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Report of Summer Training Conducted at

Anand Foundation (NGO)

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the award of the degree of

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

Guide Name: Mrs Anu Student Name: Rajat sharma
Roll No.: 00819114313
Batch: 2013-2015

Gitarattan International Business School
New Delhi 110085
Batch 2013-15


I, Rajat sharma, Roll No. 00819114313 certify that the Summer Training Report
is done by me and it is an authentic work carried out by me at Anand
foundation.The matter embodied in this Report has not been submitted earlier for
the award of any degree or diploma to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signature of the Student

Certified that the Summer Training Report done by Rajat Sharma, Roll No.
00819114313, is completed under my guidance.

Signature of the Guide

Name of the Guide:

Director/Project Coordinator


This is to certify that Rahul Panwar has completed his Summer Training Project
under my direct supervision. He underwent the Summer Training on and from 10

June to 8
August during which he was assigned the task of understanding the topic
International Crew Management at Marine Solutionz Ship Management Pvt.
Ltd , which he has successfully completed and the same is presented in the form of
the present Project Report.

It is further certified that the project report submitted by Rahul Panwar reflects her
original work and based on the work assigned to her for the Summer Training and that
the present project report has not been submitted elsewhere for award of any degree,
diploma or fellowship.


1.1 About Anand Foundation

This Anand foundation website is a free resource related primarily to the living
Cultural Heritage of the National Capital Region of Delhi. The information on this
website has been collated over the last 11 years and has a major contributions by
students from the school and colleges of Delhi , through their internships at the
foundation . We seek to provide a platform for young people to freely explore the
living heritage of Delhi through interactions with living exponents of Cultural
expression .


ADDRESS : Anand Foundation
M-77, m-block market,
Greater kailash-ll
New delhi-110048
PHONE NO. : 01145766000
FAX : 01145766055

It is a public trust. It is totally funded by the PARIJAT GROUP (the parent company).

1.2 Nature and Business

Anand Foundation
Anand foundation believes for the inculcation of the appreciation of diversity to
initialize and they need to promote fellowship amongst the student community from
varied backgrounds (religious, ethnic, language, regions and international).
Specifically then our projects, work and endeavours on the ground are designed to
accomplish our mission goals in tangible and scalable projects.

Anand Foundation is a live and free database of institutions and exponents based in
Delhi of oral , visual , performance , folk , classical , craft , musicians , dancers ,
Historians , writers , painters , puppeteers , museums , cultural centers , linguists ,
photographers , schools , Yoga centers collected by students as well as an ongoing
effort by the foundation .They invite others contributions.

Interviews and Publications :
It carries interviews and features contributed by school and college students during
the course of their internships with masters and gurus of various Art forms who live in
Delhi .There are also interviews by academicians and scholars.

Links :
They try to carefully sieve links provided to them to ensure that these are either
genuine organizations based in Delhi , India or abroad . They invite contributions or
corrections .

Free Listing :
A free listing is offered of any cultural art form or Craft, anyone who is based in
Delhi or any other part of India . They will review the submission and upload it after
they have carefully verified.

Free Web Page for people related to Culture :

If anyone is not satisfied with only a free listing then they can publish a detailed page
about themselves. This service is offered on a pan India basis .Anyone can download
this form fill it and send it on

Monuments :
There is a database of monuments in Delhi sorted by locality .Invite pictures from
Students or Photographers living in Delhi taken by them , and for which they are the
owner .

Books :
There are two sections to this feature . Books devoted exclusively to Delhi. And
Books devoted to Cultural Diversity .


This is a calendar for cultural happenings in Delhi each month .They invite
contributions. Listing is free. Anyone can write to
and include the following information .

Delhi This Week :
They feature one interesting happening event in Delhi in this section .

Message Board :
This is message board with sections on Music , Dance , Puppettery ,Pottery , Film
Making , Photography , Painters , Theatre , Others . They encourage to use this
feature to inform/ enquire /comment / react /debate /discuss .

Articles and Publications :
They feature people from Delhi in this section and invite articles specially from
scholars , academicians and students in Delhi.

1.3 Vision, Mission and Values

1.3.1 Vision
The Anand Foundation was established as an organization with the avowed objective
of appreciation of diversity in young minds through culture. The Foundation is
focused to accomplish the work through the medium of performing and fine arts.
The Foundation seeks to provide an institutional enabling - framework for facilitation
and as a channel of convergence for all participants be they artists, craftsmen, living
treasures of oral tradition, students academic and cultural institutions, Corporates,
NGO's, Government and international organizations.

1.3.2 Mission

Anand foundation thinks that as a cultural heritage is transmitted down generations it
provides us with a sense of shared identity, continuity and a cross-cultural channel of
communication. Its evolution has already involved interaction with a range of
individual and community experiences and conveys the best of our spiritual and
aesthetic values. Culture therefore provide us with the preeminent vehicle for our
advocacy. Since its inception as an idea the vision has grown to include Performing
and Fine Arts, intangible oral traditions, customs, festive events and traditional
craftsman ship.
Globalization represents another challenge and an opportunity for diversity and issues
of identity. They believe civil society has to move towards concretization on
Our Constituency

They believe for the inculcation of the appreciation of diversity to initialize and need
to promote fellowship amongst the student community from varied backgrounds
(religious, ethnic, language, regions and international). Specifically then their
projects, work and endeavors on the ground are designed to accomplish the mission
goals in tangible and scalable projects.

Their method to achieve this is through involving (senior class) school and college
students in tangible exercises over short periods of time (semesters) involving them
with the performing and fine arts, and more specifically facilitating interaction and
dialogue between students and living artists residing in their geographical orbit.
The projects therefore involve students in
and dissemination
On the living artists and arts traditions in the national capital region of Delhi where
they are currently restricting the area of work, till they move on to encompass a larger
They also believe that alternate and independent non-commercial channels using the
latest information technology of cultural expression are vital to enable communities
and groups in India to promote and sustain they cultural diversity. They are actively

engaged in exploring the use of the new digital technologies for both audio as well as
visual and the internet for dissemination and communication of our work.
The three pillars of their endeavor thus are:-
Young people

1.4 Organizational Structure

An organizational structure is how the employees in a company are placed and what
kind of hierarchy they follow to manage their work effectively and efficiently it has a
board of five trustees. Anand foundation follows the following organizational

Figure 1: Organization Structure

1.7 Present Leadership
trustee 1 trustee 2 trustee 3 trustee 4 trustee 5
Project Director
Operation Manager

Anand Foundation has a following team:-

Category Name
Trustees Vikram Anand
Kuldip Raj Anand
Keshav Anand
Sharat Anand
Dr. A.K Anand
Project Director Shehnaz Parveen
Operation Manager Mr. Udit Kumar

Figure 2: Present Leadership

During my project I was guided by my mentor Ms.Shehnaz Parveen (Project


2.1 SWOT Analysis of the Company
SWOT Analysis of the Company

1) Oraganisations mission and vision.
2) Human resource and inhouse skills.
3) Strong relationship with government, partners and stakeholders .
4) Strong retention of employees
5) Good cordination and monitoring/evaluatiion mechanism.

1) Funding Problem.
2)Under Staffing and weak human resource policies.
3) Lack of systematic operation in the organisation.
4) less number of art&cultural events conducted by the organisation.

1) Lack of access to target groups and locations.
2) Sustainability problems due to lack of funding .

3) Government resstictions and lack of political will.

1) Support from donor egencies and other sectoral organisations.
2) Support from media and advocacy organisations.
3) favourable distributions of resources.
4) Participation of youth in art&culture is growing.

2.3 USPs of the company

The company has various usps in various functional areas which are as follows:

2.3.1 Service
One webpage where a person can get the information about any art and culture related
activity and event. One can also get the data about the related insitutions of any field
related to art and culture.
Recycling of the paper in the office premises.
Daily debate on the social issues to spread the general awareness among the


3.1 Data collection

Data collection is a process of collecting data about the company in various fields such as
production, Marketing, HR, Services and Operation, IT etc. The data from all these areas is
collected to get a picture of how the company is performing its various functions and how its
getting the work done in a smooth and efficient manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility

There are two facets of being a socially responsible enterprise: Internal and External. And
Parijat Industries continuously endeavors to become a corporate social citizen by working on
both internal and external dynamics. To start with, in principal and in practice, Parijat
Industries constantly strives to be a responsible corporate citizen by following the mandate of
the land.

We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights. We
provide equal opportunity to work and a safe working environment. We abstain from child
labor and follow the labor mandate. We as a team, work towards precautionary approach to
environmental challenges, promote greater environmental responsibility and encourage the
development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Besides being an enterprise that is a socially responsible corporate citizen (by respecting and
following the law of the land internally) we have extended our good will towards our
immediate neighborhood in many ways possible from very early on, that is now come to be
termed as, Corporate Social Responsibility.

And this document is in response to the need felt to draft a cohesive and formal CSR policy to
give a formal shape to the various CSR activities that Parijat visions to undertake in the
coming years.

The Background to Corporate Social Responsibility:

Before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) found a place in corporate lexicon, it was
already textured into our companys inherent system. Many ad-hoc works were being carried
out by Parijat Industries, both in Ambala where the factory is located and in Delhi (Head

Anand Foundation was established as a public trust by the founding members of the company
in 2002. Anand Foundation (AF) has been functioning as a separate entity, fully funded by
Parijat Industries since then. AF works with Delhis student community to build an
appreciation of diversity by providing young creative minds a platform for exploring,
mapping and celebrating the contemporary intangible cultural heritage of Delhi.

To actively contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the communities
in which we operate

Spheres of Work:
Some of the areas that we intend to work on/ develop the ongoing work further are:
To work for the appreciation of Diversity in the area of Living Intangible Cultural
To work in the field of education with children, women and adults.

To work for health, safety and environment.
To work on projects that promotes gender equality.

Areas that they are working in and intend to work on:

3.2 To work for the appreciation of Diversity in the area of Living Intangible Cultural

1. Anand Foundation est. in 2002 is indulged in multiple projects for the appreciation of
Diversity. Students of schools and Colleges join Anand Foundation as Interns for 6 weeks,
and work for a specific topic that explores Delhis Contemporary Intangible Cultural
2. AF has a Free Directory of Art and Culture of the city that is continuously building and
helps to promote art and culture in the city.
3. AF also provides a free Webpage service to Artists across the country.
4. AF website also acts as a knowledge disseminating body amongst the youth, by publishing
articles that relates to the city.
5. AF website also collates and disseminates the cultural activities and events happening in
the city, features books on diversity, Delhi, biographies and nature.
6. Anand foundation had a multi-media exhibition that explored the multi-faceted relation that
women has with the city- breaking the stereotype of women being only victims in the city. It
explored multiple identities of women the diversity of the city. This is an ongoing project, it
has been featured in India Habitat, at I.P College, at Parijat Head office and we intend to
take it forward to many other schools, colleges, offices and other public spheres.

We look forward to working further with the student community in a sustainable programme
and project that engages the students in a deeper engagement with the city and diversity.

(ii) To work in the field of education with children, women and adults
PARIJAT URJA CHAKRA is an initiative by Parijat in alliance with NIIT Foundation to
promote computer literacy among rural children and adults. The first centre has started in
Fatehgarh Village, Ambala (Haryana). The village is in the immediate vicinity of Parijat
factory Unit II.
This project proposes to literate students of this area in computer sciences- around 40 students
in every 4 months, and an approximate totalof 120 students shall be impacted at the end of
one year.

As a part of the ParijatUrja Chakra, we have started a library for all in the village
community in Fatehgarh. This is called, Anand Foundation- ParijatUrja Chakra
We give out various scholarships to individuals and institutions for the purpose of
education. AF is presently giving scholarships to 4 different universities, in 4 different
states- JNKVV in Jabalpur, BCKV in Kolkata, UAS in Karnataka and HPKV in
Himachal. In each of these universities we give out 2 scholarships. That makes 8
students per year. Each student get an amount of Rs. 15000 per semester. These
students are chosen based on their marks and financial requirements. They are
selected by the college committee, often assisted byMr.Sujit from Parijat.

We give many other scholarships on ad-hoc basis as well, to under-privileged students.

We further look forward to work in the sphere of education with children, women and adults.
Designing and implementing various programmes that facilitate s education, directly and

(iii) Health, safety and environment

On the front of Health, Safety and Environment we are a very conscious company. We have
undertaken, several activities internally in our company that caters for Safety at work place,
Good health in the employees and an eco-friendly company.
And we look forward for further involvement in the community and explore areas which
benefits the immediate environment in which we are located.

(iv) To work on projects that promotes gender equality
We constantly strive to make an office atmosphere that promotes gender justice. To start off,
we have begun to make an office atmosphere that is aware and sensitive towards social
issues. We have discussions on social issues, every alternative Wednesday with the Office
employees. And we intend to initiate something externally as soon as possible.

3.1.1 Marketing

Product Registration
The agrochemical Industry is a highly regulated industry. Any product before entering the
market undergoes intensive research. Very much like the Pharma industry, each Products

needs to be registered in the country it has to enter.Parijat presently has 128 products
registration in India, 235+ International registrations and 252 registrations under process,
worldwide.To capture the Indian domestic market, a new Molecule Fiprronil was introduced,
followed by Blasticide - Isoprothiolane.

Product development

The Company is engaged in manufacturing, exporting and importing Insecticides, Fungicides,
Herbicides and Other Agrochemicals.

State of the Art Formulation Plant

State of the art formulation facilities across liquid, granular, gel, spray and power packaging.

Indian factories strategically located near key agricultural belts Equipped to supply product
in the following variants:-

Liquid EC/SC/SL (Bulk) 25/50/100/200/1000 ltrs

Liquid EC/SC/SL (Small) 50/100/250/500/1000/5000 ml

Powder packaging for SP, WP, and WDG 50/100/500/1000gm

Granule 1/5/25 kg

Consistent full operational capacity is a testament to Parijats robust production and efficient

Institutional Business
Unrivalled repeat institutional business from the best names in the industry
Testament to Parijats product quality and consistency
Parijat has built the Fipronil market in India into a model molecule for institutional sales

Yearly products in the pipeline:-

Product Line
Fipronil GR
Fipronil SC
Thiophanate methyl

1Rice Herbicide
1White Fly IGR
Combination of Fipronil
+ Isoprothiolane
time in India)

New Comb of Fipronil
Insecticide to replace + substitute
old molecules lie Carbofuran.

1Insecticide New Generation
White Fly insecticide

Daily capacities include:
Insecticides 50,000 Litres

Herbicides 25,000 Litres

Fungicides 15,000 Litres
SC Formulation 6,000 Litres
Granular Formulations 45,000 kg

WDG Formulation 5000 Kg
WP/SP Formulation 3000 Kg

Sales and Marketing
Parijat has a diversified and unique Sales model having its sales bifurcated into Domestic and
Export Sales. In Domestic Market the sales are managed by the Retail sales team. We sale our
products through 17 C&F distributors, present in 12 states as well as to large agrochemicals
Companies.In continuation of Parijats efforts of extending its export market, new markets
are being explored. In recent years, Parijat have penetrated into Africa, East Asia and South

Domestic Retail Business

Began operations in 2009

Formulation facilities strategically located at the mouth of Indias agricultural hubs
Ambala (Haryana Punjab border) and Hyderabad

Over 40 Branded Products across insecticides, fungicides and herbicides covering the entire
range of crops

16 Depots located near our customer base for timely service

110 Sales staff and 75 Developmental staff to effectively penetrate and distribute our

3.1.2 HRM (Human Resource Management)
The total number of employees of the Parijat Company (Parent company) is more than
The total number of employees in the Anand foundation are 3(1.Trustee 2. Project
director and 3. Operation manager).
Their method to achieve this is through involving (senior class) school and college
students in tangible exercises over short periods of time (semesters) involving them with
the performing and fine arts, and more specifically facilitating interaction and dialogue
between students and living artists residing in their geographical orbit.

3.1.3 Production and operations

Anand Foundation is a live and free database of institutions and exponents based in
Delhi of oral , visual , performance , folk , classical , craft , musicians , dancers ,
Historians , writers , painters , puppeteers , museums , cultural centers , linguists ,
photographers , schools , Yoga centers collected by students as well as an ongoing
effort by the foundation .They invite others contributions.

Anand foundation provide so many services on the website related to the art&culture
like Interviews and Publications, Links, Free Web Page for people related to Culture,
Books, Calendar, Delhi This Week, Message Board , Articles and Publications.

3.1.4 Finance
Anand foundation is an NGO which is totally funded by the Parijat Group or the
trustees of the Foundation.
As per the company law this is compulsory for the parijat group to maintain a 2%
CSR and anand foundation is the part of this activity.

3.1.5 IT (Information Technology)

3.1.5 International Business