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Marine Structural Failures and

Ship Design Assessment


Monday 8th - Wednesday 10th March 2010

Bonhill House, London

Lloyd's Maritime Academy is delighted to bring to you the Marine Structural Failures and Ship Design
Assessment seminar. Key specialists and experienced speakers will provide practical advice on the latest
methods and techniques of causes of structural failures, identifying the signs of structural weakness and
failure and implementing preventive measures that are efficient, effective and also meet industry standards.
Speakers have been chosen for their wide knowledge and practical experience.

New techniques for monitoring structural problems are constantly being developed for finding better solutions
to identify prior warning of failure. Understanding best practice methods for hull maintenance and failure
prevention is so crucial – this seminar, now running for the 6th time, has been expanded into three days
bringing you the latest and most important issues surrounding the implications of collision grounding on hull
structures, the impact of wave loads on the life cycle of vessels, and some of the new discoveries in
preventing stress corrosion and failure on hulls.

A highly practical seminar will explore, through a new practical workshop session on structural failures and
ship structural design assessment, some of the challenges of discovering failure and prevention and repair
solutions. It will give advice on the latest policy initiatives from the IMO and analyse advances in ship design.
The timetable for the seminar has been devised to allow for maximum networking and your chance to share
experiences and debate the latest trends and techniques with a wide range of participants from the marine
sector. Starting at midday on the first day, this will allow delegates to travel to the seminar venue during the
morning giving you more flexibility. The seminar is non-residential allowing you to make your own
networking opportunities outside of the seminar.

10 expert speakers will share practical experience and:

• Study reliable technical failure investigation methods

• Debate the major consequences of fatigue failure and identifying the warning signs
• Review latest technology to monitor warning signs in hull structures
• Discover the latest classification issues
• Review the early signs and effects of fatigue warning including paint cracks, increased corrosion and
• Study preventive measures that meet vessel and industry standards
• Review wave and slamming induced structural loads
• Debate advances in the assessment of sloshing loads

16 Hours CPD: The Solicitors Regulation Authority

Plus practical sessions:

• WORKSHOP session with interactive case studies focusing on structural failures and ship structural
design assessment
• CASE STUDY on spectral fatigue analysis of a bulk carrier
• ADVANCES in the assessment of sloshing loads
• CASE STUDY on advances in ship stability assessment

join fellow professionals

• Naval architects
• Surveyors
• Structural engineers
• Technical operators
• Operation and design engineers
• Material specification specialists
• Welding and maintenance specialist

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