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Burn in Emergency Setting

Aditya Wardhana,M.D
Plastic Surgeon
Plastic Surgery Division Department of Surgery

Globally, burns are a serious public health problem. An estimated 195.000 deaths
occur each year from fires alone, with more deaths from scalds, electrical burns, and
other forms of burns, for which national global data are not available. Fire-related
deaths alone rank among the 15 leading causes of death among children and young
adults 5-29 years. Fire related to domestic accident and in workplaces are the main
source of burn incidences. They suffer from burn and ended as survivor or non-
survivor. Complicated systemic and local response due to burn cause serious
problem and need comprehensive treatment. The survivor with their morbidity and
disability affect the quality of life of themselves and also their family.

Since 2010, Burn Unit in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital Jakarta is refferal hospital
from other town surround Jakarta and also one of burn case refferal hospital in
Indonesia. Our Burn Unit is equipped with intensive care unit (with ventilator),
operation room and multidisciplinary treatment. As one of burn center in
Indonesia,we must face many challenges to improve patient care and reduce
mortality. Burn injury is damage to the skin caused by trauma of the extreme heat or
cold (frost bite) caused by fire, hot water, electricity, chemicals, radiation and
trauma cold (frost bite). This damage can include subcutaneous tissue or deeper.

Basis approaches and management of severe burns in the first 24 hours post burn
injury needs to be known by every general practitioner and medical personnel who
work in health care centers and hospitals emergency department. Holistic initial
treatments include primary survey and secondary survey in the acute phase during
the 24 hours is very critical because the mortality of sepsis, ARDS (Acute
Respiratory Distress Syndrome) or respiratory failure, kidney failure and even
disability due to burns are the most common death complication. Then, this issue
becomes an importance to be assessed in order to reduce mortality rate. This paper
we introduced is based on burn courses and critical care associations made by
burns and critical care abroad / organization which has been recognized and used in
many countries, as well as service standards burns at our Burn Unit RSCM that has
stood since 1976.
Keywords : Severe Burn Injury, emergency management of burn.