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RAMP’s mission is to ensure a healthy
regional economy associated with the
development of an effective, efficient
transportation system and the resources
to sustain it.

RAMP was created to:

1. Educate coalition partners on 2010
transportation related investments
impacting the South Sound Legislative Priorities
2. Provide a unified voice to advocate for
regionally significant transportation SR 16 , Photo Courtesy of WSDOT
investments that promote the continued
economic development of Pierce County
More information about RAMP, including
and the South Puget Sound
our on-going policy positions, is available on
our blog:
RAMP is co-chaired by Pierce County
Executive Pat McCarthy, Port of Tacoma
RAMP meets the 1st Wednesday of every
Executive Director and Tacoma-Pierce
month from 8-9 a.m. at the Port of Tacoma’s
County Chamber President & CEO David
Fabulich Center. For more information email

A coalition of public and private sector

organizations committed to improving
transportation mobility in the South
Puget Sound and Washington State.
I-5 Pierce County HOV Lane ground breaking,
August 2009
Phone: 253-627-2175
Photo courtesy of WSDOT E-mail:
2010 State On-Going
Leg islative Pr ior ities Funding Pr ior ities
⇒ Extend I-5 HOV lanes
RAMP acknowledges the budget limitations of the • Update project scoping for the extension of the RAMP continues to identify local, regional, state and
2010 legislative session. To this end, RAMP offers I-5 HOV lanes mega project from S. 38th St. to federal funding for critical transportation projects.
the following transportation priorities to the SR 512 The following projects are on-going regional
Washington State Legislature. priorities.
• Begin preliminary project scoping for the
extension of I-5 HOV lanes from SR 512 to the ⇒ Build SR 704, Cross-base Highway
⇒ Protect project funding as Pierce/Thurston County line. The addition of
scheduled HOV lanes through this section of the I-5
corridor will help mitigate congestion related RAMP advocates
All projects funded within Pierce County via the to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. for continued
2003 Nickel package, the 2005 Transportation construction of
Partnership package and the 2009 Recovery and ⇒ Extend SR 167 HOT lanes the “Cross-base
Reinvestment Act must be completed as originally Highway”, which
Begin preliminary scoping to extend HOV/HOT lanes will provide a
scheduled. Priority projects include:
to the current terminus of SR 167 in Puyallup. critical link
• I-5 HOV lanes- Construct the funded portion
between I-5 and the Frederickson employment
of the I-5 HOV system from the King/Pierce ⇒ Improve Local Revenue Sources center. The project will also provide the critical
County line to SR 512 and SR 16 to I-5
Strengthen and expand appropriate revenue sources intrabase connector and improved linkages at
• SR 167- Complete right-of-way procurement to meet local transportation needs. Thorne Lane and I-5.
for the full width of the SR 167 corridor
⇒ Address I-5 Choke Points
including HOV lanes ⇒ Support Flood Prevention
RAMP supports funding to reduce congestion choke-
⇒ Extend SR 167 Contribute to Pierce County flood prevention plans points on I-5 in the vicinity of Joint Base Lewis-
and implementation efforts to protect primary freight McChord.
Continue the progress on the SR 167 mega project and commute routes.
by developing a comprehensive approach to fund
the extension of SR 167 ⇒ Fund Light Rail in Pierce County
from Puyallup to SR 509 • Extend Sound Transit’s Tacoma LINK light rail to
in Tacoma, similar to the connect neighborhoods with urban centers.
process pursued for the RAMP supports completion of an alternatives
SR 520 bridge analysis and identification of funding to build
replacement program. and operate the system and match funds from
Fund the second phase the Sound Transit 2 $80 million allocation.
of the SR 167 tolling
study. Incorporate • RAMP supports initiatives to accelerate
conclusions from the first phase of the SR 167 extension of the light rail from Sea-Tac Airport
tolling study to identify funds to fill the funding gap to Tacoma Dome Station.
for design and construction of the extension.
Mt. Rainier and Port of Tacoma
Photo: Kemer Nelson, courtesy of the Port of Tacoma