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The True Vine Productions Spec Sheet

$35 an hour, all inclusive
5 Hour Sessions $175
10 Hour Sessions $350

The True Vine is a home studio based in Pascoe Vale, Melbourne. The focus is on facilitating
inspiration, free flow and the safety to lay all your cards on the table in an intimate and unique
environment. I've recorded everything from solo folk performers to experimental metal bands
(and everything in between) and pride my work on good microphone placement, logical use of
room acoustics and using as little EQ, compression and other 'colouring' devices as possible.
Think of it as your local macrobiotic, home grown studio that is healthy for you and your
audience's ears, and soul.

Contact Adam at or 0421 325 413.

Motu 828 mkII interface (10 analog ins, 8 outs)
Motu 896HD interface (8 analog ins/outs)
Sony TC-570 2 track Reel to Reel


Computer Specs:
Intel Core2 Duo CPU, E6550 @ 2.33 GHz
4.5 TB HDD
Windows 7 64 bit

Sonar X2 Producer Edition
FabFilter Total

FabFilter Total
Lexicon PCM Native Reverb
UA RE-201 Space Echo
+ much more

Arturia Analog experience keyboard (61
Arturia Analog synth collection
Mellotron (with extensive library)
Farfisa (and organs galore)
Session Drummer 3
Heaps more + large sample library


Octava MK-319 (modified)
Rodes NT-2000
Rodes NT-2A
Avantone CV-28 tube SDC (matching pair)

MXL R40 Ribbon (Michael Joly edition)
Cascade Gomez Ribbon (Michael Joly

Beyer M88
Audio Technica ATM25
2 X MD421 II
3 X SM57
1 X Beta 58
2 X SM58

Outboard Effects
RNC1773 (Really Nice Compressor)
LR Baggs Parametric DI X 2
Electroharmonix Holiest Grail
Electroharmonix Holier Grail
Fulltone Fulldrive Mosfet 2
Fulltone Supatrem
Boss DD-5 (digital delay)
Boss Loop Station RC20-XL
Rat Distortion with LM308N chip
Boss Gigadelay
Line 6 MM4 (Modulation)

Altarwind 5 string hurdy gurdy with sympathy strings
Altarwind 4 string hurdy gurdy
108 string hackbrett (hammered dulcimer - 2.5 octaves)
35 string zither
19th Century Knauss Coblenz upright piano
Kawai E 500 Concert Organ with Lesley Rotary
Martin D16 acoustic guitar
Alhambra 6P concert classical guitar
1972 Ventura 5 string banjo
1967 Gibson ES-345
1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Epiphone Dot
Carter pedal steel
Fender Bassman reissue 4X10 combo (with custom boutique Weber speakers)
Generic 4 piece drum kit (crash, ride and hats)
19th Century violin (make unknown)
19th Century wooden concert flute
Kenosha Clarinet
20 Persian Daf drum
14 Frame drum
Dharbukka X 2 (one natural skin, one synthetic)
Tibetan Singing bowls X 3
Tibetan hand beaten gong
Vietnamese dan moi (jews harp) & 2 Vietnamese small gongs
Professional grade Kalimba (made from a pumpkin gourd and a jatoba wood top)
Musical Saw
Nose Flute
Various bells & small percussion
Hohner harmonicas in G and C