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Anuja Mehta Tel: +1-631-703-5676, email: anuja828@gmail.


Date: Dec 09, 2009

Finance and HR Officer
UQ International
Level 2, JD Story Building
The University of Queensland
Brisbane QLD 4072

Subject: A Statement to meet each of the Selection Criteria Outlined by University of Queensland, International.

Respected Members of the Selection Committee:

I understand that the selection criteria are very specific for this position. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to
highlight how precisely I meet this criteria with this statement.

Johnson & Wales University (Providence, RI)
Bachelor of Science, Marketing (4 year degree program) - Candidate, Feb. 2010
Associate in Science, Advertising Communications – Sep. 2008
Dean’s list, GPA score of 3.68/4.0

I have been trained in the past to have a vast knowledge of program offerings and requirements by various universities
within the U.S. as well as other high ranked universities because it enabled me to make a comparative case to guide
students. As mentioned in my resume, I have a vast knowledge of different possibilities and opportunities in different fields
like Engineering, Business, Physical Therapy, I.T. and Bio-Technology. I understand that requirements and regulations for
international students change frequently; however, I am positive that some research and brushing up on new rules would
enable me to be up to speed in no time.

Furthermore, I have worked very closely with international students from all over the world during my time here at JWU. I
fully understand what they are looking for while applying to universities and what they go through also because I am an
international student myself. I feel that I have a competitive advantage in this field as I have not only guided students
through relevant legislation but have gone through the process myself, only about 2 years ago.

In addition, I have a sound understanding of organizational and operational structures in a tertiary environment due to the
time that I have spent in the university system as a student, an active community member as well as an employee.

From the various positions that I have held in the past, I have learned to plan and implement promotional strategies
directed specifically towards international students. This will be a great skill for me to use in this position. Brainstorming
strategy sessions, taking notes and being actively involved in setting goals and planning marketing activities, efficiently
working in teams, being able to communicate effectively with people at different positions in an organization, are some of
the skills that I have acquired from all of my positions.

Also, working with students with a range of different backgrounds has given me a sound knowledge of cultural differences
and how to cope with them. I have learnt in much detail about marketing to and the psychographics of the people whose
ethnicities are Latino and African American as they are the second largest growing markets within the U.S.

With the above mentioned qualifications and skill that I have acquired, I am confident that I will make a successful
candidate for the position of Marketing Officer at UQ International.


Anuja Mehta

T: 631.703.5676 | email: | Apartment G-203, 100 Harborside Boulevard, Providence, RI 02905