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Huawei S3700 Cables

Ground Cables
A ground cable protects the device from lightning strike and electromagnetic
A ground cable connects the chassis to the ground.
Console Cables
A console cable is used to debug or maintain a local Huawei S3700.
A console cable connects the console port of the S3700 to the serial port of an
operation terminal to transmit configuration data. A shielded cable or an unshielded
cable can be used according to the onsite situation.
A console cable connects the Huawei S3700 switch and terminal as follows:
The !pin "#$% connector is inserted into the S3700 console port.
The &'( connector is inserted into the terminal serial port.
Appearance and Structure
Pin Assignments
*onnector +, -"#$%. &irection +) -&'(. Signal
/in assignment ) !!!0 *lear to Send -*TS.
, !!!0 1 &ata Set "ead2 -&S".
3 !!!0 , "eceive &ata -"+&.
$ !! % 34&
% !! % 34&
1 5!!! 3 Transmit &ata -T+&.
7 5!!! $ &ata Terminal "ead2 -&T".
5!!! 7 "e6uest to Send -"TS.
Network Cables
A network cable subtends devices7 enables a device to communication with other
network devices7 and allows users to locall2 or remotel2 maintain the device.
A network cable connects a maintenance terminal to the console port on the main
control board for local or remote maintenance.
The network cables are classified into straight through cables and crossover cables.
A straight!through cable connects a terminal7 such as a computer or switch7 to the
network. The straight!through cable uses two "#$% connectors7 which have the
same pinout.
A crossover cable connects two terminals7 such as computers or switches. The
crossover cable uses two "#$% connectors7 which have difference pinouts.
3enerall27 a network cable is a standard unshielded network cable that uses "#$%
The appearances of the straight!through cable and the crossover cable are the same.
Appearance o" a network cable
Structure o" a network cable
Pin assignments o" a straig#t$t#roug# cable
%& Pin Tip Color %' Pin
) 8hite and orange )
, 9range ,
3 8hite and 3reen 3
$ 'lue $
% 8hite and 'lue %
1 3reen 1
7 8hite and brown 7
%& Pin Tip Color %' Pin
Pin assignments o" a crosso(er cable
%& Pin Tip Color %' Pin
) 8hite and orange 3
, 9range 1
3 8hite and 3reen )
$ 'lue $
% 8hite and 'lue %
1 3reen ,
7 8hite and brown 7
To achieve the optimum electrical transmission performance7 ensure that the wires
connected to pins ) and , and to pins 3 and 1 are twisted pairs.
Optical )ibers
An optical fiber connects the optical interface of a device to an upstream device or
optical network terminal.
An optical fiber carries optical signals and transmits them over short distance. An
optical fiber connects the following:
9ptical interface on a board
9ptical distribution frame -9&:. or the optical interface on another device
Optical "iber classi"ication
No* Purpose +ocal nd Connector ,emote nd Connector -ode
) To connect ;/< of
the device to the
;*=/* :*=/* Single mode7
No* Purpose +ocal nd Connector ,emote nd Connector -ode
, To connect ;/<s of
two devices
;*=/* ;*=/* Single
de7 indoor
3 To connect ;/< of
the device to
another device
;*=/* S*=/* or ;*=/* Single
de7 indoor
The appearances of the single!mode optical fiber and the multimode optical fiber are
the same7 but their colors are different. The single!mode optical fiber is 2ellow7 and
the multi!mode optical fiber is orange.
8hen connecting or removing the ;*=/* optical connector7 align the connector with
the optical interface7 and do not rotate the fiber. /a2 attention to the following points:
Align the head of the fiber >umper with the optical interface and insert the optical
fiber into the interface gentl2.
To remove the fiber7 press the latch on the connector and pull the fiber out.
Single mode "iber wit# +C0PC connectors
-ultimode "iber wit# +C0PC connectors
Pin assignments o" an optical "iber
+ocal nd Terminal Signal 1irection ,emote nd Terminal
9ptical interface T? terminal !0 9ptical interface "? terminal
9ptical interface "? terminal 5! 9ptical interface T? terminal
)iber Selection Criterion
Parameter Criterion
;ength Surve2 result
Single mode or
9ptical module t2pe
The optical transmitting module of the multi!mode is connected to the
multimode fiber.
The optical transmitting module of the single!mode is connected to the
single mode fiber.
@f the optical fiber >umper is used7 the connector connected to the device
must be the ;*=/* connector7 and the connector connected to the remote
end must be of the same t2pe as the remote end interface.
*onnector shape *ube: S*=/*7 ;*=/*7 and AT"#=/*
*olumn: ST=/* and :*=/*
Common optical connectors
S*=/* optical connector
;*=/* optical connector
:*=/* optical connector AT"#=/* optical connector
ST=/* optical connector
Stack cables
A stack cable of the S3700 is the S:/ stack cable7 which interconnects the specified
interfaces. The S3700s connected with a stack cable form a logical switch to forward
The two ends of a stack cable are covered b2 the BS&!preventive caps.
Appearance and Structure
Speci"ications o" a stack cable
/tem 1escription
*able t2pe S:/ high!speed transmission cable7 indoor7 -S:/ ,0 male.7 -S:/ ,0 male.7 S:/7
-**,/0.3, black.!).% m
S:/7 ,0!pin7 male
*olor 'lack
/in Two pairs
;ength ).% m
'end radius 7% mm
-ore related!
9ptical Aodule
The 'asic Cnowledge of Switches
D;A4 *onfiguration of Huawei S3700 Series Switches
Huawei S3700!,T/!/8"!B@ Ds Huawei S,700!,1T/!/8"!B@
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