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Problem 126

The lap joint shown in Fig. P-126 is fastened by four -in.-diameter rivets. Calculate
the maximum safe load P that can be applied if the shearing stress in the rivets is
limited to 14 ksi and the bearing stress in the plates is limited to 18 ksi. Assume the
applied load is uniformly distributed among the four rivets.

Based on shearing of rivets:

Based on bearing of plates:

Safe load P,

Problem 128
A W18 86 beam is riveted to a W24 117 girder by a
connection similar to that in Fig. 1-13. The diameter of the
rivets is 7/8 in., and the angles are each L4 3-1/2 3/8 in..
For each rivet, assume that the allowable stresses are = 15
ksi and
= 32 ksi. Find the allowable load on the connection.

HideSummary of the problem
Shape of beam = W18 86
Shape of girder = W24 117
Shape of angles = L4 3-1/2 3/8
Diameter of rivets = 7/8 inch
Allowable shear stress = 15 ksi
Allowable bearing stress = 32 ksi

Allowable load on the connection
Relevant data from the table (Appendix B of textbook): Properties of Wide-Flange
Sections (W shapes): U.S. Customary Units
Designation Web thickness
W18 86 0.480 in
W24 117 0.550 in

Shearing strength of rivets:
There are 8 single-shear rivets in the girder and 4 double-shear (equivalent to 8 single-
shear) in the beam, thus, the shear strength of rivets in girder and beam are equal.

Bearing strength on the girder:
The thickness of girder W24 117 is 0.550 inch while that of the angle clip L4 3-1/2
3/8 is 3/8 or 0.375 inch, thus, the critical in bearing is the clip.

Bearing strength on the beam:
The thickness of beam W18 86 is 0.480 inch while that of the clip angle is 2 0.375
= 0.75 inch (clip angles are on both sides of the beam), thus, the critical in bearing is
the beam.

The allowable load on the connection is
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Problem 131 Repeat Problem 130 if the rivet diameter is 22 mm and all other data
remain unchanged. - See more at:

For member BC:

Based on shearing of rivets:

say 4 rivets

Based on bearing of member:

say 6 rivets

Use 6 rivets for member BC. answer

Tensile stress:


For member BE:

Based on shearing of rivets:

say 4 rivets

Based on bearing of member:

say 2 rivets

Use 4 rivets for member BE answer

Compressive stress: