Pearl Harbor in Decem-
ber 1941, Hirohito warned against a
reckless war that would make him
feel deeply sorry for my imperial
They depict a man who spoke out
against the military commanders
who had taken Japan into full-scale
war against China in 1937 with the
promise the conict would be short
and that victory was assured. But
they also show a leader satised with
triumphs on faraway battleelds.
An increasingly militaristic Japan
had invaded Manchuria in 1931,
where it established a puppet gov-
ernment and a base from which to
agitate against Chinas weak regime.
In 1937, imperial troops took the
then Chinese capital of Nanjing in an
orgy of violence, where tens of thou-
sands of civilians were butchered.
After being briefed about the fall
of the city, Hirohito told military
leaders to tell their ofcers and sol-
diers: I am deeply satised by their
courage in quickly bringing down
the capital Nanjing.
Documents used in compiling
the Hirohito record include infor-
mation about how Japanese troops
surrounded and attacked the city,
but did not contain details of the
massacre of civilians, Kyodo News
Divisive gure
The episode continues to poison
Sino-Japanese relations, not least
because a minority on Japans right
insist it was a legitimate military op-
eration, denying contemporaneous
evidence of the slaughter of non-
Hirohito is a particularly divisive
gure among historians because of
his unique position.
Some hold that as a living god,
who was simultaneously com-
mander in chief of Japans military,
he had the nal say over the wars
that the country waged in the 1930s
and 1940s.
They insist the invasion and
occupation of China, which Chi-
nese sources claim cost up to 20
million lives, would not have hap-
pened without at least tacit ap-
proval from him.
When Japan surrendered in 1945,
the US-led occupying force kept Hi-
rohito on the throne, mindful of the
need for stability, even as they ar-
rested, tried and hanged numerous
military and political leaders.
In exchange for being allowed to
live unmolested, Hirohito had to re-
nounce his divinity.
He continued to act as the sym-
bol of the nation until his death
in 1989, overseeing the countrys
transformation from militarism to
democracy and market capitalism,
along with the enormous wealth
that it brought.
He remained controversial around
the world, and was the target of pro-
tests during foreign tours, including
to Britain in 1971, where former Jap-
anese prisoners of
war turned their
backs on him as
he was driv-
en through
H i s
legacy is
u n d e r -
stood to
have been a
big factor in the
length of time
it has taken for
the Imperial
Ho u s e h o l d
Agency to
produce the
The agency
said it used
3,152 docu-
ments, in-
cluding 40
new items,
to compile
the 12,000-
page record.
The late Emperor Hirohito at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on November 5, 1987. A
61-volume set on the man once considered a demi-god was released yesterday. AFP
Japanese emperor cautioned against WWII
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N JUNE, more than 250,000
Cambodian migrant workers
returned from Thailand over the
border at Poipet, responding to
the Thai authorities crackdown on
illegal migrant workers. It is estimated
that around 40 per cent of the return-
ees were women. The mass return of
these largely undocumented
migrants provided a unique snapshot
of the irregular migration of Cambo-
dian women and an insight into the
choices being made by these women
every day.
While the stories of those returning
affirmed much of what was already
known, or assumed, about migrant
workers, some very clear lessons still
came through. Namely, that people
continue to choose illegal/informal
migration and that informal networks
remain the primary method for peo-
ple wanting to obtain information on
One of the women crossing back
into Cambodia was Chandy (not her
real name), a 26-year-old divorced
mother of two, her eldest aged 4
years and her youngest aged 4
months. In May this year, Chandy
took her children across to Thailand
to find work. She was told by a broker
that she could earn more money
working in Thailand and that her
children would be looked after.
Chandy paid $50 to the broker, who
organised transport and employment
for her. Neither Chandy nor her two
children had passports or any legal
documents that permitted their stay
in Thailand. Chandy worked on a
construction site. While she worked,
her children were kept in a locked
space near the site.
After a month of working, Chandy
started hearing rumours that illegal
migrants were being arrested and
killed by Thai police. Nervous for her
safety and the safety of her children,
she paid $10 for transportation back
to Cambodia. Before she left Thai-
land, she collected her pay from her
employer and all of her belongings.
On returning to Cambodia, Chandy
expressed her desire to migrate back
to Thailand to seek similar work.
Chandys story was positive she
received her wages, retained her
belongings and returned to Cambo-
dia unharmed. But in crossing into
Thailand as an irregular migrant,
there were no guarantees of her safety
or protection. Indeed, many of Chan-
dys fellow returnees had much darker
stories to tell.
Some women reported being jailed
for 48 days, unable to get their wages
or their belongings, dispossessed
and separated from their families.
Others explained how their illegal
status meant that their workplace
became a jail, afraid that if they ven-
tured into public spaces they would
be arrested and imprisoned. Often
working illegally on construction
sites, these women were also at risk
from the dangers that work in Thai-
lands booming construction indus-
try can bring.
Whatever shape it takes, illegal
migration increases risk, with undoc-
umented migrant women vulnerable
to abuse, exploitation and trafficking,
and their children going without
access to health care or education.
The mass return through Poipet
was a reminder of the sheer numbers
of Cambodian migrant workers,
including women with children, who
continue to assume these risks in
order to improve their economic cir-
In addressing undocumented
migration, it is important to recognise
that migration is not a new phenome-
non, not unique to Cambodia and not
going to stop. Moreover, the choices
of migrants are more likely to be guid-
ed by the laws of economics than the
laws of the state.
As such, to reduce undocumented
and illegal migration, it is important
that states understand, accept and
work with these overriding factors. It is
more realistic and sustainable to
develop systems that formalise the
existing flow of migration rather than
to try to stop it, or to change its nature.
In responding to the mass return,
the royal government of Cambodia
announced new, cheaper and quicker
passport processes. If implemented
effectively, these may complement
the continued efforts of the Thai
authorities to register and formalise
those undocumented Cambodian
workers already in Thailand. These
initiatives are to be encouraged and
the focus on making migration
affordable, quick and safe must con-
tinue. However, migrant voices must
be included in this process to ensure
that new initiatives respond to the
needs of people like Chandy.
In this regard, UN Women supports
the royal government of Cambodia
to strengthen policy through partici-
patory processes to increase the pro-
tection of women migrant workers
rights. In doing so, UN Women is also
supporting the implementation of
the commitments made by Cambo-
dia to the Convention on the Elimi-
nation of All Forms of Discrimina-
tion Against Women, General
Recommendation 26, which specifi-
cally recommends that gender-sensi-
tive policies for safe migration be
developed with the active involve-
ment of women migrant workers.
Cambodia has accepted a commit-
ment to protect women migrant
workers. What the mass return at
Poipet showed, however, is that there
is much work yet to be done.
Enquiries about this editorial can
be sent to Jenna Holliday at jenna., 097 414
2647, or to Veronika Stepkova, com-
munications officer for UN Women,
095 293 596.
Jenna Holliday
Lessons from returning
women migrant workers
Jenna Holliday is a womens economic
empowerment specialist for UN Womens
Cambodia country ofce.
A Cambodian migrant worker waits with her belongings at the border town of Poipet in Banteay Meanchey after crossing from Thailand
earlier this year. VIREAK MAI
Lifestyle Lifestyle Lifestyle Lifestyle
Female duo dedicated to helping Japans incarcerated
A MUSICAL duo that has
inspired many inmates to
change their ways by giving
more than 300 concerts at pris-
ons and reformatories in Japan
will now be able to help on the
other side of the bars after
being named volunteer proba-
tion officers.
The duo, Paix2, has been
called prison idols. It was
formed by Megumi Ikatsu, 38, a
former nurse, and Manami
Kitao, 36, a former university
staff member, in 2008. Paix
means peace in French.
The two want to sing not only
for adult and juvenile offenders,
but to play a direct role in their
rehabilitation after their release.
In cooperation with former
detention officers, they will
establish a nonprofit organisa-
tion that will aim to help ex-
inmates find jobs and housing.
Please do a good deed once
every three days, and praise
yourself once every four days.
And then please keep going
straight down this path, the two
sang at one prison concert. At
the concert, the duo performed
for about 40 juveniles at Haruna
Joshi Gakuen, a reformatory for
girls in Gunma prefecture.
The girls have been sent to the
reformatory for delinquency,
including cases involving phys-
ical harm and drug use. It
marked the 342nd Paix2 event
at prisons and other facilities
across Japan over the past 14
years. While the tune was a light
pop song, some girls shed tears
as they listened to the pairs ten-
der singing voices.
In the beginning, the duo
started to hold concerts at pris-
ons to gain stage experience.
However, a year later, they start-
ed to receive letters from
inmates, carrying such mes-
sages as, After hearing your
songs, I started to think I might
be able to live a decent life.
Meanwhile, they felt frustrat-
ed because their activities were
limited to supporting inmates
in prisons or reformatories.
Some former offenders told
them that they had quit an
organised crime group, while
others wrote saying they had
returned to prison.
Tatsuhiko Araki, the head of
the Tokyo probation office,
befriended the pair and sug-
gested they become volunteer
probation officers. Ikatsu and
Kitao, who have received hun-
dreds of letters and e-mails from
former delinquents, decided to
accept the offer. Wed like to
keep cheering on former
inmates while forging emotion-
al connections with them,
Ikatsu said.
Araki said, The two of them
will surely understand the reali-
ties and emotions of inmates.
Ikatsu and Kitao will meet
with former inmates individu-
ally and give advice about their
concerns about day-to-day liv-
ing and employment as volun-
tary probation officers. Further-
more, along with former deten-
tion officers whom they came
to know via concerts, they will
establish a nonprofit as early as
this year. They plan to visit com-
panies with which they estab-
lished connections through
their activities as singers and
ask them to employ former
inmates, while also seeking
other singers to hold concerts
at prisons.
Wed like to call for companies
and citizens to create an envi-
ronment in which former delin-
quents can easily reintegrate
back into society, Kitao said.
Local volunteers have been
serving as probation officers
because it is unpaid work that
can be difficult at times. How-
ever, with the introduction of the
lay judge system, interest in the
rehabilitation of criminals has
reached new highs. There has
been greater diversity among
those who have been taking on
the role, which includes full-
time homemakers and female
business managers.
In some cases, entertainers
have been temporarily assigned
as probation officers, using their
communication abilities to pro-
mote the need to support the
rehabilitation of offenders. In
May, professional Japanese sto-
ryteller Ichiryusai Teika, singer
Hiroko Chiba and others formed
a group of show business pro-
fessionals working as volunteer
probation officers, and Ikatsu
and Kitao plan to join.
But the number of volunteer
probation officers has been
slightly declining. As of January,
there were 47,914 nationwide.
As people in local communities
have become less connected, it
has become more difficult to
find people who can take the
role. In addition, an increasing
number of volunteer probation
officers are aging, with the aver-
age age standing at 64.6 at
present, or four years older than
the average 30 years ago. THE
The grandsons also rise in
Cuba to mark Papas Nobel
UST like Ernest Hemingway
used to do, two of his grandsons
sailed into the shing town of
Cojimar on Monday, marking 60
years since the iconic US author won
the Nobel prize.
John and Patrick Hemingway sailed
in from the Ernest Hemingway Inter-
national Yacht Club west of Havana,
through the Gulf waters where Papa
used to sh, with a group of 16 that ar-
rived on Sunday.
This is a really emotional day, be-
ing here with the people of Cojimar. Its
something personal, its a family thing,
and I also think it is historic, John
Hemingway, 54, said in Spanish to
about 200 people gathered on the sh-
ing towns waterfront to greet them.
About a dozen boats joined the four
yachts carrying the Hemingway party
in the two-hour sail over to Cojimar.
Hemingway, who lived in Cuba for
over 20 years, rented a home in the
town. He shed enthusiastically and
was inspired here to write the classic
The Old Man and the Sea.
The four yachts ew both US and
Cuban ags; the two countries have
not had full diplomatic ties since 1961.
Events like this could contribute
to some positive things between the
United States and Cuba, said John, a
writer who lives in Montreal, along-
side brother Patrick, 48, a photogra-
pher who lives in Vancouver.
Hemingway, who lived from 1899
to his suicide in 1961, was a journal-
ist, author, world traveller and sports-
man. In the 1940s and 1950s, he spent
half the year in Cuba and would sum-
mer in Idaho. The dramatic twists
were not just in his books; he struggled
with mental illness and health conse-
quences of heavy drinking even as he
became an acclaimed author with a
singular and strong sparse style.
Married four times, Ernest Hem-
ingway had three sons Jack, Pat-
rick and Gregory, the latter fathered
John and Patrick. Ernest Hemingway
was fascinated by game hunting and
deep sea shing, capped with drinks
and some writing.
The author, also known for works
such as The Sun Also Rises, For Whom
the Bell Tolls and A Farewell to Arms,
received the Nobel prize for litera-
ture in 1954.
And it was here in Cojimar that
Hemingway docked his boat El Pi-
lar, obsessed about marlin, knocked
back mojitos, and where Cuban sh-
ermen inspired his Old Man.
When the Americas only commu-
nist government took power, around
1960, Hemingway left Cuba for the
last time but not before meeting
longtime president Fidel Castro.
Castro, the revolutionary who be-
came a Cold War thorn in the side
of the US, led Cuba for almost ve
decades after 1959. He has named
Hemingway as his favourite author.
So it was a touching sort of home-
coming to see Hemingway grandsons
hugging and chatting with locals, in-
cluding kids and old-timers.
Hemingways boat is in dry dock
these days, near his Cojimar home,
now a museum run by the govern-
ment of Raul Castro, 83.
When the authors local friends
learned of his suicide in 1961, they
gathered up pieces of anchors and
bits of bronze, and had a bust of him
made in his honour. It was installed
on Cojimars seafront in July 1962.
Monday, John and Patrick Hem-
ingway laid owers at the memorial,
now under a little pergola.
I met Hemingway myself when I
was very young, maybe 13 or 14, and
then we became friends, said Os-
valdo Carrero Pina, now 78. Carrero
Pina took part in the 1958 lm ver-
sion of The Old Man and the Sea.
Rail thin, his skin craggy under the
hot sun, he smiled as he recalled the
party Hemingway threw for all the
shermen when the lm wrapped.
Mario Alonso, a spry 85, said that
when he was a boy, he and other kids
would help Hemingway and his mate
Gregorio Fuentes clean their catch.
He used to give us a [20-cent
piece], one for each of us, and some-
times some chunks of sh, he re-
called on meeting the visiting kin.
The Hemingway grandsons mean-
while slipped off to local seaside res-
taurant La Terraza where the author
used to dine with Fuentes and his
last wife, Mary Welsh.
Pictures of Hemingway dot the
walls, including one with Castro,
now 88. They met in 1960.
His favourite table at La Terraza
has been reserved for him for all
eternity, smiled local historian Gil-
da Rodriguez. AFP
Left: Ernest Hemingway grandsons
Patrick (right) and John Hemingway on
Monday participate in a homage for the
60th anniversary of Ernest Hemingway
winning the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Above: Ernest Hemingway (right) awards
three trophies to Cubas revolutionary
leader Fidel Castro after a shing contest
in Cuba in 1960. AFP
Megumi Ikatsu (right) and Manami Kitao of Paix2 perform a song at a
reformatory for girls. THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN
The case for using LSD to treat PTSD
THIS article is excerpted from
Tom Shroders Acid Test: LSD,
Ecstasy and the Power to Heal,
which came out yesterday in
the US. The book focuses on
researchers attempts to de-
termine whether psychedelic
drugs administered with talk
therapy can help people with
post-traumatic stress disorder
and other psychiatric ailments.
Roland Grifths got his PhD
in psychopharmacology in
1972 from the University of
Minnesota, then went to Johns
Hopkins Behavioral Biology
unit, where he specialised in
determining the relative abuse
potential of drugs.
Grifths became a recogn-
ised expert, was successful in
his work. In his personal life,
he discovered meditation, and
that changed him in a funda-
mental way.
I had remarkable experi-
ences that were unlike any-
thing else I had had. And all of
a sudden, for lack of a better
descriptor, it opened a spiri-
tual window in the world for
me, he said.
At some point, a light went
on and Grifths realised his
personal and professional con-
cerns could converge: He re-
searched psychoactive drugs.
A class of psychoactive drugs
was reputed to induce just the
kind of experiences hed been
affected by in meditation.
I grew up in a scientic cul-
ture that had just ruled out do-
ing research with these com-
pounds, Grifths says. But
as I just contemplated more
deeply and really thought
where my interests lay, I
thought, Well, why not?
Grifth won approval to do
one of the rst studies of the
effects of psychedelic drugs
in 30 years. Over the course of
the study, which began in 2001
and was published in 2006, 36
people lay on a comfy couch in
a building on Johns Hopkins
medical campus and took a
naturally occurring psychedelic
compound called psilocybin
the active ingredient in magic
mushrooms, which like most
psychedelics was not addictive.
What I wasnt prepared
for, he says, is people would
come in two months later and
I would say, Well, so what do
you think of the experience?
And theyd say It was one of
the most important experi-
ences in my life.
In the end, more than 70 per
cent of the participants self-
rated the experience as one of
the ve most important in their
lives. Even more astoundingly,
nearly a third rated it the single
most important experience.
My initial response was
kind of disbelief. It just doesnt
sound right, does it?
He began recruiting for an-
other study in 2008 to deter-
mine if the, for lack of a bet-
ter term, religious experience
induced by psilocybin could
ease anxiety and depression
of those with life-threatening
cancer. The study will eventu-
ally involve 44 subjects. Three-
quarters of the way through it,
Grifths has found that the ex-
perience signicantly reduces
the subjects fear of death.
A retired psychologist
named Clark Martin saw a
mention of the study online in
2008. His cancer had been di-
agnosed in 1990, when he was
46, the same year his daughter
was born. He had a kidney re-
moved. Four years later, doc-
tors discovered extensive lung
cancer, for which he had sur-
gery and chemo, followed by
the discovery of three more
metastatic tumours. He threw
himself into researching his ill-
ness. But his obsession with his
illness led him to the website,
and Martin called the number
he found there. He qualied
for the study.
After taking the drug in a
comfortably appointed room,
the rst thing Martin noticed
was that the music on his
headphones annoyed him.
But before he could act on it,
the music disappeared. Ev-
erything began to dissolve. He
felt a clutching panic as simple
everyday constructs began to
melt down. He thought of fall-
ing out of a sailboat and tread-
ing water helplessly as the boat
disappeared. Then the water
disappeared. And then he be-
gan to disappear.
Its like my entire body, my
entire psyche, just wanted to
get everything to fall back into
place, to gel again.
He thought that if he could
get up off the couch, touch
something solid, maybe he
could regain a sense of nor-
mality. At one point he be-
came aware of the presence of
his two sitters, the attendants
who watched over the ex-
perimental subjects to offer a
sense of security. Martin sat up
distressed. The attendants said
nothing, but one put his arm
around Martins shoulders. He
felt that presence as a link to a
more soothing reality. He lay
back down and went deeper
into the psychedelic experi-
ence. Martin saw no halluci-
nations, had no thoughts, not
even visual images. In fact, he
had no sense of self.
There was no experience
of any things and the mind
seemed lucid and alert. It was
very comfortable and some-
how familiar. There was no
drugged feeling. If there were
any words to describe it, they
might be curiosity or awe.
And then he
had the sense he
was beginning
the journey back
to the familiar
reality. As he
emerged, he be-
gan to marvel at
the steady pres-
ence of the sitter
who had put his
arm around his
shoulder, and
the fact that it
was his presence
alone no words,
no actions other
than that one touch that had
meant everything to him in his
panic. He realised that he had
been missing that simple fact
in his most important relation-
ship, with his daughter.
I had an insight that my
primary role as a father was to
maintain a rock-solid attune-
ment with my daughter. The
signicance of this for me was
that personal relationships
do not need to be managed.
Therefore, there is no need to
present a false self.
As time passed, the experi-
ence kept working on him.
Eventually, he fell into a new
way of being. A year after
his psilocybin experience he
wrote: There has been a shift
from trying to micro-manage
life to trusting intuition. Im
more focused on values and
process and less likely to feel
long-range goals are set in
stone. I am again involved pro-
fessionally and socially. Most
signicantly, life has contin-
ued to open up, a move away
from the depression and what
felt like a downward spiral.
He had a new relationship
with his daughter: Instead of an
arms length, role-dominated
father-daughter relationship,
were two people who share
whats going on in our lives in
a very real, spontaneous kind
of way.
A n o t h e r
came in his re-
lationship with
his father, who
lived in a nurs-
ing home in an
advanced stage
of Alzheimers.
Before the psi-
locybin, Martin
had visited him
out of obliga-
tion. I wasnt
really present,
he said. Mostly
I was . . . guring out in my
mind . . . how long will it be be-
fore I leave.
After his psilocybin experi-
ence, he found that I con-
nected with him at the level
that he was functioning. And
he just really cranked it up, not
that he can maintain a conver-
sation but he attempted it.
He began to see things
through his fathers eyes, and
felt his frustration at being
so constrained, day after day,
by four walls. On impulse, he
gathered his father up and
went driving for hours in the
wide-open ranchland that sur-
rounded the home, something
he never would have consid-
ered doing before.
Now his father just lives
for those drives. He thrives on
it. Hes actually gotten better
physically and mentally. And
I know it sounds odd, but Ive
never felt closer to him. THE
Roland Grifths, a professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, studies the effects
of psychoactive drugs on the mind. His lab is set up to look like a living room. THE WASHINGTON POST
THE south is weighing the United
States down.
Nowhere in the US are Americans
more overweight than in Mississippi
and West Virginia, where more than
35 per cent of the adult population is
now obese, according to a new report
from the Trust for Americas Health
and the Robert Wood Johnson Foun-
dation. The two southern states, how-
ever, are hardly alone in their alarm-
ingly high obesity rates another 18
US states, including just about all of
the US south, have obesity rates at or
above 30 per cent.
The exceptions are few and far in
between. Only seven US states and
the District of Columbia Vermont,
Montana, Utah, California, Mas-
sachusetts, Hawaii and Colorado
registered obesity rates below 25 per
cent. And only Colorado, the least
obese state in the country, and Ha-
waii, the second least, registered obe-
sity rates below 22 per cent.
It isnt just the south that is having
pronounced weight problems cer-
tain demographics are especially
prone to larger waistlines, too.
There is, for instance, a stark ra-
cial divide: Obesity rates for blacks
exceed 40 per cent in 11 states, and
30 per cent in 41 states; for Latinos,
they are greater than 30 per cent in 23
states; but for whites, they are higher
than 30 per cent in only 10 states.
There is also a wealth divide: Over a
third of US adults earning less than
$15,000 a year are obese, while only
a quarter of those earning more than
$50,000 annually carry that distinc-
tion. And theres even a generational
divide: Baby boomers (adults aged 45
to 64 years old) are more likely to be
obese than any other age group.
What might be most disconcert-
ing, however, is how quickly and
completely the obesity epidemic
has overtaken the country. In 1990,
not a single US state had an obe-
sity rate above 15 per cent, but by
2000, only two, Arizona and Colo-
rado, had obesity rates below 15
per cent, and by 2010, not a single
state had an obesity rate below 20
per cent. Even last year, adult obe-
sity increased signicantly in six US
states Alaska, Delaware, Idaho,
New Jersey, Tennessee, and Wyo-
Where Americans are the fattest
No US state has an obesity rate lower than 20 per cent. GETTY IMAGES
THE wild monkey population is rap-
idly increasing in parts of Fukushi-
ma, Japan, that are under an evacu-
ation advisory as a result of the 2011
crisis at the Fukushima No 1 nuclear
power plant.
The Japanese macaques popula-
tion is said to have reached about
390, or three times its precrisis level.
I see it, there it is, said a mem-
ber of the local hunters associa-
tion in charge of harmful animal
and bird control when he spotted
a baby monkey and its parent on
top of a greenhouse August 12 in
the Tsurugai area of neighbouring
Haramachi Ward.
Shigenori Monma, 68, a squad
leader of the association, steadied
his gun and red a blank as a warn-
ing shot. The monkeys quickly ed
towards the mountains as the shot
resonated through the air.
The hunters group started pa-
trolling areas including Odaka and
Haramachi wards this month. It is
working in shifts, with particular fo-
cus on locations where there have
been reports of monkey sightings.
Decontamination work is under
way in the area, so the hunters are
using blanks instead of live ammu-
nition to drive away the monkeys.
The monkeys are believed to be
taking over areas formerly inhabited
by people after the nuclear disaster.
Other animals found in evacuation
advisory areas, such as wild boars
and raccoons, have also been ex-
panding their habitats.
Monkeys are eating up all the
crops, Monma said. We have to
take proper measures to combat
Wild monkeys expanding
habitat near Fukushima
A wild monkey is seen in May 9 in Fuku-
shima, in an area where the wild monkey
population has grown after humans
were evacuated following the nuclear
disaster in 2011. THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN
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A competitor prepares his pizza in Naples. AFP
Pizza from the
pros in Naples
Sonia Logre

OWHERE does piz-
za quite like Naples,
and the Italian city
is determined to
maintain its reputation as the
spiritual home of one of the
worlds favourite foods.
For the last week, the gritty
southern port has been play-
ing host to Napoli Pizza Village
an extra-large celebration of
the art of combining bread and
tomato sauce with cheese and
just about anything else that
comes to hand into a plateful
of caloric yumminess.
More than 50 pizza joints
from the city and much fur-
ther aeld joined forces to cre-
ate the worlds largest open-
air pizzeria as chefs from all
over the world congregated to
swap notes and pass on tips
along the seafront.
Some of them were also vy-
ing for the prestigious title of
champion pizzaiolo, as the
Italians refer to the cooks trust-
ed with whisking the national
dish in and out of ery ovens.
Naples certainly didnt in-
vent the idea of bread with a
savoury topping. Such dishes
were common across the Mid-
dle East long before the late
19th century, when Neapolitan
baker Raffaele Esposito is cred-
ited with giving birth to what
we now think of as pizza with
his creation of the Margherita.
The celebrated mix of toma-
to sauce, mozzarella cheese
and basil was inspired by the
red, white and green colours
of the Italian ag.
Raffaele created it in hon-
our of Queen Margherita,
who was Italys queen from
1878-1900, local Lello Mag-
netti said. But pizzas origins
are much older. Lets just say
that they have even found
Chinese roots for it!
Among the chefs willing to
put their pizza to the ultimate
test of judgement by their
peers was
South Korean Joo Young, who
had travelled from Seoul in
search of fresh insight into his
chosen profession.
Real Neapolitan pizza is still
not very well known in Korea,
but, little by little, people are
beginning to hear about it, Joo
said as he showed off his cre-
ation of a pizza in the form of a
bowler hat of the kind favoured
by Toto, a famous comic actor
often considered to have been
Italys Charlie Chaplin.
Joos creation was not enough
to win him the top prize,
which went to 28-year-old lo-
cal Valentino Libro di Quarto,
who succeeds his compatriot
Davide Civitiello and a long
line of overseas winners of the
Caputo trophy.
Among those dishing out
lessons was 70-year-old Genn-
aro Cervone, a born-and-bred
Neapolitan who put together
his rst pizza at age 7. Among
those on the receiving end of
his wisdom was Loredana, who
said she had come in search of
the secrets of the pizzaiolo.
Cervone replied: There are
no secrets! Water, our, yeast
and salt: that is the secret!
Not quite, it would seem.
Seconds later this veteran of
the ovens is whispering that
a little spoon of sugar in the
dough that helps to bring out
the colour during the cooking.
Famous for producing a
pizza with a base that is essen-
tially well-proven bread as
distinct from the crispy wafer-
thin crust favoured up the
coast in Rome Naples wants
its signature dish included on
the list of foodstuffs consid-
ered by the UNs cultural arm
UNESCO to form part of the
heritage of humanity.
The application is still pend-
ing more than three years after
it was rst made and Serio Mic-
cu is at a loss to explain why.
For Italy, the pizza is as
much a symbol as the Colos-
seum or Pompeii. Why not
have the pizza and the pizzaio-
lo representing one of the
worlds most ancient
arts? AFP

Life changes in an instant for young Mia Hall
when a car accident puts her in a coma. During
an out-of-body experience, she must decide
whether to wake up and live a life far different
than she had imagined.
Citymall: 9:10am, 3:20pm, 7:45pm, 9:55pm
Tuol Kork: 11:15am, 3:15pm, 7:15pm, 9:55pm
Light-years from Earth, 26 years after being
abducted, Peter Quill finds himself the prime
target of a manhunt. Stars: Chris Pratt, Vin
Diesel, Bradley Cooper.
Citymall: 5:15pm
A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal,
turns the tables on her captors and transforms
into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human
Citymall: 9:10am, 1:45pm, 6:20pm, 8:15pm,
Tuol Kork: 9:10am, 11:15am, 1:20pm, 8:10pm
Storm trackers, thrill-seekers and everyday
townspeople document an unprecedented on-
slaught of tornadoes touching down in the town
of Silverton. Stars: Richard Armitage, Sarah
Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh.
Citymall: 3:25pm
Tuol Kork: 6:15pm
(As above)
11:05am, 2:45pm, 8:15pm
In a peaceful forest, the remains of a picnic trig-
ger a ruthless war between rival ant colonies,
obsessed with gaining control of the same prize:
a box of sugar cubes!
1:30pm, 5pm
Salsa @ The Groove
Beginner salsa lessons will precede
a salsa party open to participants of
all skill levels. The cost of the lesson
is $5 per person, but the party is free
for all.
The Groove, #1C Street 282 on top of
Terrazza Italian Restaurant. 8pm
Lipstick @ St Tropez
Groups of four women get one free
bottle of vodka (except for Grey Goose)
and 50 per cent o on all cocktails
and wine for the evening. With music
by DJ Naga.
Maison Saint Tropez, #31 Street 174.
Get in shape in an unusual way with dodgeball classes, on tonight. ELI MEIXLER
Angelina Jolie stars in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. BLOOMBERG
Frisbee @ 53G
Competitive frisbee at 53G Sports
Field, Assembly Boulevard.
Contact Greg at
for more information.
53G Sports Fields, Assembly
Boulevard. 8pm
Dodgeball @ St 123
Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge
again. Great exercise and a lot of fun.
All men and women are welcome,
beginners and experienced.
$1.50 per person.
#55-57 Street 123.
3:45pm - HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA: Dracula, who operates
a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into
overprotective mode. HBO
5:45pm - MEAN GIRLS: Cady Heron is a hit with The
Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new school, until she
makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the ex-
boyfriend of alpha Plastic Regina George. HBO
7:20pm - LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER: Video game
adventuress Lara Croft comes to life in a movie where
she races against time and villains to recover powerful
ancient artefacts. HBO
9pm - KICK ASS 2: The costumed high-school hero Kick-
Ass joins with a group of normal citizens who have been
inspired to fight crime in costume. Meanwhile, the Red
Mist plots an act of revenge. HBO
Thinking caps
1 Fiery gem
5 Naval-academy freshman
10 File folder appendages
14 Looking healthy
15 Mead study site
16 Rulers inch, e.g.
17 In a gradual, reliable fashion
20 Battlefield VIP
21 Nonwoody vegetation
22 What we have here
25 Wounds with a tusk or horn
26 Make more suitable
30 Causes of some night frights
33 Carnation site
34 Bluefin, for one
35 Like jazz cats
38 Theres no deadline
42 Crossed letter
43 With the bow, musically
44 Air anew
45 Bees place?
47 Oliver Twist, for one
48 Monkeyed around (with)
51 Bar staple
53 Slow musical pieces
56 Labor organizers cry
60 Cinematographers place,
64 Canadian-dollar image
65 Its as sure as taxes
66 Bodily distress
67 Dukes of Hazzard spin-off
68 Spread, as fingers
69 Arctic dogs burden
1 Exclamations of excitement
2 Its always on hand?
3 Plant used in lotions
4 Salacious
5 Behavioral scientists
6 Science class feature
7 Aboriginal food source
8 This one and that one
9 State of relaxation
10 Certain engines
11 Keep ___ to the ground (listen)
12 Unwelcome water on a ship
13 Eyelid maladies
18 Wee
19 Craving
23 Student in practical training
24 Reporters informants
26 Reached ground
27 Letters number
28 Far end of a church
29 Place for a pig
31 Counting everything
32 ___ Paulo, Brazil
35 Detriment
36 Holder of notions
37 Philadelphia founder
39 Covered vehicle
40 Princess Leias last name
41 Land for livestock
45 Sets sail
46 Jupiters Norse counterpart
48 Poker players spot
49 Cinema name
50 Brutish person
52 Noble realm
54 Lotto info
55 A way up
57 Urchins
58 River duck
59 Huron neighbor
61 Holbrook or Prince
62 Sweater letter
63 So-so center?
Tuesdays solution Tuesdays solution
Contador wins the 16th
stage, extends tour lead
ALBERTO Contador moved a
huge step closer to his third
Tour of Spain victory as he saw
off Britains Chris Froome to
win a gruelling 160.5 km stage
from San Martin del Rey
Aurelio to La Farrapona on
Monday. Contadors first stage
victory of the race in a time of
4hr 53min 35sec took his
overall lead to 1min 36sec over
compatriot Alejandro Valverde
with Froome a further three
seconds adrift as he just failed
to move into second in the
general classification. Italian
Alessandro de Marchi claimed
third on the day, which was also
marred by the disqualifications
of Italys Gianluca Brambilla
and Russian Ivan Rovny for
fighting just after the midway
point of the stage. AFP
Ravens drop Rice after
video of fiancee punch
RAY Rice was released by the
Baltimore Ravens and
suspended indefinitely by the
National Football League on
Monday after video footage
emerged showing him
punching and knocking out his
fiancee. Just 19 months after
the star running back helped
Baltimore win the Super Bowl,
Rice was dismissed in disgrace
with the Ravens terminating a
contract that would have paid
him $10 million over the next
three years. The new video
released online by TMZ shows
Rice striking Janay Palmer,
now his wife, with his left fist in
a February altercation in an
Atlantic City casino elevator.
Its something we saw for the
first time today, Ravens coach
John Harbaugh said of the
video. It changed things. AFP
Former All Blacks
Guildford on sidelines
CLERMONTS former All Black
Zac Guildford will be out of
action for up to four weeks after
he and team-mate Jonathan
Davies were assaulted in the
centre of the city on Sunday, his
club reported. The 25-year-old
Kiwi, who had a record of ill
discipline off the pitch in New
Zealand before he made the
move to France in the summer,
was left with a badly-bruised
jaw. The winger had been out
celebrating with his team-
mates after the comprehensive
Top 14 victory over Racing-
Metro, the birth of team-mate
Camille Lopezs child and the
birthday of another team-mate
Jamie Cudmore. AFP
Lions rout Giants while
Cardinals edge Chargers
THE Detroit Lions won their
most lopsided victory in a
season opener since 1980 on
Monday while Arizona edged
San Diego thanks to two
touchdowns in the fourth
quarter. In the last two National
Football League games of the
regular seasons first week, the
Lions ripped the New York
Giants 35-14 while the Arizona
Cardinals downed the Chargers
18-17. Matthew Stafford threw
for two touchdowns, both to
Calvin Johnson, and ran for
another to give coach Jim
Caldwell a victory in his Lions
debut. We played well, Stafford
said. We didnt punch the ball
in the end zone from [within 20
yards] a couple of times, but our
defense played well and gave us
plenty of opportunities. AFP
Cambodia hoping for Asian
Games medals from the mat
H S Manjunath

bodia will be looking for
success on the mat at
the Gowon Gymnasium
in Incheon as four wrestlers set out
next week to the third South Korean
city to host the Asian Games after
Seoul and Busan.
The Kingdoms last medal-winning
effort in the Asiad two silvers in box-
ing and a bronze each in swimming
and womens volleyball was way
back in 1970 in Bangkok.
But that 44-year-long wait for a
medal of any hue could well be over if
2013 Myanmar SEA Games gold med-
alists Chov Sotheara and Dorn Sov
live up to expectations.
Arguably the best female wrestler of
her generation, Sotheara has turned
30 and has shrugged off a strong im-
pulse to retire for a nal ing at an
Asian Games medal that slipped out
of her grasp in Guangzhou four years
In what was a tense grip and grime
contest, Sotheara lost the bronze
medal playoff against South Koreas
Kim Hyungjoo a heart-breakingly
close call.
She wanted to retire after the Myan-
mar SEA Games but I persuaded her
to make this one last effort, National
Olympic Committee of Cambodia
secretary-general Vath Chamroeun,
himself an Olympian wrestler, told
the Post yesterday.
She has excellent grappling skills
and I am condent she will put up a
strong performance.
Ever since she came into promi-
nence with a gold at the 2009 SEA
Games in Laos, Sotheara has never
been out of the spotlight. She was one
of the four Cambodian athletes to re-
ceive a special scholarship from the
International Olympic Committee to
help her qualify for the 2012 Summer
Her bid for a place in the London
Olympics came a cropper at the
Asian Qualiers in Kazakhstan, but it
hardly dented her spirits. She struck
gold at Napyidaw last year in what
was Cambodias best ever bullion
swoop on the mat.
In Incheon, Sotheara will be com-
peting in the womens 48kg freestyle
category against a classy eld, but
national coach Thin Vichet is in no
doubt that her vast experience should
count in her favour.
She came so close to a medal in
Guangzhou. That may be four years
ago, but she still wrestles with the
same zest.
She has trained hard and well. This
category suits her and I expect a good
performance, added the coach, who
is also the general secretary of the
Cambodian Wrestling Federation.
For Chov Sothearas female team-
mate Dorn Srey Mao, meanwhile, it is
a huge step up. She found herself out
of depth in the second Youth Olym-
pic Games in Nanjing last month,
but Vichet for one feels that the Asian
Games experience would be crucial
for the youngsters career.
Cambodias medal hopes in the
mens section is rmly pinned on
Dorn Sov, a SEA Games gold and silver
medalist in the mens 120kg freestyle
and Greco-Roman classes respective-
ly last year.
There is an element of anxiety as
to how well he will handle the 96kg
division he is competing in for the
rst time. However, both wrestler and
coach are striking a condent note.
A piece of good news for the fourth
member of the squad, Ngoun Makara,
is that he has found the 61kg category,
which is his preferred choice since he
had been at a loss to nd his favoured
class in Myanmar.
How good are the medal prospects
for Cambodia this time?
Coach Vichet, who had been involved
with three previous SEA Games squads
in Laos, Indonesia and Myanmar, has
a balanced answer: It is going to be
tough, but I am hopeful.
The wrestling events will be held
from September 24 to October 2.
As world renowned wrestling coach
Stephen Kazarian famously said after
the conclusion of his second training
course in Phnom Penh a few months
ago: I think Cambodia is ready for a
wrestling medal in the Asian Games.
The wrestling fraternity is hoping
that Kazarians inspiring words ring
true in Incheon.
(From left to right) Cambodian national team wrestlers Chov Sotheara, Dorn Srey Mao, Ngoun Makara and Dorn Sov train at the National
Olympic Committee of Cambodia headquarters ahead of participation at the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea. SRENG MENG SRUN
Japan fans deated but proud of Nishikori
TENNIS fans emerged into
Japans early morning sun-
shine dejected but proud yes-
terday after Kei Nishikoris bid
to become the first Asian man
to win a grand slam singles
title came to a shuddering halt
in New York.
Nishikoris crushing 6-3, 6-3,
6-3 defeat by Croatian Marin
Cilic in the US Open final end-
ed at breakfast time in Japan.
Thousands of fans across the
country had woken at the
crack of dawn to watch their
hero do battle in a contest
between little and large.
Blimey, look at the size of
him! joked dental nurse
Kayoko Hashimoto in a Tokyo
sports bar as the players
shook hands before the
match. Nishikori looks like
a midget.
An hour later with the 1.98
metre (6ft 6in) tall Cilic domi-
nating his 1.78m (5ft 10in)
opponent, the 27-year-old was
staring forlornly into her beer
glass with more than 80 other
hardcore fans who had seen
their hopes shattered.
Im so proud of Nishikori,
even if he lost, said hair stylist
Hotaru Shoda, 24. He did a
fantastic job. All Japanese peo-
ple should be proud of him.
Her sentiments were echoed
by natives of Nishikoris home
town of Matsue in the rural
province of Shimane, western
Japan, where more than 900
cheering fans packed a con-
vention hall to watch the match
on a big screen, with hundreds
more unable to get in.
There was a lot of groaning,
city official Kazufumi Morie
told AFP by telephone.
Nishikori is still the first Japa-
nese man to reach a grand slam
final, so for the people of Mat-
sue we are very, very proud.
Lots of children came to
watch this morning, he added,
mindful of the impact Nishiko-
ris achievements could have
on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
The kids have seen all the
media in town and Im sure
Nishikoris achievement will
raise the popularity of tennis.
Far away from sleepy Shi-
mane, which promotes itself
tongue-in-cheek as the 47th
most famous prefecture in
Japan there are only 47
morning commuters in Tokyo
poked their heads through
bar windows to check on the
A quick look at the screen
persuaded most to carry on
briskly to the train station.
Kei beat [Novak] Djokovic
[in the semifinals], he can still
beat this guy! a defiant Dais-
uke Kuribayashi insisted with
a beery slur as Nishikori
slipped two sets down, trigger-
ing a stampede for another
round of beers.
The 26-year-old, who works
in a toy shop, was sensibly
urged by his friends to have a
Nishikoris previous best
Grand Slam performance had
been in reaching the last eight
of the 2012 Australian Open,
and not since Kimiko Date
reached the Wimbledon semi-
finals in 1996 has Japanese
tennis witnessed anything
close to Nishikoris heroics in
New York. AFP
Kei Nishikori of Japan reacts against Marin Cilic of Croatia during their
mens singles nal of the 2014 US Open in New York on Monday night. AFP
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\\\'`'` 5ATURDAY AU6U5T 3 214 4' / PD5T`'/
After this year's crackdown on
cheating, many left disappointed
1hkll QlAk1lkS
Japanese businesses, aid and
culture making outsized impact 24 PACES NSDE
n Phnom Penh's Teuk Thla Market, police, soldiers and even criminals spend money
on gear that largely originates from the government's own storehouses
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World Cup row
FIBA probes
over defeat
body on Monday laun-
ched an investigation
into Australia over suspicions
that they deliberately lost a
group match at the World
Cup to avoid playing the
United States.
Australia, who rested two of
their top players Joe Ingles
and Aron Baynes lost to An-
gola 91-83 in their last Group
D game in Gran Canaria last
Thursday. The Australians
lost 65-64 to Turkey in the last
16 on Sunday to crash out of
the tournament altogether.
The on-court behaviour
displayed by Australia in that
game [against Angola] gene-
rated huge disappointment by
basketball fans and experts,
a FIBA statement said.
It is widely suspected that
Australia lost that game in
order to avoid having to face
the reigning world cham-
pions USA until the semi-fi-
nals, it added.
Basketball Australia can
state its case to the governing
body before FIBA decides
whether disciplinary sanc-
tions are imposed, the state-
ment said. Australias defeat
ensured that they finished
third in the group. Angola en-
ded the group second bottom
with just two wins. AFP
Deng remark
sparked sale
of the Hawks
RACIST comment
about African-born
British NBA stand-
out Luol Deng made
in a conference call reportedly
triggered the chain of events
that has forced the sale of the
Atlanta Hawks.
A day after Hawks owner
Bruce Levenson said he was
selling the NBA club follow-
ing racist remarks in an email
he sent more than two years
ago came to light, several
US media outlets reported
that a comment about Deng
touched off the probe that un-
covered the email.
Hawks chief executive Steve
Koonin said that in a June
conference call to ponder op-
tions for free agents to change
the roster, general manager
Danny Ferry read aloud a rac-
ist remark in an analysis of
a player.
The Atlanta Journal-Consti-
tution reported the player was
Deng, who was born in what
is now South Sudan. Deng
went on to sign with the Mi-
ami Heat as a playmaker to
replace LeBron James after
the superstar departed for the
Cleveland Cavaliers.
After the meeting, which took
place less than two months af-
ter NBA commissioner Adam
Silver banned then-Los An-
geles Clippers owner Donald
Sterling for life for making rac-
ist remarks, a Hawks co-owner
asked for an internal investi-
gation and an Atlanta law rm
undertook the task.
In reviewing more than
24,000 documents, the email
sent by Levenson was discov-
ered. In it, the Hawks owner
makes remarks regarding ra-
cial issues about spectators.
In the email, Levenson says:
the black crowd scared away
the whites and there are sim-
ply not enough afuent black
fans to build a sign[i]cant
season-ticket base.
The NBA was notied and
began its own probe and
Levenson, the teams major-
ity owner since 2004, vol-
untarily decided to sell the
Hawks rather than put the
team through the legal wran-
gling and personal drama
that stretched on for months
when Sterling fought to keep
the Clippers.
The Clippers were sold for
$2 billion to former Micro-
soft chief executive ofcer
Steve Ballmer.
I couldnt believe it,
Koonin told CNN of his re-
action to the email. I had
an audible gasp. Theres no
words to describe . . . morti-
ed and angry.
Koonin described walking
into a Sunday night meeting
with Hawks players as like
walking into a funeral. These
are young men who wear our
citys name and our logo on
their chest.
They are supposed to be
supported by their owner-
ship. Ownership failed in
supporting them.
The Hawks, the sale of
which will be handled by
the NBA, have reached the
playoffs for the past seven
seasons, the longest streak of
any NBA team in the Eastern
Conference. But the Hawks
had the NBAs third-worst
attendance last season and
also have a home-arena lease
that expires in 2018.
They are expected to draw
several rich offers, although
more likely in the range of
the Milwaukee Bucks, who
sold earlier this year for $550
million. AFP
Pero Antic (left) and Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks defend against Luol Deng of the Cleveland Cavaliers
during a National Basketball Association game on April 4. AFP
Sizzling SALT girls shake
through to U16s semis
Academy emerged as the
clear front-runners for the
2014 National U16 Womens
Football title after completing
the group stage at the Olympic
Stadium on Monday with a
perfect four wins out of four,
having scored an impressive
26 goals. SALT topped Group A
and will face Group B runners
up Svay Rieng Department of
Education, Youth, and Sport in
todays semifinal from 2:30pm.
The other matchup at 4:30pm
sees Yeay Mao Pich Nel take
on Group B winners Siem
Reap Angkor. CHHORN NORN,
Zokora calls time on
international career
IVORY Coast defender Didier
Zokora announced on Monday
in an interview with the national
press that he was calling time
on his international career. The
33-year-old, who plays for
Turkish club Akhisarspor,
retires after winning 117 caps
with the national side. After
giving 15 years of my life with six
CAN [African Cup of Nations]
participations and three World
Cups, I think you have to know
when to stop, he said. I think
Ive given a lot to my country.
Everything comes to an end, and
you have to know when to go. Its
my decision, he continued.
Zokora made his international
debut in 2000 and played his
final match for the Elephants at
the World Cup on June 19 in a
2-1 defeat to Colombia. AFP
Reus out for four weeks
with new ankle injury
GERMANY midfielder Marco
Reus has been ruled out for at
least four weeks after
reinjuring his left ankle during
Sundays 2-1 Euro 2016
qualifier win over Scotland, his
club Borussia Dortmund
confirmed on Monday. Team
doctor Markus Braun on
Monday diagnosed a partial
tear and stretching of
ligaments. The club expects
the player to undergo a
rehabilitation programme of
four weeks, Dortmund said in
a statement. The 25-year-old
also missed the World Cup
which Germany won after
injuring the same left ankle in
their final warm-up game
against Armenia and had only
returned to action recently. He
will miss Dortmunds first two
Champions League matches
at home against Arsenal next
Tuesday and at Anderlecht on
October 1. AFP
FIFA deadline passes
for under-threat Nigeria
A FIFA deadline on the Nigeria
Football Federation passed on
Monday with no sign at the
associations offices of the
bodys president, whose
controversial appointment led to
a threat of a ban. The world
governing body said last week it
would suspend the African
champions from international
competition if Chris Giwa and
his executive committee were
still at work after 1pm
Cambodian time on Monday.
But the deadline came and went
with Giwa and his predecessor
Aminu Maigari nowhere to be
seen at the NFF headquarters
in Abuja, while there was no
immediate word from FIFA
about the next steps. AFP
Welbeck and Busquets help
restore smiles to their teams
DOUBLE by Danny Wel-
beck and Sergio Busquets
rst goal in 70 appearances
helped England and Spain
begin their respective Euro 2016
qualifying campaigns on a winning
note and start putting behind them a
forgettable World Cup nals.
The brace by Welbeck who was
considered surplus to requirements
by Louis van Gaal at Manchester
United and ofoaded to Arsenal last
week saw England to a 2-0 win over
Switzerland in Zurich while Bus-
quets effort came in a 5-1 humbling
of Macedonia.
It was however, not to be a memo-
rable evening for Swedish superstar
Zlatan Ibrahimovic as he failed to
mark his 100th appearance for his
country with a goal in the 1-1 draw
with Austria his only notable con-
tribution a booking.
David Alaba opening the scoring
for the hosts from the penalty spot
his seventh goal for his country at the
age of just 22 only for Turkish-born
forward Erkan Zengin to level.
Russia were another side like Spain
and England to fail to re at the World
Cup just four years before they play
host but they too secured three
points with a 4-0 home win over min-
nows Liechtenstein.
However, Fabio Capellos side hard-
ly convinced as two of their goals
were own-goals and another came
from the penalty spot.
Capellos former charges England,
though, were far more impressive
against a side that succeeded in
reaching the second round at the
World Cup and only lost 1-0 to Ar-
gentina thanks to an Angel di Maria
goal late in extra time.
It was Welbeck, who departed Unit-
ed the same day di Maria arrived for a
British record fee of 59 million ($99
million), who executed the chances
set up for him as England manager
Roy Hodgson celebrated victory over
a team he coached and took to the
1994 World Cup nals.
It was Switzerlands rst competi-
tive home defeat since a 3-1 loss to
England in October 2010 and meant
that new coach Vladimir Petkovic be-
gan his tenure in losing fashion.
I thought the way we approached
the game from the rst minute was
exactly what we wanted, and we got
our reward, Hodgson said.
We pressurised the ball well, but
you need that rst goal to get people
to come out and attack you. From
then I thought we looked dangerous
and we had several chances to aggra-
vate the scoreline before Danny Wel-
becks second.
Petkovic, who has the unenviable
task of trying to ll the void left by
the German coaching great Ottmar
Hitzfeld after he retired from the
game following the World Cup, said
his players would be stronger for
the defeat.
Its a good lesson and well try to
make up for it in the next game, said
the 51-year-old handler, Bosnian-
born but who emigrated to Switzer-
land aged 24.
Spain had begun life after the World
Cup debacle with a friendly defeat to
France last week.
However, they made short work of
the Macedonians with aside from
Busquets another notable scorer on
the night being Paco Alcacer on his
competitive international debut.
It left their lugubrious coach Vi-
cente del Bosque who survived the
World Cup reverse licking his lips at
the thought of a new beginning.
We have started the competition
with three points and the perfor-
mance was very good. That is the
most important thing, said the 63-
year-old, who coached the Spanish
to the World Cup title in 2010 and the
Euro 2012 trophy.
We have taken a step forward. We
are starting a new era and hopefully
there is much more to come.
Capello who faced calls from Rus-
sian supporters to step down after
they failed to progress through the
group stage losing out to Belgium
and Algeria was not as upbeat and
called for more time with the players
if he is to sharpen them up.
Weve created a lot of chances but
unfortunately weve also missed too
many of them, the Italian said.
Many of our players looked really
good but I think we need more days
together to progress as a team. AFP
Mondays Results
Luxembourg 1 Belarus 1
Ukraine 0 Slovakia 1
Estonia 1 Slovenia 0
San Marino 0 Lithuania 2
Montenegro 2 Moldova 0
England forward Daniel Welbeck passes Switzerland midelder Granit Xhaka before scoring his teams opening goal in their 2016
European Championships qualifying match at the St Jakob-Park stadium in Basel on Monday. AFP
Blatter aims to let coaches challenge referees
FIFA president Sepp Blatter
said on Monday he wants to
start trials on giving coaches
the right to challenge referee
decisions during a match.
The system, backed by tele-
vision monitors, could be tried
at the U20 World Cup in New
Zealand next year and Blatter
said he would like to find a
national league to test out
the system.
Blatter first raised the idea at
the FIFA congress in June but
he told the Soccerex confer-
ence in Manchester he would
now propose the move to the
International Board, footballs
lawmaking body.
He wants coaches or team
managers [to] have the right in
the half, twice or once, to have
a call to challenge a refereeing
decision but only when the
game has stopped.
Then there must be a mon-
itor by the television company,
then the referee and coach
look at it and the referee may
then change his mind as is the
case in tennis for instance,
Blatter said.
Hopefully we can find a
league, semi-professional or
professional, that will try to do
it, he added.
It can only be done where
there is television coverage of
all the matches, or in one of
FIFAs competitions, a youth
competition in FIFA, an U20
like next year we are in New
Zealand so we could test such
a challenge calls. AFP
FIFA president Sepp Blatter is looking to trial the use of challenges from coaches on refereeing decisions
during professional or semi-professional football matches. AFP
Uncaged ghters
Cambodian-Australian Suasday Chau knees pads held by his cornerman Rich Warner during a workout at NagaWorld yesterday, and Brazils Adriano Moraes practises an armbar submission on his training partner.
Suasday will face French lightweight Arnaud Lepont on Fridays mixed martial arts ght card, ONE FC: Rise of the Kingdom, at Koh Pich Theatre. Moraes is up against Geje Eustaquio in the main event of the night, with the
inaugural ONE FC yweight world championship title at stake. SRENG MENG SRUN
ONE FC caller Hardt
energises entrances
Dan Riley

NYONE who has
witnessed a ONE
Fighting Champion-
ship event rst-hand
will no doubt have left with
their ears still ringing from
the piercing cries of ring an-
nouncer Lenne Hardt.
Rather than being an un-
pleasant oratory intrusion,
American-born Hardt gives
fans an exhilarating introduc-
tion during each ghters en-
trance to the arena in her dis-
tinctive style, which includes
high-pitched screeches and
alveolar trills.
Hardt will be calling out the
combatants at this Fridays
ONE FC: Rise of the King-
dom ght card at Koh Pich
Theatre, providing an unfor-
gettable accompaniment to
what looks set to be a night of
top-class action in the cage.
ONE FCs events are de-
nitely great because of the
exciting ghts and the en-
ergy level is always high at all
these sold-out stadiums that
we are in, Hardt told the
Post yesterday.
The production quality and
the enthusiastic fans all across
Asia make all ONE FC events
fantastic experiences. I match
the style, music and person-
ality of each ghter with the
swell of applause and ova-
tion the crowd so generously
pours into the stadium.
A long-term resident of
Japan, Hardt started out as
an MMA ring announcer in
2000 for Japanese organisa-
tion Pride FC. After its sale
in 2007, she joined DREAM
and also did work with Glory
World Series.
She currently announces at
all ONE FC events across the
region while also travelling to
Europe to work for Moscow-
based promotion Legend
Show FC. Former Japanese
pro wrestler-turned-politi-
cian Antonio Inoki employs
her for his Inoki Genome Fed-
eration shows.
More conventional ring
calls up to the time I started
didnt celebrate these amaz-
ing athletes and link their en-
ergy with the dedicated MMA
spectators excitement with
the pomp and circumstance
their feats of athleticism de-
served. I thought it was time
to up the game a bit and raise
the bar to a more tting, ght-
ing level, Hardt said.
I heard that Cambodi-
ans are huge fans of combat
sports and I am excited to
experience the energy level
that the Cambodian crowd
can bring to Koh Pich Theatre
during ONE FC ght night.
I am also very excited about
the Featherweight Cambo-
dian Grand Prix that will un-
veil the Cambodian feather-
weight champion.
Of course, I am also looking
forward to meeting the peo-
ple in Cambodia and experi-
encing the sights and sounds
of the city, she added.
When pressed as to what she
would be doing if she wasnt
working as a ring announcer,
Hardt simply replied: I cant
imagine doing anything else.
Best job in the world!
ONE FC ring announcer Lenne Hardt gives out one of her signature shrieking introductions to a cage ghter
during the War of Dragons ght card in Taipei on July 11. ONEFC.COM
Dan Riley
ONE Fighting Championship,
Asias largest mixed martial
arts organisation, returns to
Kuala Lumpur for the fth
time on October 17 with an-
other blockbuster event at the
9,000-seat Stadium Putra.
The rst three matchups on
the ght card, titled Roar of
Tigers, were announced yes-
terday and include a main-
event clash between unde-
feated Russian featherweight
Marat Gafurov and Rob Lisita
of Australia.
Malaysian cage ghter Ev
Ting will meet Edward Kelly
of the Philippines in the co-
main event, while a bantam-
weight bout between Singa-
pores Stephen Langdown
and Malaysias Raymond Tan
has also been added.
ONE FC chief exec Victor Cui
said in a press release: ONE
FC is putting together a ght
card that will blow away the
millions of passionate ght
fans all around the world.
Marat Gafurov and Rob
Lisita are two of the best
featherweights in the world.
Both of them have a pen-
chant for putting on exciting
battles, and I think the fans
will be in for a treat.
Gafurov (9-0) has emerged
as the top featherweight in
Europe, possessing vicious
ground and pound abilities
that have led him to six spec-
tacular nishes so far.
Prior to signing with ONE
FC, the 29-year-old was the
reigning M-1 Global Feather-
weight Champion. He joins
an exciting featherweight di-
vision that is currently ruled
by Mongolias Jadambaa Na-
Lisita (14-6) has been on a
tear in recent bouts, winning
seven of his last nine. The 31-
year-old embodies his nick-
name Ruthless in going for
the nish, having heard the
nal bell only three times in
his 14 victories.
Ev Ting (7-2) is widely re-
garded as one of Malaysias
top MMA proponents. He is
of Malaysian Chinese ances-
try, with his family relocating
to New Zealand when he was
7 years old.
Ting, 25, made a successful
ONE FC debut by knocking
out Indonesian Yohan Mulia
Legowo in Jakarta on June 14
and now gets the opportunity
to compete in his country of
birth for the rst time.
Edward The Rock Kelly
(5-1) is the brother of ONE FC
featherweight No 1 contender
Eric The Natural Kelly and
possesses many similar traits
to his sibling, such as the re-
lentless pursuit of a stoppage
as well as being multifaceted
and able to emerge on top in
every situation.
Tan (2-2) is a founding
member of Penang Top Team
and boasts one of the longest
reach in both his punches
and kicks in the bantam-
weight division.
Langdown (1-1) is a solid,
well-rounded ghter equally
adept at both striking and
ONE FC to head back
to Malaysia for Roar
of Tigers ght card